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User Reviews for Ezetimibe to treat High Cholesterol

Also known as: Zetia

The following information is NOT intended to endorse any particular medication. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners.

Ezetimibe Rating Summary

User Ratings
17% (13)
8% (6)
4% (3)
3% (2)
4% (3)
1% (1)
4% (3)
6% (5)
12% (9)
42% (33)
4.1/10 Average Rating
78 ratings from 84 user reviews

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Reviews for Ezetimibe

Sharim May 30, 2020

“Started on ezetimibe and developed hives, skin blisters, and severe rash where my skin started peeling off.. never gonna take it again!! Calling my doctor”

1 / 10
Silky · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 22, 2020

“I’ve been taking Ezetimibe 10mg every day for 8 months and have good results. My doctor tried a statin before that made me sick, I was dizzy and couldn’t think clearly - raising my blood sugar over 300 for a week. I’m type 1 diabetic 20 years and had to take this option and am grateful no longer having complications. My HDL and LDL are above average now. I’m also on a low carb mostly vegetarian diet.”

10 / 10
Acorn · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 13, 2020

“I’m an insulin-dependent, Type 2 diabetic in his 70s with cholesterol and LDL issues. My cardiologist started me on ezetimibe 1 month ago on 1 tab three times a week (that should have been the first red flag). He also scheduled a review in 1 month (usually 6 mths - the second red flag). Since starting this mongrel of a medication, I have been wracked with leg pain, diarrhea, flatulence, fatigue, belching and occasional noisy heartbeat. After reading the reviews on this site, I have decided to stop the Ezetimibe immediately. I hope I’ve dodged a bullet. I also feel like I’ve been used as an experimental lab rat but it will never happen again.”

1 / 10
Mudfarmer · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 31, 2020

“Statins gave me severe muscle pains, nightmares, etc so Dr prescribed Ezetimibe. First 10 days great then I began to develop a small pain in lower back, kidney area and went away about 1 hr. On the 6th week the pain was 24 hoiurs a day and so extreme I couldn't sleep more than 2 hrs at a time. I stopped taking it and within 30 or so hrs the pain ceased in my left lower back, kidney area and now finally 6 days later no pain. Day after I stopped taking it,I had a blood test which showed basically no benefit what so ever in taking this. Let me add that I have had my thyroid completely remove and taking synthroid.”

1 / 10
Doublegroove · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 26, 2019

“Each and every statin made me feel deathly ill. Stopped taking anything for my high cholesterol. My doctor asked me to try ezetimibe. I've had no problem for a couple of years now. Glad I found this alternative.”

10 / 10
Phil · Taken for less than 1 month December 21, 2019

“Was on lovastatin for years. Cholesterol remained steady with no problems. He decided he wanted it lower so put me on Ezetimibe and took me off Lovastatin. My cholesterol went up so he asked me to take both.....big mistake. Muscle pain so severe after 2 weeks I had to stop. Why are drug companies inventing things that do not work???”

1 / 10
Milagros · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 6, 2019

“My Doc believed my LDL and total cholesterol were too high. I was on Simvastatin 40mg. He added a script for 10mg Ezetimibe. 3 months later on Simvastatin 40 and Ezetimibe 10 my total Cholesterol improved 216 > 116. LDL improved 137 > 46. I was on Paleo diet (no fruit) before and after Ezetimibe. Now all cholesterol measures are well within normal range.”

10 / 10
Big Mark · Taken for less than 1 month November 29, 2019

Zetia (ezetimibe): “I was put on Lipitor for lipid reduction. Did the job, but lower legs and quads and hams started to cramp severely during spinning classes at local Y. Complained to my doctor, immediately put me on Crestor. Did the job and no cramps. Been on them for 8 years. Now cardiologist wants my LDL below 70 forever. So he puts me on generic Zetia. After 30 days, my Total Cholesterol dropped 20% to 143. Triglyceride from 97 to 78, LDL dropped from 100 to 62, Triglycerides from 97 to 78 and HDL from 56 to 65. Never had my LDL below 70 and they have proof if can keep the LDL under 70 for 4 or 5 years you can reduce artery and leg plague by 24 %. No stents or surgeries needed. Just take your meds.”

10 / 10
Mick November 27, 2019

“Ezetimibe is a very toxic poison and should not be avaiable , the benefits are minimal and the risk of a creating a serious condition are high ! People need to read reviews on these bad drugs . After 5 days I was made so violently ill because of this garbage drug .”

