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User Reviews for Amoxicillin (Page 6)

Also known as: Amoxil, Apo-Amoxi

The following information is NOT intended to endorse any particular medication. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners.

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Helicobacter Pylori Infection 10.0
3 reviews 62 medications
Bacterial Endocarditis Prevention 9.0
1 reviews 56 medications
Pneumonia 9.0
4 reviews 188 medications
Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis 7.1
21 reviews 82 medications
Urinary Tract Infection 6.9
39 reviews 189 medications
Bacterial Infection 6.8
74 reviews 171 medications
Upper Respiratory Tract Infection 6.8
10 reviews 120 medications
Bronchitis 6.4
13 reviews 289 medications
Skin or Soft Tissue Infection 6.4
5 reviews 162 medications
Dental Abscess 5.7
71 reviews 35 medications
Otitis Media 5.6
15 reviews 137 medications
Bladder Infection 5.2
5 reviews 82 medications
Sinusitis 5.1
17 reviews 248 medications
Summary of Amoxicillin reviews 6.4 278 reviews

Reviews may be moderated or edited before publication to correct grammar and spelling or to remove inappropriate language and content. Reviews that appear to be created by parties with a vested interest in the medication will not be published. As reviews and ratings are subjective and self-reported, this information should not be used as the basis for any statistical analysis or scientific studies.

Reviews for Amoxicillin

fances · Taken for less than 1 month December 8, 2017

For Sinusitis: “Amoxicillin loosens the dried mucus for me, along with a lot of water, but doesn't eradicate the infection. The best antibiotic for me is cefdinr”

3 / 10
Garry1971 · Taken for less than 1 month December 5, 2017

For Bacterial Infection: “Day one nauseous. Day two vomiting. Oh my gosh day 3) Diarrhoea three times horrible and night time bad aches and pains. Now I've had sepsis worst pain ever say a 10/10. Amoxicillin 6/10 for pain can't sleep helps if you sit up at night try distracting yourself by reading!”

1 / 10
anonymous7862 December 4, 2017

For Bacterial Infection: “I've started taking it and only took 2 tablets and the pain is getting worse than before and my face all feels numb my teeth are hurting”

1 / 10
Soma Pattanayak · Taken for less than 1 month October 26, 2017

For Urinary Tract Infection: “I took Amoxicillin and Potassium Clevolunate as per Doctor's prescription and my symptoms of backpain and fever felling diminished within two hours.”

9 / 10
Zachary.24 September 17, 2017

For Bacterial Infection: “Tooth was decaying and infection hit. So I was given this drug and within 2 days my infection has decreased.”

10 / 10
amox is not working · Taken for less than 1 month August 30, 2017

For Urinary Tract Infection: “not working”

1 / 10
Lil Shake · Taken for less than 1 month July 24, 2017

For Dental Abscess: “Honestly this medicine isn't working at all my dentist gave it to me last Thursday and I am still in a lot of pain today even more actually not only is my tooth still hurting but my jaw, left ear, and left side of my head hurt as well I am in a lot of pain.”

1 / 10
Eve Ling July 7, 2017

For Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis: “Had symptoms such as swollen gland on my neck, sore throat. Doctor prescribed amoxicillin 500mg (to be taken every 8 hrs) Got so much better after three days, after taking amoxicillin! But do keep in mind, if you have any symptoms such as rashes, stomach upset or nausea, stop taking amoxicillin because you might be allergic to this antibiotic.”

10 / 10
Shellyjjones17 July 3, 2017

For Bacterial Infection: “All weekend been in agony with tooth ache. I was climbing walls with the pain I was in. Being 9 months pregnant too not a lot I can take for pain. Only paracetamol which never touched it. Managed to get appointment with my dentist and he said I have got abscesses inside tooth he prescribed amoxicillin 250mg 3 a day. Took 1st one straight after dentist at 12pm pain was still there and was killing me. By time I took second one. The pain has eased loads. Don't know if it's the amoxicillin or not. But what a relief so I'll sleep better tonight. I think it's the amoxicillin doing it's job.”

