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User Reviews for Pantoprazole (Page 3)

Also known as: Protonix, Protonix IV

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Peptic Ulcer 9.7
6 reviews 35 medications
Duodenal Ulcer 6.6
5 reviews 136 medications
Erosive Esophagitis 6.6
16 reviews 109 medications
Barrett's Esophagus 6.4
18 reviews 13 medications
Stomach Ulcer 6.3
28 reviews 106 medications
GERD 5.4
146 reviews 225 medications
Gastritis/Duodenitis 5.2
10 reviews 4 medications
Helicobacter Pylori Infection 4.5
5 reviews 62 medications
Laryngopharyngeal Reflux 1.5
2 reviews 7 medications
Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis 1.5
2 reviews 28 medications
Summary of Pantoprazole reviews 5.7 238 reviews

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Reviews for Pantoprazole

Bobby · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 9, 2019

For Gastritis/Duodenitis: “Worked very well. But I had to discontinue due to serious depression . I never seen anything like this. I saw a study 2018 that confirms this./ TRUE OF ALL PROTON PUMP INHIBITORS”

3 / 10
Fifi · Taken for less than 1 month July 30, 2019

For Erosive Esophagitis: “After day 2 of taking this drug I started with bad gas, bloating, stomach cramps and then watery nasty smelling diarrhea. I've had it now several times a day for over a week. Stopped taking meds yesterday and still have same symptoms. Does help the acid though but too harsh on stomach and bowels. Waiting on call back from doctors office.”

8 / 10
Grammy July 20, 2019

For Laryngopharyngeal Reflux: “Was on pantoprazole 40mg for 6 months, as per my pulmonologist, for silent reflux. My esophagus was torched when I started taking it. Has helped wonders on healing that, but I get terrible weekly stomach pains that could last hours, or overnight even. Could never know when I would get the pain or what I ate that even caused it. Yesterday I did not take the pill. Could feel the acid in my chest slightly in the night. Feel like I can breathe better and have even been able to pass gas. That medicine is rubbish. Would bloat me so bad I even felt like my bladder was hanging late in the day. I did not know it was a short term drug. I will go back to Prilosec till I see my dr for the follow up appt.”

2 / 10
MJ · Taken for less than 1 month July 10, 2019

For GERD: “I was just diagnosed with GERD. Was on Nexium and it really didn’t work well. Went to a gastro and now I am on day 7 of Pantoprazole (generic for Protonix). It worked so well for the first 5 days. Day 6 and now 7, I am having pretty mild heartburn and waking up with it instantly in the morning. My symptoms have returned. I know it takes a while to work fully this normal? Why is this happening?”

5 / 10
hadenough · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 1, 2019

For GERD: “I also took pantoprazole for GERD , it cause me dizziness, fatigue, and when I was told to take twice a day, started getting a burning rash all over my body, its been a week and still having side effects form not taking this anymore”

1 / 10
Cat · Taken for less than 1 month June 30, 2019

For GERD: “The doctor prescribed this to me for celiac pain. I don’t know why. I was also having heartburn with it. I’m still in pain but it’s not as bad. It worked really well for a week or so but then I got sick again. Now I’m really sick and not sure why my meds aren’t working.”

8 / 10
jisduit · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 26, 2019

For Barrett's Esophagus: “So what I read this is supposed to be a "short term" med When my GERD acts up - I loose voice and feel a constant lump in throat nothing seems to help- I look on web - also have allergies/post nasal drip- Yes even drinking water seems to make worse - I eat a lot of bread I eat a lot of cottage cheese. Learned today that stuffed olives may even help - lol. I have had 2 scopes - both Barretts but biopsy shows no cancer - then I read this drug may cause stomach cancer. Started having problems again a few weeks ago with throat - started back on drinking lots of water, allergy spray and Pantoprazole only to have headaches, no energy, extreme gas, insomnia and watery stools - after a week I still have no voice/feeling weaker because of all the pooping. Also learned the med depletes Vit B ?? I will not take tonight or ever again - will go get Nexium which I took in past and try to get my voice as well as my bowl habits back BE VERY CAREFUL OF THIS MEDICATION”

1 / 10
MD · Taken for less than 1 month June 20, 2019

For GERD: “Got prescribed this pantoprazole a month after getting treated for H Pylori. Did nothing at all to control the acid and was still taking Tums to stop the pain. A week after I started taking the drug, I had extreme nausea lasting a day and a half. I felt dizzy and weak. Couldn't eat anything apart from plain crackers and could only stomach water. Nausea only eased when I stopped taking the drug. Be wary of taking this drug, I wish I never took it at all.”

