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User Reviews for Lorazepam to treat Anxiety (Page 3)

Also known as: Ativan, Lorazepam Intensol

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Lorazepam Rating Summary

User Ratings
45% (241)
19% (105)
12% (66)
4% (19)
3% (18)
4% (20)
1% (8)
2% (11)
2% (12)
7% (39)
8.1/10 Average Rating
539 ratings from 588 user reviews

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Reviews for Lorazepam

Mosquita · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 23, 2019

“I had horrible anxiety for years and tried numerous drug treatments. I wanted something I could take as needed which would give fast results. Many of the other anxiety drugs I tried had negative side effects but Lorazepam had none (with me anyway). It would immediately make me feel calm and helped me to sleep at night. I was taking 2mg/day. I stayed on it for over a year and feel like it was a life saver. When my doctor retired, I decided to wean myself off of Lorazepam, mostly over concerns of these types of drugs being linked to dementia in later life. I went through horrible withdrawals (very bad anxiety, insomnia, agitation, quick to anger, etc) that took over a month to stabilize. I quit cold turkey which you're not suppose to do. Now months later I still have bouts with anxiety but I'm trying to manage it without drugs. I wish there was something safe and effective that I could use long term.”

10 / 10
perslagauche June 22, 2019

“Using this drug only when I need it for semi-special occasions, a full dose including the possibility/amount of tablets to take two a day will last me a longish time. But in those times when I fear that anxiety will be a problem, it always helps tremendously.”

10 / 10
Gentleman June 9, 2019

Ativan (lorazepam): “Addiction, dependence, and abuse are all 3 very different things and carry different definitions and connotations. I see many worried about addiction. As with any of the many drugs that change a physiological function, our bodies can become up or down-regulated and normalize the presence of the drug. Any mammal reducing or discontinuing certain drugs, like Ativan, can experience dependence, characterized by physical and emotional distress at withdrawal. This is should NOT alone be considered ADDICTION. Addiction often involves dependence, but that's not all. If you discontinue Ativan and find yourself drinking uncharacteristically more, or pursuing other chemical ways to cope, you may have a valid addiction concern. Phy./emo. dependence, is not the only criteria for AdXN. Dr's are generally accepting of this and should take no offence. Consult an expert, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and alcohol are the only common substances that can be dangerous if d/c'd suddenly.”

8 / 10
zeusheider · Taken for 5 to 10 years May 27, 2019

Lorazepam Intensol (lorazepam): “I have severe social anxiety, am uncomfortable with groups of people and was like this all through my high school and college years. It had a profound effect on what I was able to articulate in. During my annual physical in my middle twenties my PC picked up on the fact that I was depressed and sent me to a social worker. After several sessions I was referred to a psychiatrist and diagnosed with severe depression with anxiety disorder. He put me on many different anti depressants and anti anxiety medications until finally the combination of Cymbalta and Ativan finally started working for me. That was 6 years ago and I feel like a new person. I can get up in front of a group and speak! Something I would have died for I had to do before. All that time I thought something was terribly wrong with me. Ativan saved my life.”

10 / 10
Cyclops · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 26, 2019

“It works for me, originally for everyday anxiety. I now use it occasionally for anxiety and sleep at a dosage of 1mg. A word of caution, it has withdrawal effects. I used to take 4mg a day. Nobody intends to get on a large dose, it slowly crept up on me. And dealing with withdrawals made managing anxiety much more difficult.”

8 / 10
Anonymous May 13, 2019

“Been taking Lorazapam for many years. Pharmacy switched lorazepam to “Leading Pharma” brand several months ago and I am having all kinds of problems. Checked around and all local a Pharmacy’s have the same brand. I’m sure it’s a Money thing... Profits over health.”

Shamrock May 10, 2019

“Not sure what fillers they are putting in Lorazapam now. I have been on it many years and always worked for my anxiety but now it makes it worse. More fillers less medicine? Makes me dizzy and lightheaded and a sick feeling. Maybe need to get off the generic and go to Ativan. But insurances won't cover them. Why make non generic if no one can get them????”

1 / 10
Sorin April 22, 2019

“I take it for anxiety, for 4 months now , because of financial and sentimental problems. It's very effective for me 2mg/Day , no side effects, but I want to stop it because I'm afraid of the long term effects.”

