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User Reviews for Prazosin

Also known as: Minipress

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Raynaud's Syndrome
2 reviews 32 medications
Anxiety and Stress
12 reviews 9 medications
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
77 reviews 5 medications
43 reviews 0 medications
High Blood Pressure
7 reviews 265 medications
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
3 reviews 15 medications
Summary of Prazosin reviews 7.3 144 reviews

Reviews for Prazosin

Wolverine · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 9, 2019

For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: "I've been on this drug for the past two months and have finally hit 3 mg (my goal is 4) and while I still have vivid dreams, they're not as nightmarish and I don't wake up with instant anxiety nearly as often. I've found it to be super helpful although having low blood pressure can definitely make me dizzy at times. Definitely can be worse if you take it while super drunk."

Andy · Taken for less than 1 month June 22, 2019

For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: "I use this for anxiety and stress: I have PTSD, anxiety and panic attacks. The VA doc started me on 1mg to eventually increase to 3 mg. Now vivid dreams have increased but relative few night mares. Once the dosage increased to 3mg , I awoke very groggy and vision blurry. Now back to 2mg and not so groggy in the morning but vivid dreams and blurry vision persists. Tempted to cut back to 1mg. Input from anyone out there with similar experience would be greatly appreciated."

My Nickname · Taken for less than 1 month June 19, 2019

For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: "This is the first medication in several years that I’ve actually taken. At this point, I figure there’s really not much to lose. Started last week on 1mg. This week I am bumping up to 2mg. Last week, almost instantly, my dreams changed. I’m still dreaming. It seems I can remember more details once I awake. But the way I wake up.... AMAZING. Last week I didn’t awake once in a murderous rage ready to fight. I also haven’t woken in pain. Which I’m not sure if it’s the meds or just coincidence. This week however, after bumping up to 2mg, I can’t wake up! And I’m not staying asleep. Holy crap, it’s either stay up until 0330, or fall asleep before 2200 and open my eyes, seemingly every 20 minutes. I do hope this passes. Good thing I have nowhere to be during the day."

Alex · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 18, 2019

For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: "I was on Pazosin from 2015-2018 I found it minimally helpful. At first I had no nightmares or panic attacks. Within 3 weeks I quickly reached the max dose of 35mg. I have had PTSD since I was a child and in and out of institutions since I was 15. I would not recommend to any of my friends this medication."

DARRELL · Taken for less than 1 month June 16, 2019

For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: "Took my first dose of prazosin yesterday at a dose of 2mg - it is for my PTSD. After about an hour of taking, I got up to use the bathroom. I suddenly felt really weird like I was going to faint and went back to bedroom. I laid on my bed and started sweating for about 5 minutes. It slowed and then I got cold. Covered up and went to sleep. My dreams were not bad, but that first dose and the near fainting and sweating scared me. I want this to work, but I'm afraid to take another dose?"

Elizabeth · Taken for less than 1 month June 11, 2019

For Nightmares: "I was put on prazosin for my PTSD and nightmares and night sweats. I was put on 1mg daily for 3 days and the nightmares and sweats were gone, I was getting more restful sleep, and then my prescription had me increase to 2mg but it made me so tired I wanted to sleep all day and my eyes wouldn’t stay open so last night I only took 1mg and the nightmares came back and were absolutely horrible. Guessing you have to keep upping your dose for it to work but I’m honestly scared to never not have this medication before sleeping. It changes my sleep world and my anxiety while dreaming."

Wildwonderland · Taken for less than 1 month June 4, 2019

For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: "Took prazosin for PTSD, 1mg. First night, I actually had a restful sleep, ZERO dreams, super strange. But I woke up not knowing what day it was. Anxiety kicked in pretty hard and my heart has been beating like a drum. Not the most comfortable feeling, as I have had issues with my heart racing in the past which required surgery. I suffer from GAD, panic disorder, illness anxiety, PTSD, OCPD, mild depression and some physical illnesses. So, I am hoping these feelings pass. I'd like to continue sleeping comfortably, and wake up knowing what day it is. Hahhaha. Will update once I've been on this longer. Take good care everyone!"

Benzodream · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 21, 2019

For Nightmares: "Was diagnosed with PTSD and was suffering from horrible nightmares/night terrors and Prazosin resolved them from day one. Fantastic. A+."

Shilom · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 19, 2019

For Nightmares: "I have recurring nightmares due to PTSD, to the point of crippling daily trauma and was prescribed prazosin. The nightmares continued but in a new light, not as recurring, I found an ability to control them and break free of them, almost immediately after starting prazosin. When I miss a dose, the nightmares return in force, but it has been a LIFE CHANGER for my PTSD nightmares"

Cig · Taken for 6 months to 1 year April 24, 2019

For Nightmares: "I was prescribed prazosin but I still have extremely vivid dreams. My wife tells me that I toss around and jabber in me sleep. I wake up dizzy and tired for most of the day."

NYC Female · Taken for less than 1 month April 11, 2019

For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: "Prazosin and me were not a good match. Worsened insomnia, tension headache, mouth pain (?!?!), metallic taste in mouth, and more."