10 / 10
jmcd2017 · Taken for less than 1 month May 31, 2017

For Otitis Media: “This medication did not clear up the infection very well at all. After noticing an odorless discharge coming from my right ear for two days when getting out of bed in the morning, I went to my local Urgent Care (on a weekend) and was prescribed Amoxicillin 500 MG and took it three times for almost 10 days. When following up with my primary doctor about a week later, he explained to me that my infection was clearing up, but still present. He also went on to add that regular Amoxicillin has its limitations with certain bacteria and that more often than not, it does not clear up the entire infection. He then prescribed Augmentin 875 MG for seven to ten days, which I have taken before for infections like this with successful results.”

2 / 10
KaiDee May 31, 2017

For Upper Respiratory Tract Infection: “Many more side effects than usual. (875 MG for 10 days) I always ask for this, and I normally give this antibiotic a 10/10 because it cures anything for me by the morning of day 3. I'm on the morning of day 4, and I only feel slightly better because of the side effects I've never had: Too much fatigue Complete loss of appetite Lightheaded in the sun Noticeably unfocused Cramps so bad, that I'm too afraid to eat solid food. Canker Sores healing too slowly Poor sleep. Will be going to back to Urgent Care if I still feel this tired by day 5.”

8 / 10
Rae91 April 29, 2017

For Bacterial Infection: “Been given as I have a infection in my wisdom tooth which I've got a specialist consultation for in 2 weeks time. So far had 6 of these tablets (one 3x a day so I'm about go onto day 3) No pain relief and no sleep. Not slept right in over a week now but the pain is becoming unbearable. I take morphine, paracetamol & Naproxen for health conditions and none of these have worked with my body. My dentist didn't give me anything apart from the antibiotics and just told me within 2 days I'll be much more painless as the paracetamol should work with the antibiotics. It's 2:28am on the 3rd day several hours before my 7th pill and I'm in so much pain and so tired but cannot sleep. Seem not to work for me, feels like it's getting worse. Will update.”

1 / 10
Mirmir25 April 24, 2017

For Bacterial Infection: “Taking amoxicillin for tooth infection the first day of taking it was horrible tooth hurt more than it did before I started but I think that was the drug doing it's job trying to fight off the infection second day same situation still more pain the third day was great finally no more pain from toothache! Pain free only thing is I woke up with swollen gums. Side effects from this drug is hard to bare especially for me since I work 9-9. I was very tired on daily basis my body was weak , stomach pain, woke up in the middle of night not being able to sleep. I mean side effects were horrible but I only had to take This drug for 7 days until I was able to get the tooth pulled . Thank God”

7 / 10
Soli Shepards April 18, 2017

For Dental Abscess: “gave me yeast infection.”

1 / 10
Lilikoi April 13, 2017

For Skin or Soft Tissue Infection: “This was for prophylactic dose to protect hip replacements .The one and only time I did take only one dose I had severe stomach cramps multiple bouts of diarrhea about 12 hours after taking the med. I had also tried Clindamycin but after taking it for many years each time I needed dental work I ended up getting a rash over my neck and chest. The next time I had a dental appt. my doc prescribed Cipro from which I had no side effects after one dose. Around that time friends began posting a lot of negative side effects from Cipro on Facebook. I demanded a change and was given Amoxicillin. The first dose caused diarrhea but with the second one came severe cramp and diarrhea two days post ingestion. Several days later I experienced respiratory problems. Wish I knew if it was the Amoxicillin.”

2 / 10
Seventy Years · Taken for less than 1 month March 20, 2017

For Bacterial Infection: “I was prescribed amoxicillin in preparation for my first root canal. The tooth was sensitive, but did not hurt. They made me exhausted, alternately chilled and sweating. Lost my appetite. Can't sleep. Skin is sensitive to the touch. I'm seeing halos around bright lights. Urinating gives 1/4 to 1/2 cup every hour or so, and I couldn't stop the dribble. I might buy some Depends to save my pants.”

1 / 10
Lunablue March 19, 2017

For Bacterial Infection: “I just wanted to point out that it's important to take as doctor prescribes The common cold is caused by a virus so that is why your doctor doesn't want to give you antibiotics unless it progresses in to a bacterial infection. You don't want to take antibiotics unless you have to. And you don't want to take them continually for more then 7-10 days or for to short of time. Bacteria becomes immune to antibiotics and can become stronger where your body can't fight them in the future. They are needed in bacterial infections quite often but don't just take any antibiotics for the hell of it or with out a lot of research as they aren't good for you over all.”