1 / 10
Bex November 26, 2019

“My pharmacist recommended that I take 10mg ezetimibe as I had severe reaction to statins. I was reluctant but the first day...after couple hours on taking this substance I began to feel sad; I experienced sore eyes (and squinted with watery eyes); I was head-achy with shoulder pain; and I was bloated the entire day. I began to loose concentration after three to four hours; and unable to focus while reading. The tips of my fingers were numb and I was unable to use my keyboard!!! However, with fear and trepidation I’ve took this medication a couple days later (just checking) but I experienced similar symptoms and in addition extreme sadness with unpleasant thoughts!!! That’s more experimental cholesterol drugs for me! I’d rather have a short life with my high cholesterol rather than tolerate this abominable torture and poison in my system...!!!”

1 / 10
Mikey November 17, 2019

“This drug ezetimibe on the 7th day made me so violently ill , my body seemed to want to get it out of me Any drug that has this impact , even in a body that tolerates it, it must be doing damage , why my new cardiologist prescribed this for me is why I have huge reservation about allopathic drugs . 5 days after I stopped taking ezetimibe , my liver is still swollen , distended and I have very diminished vital energy . Fortunately my toilet and sink are close together as I needed both simultaneously. This is a bad drug , I still feel sick from it . My cholesterol was within acceptable range , I have a heart condition”

1 / 10
Shaggy · Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 14, 2019

“I've been using ezetimibe for a bit over 6 months. It didn't seem to have any side effects except my urine looked like it does when I'm dehydrated, but not dark enough to concern me (dark urine = liver damage). However, a blood test showed it's been damaging my liver. Doctor had me stop and the morning a day after stopping I found my shoes are loose. Which means my feet had been swollen, an issue I noticed once in a while when my shoes would be tight but attributed to just being fat. I also seem to be able to concentrate better. I can tell you I'm confident that stopping the drug relieved these side effects I didn't even know I had. Not worth the slight reduction of bad cholesterol imo.”

4 / 10
Freedancer · Taken for less than 1 month November 13, 2019

Zetia (ezetimibe): “I cannot take statins as they tank my depression. I am a disabled veteran and have had my depression under control for several years now. My general practitioner at the VA put me on Zeita for cholesterol. I took it for approximately 4 days. My depression got so bad that I stopped it today and notified my psychiatrist and my general practitioner that I was stopping it as of today. I spent the last two days crying because I felt so bad. I also was extremely tired and my joints and muscles were hurting. This is just how the statins affected me. If you suffer from depression, run away from this drug as fast as you can!! It works very quickly and can catch you completely off guard!”

1 / 10
Mark · Taken for less than 1 month November 10, 2019

Zetia (ezetimibe): “My experience was horrible two weeks in burping tons of gas turned into vomiting diarrhea stomach problems all the time now I cannot drink milk without having episodes of gas just not comfortable in my own body anymore unbelievable I was fine before I took this medication never had any problems with my stomach or my intestines been off it for 2 weeks still having problems with my intestines and my stomach not too happy about it horrible drug”

1 / 10
debs · Taken for less than 1 month November 9, 2019

“My dr warned me that I may get stomach problems on ezetimibe , but I wasn't expecting the runs for hours on end and stomach pain. I've stopped it as I'm not sleeping and I'm constantly burping and it tastes awful, I messed up my bed and clothing.”

1 / 10
Hwheels4 · Taken for less than 1 month October 14, 2019

“Hi all my experience with Ezetimibe 10mg was only on it for 3 weeks. It started out ok but then I started to feel like it was starting to strangle me 2 weeks into using the medicine. On week 3 saw the doctor to inform him and 2 days later had a mini stroke, now have been informed that I have a bit high of enzyme in the heart, yet 3 weeks earlier my heart was good. Please people be very aware of the damage statin drugs or other cholesterol medication can do to you...”

1 / 10
Patti · Taken for less than 1 month October 9, 2019

“Doctor put me on this to lower cholesterol, I'm a person with 3 heart stents second day I took it got all kinds of side effects, trouble breathing stomach pain and terrible swelling headache cramping of muscles. Don't understand why he would do that as it says doesn't mix well with blood thinners, stay away from this drug if possible, very dangerous ”

1 / 10
Pat · Taken for less than 1 month October 4, 2019

“Took one dose of this medication ezetimibe and thought I was going to spontaneously combust felt like my body was on fire. I will not be taking it again.”

