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User Reviews for Zocor

Zocor has an average rating of 5.5 out of 10 from a total of 20 ratings on 38% of those users who reviewed Zocor reported a positive effect, while 44% reported a negative effect.

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
High Cholesterol  
20 reviews 53 medications
Summary of Zocor reviews 5.5 20 reviews

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Reviews for Zocor

Jamie Lee July 2, 2015

For High Cholesterol: “I am currently on 20mg Zocor and started taking it six months ago. After I got my cholesterol checked again, the LDL went down 90 points! No side effects.”

10 / 10
JohnGotts · Taken for 10 years or more June 29, 2015

For High Cholesterol: “Started this med about 11 years ago. It dropped my level to below avg. I always associated my aches and pains to my age and activity level, but I've discontinued its use for about 3 weeks because my finger joints felt swollen and arthritic. I'm starting to feel a slow improvement. My additional symptoms are sore hips and other joints. To be fair, I won't be able to discern whether this is the drug or some other factor until staying off it longer.”

7 / 10
wooddmann January 18, 2015

For High Cholesterol: “Been taking Zocor for a while now. Between 1-2 years. Seemed to feel OK, but heart always felt like it was skipping beats. Then about 3 weeks ago it happened every afternoon about 4PM daily scaring me because they were lasting for a long time. I don't know anything but this medicine so I figured this must be my problem. So I just stopped the Zocor {simvastatin} and to amazement no more heart palapations.”

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Ted Simons October 10, 2007

For High Cholesterol: “I was prescribed zocor for high cholesterol and after several weeks I began to experience heart palpitations and irregular heartbeats. When I stopped this medication all symptoms stopped. I have had the same experience with crestor. I cannot take either drug to lower cholesterol.”

bes mom July 5, 2010

For High Cholesterol: “Zocor worked to lower my cholesterol from 288 to 150 with exercise, but the side effects became progressively worse and worse until I had to choose not to take it. I wondered if I had developed lupus because my entire body ached. My hips, my ankles, my wrists, my entire shoulder joints. I felt exhausted and had no energy. I stopped and could tell a 90% change in 48 hours. My joints and muscles are back to normal and my energy level has increassed.”

5 / 10
Chuck08854 · Taken for less than 1 month February 8, 2013

For High Cholesterol: “This about the 4th time they have tried me on Statins... after a week on Zocor, have severe backaches, muscles aches, and pains in my wrists where I previously had carpel tunnel surgery. I have been on it about a week. I will stop it, since I trust my bodies response to these medicines. If you experience problems with any medicine don't keep taking it without telling your doctor.”

1 / 10
Anonymous June 11, 2009

For High Cholesterol: “Doctor prescribed Zocor to lower Cholesterol (269 total and triglyceride 377, way too high). I took it after evening meal with full glass of water as directed. Within the hour I had a raging headache; my heart was pounding. I could hear the blood pulse through my head (I have 2 maybe 3 headaches per year so this was not normal). I spent a very long and painful, sleepless night, waiting and suffering. I tell you this much, 9:00am couldn't arrive fast enough. Doctor told me "headache" was not a side effect of Zocor and to keep taking it. I stopped against doctors advice and now feel great again. Cholesterol is still very high but no more headaches.”

3 / 10

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Keith1122 January 14, 2012

For High Cholesterol: “After taking Zocor for several months I experienced sleeplessness, indigestion and anxiety. Depression soon set in. Anti-depressants cannot be taken with Zocor so I stopped it. Antidepressants all came with side effects. So I stopped them too. After several weeks of counseling and breathing techniques I was back to my old self. Doctor put me back on Zocor and 2 weeks later sleeplessness, depression, indigestion are back. I am stopping this medicine.”

1 / 10
Anonymous October 1, 2010

For High Cholesterol: “This medication landed me in the ER after a week. I was having so much back pain that I could not stand or walk. I was wheeled in. The pain was so severe they had to use Dilaudid to bring it down and send me home on it for several days. I have always had back pain so I was not sure at first that this was the cause. I am now. I figure I can not take "Statins" and currently take nothing. I can take Zetia if I have to. It felt like my back was bone on bone. All my disc felt out in my lower back and crushed. The most pain I had been in ever. Probably a good drug for some but not for me.”

1 / 10
Loletta March 29, 2011

For High Cholesterol: “I was prescribed Zocor back in January 2011 and after about two weeks of taking the medication I experienced changes that was unusual. My heart was racing so I stopped. After visiting my doctor to have my blood pressure checked, I informed her that I haven't been taking the medication. She was not happy and requested I schedule another blood test to check my cholesterol which I did. A few days after the test she put me back on Zocor which I have been taking March 10th. Since starting back on Zocor, I have experienced not sleeping through the night and continuous burping. I am not very good about exercise and have a problem with my diet so I do need some type of medication. ”

5 / 10
Anonymous December 11, 2009

For High Cholesterol: “I took Zocor for 3 months then started to have pain, swelling and loss of strength in hands & fingers. Doctor said that was not one of the side effects of Zocor but reduce to every other day. Didn't help so I quit taking it and within 3 weeks hands felt better. He changed me to Lipitor in December.... we'll see if any side effects develop. Did not have cholesterol checked in the 3 months on Zocor - don't know the effectiveness.”

#345 · Taken for less than 1 month July 30, 2013

For High Cholesterol: “Only been taking for about two weeks. Feel lethargic, achy, headache, hot flashes are worse. Depression, occasional stomach pain. Muscle pain.”

3 / 10
kim k · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 26, 2013

For High Cholesterol: “This statin cause extreme pain in my knee and hip.”

3 / 10
Itsyb0327 · Taken for less than 1 month December 26, 2014

For High Cholesterol: “The side effects of this medication are terrible. The dizziness, headache, and not being able to understand what was going on, felt like I was in a cloud. ”

1 / 10
lookyhere June 23, 2008

For High Cholesterol: “Lowered my cholesterol to 121 without any side effects.”

10 / 10
Ashoo August 31, 2010

For High Cholesterol: “Today is my second day of taking 20 mg ZOCOR. I have totally lost my sleep. The brain is very active and despite efforts to calm myself can not sleep. ”

Anonymous May 21, 2008

For High Cholesterol: “Zocor 20mg/daay for two months. My sister's lipid level is normal already and no any side effect.”

10 / 10
frankske · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 23, 2013

For High Cholesterol: “It worked and no side effects that I noticed.”

9 / 10
Alan Monteath April 6, 2009

For High Cholesterol: “I started taking Zocor about a week ago. I have had no problems. There is a numbness in my upper left leg on the outside of the thigh. Anyway, have had no other problems so I am rating it a 10.”

10 / 10
kbarkley1954 May 20, 2009

For High Cholesterol: “It did the job.”

9 / 10

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