Karebear · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 26, 2019

For Nightmares: "I suffered from night terrors for more than 20 years. Nothing psych docs gave me worked. Situation changed and I had to change doctors which is usually scary, right? It was the best thing ever, new psych doc put me on Prazosin 1mg and it worked. I had some breakthrough nightmares increased the dose to 2mg and everything is great. No night terrors and no side effects."

Brandi · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 13, 2019

For Anxiety and Stress: "Best thing that ever happened to me...."

Kim judd December 23, 2018

For Nightmares: "I was just prescribed prazosin I am really scared to take this medicine as it has a lot of side effects."

Chuy · Taken for less than 1 month December 3, 2018

For Anxiety and Stress: "I was prescribed this for anxiety and it wiped my short term memory. Still haven't fully recovered from it yet. I would ask the same question about a half dozen times within a three hour span. Terrible headaches too! Little did I know that those headaches was about my brain being fried. But I am told that this doesn't happen to people."

Bub · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 28, 2018

For Nightmares: "The first night I had no dreams at all. Then they returned and my psych upped my dose to 2mg. I am also taking Lisinopril 20mg. The combination caused very low blood pressure. I am now afraid to take Prazosin ever again."

issa · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 19, 2018

For Anxiety and Stress: "using this medication worked fairly good.. been on 4mg for 3 yrs.. starting to not have the same effect..."

Chmwarrior · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 18, 2018

For Nightmares: "When I got back from Iraq in 2005 I've had PTSD related nightmares. I tried a lot of different prescriptions but nothing helped so I started self medicating with alcohol. But last year I had enough and went in to treatment and they prescribed me prazosin 1mg. Like a lot of other people it was a amazing I finally sleep though the night for my first time since 2005. 13 years later no more nightmares and it let me just drift to sleep on like other medications."

Cockroach · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 17, 2018

For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: "Works really well for nightmares but not for night sweats"

Samiam · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 9, 2018

For Nightmares: "I'm on 20 my of Prazosin a day, 15 mg at night, and 5 mg in the morning. Works like a charm for me. Night terrors are totally gone."

Laci · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 27, 2018

For Nightmares: "I started on one mg of prazosin two months ago. My PTSD is slightly better however my nightmares became more vivid. I do feel better throughout the day but have fainted twice from the drug lowering my blood pressure. I’m also taking ten mg of Lisiniprol each evening. The fainting experiences were frightening as I hit my head and awoke with blood coming from my right eye area. Left a scar. I could not move but lay shaking sweating sick to my stomach. Second episode I fainted but I knew I was going to so I tried to sit down on my couch. I did faint but what woke me was I was vomiting profusely. That scared me as I could have died from my own vomit had I been flat on the floor. I’m weaning myself off of it as this drug is too much for me. It is very powerful. Granted we are individuals who have different reactions. It’s great that it works for some but I’ll take the nightmares over the drug as I am very frightened of it. Just not for everyone."

alphamale-0151-UK September 7, 2018

For Nightmares: "This is a true miracle drug for treating PTSD related nightmares and night terrors. This drug has to be increased very slowly and gradually to reduce side effects such as dizziness. I have read that this drug can be increased to a maximum of 25mg per day. But I would start with 1 mg and gradually up the dose over a period of weeks/months until your symptoms disappear. Sleep like a new born baby LITERALLY after years of suffering with the most horrendous of nightmares I was terrified to go to sleep. Now that's a thing of the past. I have been experimenting with using Prazosin during the day but it seems most effective when taken 1 hour before bed. I have flashbacks during the day so I will be writing another review/report in the next few months after experimenting with 3mg first thing in the morning and 5mg at night. This also works well with Melatonin 3mg."

Bulit · Taken for less than 1 month September 5, 2018

For Nightmares: "I did not tolerate this rx. I have naturally lower bp & the very 1st time I tried it, my bp tanked. I laid on the floor, head swimming every time I moved. It took hours & hours of that real life nightmare before I could even move more than an inch. Please, please be very careful with minipress."

MJ · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 23, 2018

For Nightmares: "I take this medication at 2mg nightly for PTSD related nightmares. Prior to taking this I had vivid nightmares multiple times a night every night and would scream, cry, choke in my sleep basically everything you prefer NOT to do while you’re sleeping. Since being on this medication I have maybe 1 to 2 nightmares a week at MOST, and when I do they are nothing severe. I still sleep through the night and the details of the dream are usually foggy anyways. I would definitely recommend this to someone looking for a possible solution for PTSD induced nightmares."

Handful July 31, 2018

For Nightmares: "I am a Vietnam Vet and came home with PTSD. I had treatment when I first returned to the states and went almost 55 years with only a nightmare on occasion. One Sunday at church something happen and it sent me back to a time and place. The nightmares returned not only at night but day time as well and once asleep I couldn't wake up. I would tear up the bedding/I was a basket case, I didn't want to sleep but I did. After 6 weeks my mental health nurses at the VA recommended Prazosin. I started at a 1 mg twice daily. That was the first night without nightmares in almost 6 weeks. On the third night I started with the nightmares again. My daily dosage is now at 12 mg and I feel I am alive because of this medication. I also had high blood pressure and this medication with my others has dropped my BP to what it was when I was 20, and my sex life is like I was 40 again. This is one magic drug. I have not noticed any bad side effects"


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