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User Reviews for OxyContin

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Pain   8.8
196 reviews 1122 medications
Chronic Pain   8.1
88 reviews 110 medications

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Reviews for OxyContin

larry December 26, 2020

For Chronic Pain: “I have chronic pain 24/7. it is so bad some days/nights I can't sleep, then fell asleep driving home from work. A friend gave me some oxy 30, and started getting around better. But no doctor will give me any. The only otc that helps me is lots of indica.”

6 / 10
JAS 21 December 21, 2020

For Chronic Pain: “OxyContin was life restoring for me. I never got high and when my doctor left practice, I tapered myself off without any problems or addiction. Of course, I am suffering greatly because I have to deal with the severe intractable chronic pain again. I was hit twice by an 18-wheeler in the same accident. That, along with several autoimmune disorders, and two rare diseases keep me from participating in life. Unfortunately because some people choose to be stupid and take illicit drugs to get high, those with severe intractable chronic pain are made to suffer, even though we have the lowest rate of addiction and abuse 0.3%. Now it's nearly impossible to get adequate (or any) opioid pain mgmt!”

10 / 10
Rally · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 4, 2020

For Chronic Pain: “OxyContin is the only pain killer that works better than Vicodin, Morphine, Tramadol, Codeine ect.”

10 / 10

Frequently asked questions

BS · Taken for 10 years or more August 28, 2020

“I have debilitating pain from RSD, CRPS, Levoscoliosis, Raynaud's Syndrome, Peripheral neuropathy. It can drop me to my knees crying. I was diagnosed in 1997 with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. It has advanced into several forms of nerve damage. I've had many different treatments. I have been on oxycontin and oxycodone for many years. It has given me enough relief to be a productive person with little to no side effects. My doctors have been tapering my medications because the AG and Feds want people off, even if it helps. And insurance does not want to pay anymore. It makes me want to give up. I'm so tired of been dictated as to what is best for me. They are so wrong!”

7 / 10
ariellove · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 18, 2020

For Chronic Pain: “OxyContin is the best pain relief I have tried.”

9 / 10
SD · Taken for less than 1 month May 5, 2020

For Chronic Pain: “I was on 4 x 5mg Oxycodone IR for my pain. After a year or so, I felt I needed an extra pill to cover me for 24hrs. Doctor switched me to OxyNeo 2x 10mgs every 12 hours plus 5mg of Oxycodone for breakthrough if needed. The first 2 days I felt great, Oxyneo took care of the pain and I did not feel drowsy or tired. However after the 3rd day, I started feeling very aggitated and angry after I took my oxyneo. I'm not sure what's going on. Has anyone reacted like this to long acting oxycodone? Too bad because I liked this long acting one but feeling angry all day is not worth it either.”

6 / 10
Veeta · Taken for 10 years or more April 22, 2020

For Chronic Pain: “My problems are like many that I've read on this site. I take 20 mg. oxycodone (not oxycontin) x 4 daily. It does enough so that I can have a life. Still in pain, but as someone wrote, just tamping down the pain is all you can expect. I just wonder why oxycodone worked when pure morphine did nothing for pain but going thru withdrawal from it was pure nightmare. I have tried taking myself off oxycodone a few times because I feel ashamed about taking it, you know, can't just keep a stiff upper lip. Withdrawal from oxycodone was a walk in the park. How can you take a drug like morphine that has absolutely no effect while oxycodone does help some with fewer side effects. It just doesn't make sense. I have come to the conclusion that I am stuck on pain killers for the rest of my life and just don't talk about it. Maybe they will develop a drug that kills the pain and doesn't cause addiction or dependence. Why are we still taking drugs that haven't really changed in 60 years or so?”

7 / 10

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Bentit696 February 24, 2020

For Chronic Pain: “I’m a registered nurse and home care in 2013 my car spun out and I had numerous injuries including a Trumatic brain injury, three fractured vertebrae, lacerated spleen, and three broken ribs. Since 2013 open till 2019 I had chronic pain day in day out around the clock even when I took Tylenol. One day I went to my doctor in tears because I try taking a night class but the driving and sitting in my car cause me too much pain. So she suggested I go to a pain center for treatment. Lo and behold I was prescribed 10 mg of oxycodone three times a day which I’ve been taking for over a year now and I wake up in the morning I take my medication I have level one pain which is basically not much.”

10 / 10
Amber · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 21, 2020

For Chronic Pain: “My quality of life, after taking this drug, is so much better. I have had multiple surgeries on my back, and horrible arthritis this drug works wonders.”