9 / 10
B April 20, 2019

“My doctor FINALLY prescribed me a benzo after having numerous meltdowns in her office. Also after switch SSRI medications multiple times. I have had panic attacks and anxiety since I was 15 years old. She wrote me lorazepam & I was so happy. I wanted something to stop the attacks. She wrote me 0.5 mg so the next panic attack I took one & nothing. So next panic attack I tried it again & nothing. I knew you could take up to 2mg so the next panic attack I took 1mg. So next I tried 2mg. NOTHING. I'm a Pharmacy Tech so I asked my pharmacist if that happened often & he was very surprised. He said it should have helped & he didn't understand at all how I didn't feel at ease once I had taken the drug. I have never been on drugs, I had never taken a benzo before. All I take is effexor & prozac. I was so disappointed & I don't think my doctor will ever give me anything again because it was like pulling teeth to get that prescription. I don't know why its so hard to get help. ”

1 / 10
Clm · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 7, 2019

“Ativan used to work for me and it doesn’t anymore, I’m wondering if they changed it some how. A one month supply would last me a good six months. I don’t think it is a tolerance thing. I primarily used it for flying and it really isn’t helping with that anymore.”

5 / 10
Sam · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 20, 2019

Ativan (lorazepam): “I had a health issue that started my panic attacks for two months. Started taking 1/2 Xanax and continued having panic attacks. After seeing the Dr. she gave me two 1 mg. of Ativan. In 15 minutes or so I was so calm and relaxed! Ativan really makes you very comfortable fast! I love that! Started on Zoloft for a long term fix. Now on 50 mgs a day. Wanting to get off both Ativan and Zoloft, I researched homeopathic options and found that L-theanine and Ashwagandha and Magnesium all have amazing reviews. So I’m going to try the combination of the three. Will be receiving the L-theanine and Magnesium today. I will update as soon as I see results! Hopefully will wean off of Zoloft and Ativan! God bless anyone who suffers!”

10 / 10
Garnetred · Taken for 5 to 10 years March 18, 2019

Ativan (lorazepam): “With diagnosis of PTSD, anxiety, major/clinical depression, adult onset ADD with BPD on the side, ativan has been in my life for a while and I have never had a problem with it and its never negatively effected my life. It's maybe saved my life a few times.”

10 / 10
Hypochondriac Gal March 11, 2019

Ativan (lorazepam): “I was diagnosed with panic disorder at 8 years old, and when I was 13, the panic attacks became severe. My psychiatrist finally prescribed me 15 pills per month of 1 mg of Ativan. I’m now 18, and just went through a really hard time. I relapsed into severe anxiety, had to quit all my schooling. My panic attacks can last for hours, and this is the only thing that provides relief during those sleepless nights. If it weren’t for Ativan, I’d have gone to the hospital 30 times now. It is pretty easy to become dependent. I’m tapering off, went from 0.5 mg per day to 0.25 mg, to skipping days. The withdrawal symptoms are not terrible, but they’re definitely uncomfortable. I suffered vertigo, insomnia, and increased anxiety. Advice to anyone taking this medication: Never cut cold turkey. Although rare, it can cause seizures if you stop the medication suddenly. Also, it’s very easy to become dependent on it. Please be careful.”

10 / 10
Pumpel · Taken for 10 years or more March 2, 2019

Ativan (lorazepam): “I’ve been taking Lorazapam for about 15 years for sleeping. It works wonders. Six weeks ago I went through a very stressful time and my anxiety went through the roof. I hesitated for weeks about taking another 0.5 during the day because my fear of getting hooked on this. Finally gave in the other afternoon and I was my normal self that night and all next day. Then the following day I was back to being anxious. So disappointing because I had hoped something got jarred into place. I'll try cutting the day one in half and see if I can do that for a few days. I do like this drug.”

10 / 10
Mel · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 28, 2019

“First 2 weeks helped but noticed lost appetite within 6 weeks. And a lot of muscle aches and pains where I couldn't move legs. Sometime towards 2 months in started bad headaches and burning in head after 4 months even lost 20 pounds and I was only 135 pounds. Dr put me on clonazepam but want off all of it. Things are suppose to help not make it worse.”

1 / 10
Bear · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 17, 2019

Ativan (lorazepam): “I have extremely bad anxiety that started at 8 years old when my essential tremor started. It’s a vicious cycle. Shaking causes anxiety, anxiety causes shaking to become more pronounced and it leaves me in constant fear. Anxiety became so bad recently that I had to go to the ER! I couldn’t even leave the house. Doctor gave me 1mg of Ativan within 30 minutes was calmer than I felt in months. It was SO hard to find a psychiatrist that would prescribe them but I did and now I take .5mg as needed but literally when needed!! I have 90 pills but have only needed 1. I force myself through the moderate anxiety as I am terrified of becoming addicted. (I DO NOT have an addictive personality though, never have) anyways I find these a absolute life saver and for some reason just knowing I have them on me calms my anxiety. I 100% recommend ONLY when needed in extreme cases!!! Force yourself through the moderate anxiety.”

