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User Reviews for Amoxicillin (Page 5)

Also known as: Amoxil, Apo-Amoxi

The following information is NOT intended to endorse any particular medication. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners.

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Helicobacter Pylori Infection 10.0
3 reviews 62 medications
Bacterial Endocarditis Prevention 9.0
1 reviews 56 medications
Pneumonia 9.0
4 reviews 188 medications
Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis 7.1
21 reviews 82 medications
Urinary Tract Infection 6.9
39 reviews 189 medications
Bacterial Infection 6.8
74 reviews 171 medications
Upper Respiratory Tract Infection 6.8
10 reviews 120 medications
Bronchitis 6.4
13 reviews 289 medications
Skin or Soft Tissue Infection 6.4
5 reviews 162 medications
Dental Abscess 5.7
71 reviews 35 medications
Otitis Media 5.6
15 reviews 137 medications
Bladder Infection 5.2
5 reviews 82 medications
Sinusitis 5.1
17 reviews 248 medications
Summary of Amoxicillin reviews 6.4 278 reviews

Reviews may be moderated or edited before publication to correct grammar and spelling or to remove inappropriate language and content. Reviews that appear to be created by parties with a vested interest in the medication will not be published. As reviews and ratings are subjective and self-reported, this information should not be used as the basis for any statistical analysis or scientific studies.

Reviews for Amoxicillin

Momvszombie · Taken for less than 1 month November 8, 2018

For Dental Abscess: “This drug was prescribed by my dentist. I got a root canal and he said it was to get rid of the bacteria. The first few days I had a migraine and nausea. I also got a yeast infection. I finished the the treatment but I would not take this again unless I really had too.”

3 / 10
BeeBee · Taken for less than 1 month November 1, 2018

For Sinusitis: “Used this drug for a minor sinus infection and ended up with an incurable skin fungal infection that I have been dealing with for 5 years now, plus numerous food intolerances. Please think twice before taking this medication unless absolutely necessary. I used to be healthy with beautiful skin and could eat what I wanted. Wish I could go back and not have taken the medication.”

1 / 10
FixitJesus · Taken for less than 1 month November 1, 2018

For Sinusitis: “I was given this for sinus, started taking on a Friday night at 875mg for 2 times a day. Well on Monday my left eye got blurry, along with my top lip swelling plus under my chin swollen up and made my issue worse. Went to doctor on Tuesday and she said I had a allergic reaction to the meds. She changed it to Prednisone along with a shot in the hip and my symptoms got better within hours. My eye is still blurry but not as bad but I'll give that a few days.”

1 / 10
Nun · Taken for less than 1 month October 25, 2018

For Bacterial Infection: “I had a severe gum infection with extreme pain , it’s been 9 days with antibiotic and 90% relief of pain and symptoms. Some stomach upset but medication still excellent!!”

8 / 10
Blessed child October 21, 2018

For Dental Abscess: “Been on this medication for 3 and a half days with absolutely no relief, only pain continuing into the ear and below cheek bone to neck with a little lymph node and yeast. I'm tempted to quit but I'm trying to see if I'll get any positive result.”

1 / 10
Watergirl33 · Taken for less than 1 month October 7, 2018

For Dental Abscess: “I was prescribed 500mg for a toothache. Five days into taking it, I get a yeast infection. The yeast infection is getting worse as time goes on. Nothing but itching and burning. The tooth pain still exists, just not as bad. I'd rather have just removed my tooth instead of suffering from this yeast infection. It's a cheap drug but the pain it causes makes it not worth taking.”

1 / 10
hp · Taken for less than 1 month October 7, 2018

For Bacterial Infection: “Age 65. I was prescribed and took Amoxicillin 875 twice a day for ten days for a tooth infection. I have not had antibiotics for decades and it worked wonders not only curing my tooth infection but also a persistent ear infection which had been bothering me on and off for quite a while. Gone! (;>) I also took a HSO probiotic and glass of kefir daily during the course and my stomach/GI/BM are feeling and functioning great normally. Two thumbs up!”

9 / 10
drug man · Taken for less than 1 month October 6, 2018

For Dental Abscess: “Miracle drug. An absolute miracle. Pain and swelling gone. Bye bye Abscess.”

bswan September 18, 2018

For Bacterial Infection: “My oral surgeon prescribed amoxicillin 500mg three times daily for 7 days for an infected wisdom tooth prior to surgical extraction of four impacted wisdom teeth. After two days on the antibiotic, symptoms associated with the infected tooth began to subside (i.e. decreased inflammation, pain relief). Prior to that I couldn't sleep without Orajel, 800mg of ibuprofen, and 50mg of diphenhydramine. I experienced minor digestive side effects (e.g. minor abdominal pain and 2-3 episodes of loose stool) after a few days on the medication; however, the medication was well tolerated overall and the relief was much appreciated.”

9 / 10
Oneofakind · Taken for less than 1 month September 13, 2018

For Urinary Tract Infection: “I was on a 5 day treatment for a urinary tract infection and was taking it 3 times a day 500 mg. It did not treat it completely. It stopped the urge to pee every five mins and stopped the lower belly pain but I still had the pain at the end after I would pee and I still bad back pain so back to the doc I go ”

3 / 10
Jimsgtx · Taken for less than 1 month September 12, 2018

For Bacterial Infection: “I never liked the dentist and haven't gone for 35 years. About 25 years ago my gums would bleed every time I brushed or ate something. I would wake up every day with blood in my mouth and on my pillow. I would brush every day but the bleeding would still go on. I got bit by my cat 2 months ago and the doctor put me on Amoxicillin for 7 days. My gums are great now. I brush and floss 3 times a day and no more bleeding!! 25 years of misery until my cat bit my big toe!”

