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User Reviews for Cymbalta to treat Depression (Page 4)

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Cymbalta Rating Summary

User Ratings
25% (126)
17% (86)
11% (56)
6% (33)
4% (22)
5% (24)
4% (20)
4% (19)
6% (29)
19% (95)
6.4/10 Average Rating
510 ratings from 543 user reviews

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Reviews for Cymbalta

Anonymous January 22, 2019

“ First time I used it, I could finally stop crying. The effects were VERY subtle. However it did nothing for my anxiety. I stopped taking it after some positive life events occurred and I thought I didn’t need it anymore. But I became depressed again; decided to take a pill from the stash I had saved a year ago for emergencies - when I no longer wanted to die or cry! Cymbalta saved my life, not sure if I'd still be here today without it. But this time it has helped a little with anxiety. Cured depression 10/10; anxiety 3.5/10”

8 / 10
Bob · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 4, 2019

“Had tried 4 different meds before Cymbalta in various doses for GAD/Depression. Had quit them due to side effects usually "brain fog", increases anxiety or depressive symptoms, etc. Psych doctor put me on Cymbalta 30 mg. Morning/30 mg night. At first I had some improvement with just mild brain fog. Kept on it for a total of 4 months hoping this could be the one. However, slowly turned into zombie. Tired, unable to think clearly, trouble processing. Dr. switched me to Vibryyd 20 mg. And tapered me with 30 mg of Cymbalta at night for 7 days. She said new med should help counter withdrawal effects. Well- during first 7 days I had mild vertigo, insomnia, heart palpitations, etc. was dealing with it. Next 7 days without any Cymbalta have been the worst. Vertigo, confusion, agitation, severe vertigo, mood swings, sweats, loss of appetite, tinnitus, headaches, forgetfulness, etc. I pray I am not one of those people that have withdrawal for months.”

1 / 10
Dr.Sim · Taken for 6 months to 1 year December 9, 2018

“Let's be honest here everybody is different, some people do not need a helping hand medically wise in life and others (like myself) do, I came off citalopram after years of being on it, I felt it had simply stopped working and with added paranoia that it was actually doing me more harm I decided to switch to something else. Duloxetine was recommended by a friend, all I can say is life is sweeter now, always underweight and trying to put some in this drug helped a lot. If weight gain would be an issue I probably would not recommend, but if like my you feel happier with an extra 20lbs on your frame then this is the medication. To anyone reading this, hang in there and please don't ever feel alone, there is a world of people suffering the same as you and the vast majority of us care a lot about you and will always try and help because we too know your pain.”

10 / 10
Barlo December 3, 2018

“I literally felt not real it sucked. Stopped after a week couldn’t hardly function at work. I was so sensitive to light and always had a headache. I would not recommend.”

Pickle · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 29, 2018

“Have had back pain for years. Was on prescribed pain meds for years too. No longer on pain meds for about a year now but use kratom some. Prescribed Celexa for several years and seemed to stop working. My doctor put me on 60mg Cymbalta a couple months ago. No real side effects and It seems to put me in a better mood that I haven't experienced in many many years. I think the prior pain med and recreational drugs turned against. I feel more "corrected", clearer minded and content on the Cymbalta.”

7 / 10
Karen15235 · Taken for less than 1 month October 11, 2018

“I switched off citalopram onto this medication 3 weeks ago and it is causing major RLS symptoms from day one. I was up for 4 hours last night! I think it is effective so far with my depression/anxiety but can't really tell as I am so sleep deprived!!! Will probably have to stop it. I don't want another med on top of this to have to stop the RLS symptoms.”

4 / 10
Bromis · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 10, 2018

“Cymbalta has literally changed my life. My brain was always in this constant fog, I could never think straight about anything and intrusive thoughts about suicide would pop into my mind constantly. I didn’t care about anything and struggled to find my motivation. Now I’m thriving in work, taking pride in my appearance and being a much nicer person. I’m brighter, happier and just a much better person to be around. My colleagues and family have all noticed the change. Before I started taking it i’d read so many bad things about it, I almost didn’t try it. I’m so glad I did. I feel like the person I always dreamed I could be. I can think clearly and I’m not riddled with anxiety anymore.”