10 / 10
BrightnShiny · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 16, 2019

“I like Lorazepam. My brain feels calm and I feel more relaxed and happier. I am able to complete duties-yes even simple house cleaning that used to baffle me. Now I can do it with no problem. Proud of myself.”

10 / 10
loftybanana · Taken for 10 years or more February 16, 2019

“Been on this drug for nearly 40 years now with no side effects. I take 3 mg and have never needed more. When I had post natal depression I was put on these and they really helped with anxiety and insomnia .I continue with them as I sleep well on them .”

9 / 10
Sara February 15, 2019

“Taking 1mg per day before bed for about 7 years. Helps a lot with falling asleep. No side effects during day time. Then about 3 years ago withdrawal symptoms started. I started getting anxiety during day time, which was especially bad about lunch time, which was about 15 hours after the night dose. For the last 6 months I have been tapering off lorazepam by breaking bits off the 1mg pill. Now I am at about 0.5mg per night and feeling better during the day. Sometimes I still get anxiety during the day but it has become milder. Still staying on the 0.5mg dose as I need my sleep.”

8 / 10
JonathanR · Taken for less than 1 month February 11, 2019

“I’m 23 and suffer from very bad anxiety. My doctor let me try 0.5 mg of Ativan and, as soon as I took a dose of it, I began to HALLUCINATE! Visually and audibly. That made my anxiety even worse. It was like taking Ambien in the middle of the day. When I told my doctor, he said that’s actually a common side effect of Ativan which surprised me. I don’t know why I have this reaction to Ativan since Xanax, Valium, and Klonopin work absolutely fine for me and don’t cause this scary side effect. I’m sticking to Klonopin. There’s much better anti-anxiety medications than Ativan.”

1 / 10
Pocariboy · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 5, 2019

“Doctor prescribed me 1mg X 3 per day. First week was fine, but soon after I developed a tolerance and between-dose withdrawal. Much to my dismay, my doctor kept me on this for 4 long months. The pills were working against me actually causing me anxiety. Now am in the process of tapering off. If only I was prescribed a longer acting benzo for a much shorter period.”

5 / 10
Alex January 24, 2019

“This drug definitely helped with my anxiety and panic attacks, I mostly use it for my plane anxiety now and it works great. This is not a long-term drug, if you need a long term med I suggest Xanax. Very little to no side effects using this drug except a little drowsiness.”

10 / 10
Ceci · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 14, 2018

“Ativan is a miracle drug for panic attacks for me. It instantly sedates me with 0 side effects every time. I would go from full on hyperventilation and heart racing to just being okay, not a zombie or ultra happy, but just feeling ok. The only issue is that since it is habit forming, my new provider refuses to prescribe it to anyone. My old one was based in Pennsylvania which is a state they have to register you in some healthcare database(not public of course!) for the purposes of drug abuse reduction as I was told.”

Jim · Taken for less than 1 month November 30, 2018

Ativan (lorazepam): “Got on this after a nervous breakdown due to my mom nearly died and my job announced they were closing. I started having my heart skip beats which sent me spiralling into about two weeks of severe insomnia, depression, and panic. When I went to my doctor in tears he prescribed me Ativan. That night I finally slept.. and I kept taking 0.5mg for a week. I then began to improve so I began to taper to 0.25 mg and the second day on it I had withdrawal symptoms of a headache, panic, and nausea. The symptoms lasted 2 days and have finally subsided. I plan to taper again after another week. This medicine works wonders but you need to have an exit strategy fast.”

9 / 10
Jim · Taken for less than 1 month November 29, 2018

“Was prescribed this after a nervous breakdown left me with severe insomnia for 2 weeks leading to daily panic attacks and severe depression. I took 0.5mg at night and finally passed out. I still had some residual anxiety for a few days but I was able to cope. Now after 7 days of 0.5mg at night I started to taper off to 0.25mg per night to get off of the med and am experiencing minor withdrawals. Last night I had nausea and anxiety attacks leading to some sleep loss. I plan to fight through it at 0.25mg per night for the next 4 days then do down to 0.125mg for a week then stop... Be careful on this stuff, it works wonders, but make sure you have an exit in mind. I am frightened to think of how the withdrawal would be had I not started tapering so soon.”

9 / 10