1 / 10
LahTiDah June 15, 2019

For Gastritis/Duodenitis: “I was put on pantoprazole for stomach irritations caused by NSAIDS Has anyone experienced itching or rashes with Pantoprazole? I have taken it for 10 days and had only mild headaches and unpleasant dizziness. But yesterday I developed some itchy, blotchy looking rash areas. They itch like crazy. I have every cream under the yellow sun in my closet and nothing has turned off this infernal itch.”

Buddha192 · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 13, 2019

For Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis: “I started on 40 mg of Pantoprazole a couple of years ago because of severe acid reflux. I was getting a bad cough because of acid going into my lungs. The drug worked very well. But just lately I read some research that PPIs greatly increase the chances of heart attack, so I quit taking it. Well, after just one day the acid reflux was back with a vengeance and I soon started getting lung problems again. It seems that stopping this medication makes the original problem worse. I'm back on it again to stop the pain but I'm going to see my doctor to see what can be done. I rated it a 2 because it does work, but it also makes the problem worse and very likely kills you early.”

2 / 10
Paul June 6, 2019

For GERD: “Starting having real bad GERD . Went on Nexium one morning and one at bed time. Eating only applesauce and toast in the morning and chicken and rice for diner. Lost 30 LBS. Still having bad GERD. Went to my Doc and he put me on Pantoprazole. On the second day of taking this drug started to have stomach pain. Waiting for a return call from my Doc.”

1 / 10
Atari · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 4, 2019

For GERD: “I was put on this drug for GERD & gastritis, I wasn’t scoped then I was just scoped year later. I have acid reflux worse since starting this med it gives me severe anxiety I’m bloated 24:7 and constipated brutal. My bowels reek foul. I have migraines and sore chest back and abdomen gurgles. Try getting off but I get acid rebound so bad you have no choice. I’ve been in bed for 3 months. I’m exhausted from side effects. I wouldn’t take this drug ever again I can’t even walk barely nausea bloating 8/10 24/7.”

3 / 10
indigogirl · Taken for less than 1 month May 26, 2019

For Helicobacter Pylori Infection: “I am taking this with amoxicillian and flagyl and pantaprazole for H Pylori infection. I don't find any bad symptoms. I am on my 3rd day of this regiment and find that there are really no side effects but a bit of a headache. I am just so thankful that there is a cure. Good Health to you.”

10 / 10
Neededsomthing May 12, 2019

For Stomach Ulcer: “I had GERD causing a sore throat, it started after a pregnancy in which I threw up a lot. Took Zantac didn’t really help. Was also having stomach problems and so eventually a scope was done and several small stomach ulcers were found. Took this PPI Pantoprazole because I was still breastfeeding. For a while it was really helpful, (did make me flatulent though). Stopped for a while for a pregnancy, went back on after 18 months maybe had shaking leg syndrome ( twitching legs at night probably magnesium deficiency) And was having interstitial cystitis or an irritation of the bladder actually had it scoped for ( expensive procedure with camera and general anesthetic) But it was the pantaprozole . It all went away when I stopped taking it. Unfortunately my throat got so bad I started retching at the table when eating and gaining weight because I would eat continuously to keep down the pain. Anyhow went back on different PPI, and after a year my bladder is starting to bug me again.”

8 / 10
Edna · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 11, 2019

For GERD: “Pantoprazole worked , it helped the GERD BUT I had to stop taking it due to the side effects headaches, blurry vision and dizzyiness. I had to go off it.”

4 / 10
Peach · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 6, 2019

For Stomach Ulcer: “The pantoprazole helps my stomach ulcer however my hair is falling out.”