10 / 10
DElle777 · Taken for less than 1 month August 15, 2018

For Dental Abscess: “This stuff works! But here’s something I would like to share with other people experiencing dental related pain which I’ve had a lot of over the years... Your sinuses play a role in the equation. Sinus pressure can exacerbate dental pain. It will likely be uncomfortable while you do it, but try massaging your sinuses upwards and out. Massage the muscles at your temple. Feel around your face and head. You’ll find points which are particularly sensitive. Dental pain can resonate throughout your head and massaging your sinuses and head can be a tremendous help! At times it has actually minimized my pain because the sinus pressure was making the pain worse and once I massaged my sinuses (upwards and out) the pressure was relieved. I did this in conjunction with ibuprofen and a heating pad. Of course it won’t cure it, only the appropriate dental work is going to solve it, but in many cases doing this will help to minimize your suffering in the meantime.”

9 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month July 25, 2018

For Bacterial Infection: “I curse the day I was given amoxicillin. The course left me with terrible sores, back and hip pain, kidney damage (not sure yet if its reversible or not) I was never told about the risks, only asked if I was allergic to amoxicillin, to which I said 'No' because I had taken them before, however on this occasion it was more heavily prescribed (maximum dose) which caused me to react with a lot of pain and discomfort. Make sure you understand the risks before taking.”

1 / 10
Guenid · Taken for less than 1 month July 9, 2018

For Dental Abscess: “Bad”

1 / 10
Hollyhobby · Taken for less than 1 month June 9, 2018

Amoxil (amoxicillin) for Sinusitis: “Hard to breathe”

Bee · Taken for less than 1 month May 12, 2018

For Bacterial Infection: “Works for bacterial infection but caused me an incurable fungal infection. I wish I never took it and had treated my original infection naturally.”

1 / 10
peetee · Taken for 10 years or more April 20, 2018

For Urinary Tract Infection: “Best antibiotic for me. At first sign of coloured sputum I take a 14 day course. Plus occasional omeprazole capsules to aid with gut sensitivity. No side effects. Any trace of urinary infection goes.”

10 / 10
Patty March 19, 2018

For Dental Abscess: “My teeth have cracked roots, which s a very painful condition. The tooth literally starts to "die" and wow is it painful. And can make you very sick. Months before you even know you have a crack root tooth! I had to have two teeth pulled due to this problem. The roots broke off in the "pulls" so oral surgery was necessary. I have been on Amoxicillin for 2 weeks now. Because I was taking only 2 pills at 500 mgs a day, it wasn't working. It wasn't until I doubled the dosage that the antibiotic has started to work. It's hard on your stomach but it does work.”

7 / 10
got "the" rash · Taken for less than 1 month March 9, 2018

For Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis: “My 9 year old took this medicine for tonsilitis, she developed the rash after 5 days. It was the worst and still continues. It has been 3 days since not taking the meds and the rash is still there but at least we now see signs of it going away. I heard the rash develops because it take too much good bacteria out of your system, so I gave her a probiotic smoothie in the morning and also yogurt with fruit. Strawberries, mangoes and oranges are really good. I also put lavender, rose and blue tansy essential oils on her chest, top of feet and 3rd eye - not a rub just a spot. They are really good for calming. I also made her drink tons of water to flush it out of her system. This was the most difficult experience, I wish there were better antibiotics out there or that I knew beforehand what this drug could do.”

3 / 10
Stephanie · Taken for less than 1 month February 25, 2018

For Skin or Soft Tissue Infection: “My dentist gave me 875mg twice a day for 7 days after gum flap surgery so I don’t get a infection. I used same medication 6 months ago for the same thing when the first half of my mouth was done but I don’t remember any of these side effects. Today I slept 11 hours got up ate went back to sleep for another 3 hours. I did have stomach pains first day but just eat something small with the pills I usually eat a banana it helps a lot. I have noticed while taking this pill I have been starving!! And I’m getting bad headaches. I’m only on day 3 now so I hope things get better but I’m happy as long as I don’t get a infection.”

9 / 10
Anonymous January 29, 2018

For Dental Abscess: “I started taking amoxicillin immediately. My dentist prescribed it for a toothache. I take 1 twice a day for 10 days. After day one the pain went away but I had diarrhea and I felt very nauseous. Also I had fever and chills. By the end of the night I had vomited twice. Day two I just took a half a pill and still felt dizzy and light headed. I’ve taken this medication before in the past and I do not recall this kind of problem. But it knocked out the pain”

6 / 10
Steve9776 January 3, 2018

For Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis: “I took Amoxicillin for my strep throat (10 day supply) but then came back 3 days after my last dosage. I went back to the urgent care and then they prescribed a ZPac to me instead so the Amoxicillin didn't work for me. The doctor mentioned that it might not have worked because I have really large tonsils.”

2 / 10
Niceguy142 December 17, 2017

For Bacterial Infection: “This medicine is just trash! It is very expensive medication and my insurance paid for it - but its horrible”

1 / 10
BellaFelice December 9, 2017

For Urinary Tract Infection: “After 3 courses of Macrobid, good old amoxicillin seemed to finally clear up most of my issues.”

10 / 10
page han · Taken for less than 1 month December 8, 2017

For Urinary Tract Infection: “I've been taking 875 mg for 3 days for UTI, it isn't working, pain in pelvic area and other UTI symptoms are no better 7 more days of my 10 day prescription . Hoping things get better soon.”

1 / 10