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User Reviews for Ezetimibe to treat High Cholesterol (Page 4)

Also known as: Zetia

The following information is NOT intended to endorse any particular medication. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners.

Ezetimibe Rating Summary

User Ratings
16% (13)
7% (6)
4% (3)
4% (3)
4% (3)
2% (2)
5% (4)
6% (5)
11% (9)
42% (35)
4.1/10 Average Rating
83 ratings from 89 user reviews

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Reviews for Ezetimibe

Carl A. April 20, 2013

Zetia (ezetimibe): “After statring Zetia, I began to have weird dreams which lasted throughout the night. I began taking it in the morning with my breakfast, and had stomach discomfort.”

Heidi111 March 21, 2013

Zetia (ezetimibe): “Stopped taking Zetia at night as I had horrific nightmares. Will try it in the morning, see if I have any side effects. Can't take statins because off muscle pain.”

3 / 10
JerryCs1 March 17, 2013

Zetia (ezetimibe): “I took Zocor for 10 years before developing muscle pain. Since then its been trail and error with several different stains. In each case I developed muscle pain in essentially the area of my body, right buttocks and hip. Most recently I was put on Zetia without any statin. After two months the pain returned to the same area only much more severe than previous and more persistent.”

KPdePK September 20, 2011

Zetia (ezetimibe): “I take 20mg of Crestor in addition to Zetia and have for 5 years or more with no side effects. I asked my doctor to take me off Zetia for 6 months to see what my numbers would look like without it. For me, it knocks about 40 points off the total score, so I'm back on Zetia again.”

10 / 10
Anonymous January 2, 2011

Zetia (ezetimibe): “Tried several statins but both resulted in terrible muscle pain despite working to reduce both LDL and HDL levels. After switching to Zetia, no more muscle pains while lowering my LDL and maintaining my HDL levels.”

9 / 10
Anonymous July 14, 2010

Zetia (ezetimibe): “So far no muscle pain with this medication. Very expensive over $100 for 1 month supply, and no generic.”

6 / 10
sg372 May 24, 2010

Zetia (ezetimibe): “Put my heart into A-fibrillation. It was discontinued and no sign of A-fibrillation in heart when checked. ”

1 / 10
HankSYL October 29, 2009

Zetia (ezetimibe): “I have used this at 1/2 the prescribed dosage for over a year. My cholesterol levels have improved dramatically even at the lower dosage. I do not believe my cholesterol is a problem but have succumbed to my doctor. I would not take statins although my insurance company says I should. I am pleased with the results.”

9 / 10
earniegunda October 22, 2009

“Both times I have been put on Zetia I have suffered with tremendous body aching, especially in my arms and legs, to the point of not being able to sleep.”

3 / 10
Anonymous September 2, 2009

Zetia (ezetimibe): “I have not had any bad experiences with this medicine since I started taking it. I am very pleased it is working so well for me.”

9 / 10
Sumterjim August 12, 2009

Zetia (ezetimibe): “I took it for about 2 years and it did lower my cholesterol somewhat. The entire time that I took it, I sweated profusely with any exercise and I would become light headed. I quit taking Zetia nearly a year ago and have had no horrible sweating episodes since.”

4 / 10
Anonymous June 17, 2009

“Didn't make any difference to my cholesterol.”

1 / 10
tomvseven February 8, 2009

Zetia (ezetimibe): “My medical professionals advise that my bad cholesterol numbers are good or better than they have expected.”

9 / 10
deckert March 31, 2008

Zetia (ezetimibe): “Cut my LDL in half when added in combination with Lipitor.”

10 / 10