10 / 10
Aim · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 30, 2018

“Took Cymbalta for two years due to severe depression. Couldn’t function hardly at all before the med. Once I started taking Cymbalta I was able to go to work and function normally again. No major side effects. Came off it for a couple months, reducing my dose down slowly, no bad withdrawal symptoms. However once I was off of it the depression and anxiety returned tenfold. And I’m going back on it.”

10 / 10
Fcd · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 22, 2018

“Been on this 3 years and it works for me when I have no alcohol or illegal drugs. For pain I started smoking cannabis and my antidepressants doesn't work with weed!! With a week off weed and antidepressant working! I'm happier now, I'm laughing more, singing and joking. I am committing to getting better and cutting out anything else unless prescribed.”

8 / 10
R X · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 30, 2018

“Cymbalta is the only antidepressant that works for my depression & anxiety. With it I feel calm and can think clearly and logically. I don’t catastrophise. I don’t get dark thoughts. Essentially no side effects. This drug radically changed my life for the better. A wonder drug.”

10 / 10
Darksoul · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 5, 2018

“Cymbalta has radically changed my life. Prior to taking this medication, I wanted to end my life due to severe depression and anxiety. After a couple weeks on this drug, my mind began to shift. I am now calmer, more balanced and happier than I'd been in years. I feel so much more level-headed. It allows me to associate more meaning with people, things and activities in life. My relationships with coworkers, customers and people around me have been strengthened. I used to never talk to or invest my time in other people around me and now I actually enjoy socializing. It even helps me in other strange ways like making me more organized, keeping my apartment clean, getting rid of junk I don't need or use, etc. I thank the universe for leading me to this drug.”

9 / 10
Laur laur · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 3, 2018

“This medicine has changed my life- I suffered from severe panic disorder and anxiety. I can now function and actually feel normal. I have had no side effects from cymbalta.”

10 / 10
121GW · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 17, 2018

“Switched from Lexapro to Cymbalta. First week was at 30mg, followed by 60 mg. I has side effects almost from the start, insomnia, anxiety. nausea, loss of appetite. Stayed at 60 mg for 4 weeks. Dr decreased to 40 mg and prescribed Sonata to help with sleep. Zero effect from the Sonata. It's been about two months since starting the Cymbalta and I'm ready to get off of it due to the side effects. Not looking forward to the withdrawal symptoms I've been reading about. Others may have had success with this med, but I have not. I would not recommend.”

3 / 10
Sandy · Taken for less than 1 month July 2, 2018

“Started Cymbalta 30mg/day, after 3 doses I became horribly ill. Severe abdominal pain, headache, nausea, (could not even keep sips of water down), palpitations, weakness, extreme fatigue, insomnia, foggy cognition. Flat on my back for 60 hours. Could not sleep, just lay in misery. I am better now but still not 100%. This is a dangerous drug. The pharmacist said my reaction is rare, even so, I would recommend against it.”

El · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 2, 2018

“I've been on Cymbalta 60ng for about the 5 years, it was working fine for me I thought - until people started telling me that I was snappy. But I had a lot of trials in life happening all at once. Any how I decided to switch and what a nightmare it has been. New Psych tried me on Lamictal for a bit, that made me hyper and jittery, so I thought I'd try zoloft since my sister has been on it. Sometimes meds can work the same.. but, Yikes ...not for me..I'm in an awful depression and working on getting back on Cymbalta, what I hope will, work for me. I guess the old saying goes, "if it's not broken why fix it?" I will keep you all in my prayers and hope you will do the same. ”

7 / 10
myopicwizard April 29, 2018

“I started on 30 mg and am currently on 60 mg - first few days on it were awful, with bad insomnia, nausea/headache, fatigue. However, after ~5-6 days, most symptoms subsided (except the insomnia, which I use melatonin for). It's been about 2 months and I have to say this medication has been life changing for me in terms of my mood/thoughts. I used to have such dark thoughts and a negative outlook on life, assuming the worst in people and hating everything about myself. That has completely changed and I can say for the first time in YEARS that I feel truly, completely, happy. This happiness is different, because it persists even when not-so-great things happen in my life. I will say that the anxiety still lingers but honestly its effects on my depression make the anxiety super tolerable. I hope this medication works for others the way it worked for me - time will tell as far as how long this will last.”

