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User Reviews for Crestor

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
High Cholesterol, Familial Homozygous
1 review 10 medications
6 reviews 1 medications
High Cholesterol, Fa...ial Heterozygous
6 reviews 16 medications
2 reviews 44 medications
High Cholesterol
85 reviews 51 medications
Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
2 reviews 7 medications
Summary of Crestor reviews 6.5 102 reviews

Reviews for Crestor

S · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 6, 2019

For High Cholesterol "Three months on Crestor and my cholesterol had dropped by 50%. No side effects."

True20 August 30, 2019

For High Cholesterol "DELAYED side effects. Took years to realize statins (incl crestor) give me MEMORY LOSE BIG TIME and muscle pain and mood issues. And now I'm discovering risk from high LDL is massively exaggerated. Having sufficient HDL and low triglycerides are what matter. IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE LOSING MEMORY ASK THEM TO THINK BACK IF IT STARTED GETTING WORSE WITHIN A YEAR OF STARTING STATINS. Why? Because someone once did that for me. "

Anonymous · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 12, 2019

For High Cholesterol "My doctor switched me to Crestor because, he said, it is stronger, and he is a real cholesterol hound. No blood tests. Six months later I needed a new hip and failed the pre op medical with bad kidney numbers - the surgeon said come back with good kidneys. A GP suggested I stop the rosuvastatin and in 10 days, I was within limits. Everyone was amazed at the huge improvement. As I'm 82, I'll just skip the statin."

aldru · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 26, 2019

For High Cholesterol "I was prescribed Crestor 10mg as my cholesterol was high even though my blood pressure was normal. I experienced mild muscle and joint pain during the first 3 months. As it affected my liver function as shown in blood test result, my GP advised me to lower the dose to 5mg. To save costs, I purchased 10mg generic brand and took it every other day. After 2 months, I noticed I had dark urine and quite severe upper arm/shoulder pain. After stopping the medication, my urine reverted to normal colour, however I am still having arm/shoulder pain after 3 months. Not sure if the pain will go away or will be permanent! I would never take Crestor or any statin again."

Jame · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 5, 2019

For High Cholesterol "My cholesterol was 238 in December. I started taking 5mg of Crestor daily. By May my cholesterol had dropped to 160. No side effects whatsoever. I am totally pleased with this drug."

JPIA · Taken for 10 years or more April 24, 2019

For Atherosclerosis "After all these years on Crestor I finally got side effects of nausea, tiredness, dizziness, disturbed and sleep"

Bill March 6, 2019

For High Cholesterol "Could not get up from a chair after taking Crestor generic. Then I stopped taking the drug two weeks ago and still have trouble with muscle weakness and pain. It is very painful to enter a car and to sleep at night. I failed to mention the problems with my joints in my fingers and toes stiffness and cramps."

Anonymous October 7, 2018

For High Cholesterol "Destroyed my muscles. Started in legs and spread. Stopped taking two years ago and muscle pain and weakness has not improved. Some recent studies suggest may be permanent. Statins are poison."

beckynoohurts September 18, 2018

For Hyperlipoproteinemia "I have been on Crestor on and off for a couple of months. I was put on 10mg per day, but the side effects were horrendous; severe muscle and joint pain, fatigue ......and general misery. Dosage was reduced to 10mg twice a week and still have pain, but not as severe. It has reduced cholesterol from 9.4 to 5.8, but haven't had it checked again since reduction. Cardiologist said it will probably gone up a bit and if able to tolerate higher dose to try."

Rob · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 30, 2018

For Atherosclerosis "Used for 4 months...some constipation at the beginning...which is no longer a problem...cholesterol level decreased by over 60percent....combined with diet changes"

Ben · Taken for 10 years or more August 30, 2018

For Hyperlipoproteinemia "My cholesterol was 370 in 2008. It dropped to 250 in first 6 months. I started with 20mg per day and then in 2010 I was increased to 40mg per day. Currently my cholesterol is a total of 148. and still dropping."

Laflacadedorado · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 29, 2018

For High Cholesterol "I’m using Crestor for my cholesterol but I have noticed I’m getting horrible leg pains. Is this a side effect of this medicine. Does anybody else has experience the same side effects or this is normal."

micacat June 25, 2018

For High Cholesterol, Familial Heterozygous "I had taken crestor for two months and noticed that my hair was falling out"

Willy · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 17, 2018

For High Cholesterol "I had a massive heart attack 14 years ago and was put on Lipitor. I could not handle the muscle cramps. I was then put on Crestor, again I could not handle the cramps. Years later, now, I have very high cholesterol levels and have been put on Crestor again but told to take it every second day 10 mg and to take ubiquinol a couple of hours before. This is coenzyme Q 10. I still got cramping in my fingers and shooting pains up my arms so have cut it down to 5 mg every second day and it seems to be tolerable. Seems I can handle a low-dose. Hopefully it’s better than nothing."

NorthernGent · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 24, 2017

For High Cholesterol "I've been taking rosuvastatin for about two months now and had a blood test taken after five weeks on it. Overall levels went from 266 to 147, LDL 169 to 73, HDL 48 to 44, and Trigs from 250 to 150. I didn't really make much effort to change diet as I wanted to get a good idea of what the drug was doing on its own. I will make necessary diet changes and try to get the numbers down a bit more so that I can either take the medication less often or perhaps switch a lower dose. Fortunately, I'm not experiencing any adverse side effects. Seems to be a pretty effective drug if you can tolerate it."

