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User Reviews for Bystolic to treat High Blood Pressure (Page 3)

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Bystolic Rating Summary

User Ratings
24% (44)
14% (26)
9% (16)
5% (9)
6% (11)
4% (8)
4% (7)
6% (11)
6% (11)
21% (39)
6.0/10 Average Rating
182 ratings from 193 user reviews

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Reviews for Bystolic

Sand90 · Taken for less than 1 month January 8, 2018

“This drug was a nightmare in real life. The first day I took it I began have severe chills but was diaphoretic, worst chest pain I ever had, my blood pressure went sky high 204/110 range, etc, I did not take it very long. In the subsequent time since I stopped I am still experiencing some break thru problems that I hope go away.”

1 / 10
Roie October 26, 2017

“Was put on bystolic for high blood pressure induced by stress. This is a horrible medication. I was only on 12.5 mg once a day and side effects were intolerable. Extreme flushing and feeling of anxiety. ...stomach pain. My blood pressure actually spiked after taking this medication. Also caused bad insomnia. I was in bed awake until 4 a.m. for 3 nights in a row when I finally decided to go my doctor and got switched to another medication. Seems doctors are always trying to push the new and latest version of drugs, just to report back to the drug companies. Will never take it again.”

1 / 10
kiss my ass August 17, 2017

“It made me feel like my heart was going blow out of my chest.”

1 / 10
hypertense · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 16, 2017

“This drug was a nightmare for me. I unfortunately had B12 deficiency at the same time so it took a longish time to figure this drug was murdering me in addition to my troubles with B12. It did keep my BP very low but.... it made my legs feel almost lame and if I tried to walk even remotely fast I'd feel like I was going to pass out. It also cranked by A1C way up. The worst 6 months of my life pretty much. A week after coming off it I felt reborn.”

1 / 10
RENAMOORE August 16, 2017

“I have been sick ever since I have taken this medication 20mg. Memory loss, jitters, anxiety, panic attacks, cold chills....this has been a complete nightmare. After reading the reviews above maybe I can get some help - Every doctor I have been to kept saying maybe it's depression...what are you depressed about? I am not DEPRESSED for crying out loud. This is another failed medication that's causing folks to become sick. I have been carted off the road twice from this medication because of anxiety from this pills. My life has been a living HELL.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month July 22, 2017

“I almost died from this drug, my physician did not believe me because I am a woman. I took myself off of it and got well but it has cause some permanent damage to my vision and I am left with a persistent tremor in my right hand.”

1 / 10
1Crochet · Taken for 5 to 10 years July 17, 2017

“I was 1st put on Amlodipine until my throat swelled almost shut and then was switched to Lisinopril and had the same reaction and was then taken off of both. Ended up at a Heart Dr then after almost dying from a 100% main Blocked LAD artery I had to have a stint put in at age 44, from that point on I have been on Bystolic 5mg for almost 5yrs now. I have had no allergic reaction or any other issues taking this medicine and I think the only reason I am even on it is because of the stint, my blood pressure is perfect all the time. I will have to be on a Beta blocker the rest of my life now.”

10 / 10
Idyfrank · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 13, 2017

“I take amlodipine, irbesartan and bystolic for high blood pressure. Amlodipine is the most effective of the three at a maximum suggested dose of 10 mg daily. It seems like bystolic is least effective (nebivolol). My heart rate does not require lowering so the bystolic may be unnecessary. I use 300 mg of irbesartan daily, the maximum dose.”

3 / 10
TapOut64 · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 9, 2017

“I have been on 2.5mg of Bystolic for 3 months now. I found this forum searching to see if others feel tired and sleepy from this drug. It worked for me right away but now I am ready to head to bed at 9:00 and never have a problem falling asleep. If I am not active during the day I feel tired. It's lowered my heart rate while running and my 8:30- 8:45 per minute miles are now 9:30-10:00. My cardiologist says that if it becomes unbearable he can find an alternative. Not sure what I am going to do as the drug is doing it's job with my BP.”

9 / 10
NickNikNick · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 18, 2017

“I was taking metoprolol prior to this which made me dizzy and didn't even keep my blood pressure down. Bystolic gave me zero side effects and helped lower my blood pressure continuously throughout the day not just for a few hours it's done wonders.”