9 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 6 months to 1 year April 24, 2018

“I have been on cymbalta for about 8 months. It makes me feel numb and I don't care about much. I am coming off of it and it has been hard to do.”

4 / 10
tonlow April 23, 2018

“I need to try 60 mg, I've only been on 30mg”

1 / 10
Anonymous April 19, 2018

“Just took my first dosage 30 mg at 10pm last night. Woke up at 7am and have thrown up 4 times since. I go from sweating thru my sheets to shivering in a ball. Feel like I have the flu. Don't think I'm going to take again. Have a young child and stuff to do and cannot accomplish it feeling like this.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month April 13, 2018

“This medication was a nightmare. My doctor prescribed it to me, I had terrible side effects, I was literally high off this medication, I was so dazed and didn't know what I was doing, my business partner found me wandering completely unaware of what was going on, I stopped taking it and I was back to "normal". I wrote a letter to the FDA to warn about the strange side effects I had from this medication. I would never take this medication again.”

1 / 10
Nay April 10, 2018

“I was on lexapro for 2 years and it eventually made me numb to life in general. I wanted to be able to feel again without the depression and anxiety and OCD creeping back in. The doctor put me onto Cymbalta after I came off Lexapro (worst experience coming off lexapro, it was 3 weeks of withdrawal). The first night that I took it within 4 hours I felt a little sleepy so went to bed at 10pm and slept ok a little restless. At work the next day I was very vague in the head but I got through it. The following day it was like someone switched the lights on in my head and I could think so much clearer and got so much work done and felt like I was happy again. Now a week later I am feeling so good, calm yet full of energy and I have lost 3 kg as I have stopped over eating and have to tell myself it is time to eat. I do get a little restless in the night at times but I just tell myself to close my eyes again and relax and it works and I go back to sleep.”

10 / 10
Christina · Taken for less than 1 month April 3, 2018

“Day 6 and not feeling anything yet.”

5 / 10
Ah Poop · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 7, 2018

“Gave me the worst Diarrhea 10 times a day, could not work. Only on 30 Mg a day. Never again. Had been on Prozac for 10 years and Effexor for 15 . I weaned off the Effexor@ 150 MG to 75 MG to 37.5 MG . Because I couldn't walk across a room without falling down. Couldn't sleep, talk,etc, Electrical shocks from head to toe kept me up. Went to Hospital after being off effexor for 5 weeks, thought I was having a heart attack. They put me on 30Mg of Cymbalta. Took me 3 years to kick the cymbalta as Doctors said it was worth the side effect of explosive diarrhea compared to the depression. .. Was off 4 months. Massive Depression event. Hospitalized.”

3 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 7, 2018

“Coming off of Cymbalta was absolutely terrible! My Dr. tappered me off the drug and I followed his instructions. I became very sick the first day I was completely off. I was dizzy, throwing up etc., etc. I could hardly get out of bed for around 7 days. About a month later, I started getting sick again. After months of wondering what was going on, I found out my gall bladder was only functioning at 9%. I have read several instances where people have had gall bladder issues after they stopped taking Cymbalta. That could just be a coincidence, but you never know. If you are currently battling withdraw symptoms, hang in there. I am not going to lie it is not fun at all, but it does get better.”

5 / 10
MEL-Columbus February 23, 2018

“I've been on every depression med available. (Including Trintellix -- one of the newest). Trintellix worked really well, but I gained quite weight on it, and the $300/mo copay got old after a while. I'm really surprised and pleased with Cymbalta so far. I'm taking the lowest dose (20 mg?), and have not had any major issues (had headaches at 1st which happens with all new meds I try, and I always take with food to avoid nausea). I experienced horrible fatigue on Prozac, but I need to take this med in the a.m. I'm a runner and so usually constantly ache , but I'm actually feeling "lighter" and less stiff since I've been on this. I've also lost some weight/appetite which I love. This may be a result of ending the Trintellix, but whatever the case, I'll take it. I've always been really constipated, and Cymbalta has helped with that as well. (Does this mean that "regular" people might experience diarrhea?). I'm not agitated nor nervous, so all in all, Cymbalta has been really good for me.”

9 / 10