1 / 10
SRMAZ · Taken for less than 1 month September 24, 2019

“After four weeks of Ezetimibe, I have decided to stop. The first week I experienced severe headache, and nausea. Second week, stomach pain, and fullness. Third week, severe tingling in my hands and feet, extreme tiredness, and muscle cramps/charlie horses in my legs and feet, and heart pounding. Fourth week, knees have edema and so sore I can't attend my exercise class anymore. On top of that, I am experiencing hair loss! I am also having awful heartburn. I stopped drug on my own, and notified my physician.”

3 / 10
TLC · Taken for less than 1 month August 7, 2019

“My husband began ezetimibe less than two weeks ago because of his intolerance of statins. Like many of the other patients on this thread he has experienced severe joint pain in hips and elbows, severe back pain, muscle pain in arms and legs, insomnia, depression, chills, cough, and general flu-like malaise. He is exhausted from lack of sleep. The discomfort is so great that sleep is impossible. He has always been a stoic individual when not not feeling well but not so now! A light bulb went off when he thought it might be this medicine. Sure enough, this tiny white pill is the culprit. It has been three days since the last dose and his symptoms are still raging on.”

1 / 10
Von July 29, 2019

Zetia (ezetimibe): “I can't take statins they make me hurt so bad no pain medicine even works. My cholesterol is so high now and I'm on a strict diet and stay on it at my cholesterol still goes up and now my arteries in my neck are clogged so the doctor decided to try me on Zetia I've been on it for 10 days my stomach is extended so much I thought I gain water in my stomach it hurts so bad my legs cramp I couldn't take the treadmill test because I ran out of air will have to do a chemical test I've had the sweats and chills what is a person to do I don't know where to turn to anymore I guess I inherited my dad's bad genes because he died at 42 and right now I am 69 and had strokes and heart attack it's all crazy”

Rick · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 27, 2019

“I am on Ezetimibe 10 mg together with Simvastatin 20 mg for four weeks. In the mean time I stopped Fenofibrate 134 mg . It seems effective to reduce LDL-Cholesterol by 25%, total-Cholesterol by 30%. Don't know why my Trig level was cut in half from 200 to ~100. So far, don't have much side effect, but will watch in the next 3 months.”

6 / 10
BeetheRain July 2, 2019

“Has lowered bad cholesterol and raised good cholesterol , but - Not sure if ezetimbe ( 10 m.g. ) or other medications . Feel completely exhausted , can not tolerate statins ( pain ) Changed PCP's ( a Endocrinologist put me on this medicine + Synjardy X-R + amiloride < due to low potassium) also Blood Pressure medications - Lisinopril 20 mg + Amlodopine Besylate 10 mg ? Over medicated ? Have appointment with PCP tomorrow to discuss . Had very recent Metabolic Profile + Hgb A1C = 5.7 so good BP - 127/67 pulse 67 I take BP medication Lisinopril and Amlodopine Besylate at night as too tired if take in day . I take Synjardy and Ezetimbe and Amilirodine in morning , from Endocrinologist last July and great diabetic control med- diet and Home testing NOTE I have Lost > 40 + pounds since August 2018 and dropped from 44 waist to 36-38 I am a male - Yes I adjusted diet but not that radical , Help ? Panic ? Will post > But (IMO ) medication ('s ) cause of fatigue. ?”

7 / 10
Birdie · Taken for less than 1 month June 16, 2019

“I've been on this drug for 5 days and already feel like giant yuck. Muscle pain, hip pain so severe I can't get up and start walking. Foot and ankle pain waking me up all night, diarrhea early in the morning, exhausted. Can't take statins. Gonna give up.”

1 / 10
Lala · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 24, 2019

Zetia (ezetimibe): “I have familial high cholesterol not caused by diet. I eat very healthy and weigh 100 lbs. I had no choice but to take medication. I had extreme negative side effects to both statins I tried. One landing me in the ER. I was desperate to find something that I could take. My boyfriend researched and found this. My Dr wasn’t sure it would work but I was hopeful. It brought my cholesterol down well into normal range with no side effects at all. I’m very grateful for this medication since I can’t take statins and my cholesterol cannot be controlled by diet.”

10 / 10