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User Reviews for Naltrexone to treat Alcohol Dependence

Also known as: Vivitrol

Naltrexone has an average rating of 8.6 out of 10 from a total of 230 ratings for the treatment of Alcohol Dependence. 85% of those users who reviewed Naltrexone reported a positive effect, while 9% reported a negative effect.

Naltrexone Rating Summary

User Ratings
54% (125)
22% (50)
9% (21)
3% (6)
2% (4)
2% (4)
0% (0)
3% (6)
1% (3)
5% (11)
8.6/10 Average Rating
230 ratings from 258 user reviews

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Reviews for Naltrexone

Betty · Taken for less than 1 month January 13, 2021

“This is the second time I’ve tried to take Naltrexone and I just cannot tolerate it. I thought maybe it was because I started at 50 mg. So this time I started with 25 mg and still having weird “high” feelings all day, headaches, itching, nausea. Very similar to a migraines but with crazy anxiety, paranoia and sleeplessness. Will NEVER take again. Back to good ole willpower.”

1 / 10
Wrigley · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 3, 2021

“Have been a heavy daily drinker for about 30 years. Somehow managed to be a high-functioning alcoholic, but could tell my drinking was getting heavier and felt like it was starting to affect my health, memory and overall mental acuity. So I decided to try naltrexone/TSM in early December, just before the holidays to really put it to the test. It had a huge impact on my drinking behavior right away. Instead of thinking all day about drinking, starting as soon as possible after work, and passing out on the couch after 8-10 drinks, I have only had 1-2 beers per night for the past month. 3 max. Even during the holidays! I've poured out several drinks. This is a HUGE change in my relationship with alcohol. I can now see a life ahead in which thinking about drinking doesn't play a role in my decisions. One downside was really bad anxiety for the first couple weeks, but it eased up. My primary doc didn't want to prescribe naltrexone, so I found an online provider who would. Very glad I did!”

10 / 10
Bob · Taken for less than 1 month December 21, 2020

“Normally I’d count the minutes until work ended so I can drive directly to the liquor store to buy 2 tall cans of Bud Ice and down them in the parking lot. I’ve been taking naltrexone for about 5 days now and I have zero interest in doing that anymore. I’ve had a total of 2 beers in the last 5 days even though I didn’t have any urge or desire to drink. I’d normally be off to the races after my first beer but now I struggle to even finish one and I have no desire to have another. All I can say is that I doubted that this would work for me and I am in awe of how well it works. It has totally changed how I think about drinking. It’s kind of miraculous.”

10 / 10
Ruby December 16, 2020

“I had alcohol use disorder for decades, I tried everything to give up, but I would eventually go back to drinking after trying to moderate and be accepted socially. I stumbled on the Sinclair method when googling for help late one night. If changed my life. I followed the Sinclair method with naltrexone maybe for 3 months. I am now 2 years completely alcohol free and feel I have my life back. I highly recommend naltrexone, I had no side effects and had liver function tests throughout and was fine. I strongly advocate for its use in treating alcohol disorder as I no longer have any desire to drink. The key is following the Sinclair method rules and being persistent it takes at least 3 months to take effect fully. But I noticed improvements almost immediately!”

10 / 10
Six Months Sober and Loving It · Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 9, 2020

“I've been abusing alcohol since I was 16 but I became fully addicted when I was about 20. Thats when I noticed the cravings and withdrawal (even with being prescribed clonozapan) I'm 28 now. I've been taking naltrexone since February of 2020 and I don't think I'd have been able to get sober from alcohol, or stay sober, without it. It dulls the cravings and allows me to think clearly through them. I feel a bit more like I did before alcohol changed my brain chemistry. Every time I have a craving, it feels like the feeling is being "smothered" or "cut off", depending on how strong the craving is. The only negative side effect I've had are very mild and short (5-10 second) headaches that happen maybe two or three times a month, and have lessened the longer I've been on it. I barely notice them anymore. I am a strong supporter of this drug, but we'll have to see what the long-term (if any) effects are on the brain.”

9 / 10
Iesh September 25, 2020

Vivitrol (naltrexone): “I received the Vivitrol injection yesterday morning and have felt tired, (like can’t really get enough sleep) tired. I was worried until I read comments on this platform. It’s seems to be a common feeling for the first 4 days. I’m hopeful.”

10 / 10
Minime · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 9, 2020

“After years struggling with alcohol abuse, I asked to be put on to naltrexone, I had read all about it, I was meeting with a CPN on a weekly basis and I was prescribed it. I wish I had been taking it years ago, it has changed my life, it is by no way an easy fix, I feel you must want to make changes . I would highly recommend naltrexone.”

