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User Reviews for Homatropine/hydrocodone

Also known as: Hycodan, Hydromet, Tussigon, Hydrotropine, Hydromide, Hydropane

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Cough   8.0
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Reviews for Homatropine/hydrocodone

Mike · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 15, 2020

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “My pulmonary doctor prescribed Hydromet for severe cough from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. It has been a lifesaver. Unexpected side benefit is that the homatropine component provided me with significant relief from sinus and lung congestion, which had worsened with the lung disease. Haven't experienced any unpleasant side effects.”

10 / 10
Cotton · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 21, 2020

Hycodan (homatropine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “My allergy doctor gave me Hycodan for my chronic cough of more than 5 years. This stuff works like magic. Stops my cough like nothing else. He also gave me gabapentin. The gabapentin also works but side effects make me hurt all over. I had only taken Hycodan every once and awhile after reading it can be addictive. But with gabapentin side effects, I think I'm going to ween myself off gabapentin and use Hycodan instead. Only thing, insurance doesn't cover Hycodan. I haven't had any bad side effects from Hycodan. I this this medicine a 10. It's wonderful!”

10 / 10
Cotton · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 17, 2020

Hycodan (homatropine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “I have had a chronic cough for more than five years. Ever since I started taking blood pressure medicine which was Lisinopril. That's when it all started. Wish I had never taken it. I started coughing and the longer I took it, the worse it got. So the doctor changed my BP meds, but still coughed. It got so bad I would throw up. After trying about a dozen BP meds the cough never stopped. Finally, a doctor tried Hycodan and it worked like a charm. But you can't take it long term so, I'm also taking Gabapentin three times a day for a nerve reflex thing in my throat. Hycodan works great at night to help me sleep and not cough because Gabapentin makes my legs hurt and ache so bad. Only cough medicine I have ever taken that stops my cough. I give it a 10.”

10 / 10
MrCough · Taken for less than 1 month February 14, 2020

Hycodan (homatropine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “This is the ONLY medication for cough I have ever taken that actually works. Back in the 90s, I got severe colds that left me with nagging, relentless coughs that would drag on for weeks. My doctor prescribed hycodan for me in pill form. With in MINUTES of taking it, the cough would stop the cough straight away, after it had bee plaguing me relentlessly for days. I would only have to take it 3 times per day for about 4 days before the cold and chest "tickle" would be gone so that the cough would not come back without the medication. Yes, it's an opioid. And now everybody is freaked out and doctors are reluctant to prescribe it. I actually had a doctor refuse to prescribe it for me today, claiming that the "literature doesn't support that it works". It WORKS. It is a great cough medication.”

10 / 10
DJ · Taken for less than 1 month February 7, 2020

Hycodan (homatropine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “Had dry cough for about 3 weeks got Hycodan. It did nothing for my cough or my sleep.”

3 / 10
LC · Taken for less than 1 month November 7, 2019

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “This medicine worked for cough and definitely made me sleepy, but DO NOT take more than recommended...even if you think you have a high tolerance or it hasn’t kicked in it. My coughing is gone now but I’ve been dealing with a pounding headache and feel nauseous. I learned my lesson!”

8 / 10
MDJ · Taken for less than 1 month October 17, 2019

Hycodan (homatropine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “THIS IS THE ONLY COUGH MEDICINE THAT HAS WORKED FOR ME and doctors never want to prescribe it. But it's the only thing that makes my cough go completely away. I always get a nagging tickle cough after any cold or sinus infection and the fact that I have to suffer because they don't want to prescribe it is annoyingly frustrating.”

10 / 10
Ms mom · Taken for less than 1 month June 14, 2018

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “After coughing for almost a year and taking many OTC coughing meds, my primary care physician gave me Hydromet and my cough was under control. I was no longer coughing during church or work and I was able to sleep without coughing. And there were no side effects.”

10 / 10
TMcCoy Lexington January 12, 2018

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “I was given this for the bad cough I have with the flu and a double ear infection. It definitely is the best cough suppressant I've ever taken. The side effects I didn't like were the intense itching ALL over and the drowsiness. It is something to definitely only take at night but I was still drowsy the entire next day. I am not a light weight with medicine at all...but this one kicked my cough's butt. I wasn't told not to take my klonipen with it either so my first dose I had already taken it and the side effects were intensified. I couldn't sleep and had horrible nightmares. Definitely works...but be very careful with it.”

Shan644 September 4, 2017

For Cough: “After fighting off a cold I end up with terrible bronchitis. The type of cough that makes you vomit with bruised ribs abs and you have to hold your head because of the pain. Walk in clinics give me useless puffers that have zero impact on my cough and how can you get better if you can't sleep? My family doc will prescribe this to me and it works immediately on half the dose. I'm very intolerant to any type of drug so I take half the dose on a full stomach and lots of liquids. You need to administer it properly but it works for me every time. Relief from my symptoms is like a gift from heaven. It's too bad that so many are trying to get this for the wrong reasons, the patients that really need it can't get it from a walk in clinic or emerg.”

10 / 10
Midge2914 · Taken for 10 years or more May 12, 2017

Hycodan (homatropine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “Took it for bronchitis -- worked like a charm. Took it in pill form cause cough medicine makes me vomit. It did the job but doctors frown against prescribing it because of its make up. It does work -- when you can get a doctor to prescribe it. They will try 10 other things before finally prescribing this and it shouldn't be that way.”

