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User Reviews for Nabumetone

Also known as: Relafen DS

Nabumetone has an average rating of 5.6 out of 10 from a total of 81 ratings on 47% of those users who reviewed Nabumetone reported a positive effect, while 36% reported a negative effect.

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Osteoarthritis   6.2
15 reviews 352 medications
Muscle Pain  Off-label 6.0
12 reviews 350 medications
Frozen Shoulder  Off-label 5.7
3 reviews 55 medications
Back Pain  Off-label 5.6
31 reviews 178 medications
Rheumatoid Arthritis   5.6
13 reviews 360 medications
Sciatica  Off-label 4.1
7 reviews 281 medications
Summary of Nabumetone reviews 5.6 81 reviews

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Reviews for Nabumetone

Rich · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 2, 2021

For Rheumatoid Arthritis: “This drug has been a game changer for me. I was on plaquenil and 2400 mg of ibuprofen a day for ten years. Destroyed my stomach. Threw it all in the garbage. One month on this I feel like a new person again. A human. I sleep. Pain went from 10 to 2. I'm just more relaxed and comfortable. I actually feel human again. DO take with food's else it might affect your stomach Takes a few weeks to accumulate in your system.”

10 / 10
JayRay · Taken for less than 1 month February 25, 2021

For Back Pain: “I was just diagnoses with psoriatic arthritis. Normally I have neck, back, hands and foot pain. Some swelling in my fingers. Also have had blurred vision and a cough due to the inflammation. Was prescribed Nabumotone 750mg. First time I took it I was very drowsy and felt sort of rubbery as opposed to the stiffness I normally feel. On my second day my pain is less in my back, neck and hands, still there but less. Not drowsy. My cough and eyes are better. After only taking it two days I can see improvement.”

10 / 10
MT · Taken for less than 1 month January 11, 2021

For Osteoarthritis: “I had a severe reaction to this drug. I initially thought it was a virus (but stopped taking the med). Chills, body, aches, fever, heart palpitations, headache, loss of appetite, stomach ache, exhaustion and strange sharp pains in my leg and head. Not realizing it was a reaction from nabumetone, I took one pill a few weeks later and had the same reaction, although milder.”

1 / 10
Magdala · Taken for 10 years or more October 8, 2020

For Rheumatoid Arthritis: “I can't live without nabumetone. It controls my pain better than any other single drug. Even better than narcotics.”

9 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month September 4, 2020

For Muscle Pain: “Strained a muscle in my hip that after 2 days started spasming. Nabumeton was ineffective at any dosage. Would not use or recommend.”

1 / 10
Antine · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 17, 2020

For Muscle Pain: “I've been taking Nabumetone 500mg 2 x day for at least 3 weeks for Bursitis in my shoulder and neck. This medication never eased my pain. I was also taking a muscle relaxer with it, nothing.”

1 / 10
Jane June 21, 2020

For Rheumatoid Arthritis: “My doctor prescribed Nambutone for my TMJ. But I do have arthritis in my hands, knees and feet. They just hurt all the time, especially since I've been moving to another house. I hadn't been taking my Nambutone so I thought about trying it again. Twice a day, 500 mg. After about a week it started working and I didn't hurt when I got up in the mornings. But now I'm in the bathroom constantly with stomach pain and lots of bowel movements that has turned into diarrhea. It works great, but I'm gonna have to lay off of it for a while.”

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 3, 2020

For Osteoarthritis: “I had a really bad flare up in my right knee that lasted about three months. At first I tried meloxicam and that did nothing so up next was nabumetone. After the first week I didn’t really notice a change in the swelling, but I continued my twice a day dosage for another week and that’s when it started to work. It worked so good my knee eventually became numb and I couldn’t necessarily feel my knee. The swelling reduced and I was finally able to walk again. However, I did not like the way it made my knee feel because I damn near couldn’t feel it at it so I weened off of it slowly”

9 / 10
GungaDin · Taken for less than 1 month April 22, 2020

For Muscle Pain: “Since my radiation treatments I have developed bad muscle aches and attacks making me feel as if my body was leaving me. Nabumetone has done a good job of reducing the pain and attacks, but I am careful to take it with food and 40 mg of Omeprazole”

7 / 10
Shank · Taken for less than 1 month March 21, 2020

For Back Pain: “Helped some for my back pain, but the side effects far outweighed the benefit which was just slightly better than regular old ibuprofen. It totally changed my personality, made me irritable, and just put me in an overall bad mood. I was also very confused and tired on this medication. And on top of all that, it made my stomach hurt and began giving me headaches. I stopped taking it.”

Dre · Taken for less than 1 month March 15, 2020

For Back Pain: “Severe back pain and muscle spasms from overwork. Nabumetone provided no relief. Pain and soreness eventually resolved.”