10 / 10
Chiillychopper · Taken for 10 years or more December 9, 2019

For Chronic Pain: “I've been taking 80mg IR oxycontin for 15yrs. With 30mg IR morpine I have stage 3 lung cancer and colon cancer. My pain doctor stop the 80s with no warning. I suffer for three months on withdrawals had to go to ER a lot. My pain has increased and the pain doctor well do nothing. He scare of losing his licence. Now ER wants nothing to do with me. So I cry a lot seating at home wishing somebody would do something.. I don't understand how they can't help me with the pain. I k Now they close down Purde all those billion the lawyers took but what us the people suffering from pain. Nobody cares about us.”

BADBACKBARRY · Taken for 10 years or more November 25, 2019

For Chronic Pain: “I been through 6 failed lower back operations have 2 cages the do cut to large bones off my hip to put in the cages he did not put the screws in to hold the cages in he said it was a tight fit what BS I have 6 bad docs upper back”

1 / 10
Igor · Taken for less than 1 month September 12, 2019

For Pain: “I underwent a thorocoscopy (surgeons to examine the pleural lining of the lungs and the surface of the lung) which turned into a thorocotomy when my right lung would not re-expand after excess pleural fluid was drained. Oxycodone was initially used to control the pain, but was ineffective. Oxycontin was then used but it didn't work as well as the Oxycodone most likely as it is time released. Under a physician's observation, several Oxycontin were ingested, but to no avail. However, I've been termed by several physicians and dentists as having a high resistance to anesthetics and pain killers.”

1 / 10
Early Kiler · Taken for 5 to 10 years July 15, 2019

For Pain: “Truly the best pain medicine I have ever took.”

10 / 10
Limitless Beast June 16, 2019

For Chronic Pain: “My father has been on this drug for over 25 years and I have been by his side the entire 21 years I have been alive and I have never once seen him misuse the drug, sell it or abuse it in any way shape or form. He has 6 herniated disks in his back, a bad knee and a bad hip. He is able to run his business and be extremely productive when he has his medication as he is not in pain when he does. But the DEA has started cutting people down simply because some doctors and some patients abused it. Because of the few the majority are being hurt. I bet if the person at the DEA had anyone they know or themselves where in pain they would NEVER make such a careless move as to make doctors afraid to prescribe it in fear of losing their licence to practice. This drug is a miracle drug and I have seen so much good come from it. Especially my father being able to live a normal life with the medication (:”

10 / 10
Some Guy January 25, 2019

For Chronic Pain: “I have been on opiates for 15 years now, because of a degenerative condition on my C5 and C6 disks, and a sterno-clavicular joint with constant sub-luxation and arthrosis. 3 years ago I was prescribed Oxycontin 20mg 2xdaily and for breakthrough pain I simply chew 1/3 to 1/2 of a 20mg Oxycontin tablet. Less side effects than morphine and much better pain management combined with Celecoxib and Paracetamol. I do not overmedicate when I do not need it, since I had such bad experiences with tramadol addiction, that stuff was vile. Sometimes I take it a few weeks in a row and pause when I can to lessen the habituation and I never will get dependent. 42 pieces of 20mg Oxycontin tabs is enough for like 2 months of quality life as it very effectively takes the edge of the pain that I have every time I am standing or being active for more than a few hours in a row. Besides some pruritus (itching) from time to time and the occasional constipation I get from Oxycontin all is well. A 8+ out of 10 from me !”

8 / 10
Not Heard · Taken for 10 years or more January 16, 2019

For Chronic Pain: “I am a 62 year old mom of 5, wife for 35 years. About 20 years ago I was being treated for chronic bilateral back pain with sciatica, herniated disc, lumbar degenerative disc disease. That being said, I was prescribed 80 mg of Oxycontin 3 times daily with Oxycodone 30mg immediate release for break through pain. It was life saving!!!! I was able to function, work at our business, take care of my family and do everyday tasks. Now, because of the "OPIOD CRISIS", my Dr. tells me, I no longer can take this medication, and has taken me down to 30mg of Oxycontin 2 times per day and 20 mg Oxycodone up to 2 times daily! BTW, since the very first diagnosis I described, I now have Scoliosis of thoracolumbar spine and postural kyphosis of the thoracic region. So, from someone like myself, I don't abuse, sell, or give out my medication, why do I along with so many people like me, have to be taken off a medication that offers them to live a somewhat productive life with almost bearable pain???”