9 / 10
Sir serg May 13, 2017

“Took for 6 months messed up my heart couldn't control my BP dropped my heart rate very low I played handball which is a very aggressive sport I could not sweat but it made my lower heart chambers thicken I think I have some heart problem gonna go to doc soon. No history of family heart disease only had hbp no side effects until I started taking bystolic fainting, hard time breathing, went to ER 4 times - he didn't want me to come off. He is an idiot”

1 / 10
iShootVideos205 · Taken for less than 1 month March 31, 2017

“(20 days of pure HELL)!! My doctor added Bystolic 10 mg (gave me 3 weeks samples) to help lower my heart rate and blood pressure... I was on Caduet 10mg and Hydrochlorotizide 25mg for over 10 years but recently my bp was not being stable. The 1st day on Bystolic I experienced cold legs and my bp was 132 / 84 better than my 142 / 90.. My short time on Bystolic I started having vivid horrific dreams and was waking up with cold sweat and high bp of 158 / 98 ... During the 1st week I also lost about 2 seconds of consciousness and became very light headed and foggy minded which remained until I demanded my Dr to take me off of Bystolic which he didn't want to do ”

2 / 10
Krissy P February 6, 2017

“I have been on this medicine for a year now. I have recently realized ( from seeing a new Dr) that I should not have been put on this med. I have to see a cardiologist to get off of Bystolic10 !? Really!? I wish I knew that before I was prescribed this. It's never really kept my blood pressure in check I wanted to stop taking it. But when my Dr said I had to see a specialist I was annoyed. I have come to learn that this med is why I have put on so much weight, feel so tired, deal with numb hands. ”

4 / 10
Alec Station January 25, 2017

“This is my first time on any high blood pressure medication. My new primary care physician noticed that recently it's been high during my visits so he decided to put me on Bystolic. The day he put be on this medication, (before I started it) I was driving to work in the morning and suffered what I can only assume a panic attack feels like (which is why I went to my doctor later that day). My heart was pounding through my chest, my face and arms went numb, chest pain and dizziness. Anyway, I have been on it for less than a month and have seen no negative side effects yet and my BP has been normal. The only reason I didn't give this a 10 is because I have only been on it a short amount of time. We'll see if I get the same results over time.”

8 / 10
ALBDAP November 4, 2016

“Bystolic did not help lower my blood pressure as my other blood pressure medicine just recently had to be doubled. I have taken the medicine for 10 months and at my last doctor's appointment I realized I have gained 22 pounds in the last 10 months without any changes to diet or activity level. Also I have felt disconnected from my life and have had absolutely no sex drive. This medicine is not for me. I paid $50 a month for a drug that caused me to gain 22 pounds that I now have to lose.”

1 / 10
Joelab October 12, 2016

“I have been taking 10 mg for 2 years with no side effects. Before that I tried some non beta blocker meds and had all sorts of problems. Bystolic lovers my blood pressure better than others. This is a great medication. If you experience problems sleeping or dreams a lot at night, take it a little earlier in the afternoon. I take it at 5 pm and I sleep just fine now.”

10 / 10
SaraJSA September 16, 2016

“I am 23 and 123 pounds and I only take 2.5 mg of bystolic. Even with such a low does I have side effects! Insomnia all the time, low energy, I've fainted and often get dizzy, low sex drive, my feet and hands go numb. I have always been a very energetic person, now I feel like I'm too tired to do anything! I've tired everything from workingout to extreme healthy eating and I can't get off of it. This medicine is terrible.”

yabbadabbadoooooo September 15, 2016

“I was switched yesterday to Bystolic 2.5 mg and my doc said I could take it at any time of day, either with or without food. Within 30 minutes of taking the smallest dose, I felt the extreme intoxication feeling another reviewer felt, dizzy, and foggy-headed. I woke up in the middle of the night with my arms tingling and numb, several times. Day 2, I'm sitting in my office shaking my arms so they have some sensation to type, my feet are numb, and my tongue feels tingly. I have had no appetite at all, but forced myself to eat some almonds for protein. I'm not over or under weight or nauseated. I just don't want to eat. I cannot gather a thought long enough to speak it from my tingling mouth. THERE WILL NOT BE A DAY 3!!!”