8 / 10
Lew · Taken for less than 1 month April 18, 2019

For GERD: “Prescribed pantoprazole by specialist twice a day. Started with massive headache then terrible nausea. Throat burns! Can't even eat mild foods without pain. Seems counter-productive. Even water is hard to swallow. This drug is not good for me. Only been on for a week and a half. Every day is worse even though I'm eating considerably less (and bland) due to discomfort. Foods I could eat 2 weeks ago cause me pain now. I tried to stick it out for at least a couple weeks, but this is the worst. I need to go back to doctor to see if something else is going on.”

1 / 10
Anonymous April 17, 2019

For GERD: “I was prescribed this medication like 4 years ago and ever since taking it I had complained about always feeling dizzy. I’ve even went to the ER about this! Countless blood test found nothing wrong. I felt hopeless and weak and almost like I couldn’t do life. There was about 7 months of NON-STOP migraines like couldn’t shake them or get ride of them. It wasn’t until I went to my doctor begging for more answers it wasn’t until she told me it was side effects of the medication. Been off it a week and a half and symptoms have subsided Unbelievably I mean I still have the heartburn attacks but, I got to find relief soon.”

1 / 10
Goldenrod · Taken for less than 1 month April 13, 2019

For GERD: “I all of a sudden had terrible GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) much so that my whole throat felt like it was on fire and lost my voice. I was put on 40 mg. of Protnix (by Urgent Care) for two weeks once daily. By day three I could hear terrible "gut sounds" and all of a sudden my stool (it is embarressing) smelled so bad that I was alarmed. Of course I could not get into my Primary Care Doctor so I just stayed on it. I have been off it for about two weeks. The GERD is basically gone but every time I go to the bathroom it still reeks. I can't go out and eat anything because I might have to go to the bathroom. Also gave me flatulence, and a full feeling in the chest. I don't know what to do since my new Primary Care Doctor is almost impossible to get into. Be very careful before taking this drug! Has anyone had this happen and if so any holistic ways to get rid of the stool problem?”

1 / 10
W1z4rd · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 23, 2019

For Barrett's Esophagus: “On prantoprazole 40mg twice daily and got a side effect reaction of excess gas build up in the stomach causing pressure and pain. Switch to omeprazole 40mg so far no side effects.”

1 / 10
Hans · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 16, 2019

For GERD: “Would only last about 10-12 hours and still experienced acid creeping up my throat at night and difficulty swallowing, especially rice. Switched to generic prilosec, so much better. Quells all symptoms and lasts a full 24 hours.”

1 / 10
Missy March 12, 2019

For Gastritis/Duodenitis: “Took pantoprazole for 2 weeks. It helped the gastritis somewhat but the side effects were not worth it. Bloated, gassy, constipated, and just plain miserable. Everywhere I went smelled like fart. Not like normal fart, but super mega supreme farts. My couch smelled, my bed smelled, & I even heard a couple complaints in the grocery store! My butt was constantly leaking rank farts beyond my control. At first, I had to use coffee to be able to go #2, but then I wasn't able to go at all. I even tried Miralax, which normally helps with occasional constipation, but even that didn't work, just caused fluid to get stuck in my bowel. You could press on my lower abdomen & hear squelching but I could still barely go at all! 2 days after stopping this medication, and my bowels finally released. It's been about 5 days now, and I've lost about 5 lbs from pooping. I weigh just under 130 lbs, so 5 lbs of crap is a lot on my small frame. I seriously looked prego. I'm going back to Pepcid.”

2 / 10
katecanadian · Taken for less than 1 month March 5, 2019

For GERD: “finally got relief, no side effects”

10 / 10
Steph · Taken for 5 to 10 years February 24, 2019

Protonix (pantoprazole) for GERD: “I started on Zantac and it just stopped working for me. I've been taking this pill for years and it does wonders! I have 0 noticable side effects. Its important to take it both every day and before you eat or it is not as effective.”

10 / 10
Believer · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 18, 2019

For Barrett's Esophagus: “I have had Barretts Esophagus for years. I have taken ranitidine and omeprazole daily. Had a friend tell me her husband took the protonix and then when he had his scope they never saw barretts. Same thing happened to me I ask dr to switch and after a while had scope and they never saw it on me either..just saying”