1 / 10
Bones · Taken for less than 1 month February 18, 2020

Relafen (nabumetone) for Osteoarthritis: “I'm allergic to nsaids but I've tried everything to get the pain & inflammation of osteoarthritis under control, at least where I can tolerate it. I just got Rx for relafen 500mg today & took about 1/8 because I was afraid I would have allergic reaction. I'm fine so far & I honestly haven't felt this good in years. I'm praying I won't have problems with relafen & I'll get back to the way I used to be!!”

8 / 10
Mshasta · Taken for less than 1 month November 24, 2019

For Back Pain: “I took the first dose of nabumetone last night for back pain and I didn’t notice anything different. I still had pain and stiffness. I got some aleve for back pain instead and find that it works better. I will just use over the counter that actually did something.”

2 / 10
Dat boi · Taken for less than 1 month August 20, 2019

For Back Pain: “I took this for three weeks and it did nothing for my SI Joint Inflammation but give me stomach ulcers and heartburn. I went back to ibuprofen.”

1 / 10
Ash · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 14, 2019

For Muscle Pain: “My hypermobility disorder (Ehler Danlos Hypermobility Disorder) causes my joints to be constantly inflamed, as well as my back and other painkillers/anti inflammatory drugs have never helped. My Nabumetome has helped a lot with the pain in my knees and back especially, as well as my chronic migraines. I just want to note that this stuff takes a while to really kick in if you use it for chronic pains, so keep taking it regularly for at least a month before judging it.”

8 / 10
waterboy March 25, 2019

For Sciatica: “I have bilateral sciatica and nabumetone taken at the recommended dosage on the bottle is ineffective for anything. Pathetic.”

1 / 10
Jw March 16, 2019

For Back Pain: “I have scoliosis with arthritis in neck, also lumbar disc problems, sciatica, and hip pain- all from crooked back. I one dose (750mg) of nabumetone before bed and I slept through the night and woke up with no pain, stiffness and full range of motion. Miracle worker for me!!”

10 / 10
Cardiogirl · Taken for less than 1 month October 1, 2018

For Back Pain: “I have terrible lumbar stenosis and arthritis. I could hardly move and this medication started working a couple hours after taking it. Once I took a couple doses the pain was almost gone. No side effects for me.”

8 / 10
Hurting · Taken for less than 1 month August 18, 2018

For Back Pain: “I was prescribed Nabumetone 500 mg tablets 4 days ago for back pain and it has not helped at all.”

1 / 10
Cindy · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 4, 2018

“I use Nanumetone 500 mg along with Imitrex 100 mg for my migraine headaches. For a moderate headache this combination really seems to work. I’m still trying to find something that will work on the severe headaches though.”

8 / 10
Thom the painter · Taken for less than 1 month April 16, 2018

Relafen (nabumetone) for Back Pain: “When I saw the over all rating of 7.1, I thought, out of 100? I don't know what type of pain is being experienced by the people who have had success with Relafen. But it is apparently not like mine. I have noticed NO relief whatsoever! I'm taking 500mg bid. Why not just take 800mg of ibuprofen?”

1 / 10
Luna April 7, 2018

For Rheumatoid Arthritis: “This medicine was like a miracle pill for my knee and ankle pain from inflammatory arthritis. Both my legs were in agony from inflammation I could barely walk. I took one dose of this and the next day I could walk without pain! My pain level went down from an 8 down to a 2! It was such a relief to be able to function again.”

10 / 10
Jan · Taken for less than 1 month March 2, 2018

For Rheumatoid Arthritis: “Very bad knees. Only been taking it for 2 weeks. Not much help so far. I do have very bad headaches in morning. May be a side affect. But I will keep trying it for a while. I really want it to work for me also very expensive but it will be worth it if it works. I have had extensive back surgery. My back is not in pain just my knees. It may have helped my back a bit.”

2 / 10
Some random guy January 5, 2018

For Muscle Pain: “I injured my shoulder, neck, back, and arm. It has worked to rid me of the pain in the shoulder, neck, and back. Not the arm. The arm injury is the ligament, as opposed to the muscle. I am taking 750mg twice a day. Take this drug with food or you will be miserable for an hour or two. (Nausea) Before I continue, I am no medical professional and only state my own opinion based on my experience. My opinion is that it is good for use as an anti inflammatory. Not for pain relief. My muscle pain is partially caused by inflammation so it works well. My torn ligament in the arm is not due to inflammation so this drug does nothing.”

8 / 10
C B · Taken for 10 years or more December 16, 2017

For Osteoarthritis: “I have Scoliosis/Fused Back/Sciatica .This medication works wonders for me. It makes the difference between functioning and not. Without the medication, I can barely walk and with the medication I can go to work and live my daily life. I’m not pain free but it makes it bearable especially since it has a long half life symptoms are controlled. This medication doesn’t work for everyone. If you don’t get relief within a week or so, I’d move on to another medication.”

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