1 / 10
reace August 26, 2016

“47 yr old 212 lbs .I have been on 50 mg per day of metoprolol tartrate for 5 yrs. Doctor decided to try me on 10mg Bystolic after I complained of some fatigue and light sensitivity. took it 3 weeks I loved it at first, I had a lot more energy, didnt have the usual muscle weakness, but noticed my libido was higher in the afternoon and waned off towards the evening as the medicine wore off so did my interest in sex. I also noticed that my social anxiety returned. I have always attributed the metoprolol to helping me feel calm. I was having some friends visit so I went back to the metoprolol and my anxiety definitely went away. although now I feel twice as tired. I am on the fence with this med. because of the social anxiety. (sigh)”

9 / 10
LouLouIsMyNicknamd August 13, 2016

“My doctor started me on this. The very first pill I took, I experienced what can only be described as extreme intoxication. My speech slurred, I fell and stumbled, experienced double vision and eventually either passed out or went into a deep sleep. I have not taken any other medications, so this was not an interaction. Never again, folks. I'm glad it works for some people, but that was one of scariest medication side effects I ever experienced.”

1 / 10
Corpse August 4, 2016

“I am ashamed to admit I have taken this drug for over a year because I have to be pretty stupid to allow a drug to take so much living away from me. I used to ride my horse, do my own construction work, and just enjoy life! Now, I know what depression is. I struggle to sleep ten hours A WEEK! I have very little functioning memory. I am so angry. If you happen to be at a doctor appointment when one of the drug reps is hauling in the free food and free drug samples, you'll wonder by her attire just what she is selling. Yes, I told my doctor over and over about the problems and her answer is MORE DRUGS! Anti-depressant, sleeping pill, and the list goes on. I tried to get myself off of it but can't because of rebound.”

2 / 10
Fleakaye · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 3, 2016

“I was taking carvedilol 3.125mg bid and it stopped working shortly after starting a stressful job and a death in my family. I wasn't able to get it under control so my cardiologist started me on bystolic 10mg qd. I was pleased with it's quick results bringing my BP down to the normal range. Now I have realized that I am tired all the time, I have no sex drive and I don't really care about much of anything. I can sleep all day on my days off. I have gained 30 lbs over the last year! I got my old rx filled today for the carvedilol and along with diet and exercise, I'm hoping to get back to my old self again. I can't deal with the fatigue anymore. Not to mention the price of $60 per month.”

4 / 10
Az mom July 30, 2016

“I tried by Bystolic when it first came on the market and after several days experienced what I believe a heart attack would feel like had the same issue with 2 other beta blockers doc made the choice to stay away from the beta blocker class but at 33 my body said something was wrong after many tests and docs I learned I had tachy-Brady syndrome my blood pressure on 5 meds was high and my pulse was climbing averaging 120 the option I was given was surgery or medication so I tried a slight dose 2.5mg of Bystolic and as they warned me it dropped my pulse so much i couldn't function but half of that dose has lowered my heart rate enough to get me into the safe zone and my blood pressure is slightly lower with no side effects”

3 / 10
Crystalbzb June 11, 2016

“Been on bystolic for labile hypertension for one year. Medication is somewhat assisting with the high readings; but, severely detrimental with the lows (91/55). Cardiologist said this is the best medication for labile hypertension but I believe it makes me drop too low at night. Only on 2.5 mg and doctor wants to increase because I still get reasons of 120/92 in mornings. May have to search for new medication because this one is not ideal for laabile hypertension.”

6 / 10
Madison Baby · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 7, 2016

“Didn't reduce my pressure the way I wanted, usually between 130/80 to 140/90. Was good for my rapid heart rate and usually brought my diastolic rate down. Unfortunately, I became tired a lot which I cured by taking good vitamins from GNC. It calmed me from occasionally anxiety. It made me sleep well and I stopped having headaches. Unfortunately, I had acne, which I have never had in my life, labored breathing, some hair loss, blurred vision and I became very anxious after six months of being on the drug which made my pressure escalate . I have switched medication now and my doctor is weaning me off slowly. I have gone from 10mg to 2.5mg. It's a great drug if it works for you, but it is not for everyone and the side effects vary.”

7 / 10