Giles Habibula · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 13, 2017

For High Cholesterol "I was using Crestor (brand name version) for 2 years, until my insurance changed and I started having to pick up the entire tab myself, which was $920 per 90 day supply. I then switched to Atorvastatin (Lipitor), which doesn't work quite as well, but at $30 per 90 days, is much more affordable. Crestor was a miracle for me while my insurance was covering it. My numbers went from off-the-charts high to absolutely perfect within a few months. It was truly amazing, even without a change in diet. Unlike some folks, I had zero side effects, thus my 10 rating, which is based solely on my own experience with the drug. I'm age 57. Started taking Crestor after a major heart attack and quintuple bypass surgery. I just wish I could still afford it."

tlr2143 September 7, 2017

For High Cholesterol, Familial Homozygous "I am 52 and have been taking statins for 25 years. From mevecor, zocor, to Lipitor, zetia and now Crestor. I am lucky to have had no side effects but will say the Crestor has worked best at 40mg daily it helps keep it down around 230. Had a 95% blockage at age 28 and 1 stent last year. I believe statins have protected my heart over the years! My brother can not take them and had a quadruple bypass at 49. Also everyone should have a calcium scan, simple and life saving."

chasp August 9, 2017

For Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease "Took Crestor for four months and it lowered my cholesterol. Took it until my feet, shins, and calves went into cramps. Couldn't sleep, and could hardly walk. Cramps ended two days after quitting. Cardiologist put me on it and my family doc took me off it and told me never to take it again."

AceMcGee · Taken for less than 1 month June 19, 2017

For High Cholesterol "5mg, tinnitus is aggravated quite severely, joint pain in toe joints, mild depression, slight nausea and occasional insomnia - 3 weeks usage"

Can't Breath! · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 19, 2017

For High Cholesterol "Started Crestor Jan 1 2017, in mid Feb I started having severe CAN'T BREATH episodes gasping for air, dypsnea, throat swelling & closing, very hoarse, chest pain, chest burning, erratic racing pulse -- and months of feeling horrible. After countless trips to the doctor, CT scans of sinuses, throat and lungs, multiple rounds of antibiotics & steroids for assumed lingering bronchitis, the same doc that put me on Crestor had no idea how to help me and sent me to an ENT-- who could see me 3 weeks later! Meanwhile, symptoms worsening. I felt like a 90 year old. A friend who had had an allergic reaction to a drug recognized symptoms of anaphylactyic allergic reaction. Off crestor 2.5 wks; getting better but google says 1-2 months to get out of system"

Observer1 · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 16, 2017

For High Cholesterol "CRESTOR 20mg - STARTED TAKING ON Jan 14, 2015; TWO YEARS AGO. approx Dec 2016 started to have noticeable pain in legs - meanwhile playing tennis 3 times a week - On Feb 21, 2017 Cardiologist would not eliminate Crestor or substitute but said go to 1/2 dosage which I did. It's effective. Will review in 4 months with Cardiologist MUSCLE ACHES SHOULD BE A WARNING TO ATHLETES WITH THIS STATIN - MAYBE OTHER STATINS TOO. 11/01/2016 -- recognized leg pain - both lower legs as problem 12/19/16 - saw Sports Med Dr at Penn - - Naproxen scripted 02/21//17 - talked w/Cardiologist about continuing both lower leg pain►- now reduce to 10mg - PAIN REDUCED QUICKLY AFTER LOWER DOSAGE and remains minimal NOW"

achuros February 24, 2017

For High Cholesterol "Took Rosvastatin (crestor generic) 10mg for 3 mos. Had knee pain, developed severe headaches, increased ringing and buzzing in ears. Makes me concerned about taking any statins again ever. Decreased LDL but Too strong. Noted my blood sugar was increased above the usual. So watch for that in your lab tests as it may be linked to this or other lipid medication."

Englelisa45 · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 24, 2017

For High Cholesterol "My Dr put me on crestor 6 weeks ago and my ldl went from 283 to 83. He couldn't believe it. I don't have any side effects or pain."

Anonymous · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 20, 2017

For High Cholesterol "Had high cholesterol started on crestor.Sense then my life a nightmare. Leg cramps, joint pain swelling, memory loss ,extreme fatigue and now they have diagnosed me with an unknown issue. All since crestor I am stopping ..never sick a day in my life..these medications will make us sicker. ."

dreamer2222 December 11, 2016

For High Cholesterol "After a few years of taking Crestor (which worked fine for its intended purpose), I suddenly developed a severe case of Sciatica. I couldn't stand, sit, walk, lie down, or any other activity without terrible pain up and down the back of my left leg. I was tested for everything including MRI and using novocaine and other pain killers. Nothing helped. After 5 months of constant pain, my doctor suggested discontinuing Crestor. The pain was completely gone within a week. Come to find out, my Sciatic nerve passed through my Piriformis muscle instead of around it like in most people. The Crestor had caused toxicity in the Piriformis muscle which caused it to squeeze the Sciatic nerve continuously, causing continuous pain."


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