10 / 10
Sarah · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 29, 2018

For Chronic Pain: “My doctor prescribed OxyContin after I'd been hit by an 18 wheeler, rolled down an embankment, and fractured my spine. I'd been taking high doses of acetaminophen for years and had liver damage from Halothane gas and then acetaminophen. He wanted me to take a single dose opioid so that I wasn't taking more acetaminophen. Taking OxyContin was incredible. For the first time in years my pain was under control. I took it for 3 years... Until the "guidelines" went into effect. I successfully weaned myself off with no help and without incident. However, I've been bedridden for over two years because I've now exhausted all other things that have been suggested. Injections quit working, I've been to PT numerous times, taken anti seizure meds, psychotropic meds, and now I've given up. Unfortunately, I'm back to high doses acetaminophen just to take a shower or sit up and chat for 1/2 hr. ”

10 / 10
Rellik0078 September 18, 2018

For Chronic Pain: “I've been a chronic pain patient 5 years now. doctor said try Oxycontin. It would last longer. Tried it for a week. Bad Choice for me as my pain in morning was a 10 but after trying this pill pain dropped to a 7 which is not terrible but it's not good. Pills were supposed to last 12 hours nope. Bed time took pill and it helped me sleep. But I would wake up five times a night scratching myself. I think Oxycontin bad choice. The oxycodone fast-acting pills work better because they work super fast. Oxycontin not what advertised. I expected more out of this medication. I need fast acting meds period. I would say give Oxycontin a chance may work for you but don't get your hopes up like I did. On top of that most won't cover it because of the government. The government is pushing back and do not want anybody on these powerful medications And I can't afford to pay out of pocket at $3000 per 100 pills. that just can't happen and that is just way too much money . Especially if on Medicaid or Medicare that are disabled.”

2 / 10
Em · Taken for 10 years or more July 26, 2018

For Chronic Pain: “This "awful drug" as reported by the media and the internet, has become the evil of prescription pain medication. But what you don't read or hear about is the thousands of people who's lives are made bearable by the use of this medication. I have had multiple major surgeries following a lifting injury 18 years ago which left me with severe chronic pain caused from nerve damage during surgery. I have successfully taken 30 mg of oxycontin 3 x day for 15 years without ever needing to increase the dosage. The misconception is that pain medication will take away the pain...which is wrong. Pain medication should only be used to take the EDGE off the pain, not eliminate it. Oxycontin can be successfully used to take away enough of the pain over an 8-12 hour period for the patient to be able to at least function. Taking higher doses in order to eliminate the pain is where patients get in trouble, and can have fatal consequences.”

10 / 10
Gems21 July 23, 2018

For Chronic Pain: “I was hit by an 18-wheeler. I fractured my spine. My doctor prescribed OxyContin because I'd been taking high doses of acetaminophen for years, which affected my liver. I took OxyContin successfully for 3 yrs 'til the US government decided chronic pain patients are expendable. I successfully weaned off of OxyContin, W/O ANY help! My dr made sure I had enough to wean off b4 he left his practice. Reality: Only 0.3 percent of chronic pain pts ever become addicted. The US government has recently admitted to fraudulent and over stated numbers, elevated by over 50 percent! I've done every other treatment recommended by doctors, most incredibly expensive & invasive. Nothing worked & I've been bedridden for the past 3 plus yrs.”

10 / 10
Loopy July 12, 2018

For Pain: “Very helpful”

8 / 10
Mikey111 · Taken for 5 to 10 years March 5, 2018

For Pain: “Using 20mg Oxycontin x 3 tabs a day, its very good for pain, as good as morphine I believe. At first I felt sick, and puked repeatedly, after 4 days nausea settled down. I been on same dose for 5 years, the way I did it is to expect and live with some pain, if breakthrough occurs then lie down, deal with that and do not up the dose, for the most part it works well. There are no prescribing issues as I am in UK and there's no problem here, and it's OC that I get and not OP. Overall a decent painkiller if used sparingly, try to resist the extra breakthrough meds.”

8 / 10
cteevan · Taken for 5 to 10 years March 4, 2018

For Chronic Pain: “Only thing that actually worked on my chronic back pain and for broken collarbone. Too bad idiots make it harder on those of us who actually need pain relief.”

9 / 10
Lucia1999 · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 8, 2018

For Pain: “OxyContin was a godsend when I was recovering from invasive cancer surgery. I never needed an increase In dosage and I was able to stop on my own without my oncologists help.”

10 / 10
Xtozzz · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 29, 2017

For Chronic Pain: “Severely hurt my neck all the way to my lower back. Was recently prescribed 30mg IR twice daily. I want to say this: For people suffering tremendous excruciating pain it is an amazing excellent medication because it takes my pain away right away. However, for me it is way to strong and can’t function on it and when taken at night I can’t wake up in the morning. I have made an appointment to go back to my doctor and go back on Vicodin. To anyone reading: please don’t abuse or take unless you really need it, and for those taking it just to get high out there, stop! You are ruining it for the responsible people suffering and are risking their well being for your selfish actions. I was responsible enough it was too strong for me. Please listen!!!”

5 / 10

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