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User Reviews for Homatropine/hydrocodone to treat Cough

Also known as: Hycodan, Hydromet, Tussigon, Hydrotropine, Hydromide, Hydropane

Homatropine/hydrocodone has an average rating of 8.0 out of 10 from a total of 86 ratings for the treatment of Cough. 70% of those users who reviewed Homatropine/hydrocodone reported a positive effect, while 10% reported a negative effect.

Homatropine/hydrocodone Rating Summary

8.0/10 average rating

86 ratings from 89 user reviews.

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Reviews for Homatropine/hydrocodone

Mike · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 15, 2020

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone): “My pulmonary doctor prescribed Hydromet for severe cough from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. It has been a lifesaver. Unexpected side benefit is that the homatropine component provided me with significant relief from sinus and lung congestion, which had worsened with the lung disease. Haven't experienced any unpleasant side effects.”

10 / 10
Cotton · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 21, 2020

Hycodan (homatropine / hydrocodone): “My allergy doctor gave me Hycodan for my chronic cough of more than 5 years. This stuff works like magic. Stops my cough like nothing else. He also gave me gabapentin. The gabapentin also works but side effects make me hurt all over. I had only taken Hycodan every once and awhile after reading it can be addictive. But with gabapentin side effects, I think I'm going to ween myself off gabapentin and use Hycodan instead. Only thing, insurance doesn't cover Hycodan. I haven't had any bad side effects from Hycodan. I this this medicine a 10. It's wonderful!”

10 / 10
Cotton · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 17, 2020

Hycodan (homatropine / hydrocodone): “I have had a chronic cough for more than five years. Ever since I started taking blood pressure medicine which was Lisinopril. That's when it all started. Wish I had never taken it. I started coughing and the longer I took it, the worse it got. So the doctor changed my BP meds, but still coughed. It got so bad I would throw up. After trying about a dozen BP meds the cough never stopped. Finally, a doctor tried Hycodan and it worked like a charm. But you can't take it long term so, I'm also taking Gabapentin three times a day for a nerve reflex thing in my throat. Hycodan works great at night to help me sleep and not cough because Gabapentin makes my legs hurt and ache so bad. Only cough medicine I have ever taken that stops my cough. I give it a 10.”

10 / 10
Mahalo March 15, 2012

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone): “I am an 80 year old female who hardly ever gets ill. The only medication that I take is Vitoryn and my cholestrol is way below 200. Last week I caught a chill and I felt it go thrhough my body. The next day I experienced what felt like a cronic nasal drip. I literally seemed to cough my brains out. As it worked out, I had a non-related appointment with my doctor. She spotted an upper respiratory inflamation and suggested Hydromet. Within 10 minutes I was a new person. No side effects..just great sleeping.”

10 / 10
*suicidecity* May 26, 2008

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone): “I have been taking Hydromet cough syrup for 10 years. It works just as well today as it did when I started it (prescribed by my pulmonologist). I have a lung disease and cough incessantly. Sometimes I can stop on my own, but when I start gagging and vomiting, I take 2 teaspoons of the medicine and within seconds I am able to stop. I feel no narcotic effect, only relief from gagging. I have even had severe headaches from violent coughing. I would have no quality of life without Hydromet.”

10 / 10
YetiMade November 10, 2013

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone): “Was prescribed this for a sore throat and it worked very well. Even better, was that apparently it stopped my extreme snoring. Also, I had the best dreams while taking it: very vivid, dark and awesome. This stuff really made my throat feel better and helped me make a speedy recovery.”

9 / 10
Anonymous March 20, 2008

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone): “This medication was perscriped as treatment for flu, to be taken only before bed to keep my cough from preventing me from getting rest. It very effectively suppressed the cough so I could sleep. I did seem to be bothered a little more by dreams that woke me, but not cough.”

9 / 10
MDJ · Taken for less than 1 month October 17, 2019

Hycodan (homatropine / hydrocodone): “THIS IS THE ONLY COUGH MEDICINE THAT HAS WORKED FOR ME and doctors never want to prescribe it. But it's the only thing that makes my cough go completely away. I always get a nagging tickle cough after any cold or sinus infection and the fact that I have to suffer because they don't want to prescribe it is annoyingly frustrating.”

