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User Reviews for Aleve to treat Headache

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Aleve Rating Summary

User Ratings
33% (3)
11% (1)
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11% (1)
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33% (3)
5.7/10 Average Rating
9 ratings from 11 user reviews

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Reviews for Aleve

Carmel · Taken for 10 years or more April 5, 2020

“I been taking Aleve since 2003. It helps releave My mingraines. This drug is a god sent.”

Kaitlin February 25, 2020

“It has been 20 minutes and my headache still hasn't gone away but it did take my back pain away.”

5 / 10
Tryingtolove22 · Taken for less than 1 month August 22, 2019

“I purchased liquid capsules Aleve for a headache. I took 2 and I didn't experience any relief at all over a 10 hour period. The pills are very large, but the gel capsule made swallowing easier. I wouldn't purchase these again.”

1 / 10
syd · Taken for less than 1 month July 1, 2019

“It helped my headache just a little. I really need to find a better headache medicine.”

4 / 10
1_kat_ · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 23, 2018

“Took 3 Aleve liqued gels within 2 hrs and it progressive made my headache worse and I had an event to go to later that evening too. Not very reliable. Advil works more effectively even if I have to take 3+”

1 / 10
Jimmy Alex January 17, 2018

“I took a first dose of two like instructed for body pain and gave me an instant horrible headache that has lingered a bit.”

C.Leblanc August 29, 2015

“Wow has this changed my life. I was a long time sufferer of migraines and headaches. Advil and tynelols are like candy to me now and don't do a thing to relief pain. Even heavy prescribed migraine drugs by my doctor did not work as much as Aleve does! It is simply, for my part, miraculous! It works 99.9% of the time. It works to prevent a headache when I feel it coming. It also works to break the headache or migraine when it is already ongoing and painful. And most of the time, a single pill works. I have to say I really hope my body doesn't come used to Aleve and therefore making it less effective. So far, after a little more than a year taking Aleve, it still is perfectly effective in my case. Don't hesitate to try!”

10 / 10
Elise48 July 25, 2015

“My head and base of the neck started hurting three days ago. The pain also moved from place to place and so abnormal that I scheduled a doctor's appointment...for next week. This pain even made my "hair" hurt. Felt like spots in the central back part of my head had been "bruised" and again, the pain location changed from the back center of head to my upper neck to the back of ears and then to the top. Prescription pain medicine left over from a surgery didn't help. Last night I took 3 Aleve out of desperation. Fell asleep and woke up a few hours later feeling much, much better. Will still see my doctor but won't be a crazy person by the time I get there.”

10 / 10
Anonymous August 20, 2011

“Caused vomiting and gave me worst headache.”

1 / 10
sholbrook August 3, 2009

“Very few (one, normally) will cure any headache I have had.”

9 / 10
WarmIce52 June 6, 2009

“Only thing that works for me.”

10 / 10