10 / 10
Rochanda April 27, 2017

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “Very good cough syrup, immediately helped my hacking cough. Although u will feel sleepy after taking 5ml dosage. It's best to take it at night and do not drive .”

10 / 10
jadestone_ April 14, 2017

For Cough: “I've been coughing for almost two weeks now from a bad sinus infection and no otc meds were working for me. So my doctor prescribed this syrup for me and it has worked wonders. It has greatly reduced my coughing and I'm able to sleep again. I've only experienced mild dizziness with this medication. And I'm usually knocked out an hour after taking it, which is amazing.”

10 / 10
Beautiful Sunset February 15, 2017

For Cough: “This medicine made me feel sick ,I was alone at home had to call 911, It lowered my blood pressure and I fainted”

1 / 10
Coughing for 2 months · Taken for less than 1 month January 29, 2017

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “This worked....I didn't have any side effects.”

6 / 10
Lolo Martin January 22, 2017

For Cough: “Is not working as before”

John Pottorff January 21, 2017

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “For about 25 or 30 years, I've had at least 2 bouts a year with bronchitis accompanied with a non-productive cough. There was no way I could sleep; I could only lay there and cough on schedule about every 30 seconds to a minute. Then I got Hydromet. Best cough suppressant ever. Just don't sip your dosage straight from the bottle, use a teaspoon, because you'll just overdose and possibly get the most frightening nightmares you'll ever experience. Believe me, it was very vivid and frightening dreams; and they would recur if you try to sleep again. After using the correct dosage there were no problems. Only my luck ran out when my long time doctor wouldn't prescribe anymore. I'm trying to add another doctor that will prescribe it.”

10 / 10
Brad Cole January 9, 2017

For Cough: “After having no luck with the prescription Virtussin, I went to doctor and got Rx for hydrocodone/homatropine. I was nervous about all the nausea statements, so I had a small snack before I tried it. It did not completely stop the cough, but it certainly reduced it enough to let me grab a couple of hours sleep. The directions call for 1 teaspoon every 4 to 6 hours. Fortunately, I did not experience any nausea. When I did wake up in the middle of the night, I usually stayed up for about 30 minutes drinking ginger ale, having a snack, and trying to cough up some of the phlegm. All in all, I am pretty happy with this drug. It is also possible that the Virtussin that I originally tried was just old.”

8 / 10
Sharno · Taken for less than 1 month December 27, 2016

For Cough: “I had a terrible cough for days with no relief. Tried tessalon perles with some relief but cough persisted. We happened to have this cough med in the bathroom and my husband suggested I take some. I was reluctant because of being prone to nausea with pain meds. I was desperate so I took the prescribed dose. It helped almost immediately and I didn't cough at all for hours and slept great. Plus no nausea. It gives your body time to rest and heal. Maybe get a prescription for an anti nausea med to go along with it if that's a problem for you. Do yourself a favor and try it. Do a test with a half dose at first.”

10 / 10
cough aholic · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 16, 2016

For Cough: “I have had asthma as an adult and been treated for it. I developed a chronic cough several years ago and went to almost every Dr. and test only to hear, Don't know what is wrong with you. So this syrup keeps me from coughing and dries up the mucus. I can sleep at night and do normal activities during the day. If I have a coughing spell it causes me to sneeze and sometimes vomit nothing but fluid or phlegm I only take 1/4 or 1/2 teasp. and this is enough. I only take it if I am starting to cough when I lay down for bed.. No worry about addiction for me as I take enough meds. already. It works for me without side effects.”

10 / 10
Rustyplowfarms · Taken for less than 1 month April 9, 2016

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “I was prescribed hydromet for a flu related cough. It did great for taking care of my cough, but the vomiting, itching, headache and light sensitivity that I have as side effects isn't worth it for me.”

7 / 10
Mechiet April 1, 2016

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “I had this medicine from last year for my asthma attack and continuous cough from the allergy season. I took the medice yesterday night about 9:00 p.m. Then I tried to drink a soup but I couldn't because I was so dizzy and with nausea. I went to sleep but I couldn't. I got off this morning feeling in the same way, but anyway I went to work, one hour later I came back home after threw up 3 times and I am still on bed.”

2 / 10
SLowlyDying · Taken for less than 1 month March 9, 2016

For Cough: “They gave me 150 mg for my cough so i could actually sleep at night but it didnt work for me at all. Didnt stop my cough and didnt help me fall asleep it was pretty pointless because i felt like it wouldnt work. Now im running on 2-4 hours of sleep and a cup of coffee at school trying to do my work.”

1 / 10
Babygirl1226 · Taken for less than 1 month March 6, 2016

For Cough: “It slows the cough down, but doesn't cut it out completely. I was given this medicine for the Flu, and it did help with my body aches. Doesn't make me go to sleep like I had hoped.”

7 / 10
Jen Swatzie March 1, 2016

For Cough: “I took the recommended dosage before bed when prescribed for bronchitis to help suppress cough and allow me some rest. To my extreme disappointment and surprise, 1 hour later I feel blanketed in a thick, heavy fog but completely unable to sleep because I'm WIDE awake. For hours. I can barely lift my head off the pillow and if I do, I'm in a world of awful swirls, dizzy, and I'm trying to get my confused body to the toilet before I'm throwing up in my bed. 24 hours and 15 vomit sessions later, I'd rather have bronchitis. Never. Again.”

1 / 10

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