10 / 10
Remy · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 26, 2020

Vivitrol (naltrexone): “I have been on Naltrexone and more recently Vivitrol for 8 months now. I was a heavy opiate user and occasional drinker, having tried Methadone and Suboxone in the past I knew that options just led to dependence on another drug so after my latest relapse I got on it. I am not going to lie the first week was hard, that's mostly my fault because they told me I had to stay sober for a full week before taking it and I didn't. But now, after having time to adjust I gotta say it is a lifesaver for me. I have gotten acne on my back and even on my scalp which I have heard others say happened to them but other than that zero side effects so far. If you have an opiate addiction and you want guaranteed results TAKE THIS MEDICATION, I cannot stress enough how much this has saved my life. I have no cravings and no overwhelming urge to get high.”

9 / 10
Jarrod · Taken for less than 1 month August 8, 2020

“I have been a heavy drinker - carton a day for 10 years, then a little less as I got older. 25 years of solid everyday drinking. Blackouts are normal - I do shots till I am muted. Locked up 4 tines drunk and disorderly - AA for 22 weeks - failed. Get the picture ! day 5 of naltrexone- had to cut my 50 mg pill into 1/4 . I was whacked as on a full pill for 2 days ! Could not function at work on it - Forced to drink last night by my work mates at a party and my beer tasted weird and it made me queasy managed to down 3 and I left the party. Everyone was shocked as I am normally an animal and last one standing - I don’t feel like a drink at the moment ! - so far so good - my advise only take a portion of the pill if it whacks you out too much - good luck all my fellow comrades”

9 / 10
Theiceman440 June 29, 2020

Vivitrol (naltrexone): “I’ve been been on vivitrol 25 days it’s been the best decision I’ve made I would recommend this for any one struggling with alcohol issues”

10 / 10
sober52 · Taken for less than 1 month May 24, 2020

“I was drinking from morning till night when not working. This had gone on for about 2 years when it started to become unmanageable. I admitted myself to rehab. Went thru detox for a week and then rehab for weeks. Went to thru an intensive out patient program for 3 weeks. I really tried hard for about 45 days but I felt like I was constantly craving it. I started drinking again and fell right back into the same pattern for 2 months. I began to regret and hate myself again. I decided I couldn't take it anymore and gave Naltrexone a try. 25mg 1xday. No cravings. Makes me sick thinking about it. Day 3 and still don't want a drink. I am pretty tired though but that's way better then being drunk and hungover. I highly recommend it.”

10 / 10
Geranium · Taken for less than 1 month May 4, 2020

“I just wanted to thank all the people for their comments. Reading these positive (mostly) reviews made me see the doctor and get naltrexone. I have only had 25mg for 4 days now but it is so good! I was drinking way too much about 4 nights per week and once I started, I couldn’t stop. Now I don’t feel like a drink at all. I had a sip of wine on day 1 and it was awful. Fortunately for me, minor side effects - bit tired, bit of diarrhoea, night sweats and some very trippy dreams! Good luck to everyone. I highly recommend.”

9 / 10
Sleann · Taken for 6 months to 1 year April 9, 2020

Vivitrol (naltrexone): “Vivitrol has helped me maintain sobriety for the longest time ever since I started drinking about 5 years ago. Not one craving! However... I have developed bad acne on my back and neck areas. But the side effects don't outweigh the benefits so I choose acne over alcohol. :-)”

10 / 10
Anonymous March 30, 2020

Vivitrol (naltrexone): “Hi, I'm a 40 year old that has been a drinker since age 13. I've drank hard liquor, malted liquor, beer, anything alcoholic. I've used drugs in the past, a lot, however booze is always my gas to get the motor going. The only times I did not drink was when either I was in prison, unsuccessfully rehab stays, or detoxes. Other than that, I was drinking. I wanted to try this injection, because I had tried naltrexone pill form in the past and I got massive migraines from it. Needless to say I been out of prison and off parole for 7 years, got my own apartment but kept drinking, and getting into scuffles without police in the middle. I drank my last drink on a Monday, and called to ask for this shot Tuesday. I got it And the rest is history. I had no symptoms. No withdrawals, no side effects, no bad dreams, nothing but the good things that came with it. Sobriety, and free of cravings, free of thoughts, free of desires.”

10 / 10
Tj March 19, 2020

Vivitrol (naltrexone): “I’m on day 5 of Vivtrol My vision has been blurry. I haven’t been able to stay awake very much . Yesterday I was stumbling. The stumbling part has gone away I’m starting to be able to see straight. I’m still tired. But I’ve been up all day. My doctor said the side effects will pass with in the next couple of days. Well worth a week of discomfort. I have no cravings for alcohol at all”

8 / 10
Nick March 1, 2020

Vivitrol (naltrexone): “Hi everyone my name is Nick I'm 25 years old about to be 26, I have struggled with Heroin addiction and alcoholism and right now I'm on parole in the state of New Jersey. I keep trying to find every way possible to get over and get high or drunk anyway possible and pass my drug test I just want everyone to know that I am an absolute idiot and it sucks because sometimes I feel like there's no other escape for me and I just want to drink or do drugs but I definitely can't get away with doing drugs. Anyway I figured let me take the Vivitrol shot and maybe I can still drink on it if you're wondering what it is like to drink on Vivitrol just saying my body feels drunk but my mind is absolutely miserable and I wake up in the middle of night feeling like someone stuck a needle full of meth in my neck and it's so hard to get back to sleep - very poor choice of mine”