10 / 10
bronchitissufferer · Taken for less than 1 month October 27, 2015

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone): “I've been prone to severe bronchitis since I was a baby. Finally when I'm 39 the doctor prescribed a cough syrup that makes me stop coughing so I can get some damn sleep! if you haven't taken it before I suggest a 1/4 dose to start since it's a strong narcotic and go from there. But once you get used to it, it's all good feelings and sound sleep. I see that pretty much every negative review was due to side effects. Well this ain't otc it's the real deal, so treat it with respect.”

10 / 10
broadway jay May 29, 2011

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone): “Was prescribed Hydromet around the time H1N1 was spreading. I had a nasty cough, brutal body aches and fever. As soon as I took a dose, the flu symptoms reduced significantly. The cough disappeared overnight. The only problem was the intense nausea that caused vomiting. Maybe should take with food to reduce side effects. Otherwise this syrup was a flu-buster like no other medicine.”

10 / 10
MALet April 24, 2009

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone): “I took 2 teaspoons of this cough medicine because I have been bothered with consistent cough due to virus that has overtaken my family. Anyway, I fell in a twilight sleep where I could still hear the T.V and could hear myself snore. I was having scary dreams. I couldn't urinate when I went to the bathroom. Going into the 3rd or 4th hour after taking the medicine, I woke up with nausea, dizziness, and headache. I ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor with a pillow. That kind of reaction is not something that I want to experience again.”

6 / 10
Tiredofcoughing December 14, 2010

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone): “I have had an awful cold for the last 2 weeks. I went back to my doctor yesterday because the medicines he gave me last week did nothing. Last night I took the Hydromet he gave me. I slept like Rip Van Winkle. The 1st good nights sleep I have gotten in 7 nights. I just wish my doctor would have given me this last week, and I am sure I would be feeling a lot better now. I have had no side effects at all. And am looking forward to getting more good sleep tonight. Thanks Hydromet makers.”

9 / 10
Tiger3 February 8, 2010

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone): “I had such a bad cough, with a cold, that I felt like I was going to vomit. Continual coughing attacks kept me awake at night. Got this medication, Hydromet, and my cough stopped within 5 minutes. This is a great cough medication. No problems with side effects.”

10 / 10
B. Smith December 8, 2008

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone): “I was prescribed Hydromet Syrup for a persistent cough while I had an upper respiratory infection. Although it seemed to take about 10 minutes to take effect, it did significantly reduce my cough. I felt only mildly sleepy for a few minutes after taking it and I could easily use it while working. Taking it before bed, it stopped me from waking every 1/2 hour with a coughing fit. Although I have sometimes felt nauseous when taking hydrocodone (Vicodin), I did not experience any stomach upset with this syrup.”

8 / 10
Faf · Taken for 10 years or more February 26, 2014

Hycodan (homatropine / hydrocodone): “This seems to be the only cough syrup that stops my chronic non-productive cough as it doesn't knock me out. At one time the directions were 1-2 tsps/4 hours. I found out that 2 tsps will make me drowsy and nauseous so I stick to 1 teaspoon.”

10 / 10
LC · Taken for less than 1 month November 7, 2019

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone): “This medicine worked for cough and definitely made me sleepy, but DO NOT take more than recommended...even if you think you have a high tolerance or it hasn’t kicked in it. My coughing is gone now but I’ve been dealing with a pounding headache and feel nauseous. I learned my lesson!”

8 / 10
Anonymous June 23, 2010

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone): “I have a severe cold and have been having terrible coughing fits where I end up gagging and vomiting. My doctor prescribed Hydromet, and I didn't even plan on taking it because I usually find that cough medicine does nothing to help me when I have a cold. However, once I did take it, I noticed an amazing improvement. I went from coughing and not sleeping all night, to sleeping soundly through the night. It didn't completely take the cough away, but I can tell a huge difference. I've had my cold for a week, and I'm still taking it at night to get relief so I can sleep. I have had no side effects, except maybe more vivid dreams. They aren't nightmares, but I do seem to dream a lot more while I'm taking it.”

9 / 10
Midge2914 · Taken for 10 years or more May 12, 2017

Hycodan (homatropine / hydrocodone): “Took it for bronchitis -- worked like a charm. Took it in pill form cause cough medicine makes me vomit. It did the job but doctors frown against prescribing it because of its make up. It does work -- when you can get a doctor to prescribe it. They will try 10 other things before finally prescribing this and it shouldn't be that way.”