6 / 10
Lil Sick March 12, 2017

For Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis: “I've been sick for a week. It started out with headache, throat pain, chills and over all just feeling exhausted. I had rapid strep and culture, both appearing negative. This is 7 days later, no change in symptoms and this morning I woke up with little pus pockets in my throat. I've been taking Alkaseltzer for 7 days and the instructions state to see an MD if taken longer than 1 week, so I went to urgent care and was prescribed Amoxicillin. I took 2 Amoxicillin four hours ago and already feel 90% better! I haven't taken antibiotics for many years. I am grateful to be feeling better so quickly~!”

10 / 10
Zeeno · Taken for less than 1 month March 10, 2017

For Dental Abscess: “After being in agony after my filling I was wondering why my tooth was still hurting after a filling, after going back to the dentist after a few days the x ray showed I had a slight infection near the nerve of the tooth causing it to cause me tremendous amounts of pain, I was prescribed by him this amoxcillin and started taking it on the day, I have taken 2 of my 3 tablets so far on day one and I can say the pain has gone considerably, for the first time in a week I am happy again, I really hope this sorts the infection right out but so far so good!”

9 / 10
RuthE69 February 23, 2017

For Bronchitis: “I am sorry for those who do have allergic reactions to this antibiotic. I am prone to bronchitis. I am allergic to leviquin and doxycycline but amoxicillin works for me!”

10 / 10
Soo soo February 6, 2017

For Dental Abscess: “I had a root canal abscess for quite some time. After much thought, I decided to go with the dentists suggestion to take the tooth out. It's been fantastic, even the bone graft seemed to heal very well. The a few days ago, six months after extraction, I woke up with pulsing pain in the area of the bone graft. I had some cephlixin antibiotics left over from another dentist prescription for the abscess from the year before, so even though I hate taking them I started on these antibiotics. I saw my dentist a day later, as soon as he could see me, and he suggested I swap to amoxicillin. The cephlexin had not really done much. Now, this morning after only two tablets, I am much better. I think it will clear up quickly.”

Sickie74 January 31, 2017

For Bacterial Infection: “I have just started taking this medicine this time around for a very nasty cold that has gone bad!! My doctor is against giving this medicine to his clients so I feel lucky to have obtained it. I am a 61 yo man that has taken this particular pill several times in the past during my lifetime but it seems to me that it is no longer as potent as it once was. I know that my body may have become tolerant to this drug so that may be part of the affect but i don't think the pharmacy industry is giving the full potency as they once did either. I hope that by tomorrow I will feel much better because I am so sick of being sick!!!”

5 / 10
Audri13 January 22, 2017

For Dental Abscess: “I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed PLUS 4 second molars (two on top and two on bottom). Doc prescribed this antibiotic with T3. Antibiotics caused my entire body to be itchy. Each time right after taking the antibiotic I get chills and then fever like symptoms...dizziness, shakes and nausea and very disoriented. Also caused hiccups everytime afterward. Goes away but the itching doesn't. The left side of my face is more swollen then the right one. It's day two. Was told it would be much worse at day 3. Not liking this antibiotic at all. But because I had so many teeth removed at once I have to stick with it and rinsing with salt water in order to avoid infection.”

6 / 10
nmssalman · Taken for less than 1 month January 20, 2017

For Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis: “it's more effective to get Augmentin 625 (Amoxicillin + Potassium Clavulanate) for tonsillitis.”

9 / 10
lilyjulia1 January 10, 2017

For Urinary Tract Infection: “I was born with 4 kidneys, and it seems some of the other reviewers "side effects" were actually kidney/bladder infection symptoms. These infections spread fast, and can be lethal. Amoxacillin is a gentle savior for me, I still have 3 of 4 kidneys, after surgery and countless urinary tract infections, I trust it very much. It can take as little as 2 days to go from UTI to bladder, and a day or so more to kidneys, nip it in the bud, at first stinging. Because if you start to feel constipated, it's probably not, that is a kidney infection symptom. These infections scare the daylights out of me, it has been quite a while since I was hospitalized, amoxacillin is safe and much easier on the body than cipro.”

10 / 10