Freddy February 26, 2020

“As a daily drinker with increasing consumption for many years, I tried to cut back could never make past a few days without drinking again. I love to drink and I knew shame would keep me from "quitting" drinking even if I could. I would never go to AA. Naltrexone put an immediate cap on my consumption. Three months in, I still drink most nights, but it just cuts off after two drinks or so. I spent a long time building this habit and good wine still tastes delicious, so I still enjoy it and the routine is there. But I'm a moderate drinker now, and I think, if what I've read is correct, I may be soon reaching a stage where cravings reduce even more and I will be able to move toward situational versus habitual drinking. At first, the fatigue was extreme and I contended with something similar to a "sour" stomach that I'd encounter if I ate really spicy food. That's gone. Try MD Proactiv if you are ready to try but can't muster the courage to ask your doctor.”

10 / 10
Katzmeow · Taken for less than 1 month February 15, 2020

“Taking half a pill, various times a day (TSM - the sinclair method), I suppose). Has cut my daily vodka consumption in half, or more. I’ve no doubt this is life changing. Minimal to no side effects-so happy I found it.”

10 / 10
Court C · Taken for less than 1 month February 6, 2020

“This drug naltrexone changed my life. First day I started taking it it started working. I week after I started I went on an all inclusive trip. The most alcoholic drinks I had in one day was three, when usually at an all inclusive vacation I would have had three just for breakfast. This medication is god sent and I’m forever grateful for this opportunity to no longer be dependent on alcohol. I’ve had zero side effects also.”

10 / 10
Anonymous February 4, 2020

“naltrexone is wonderful. No side effects and easy to take. I would say it has controlled my alcohol cravings and I don't even need to take it every day.”

9 / 10
MHAP January 27, 2020

“I was prescribed Naltrexone 3 days ago and I literally cannot believe the difference it has made to my life in such a short time!! I have been drinking 2 bottles of wine every night for over 10 years and close to that for 20 years before that. I had a miserable lonely life, doing nothing but working and closet drinking. I didn’t see anyone and ignored my kids. I just lived for my next drink, regardless of what it was doing to me. I had resigned to the fact this was how I would die - and the sooner the better. I finally feel free, and it has been no effort at all!! I have zero desire to drink and even my appetite has been suppressed! (Great side effect!) I am enjoying my kids and can get in my car whenever! I had moderate nausea on the first day, but my Dr prescribed anti nausea medicine which quickly fixed that. I have had a little trouble staying asleep but not too bad. I am taking 25mg, and don’t think I will need to go to 50mg, but 25mg works.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month January 23, 2020

“The medication works incredibly, but the side effects were atrocious for me. I had horrible, flu like feelings and felt like death. Had to take days off of work. I'm not happy about that. It's not for me.”

3 / 10
LeftyGomez January 23, 2020

“Two problems: First, 3-5 drinks (doubles) per night regardless if I can function normally the next day is not good in any way. Second, nobody else is drinking like me. Every aspect of my life was impacted by drinking, and even though I love to drink, I knew I had to do something and fast. Ten years ago, I was given Opioids like tic-tacs. What's better than alcohol? Opioids! You guessed it, I was hooked for two years. I was prescribed Suboxone another miracle drug (similar to naltrexone) also worked on drinking. Naltrexone is a 10! If you want it to work, it will work but, if you play games with it like I did, taking it some days, some days not, testing dosages, etc. you'll get mixed results. Take it an hour before you drink, or whenever you feel it coming on. If you do it right, you can stop drinking entirely, or you can cut your drinking down to normal, socially acceptable levels, and still have a good time. In a nutshell, Naltrexone is a fantastic drug, truly amazing!”

10 / 10
Westie · Taken for less than 1 month January 22, 2020

“I got prescribed 50mg once a day, first day I took 25mg (I'm tiny and didn't want to try the full dose right away) I took it at 5pm incase it made me sleepy, well it did the opposite...wide awake all night, cold sweats, anxiety, did not sleep a minute. Waited a day then tried again in the morning with 25mg and it was great, I fell asleep fine, no side effects, no cravings. I have only had one beer in a week....I normally binge drink 2xs a week to the point of passing out. I'm going to up my dose to the 50mg in a few days to see how I respond to it.”

8 / 10
Dougie-doug · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 10, 2020

“I was prescribed Naltrexone while in a Malibu Rehab and 2 years later, I believe this medication has changed my life and saved my life. I have recommended this to several friends and coworkers. After speaking with their doctors. They all have had positive life changing experiences. Cravings are gone and we all have our lives back.”

8 / 10

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