10 / 10
Anonymous February 7, 2011

Hycodan (homatropine / hydrocodone): “I have an upper respiratory infection, sinus congestion, and middle ear infection, and was given Hycodan for the first time in my life last night at a local emergency room, Within 45 minutes I actually felt human again, and my symptoms did not return until almost 8 hours later. This is an AWESOME medication!”

10 / 10
stanwood April 10, 2009

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone): “I got Hydromet for my cough because I had pneumonia. It worked awesome for me especially before bedtime so I could get a good nights sleep. I'm not used to taking narcotics and I thought maybe my stomach wouldn't be able to handle it, but like I said it worked great and it was easy on my stomach.”

9 / 10
Anonymous February 28, 2011

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone): “I was taking Hydromet for pneumonia. It seemed to work quite well the first night, as I took it right before bed and I slept very well. However, I found that while taking it during the day, I got extremely nauseous and continuously threw up until an anti-nausea prescription finally came through. I usually do fine taking pill forms of codeine, such as vicodin etc, but find that in taking this during the day, it causes such dizziness that you feel like you're on a horrible theme park ride. Do not recommend if you are susceptible to vomiting from being too dizzy; seems to work for others though.”

4 / 10
Sleepless in the South April 6, 2010

Hycodan (homatropine / hydrocodone): “This medicine kept me wired all night long and I only took half of a teaspoon. My mind was racing! No cough though! Did some of my best thinking! Felt extremely tired the next day! Would be great in the day for me rather than at night.”

5 / 10
Mrs Harris · Taken for less than 1 month June 9, 2013

“I have a nasty case of the flu and a severe cough which landed me in the ER. They prescribed this medication and I thought I knew what to expect but I was sadly mistaken. The severe cough was controlled almost instantly. I slept well, but the side effects were wicked. I felt dizzy, delirious even. It were as if I were drunk or even on acid, perhaps. I ended up vomiting multiple times the next day. The side effects of the medication can take up to 24 hours or more to wear off. However, this medication really does do what it is prescribed to do, and that's stop the persistent, hacking cough.”

John Pottorff January 21, 2017

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone): “For about 25 or 30 years, I've had at least 2 bouts a year with bronchitis accompanied with a non-productive cough. There was no way I could sleep; I could only lay there and cough on schedule about every 30 seconds to a minute. Then I got Hydromet. Best cough suppressant ever. Just don't sip your dosage straight from the bottle, use a teaspoon, because you'll just overdose and possibly get the most frightening nightmares you'll ever experience. Believe me, it was very vivid and frightening dreams; and they would recur if you try to sleep again. After using the correct dosage there were no problems. Only my luck ran out when my long time doctor wouldn't prescribe anymore. I'm trying to add another doctor that will prescribe it.”

10 / 10
thexy December 30, 2010

Hydromet (homatropine / hydrocodone): “The Hydromet worked great for suppressing the cough, but after the second day of taking it, I am experiencing dizziness, and slight hearing loss in my left ear. I thought I was experiencing vertigo (which has never been a condition I've dealt with), until I read the side effects for this medicine. I haven't taken the medicine in 2 days and I'm still dizzy. I've walked into walls, fell back into my seat as I'm trying to get up. ”

cough aholic · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 16, 2016

“I have had asthma as an adult and been treated for it. I developed a chronic cough several years ago and went to almost every Dr. and test only to hear, Don't know what is wrong with you. So this syrup keeps me from coughing and dries up the mucus. I can sleep at night and do normal activities during the day. If I have a coughing spell it causes me to sneeze and sometimes vomit nothing but fluid or phlegm I only take 1/4 or 1/2 teasp. and this is enough. I only take it if I am starting to cough when I lay down for bed.. No worry about addiction for me as I take enough meds. already. It works for me without side effects.”

10 / 10
6weekcough March 7, 2012

Hycodan (homatropine / hydrocodone): “I was prescribed Hycodan tablets for bronchitis 30 years ago and have never been prescribed anything that works as well to get a good nights sleep when I have a bad cough. When I ask for it, even when my doctor prescribed it by name they didn't have it in tablet form at my pharmacy. I end up with Vicodin, which does not work as well to stop the coughing. They both make me sleep, I would never take it in the daytime. ”

9 / 10
Anonymous March 30, 2009

Hycodan (homatropine / hydrocodone): “This medicine is very effective for a nagging cough that won't quit, but be very careful with dosage. I once took 2 teaspoon instead of my regular 1 tsp dose and felt absolutely AWFUL - shaking, agitated, hot flashes, nervous, nauseous. ”

7 / 10

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