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User Reviews for Zoloft to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Page 5)

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Zoloft Rating Summary

User Ratings
34% (37)
23% (25)
15% (17)
6% (7)
5% (6)
6% (7)
0% (0)
5% (5)
1% (1)
5% (5)
7.9/10 Average Rating
110 ratings from 114 user reviews

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Reviews for Zoloft

Anonymous September 7, 2011

“So far it helps with everything, except for whats going on in my head (the constant thoughts). But I've only been on it for 3 weeks so I'm staying positive.”

7 / 10
Anonymous June 23, 2011

“The obsessive compulsive disorder didn't diminish much for the first few months or so. However, it made me a less tense person, thus much more relaxed and joyful. Side effects were very mild, however all colors became more pronounced, greener grass, bluer sky, etc. Quite nice... Some hand tremor as well as occasional postural dizziness.”

10 / 10
OhNoLetsGo April 16, 2011

“Got diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in February of 2011. Started taking Zoloft at 50mg in the morning on April 8 (1 week ago) and my oh my what a difference! The depression is lifting significantly! - I'd say it has gone from a 2 to about a 7 in just a week's time. The intrusive/obsessive thoughts have dropped about 75-80%, the compulsions are all but gone and the general anxiety is all but gone. The next to go are the annoying ruminating thoughts and the difficulty concentrating and organizing thoughts (but since I've been so depressed for so long, I think those parts of my brain had forgotten how to function). Starting tomorrow I kick it up to 100mg a day. Hoping for the continued improvement. ”

10 / 10
JIM R March 15, 2011

“I've been taking zoloft for a few years for ocd, starting with 20 milligrams per day and increasing to 40. It has helped me greatly with my obsessions, but not my compulsions. Of the two, I have always thought the obsessions were worse, so I think it has been a successful medicine for me. And so far, I have experienced no side effects. I also take zocor for cholesterol and have had no negative interaction.”

8 / 10
Harmony83 March 6, 2011

“To be honest I started taking Zoloft due to my sex drive; my husband said that my sex drive was too strong for him. I always wanted it and he did not which made me feel rejected.I noticed that my OCD was under control and I am not feeling jumpy or angry at little things. Far as my sex drive, that is gone (smh) Though it was something that I wanted he is regretting this. I guess now he realized that he should have given in instead of holding back.”

8 / 10
Anonymous September 7, 2010

“I was prescribed Zoloft in late of 2008 and I have been on it ever since. I have a minor case if OCD which is all in my head. I tend to be obsessive with repetitive thoughts and if I don't think about it then I basically freak out with anxiety. I know it's so weird, but I guess God made everyone unique in their own way. Anyway, did Zoloft help me? I must say definitely YES. Although my OCD does come back from time to time, it is no where nearly as bad now compared to how it used to be. The repetitive thoughts have decreased by about 80% and that is more then I can ever ask for. However, I experience weird side effects when I forget to take it like nausea, light headedness and "brain zaps." Got to take the good with the bad I guess.”

6 / 10
jonn jonn July 23, 2010

“I've been taking 50 mg of Zoloft for OCD now for 9 days. I stayed off medicine and dealt with the OCD for a long time until I could not take it anymore. Since I have been on it I've been improving everyday although I still do the same routines I seem to have let some go, and the constant worrying all day to the point where you are making yourself sick has improved so much. I'm finally able to joke with my friends and not have worry about something so irrational. So far I'm very happy I started taking the Zoloft, the side effects that I get are sometimes randomly during the day I can't stop yawning along with being very tired but I heard the sleepiness goes away after a few weeks. I've had a few headaches, dry bloodshot eyes when I wake up.”

8 / 10
jhunter1991lol February 7, 2010

“I have had great success with Zoloft after only taking it for 1 week. I suffer from OCD and mainly intrusive and compulsive thoughts....I dealt with them for a long time (I'm only 18) but I'm feeling the effects of Zoloft and already it's great. I had side effects after the 1st pill (upset stomach, headache) but that was only for 24 hours after that and still to this day the only side effects I'm having is excessive yawning and a weird jaw feeling, which feels kinda cool.”

10 / 10
Anonymous January 25, 2010

“It really helped me years ago when I took it for about 16 months. It was a nice break from my OCD which is pretty moderate. I had to take 200mg a day for it to be fully effective. I did gain a few pounds and takes longer to orgasm. But it all worked fine. The sad part is you do have a trade off when you take these things. The good news is you can stop taking it for a couple days and then orgasm is normal as it has a short half life. Then go right back to normal on dosage. It quit working for me after about 16 months and nothing else worked so decided to just be without it. I would try it if you need to.”

8 / 10
steflynne66 December 27, 2008

“I take 200 mg per day. Extremely effective in helping control my OCD. Some side effects. Dry mouth and a little weight gain. Nothing I can't deal with.”

8 / 10
dabro September 11, 2008

“I've been on Zoloft for three days and I already feel an improvement. I've got to say Zoloft you've given me my life back. THANK YOU.”

8 / 10
Anonymous August 13, 2008

“I've been on Zoloft (50mg) for 18 mos and the results are wonderful. (I had a hard time letting kids be kids; everything had to be done my way or I'd lose my temper; and I dreaded going to social events - I'd much rather stay at home by myself with a drink.) Not only is family life better but my outlook at life is better as well. I no longer fret over the little things. Heck, sometimes I don't even fret over the large things.”

10 / 10
Anonymous March 8, 2008

“I have been on Zoloft for a year to treat OCD. This drug has taken away my painful and destructive symptoms, though this is a process that has been aided by intensive talk therapy. My side effects are increasing in intensity as time goes on; mainly dry mouth and nausea. However terrible these side effects may sound I would rather deal with them than the symptoms of OCD and depression on any given day.”

8 / 10
2Pilots March 1, 2008

“Very effective in controlling OCD and associated panic disorder. However, gained 70 lbs (not by changing eating habits, but it's as though it raised my metabolic "setpoint"). Decreased sex drive. Despite the side effects, this medication has been a Godsend.”

6 / 10

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