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User Reviews for Tri-Previfem

Tri-Previfem has an average rating of 4.9 out of 10 from a total of 200 ratings on 30% of those users who reviewed Tri-Previfem reported a positive effect, while 42% reported a negative effect.

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Birth Control  
142 reviews 337 medications
36 reviews 524 medications
Abnormal Uterine Bleeding  
17 reviews 102 medications
3 reviews 102 medications
Ovarian Cysts  Off-label
2 reviews 54 medications
Summary of Tri-Previfem reviews 4.9 200 reviews

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Reviews for Tri-Previfem

Anonymous · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 20, 2021

For Birth Control: “All I can say is this is an awful birth control. When I was on it I lost a lot of hair and my anxiety almost tripled. I was constantly dizzy and lightheaded. I was also hungry pretty much 24/7. The positives about this drug is my periods were light, short and the cramps were very minimal, and my acne cleared up a lot. But other than that it was awful.”

1 / 10
Allie · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 23, 2021

For Birth Control: “I was on this Tri-Previfem birth control pill for almost 4 years, I cried pretty much everyday due to hormones which made me very emotional. Around the 3rd year of taking it I started to get terrible anxiety, I absolutely had to get off the pill at that point. While this did clear up my acne, the emotional turmoil was just not worth it to me.”

3 / 10
Bug November 5, 2020

For Birth Control: “I have been on Tri-Previfem for almost a year and I love it I originally did the Depo shot and it made me gain a lot of weight but this did not make me gain any weight. My skin has cleared up completely I have no acne and I used to have cystic acne. My periods are very light and very regulated plus I haven’t got pregnant so I know it works in that area too I definitely recommend this birth-control I weigh 135 pounds and I’m about 5’6 just for reference:)”

10 / 10
Skylar009 November 14, 2013

For Acne: “So I went on this pill for my acne and irregular bleeding. At first, it made my skin break out somewhat more and I started to lose hope. I've had a rough time on the pill because I forget to take it daily but it's getting better. But after being on it for two months, my skin is totally clear. I have one zit and it's not big at all. I have so much more confidence now and I'm so happy that I stayed on it. If you are hunting about going on the pill for acne I highly recommend this brand. You will have side effects at first but trust me, it's definitely all worth it. ”

10 / 10
162747 · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 2, 2014

For Birth Control: “I have just started my third month of Previfem, and I have had almost no side effects! My breasts have grown so much though!(not that I'm complaining) this was my first birth control and I'm very happy I chose it. It makes my periods much lighter, and if anything it increased my sex drive. I've noticed that I'm not as moody when I'm on my period, and I am so happy about that. I have had a very pleasant experience so far.”

7 / 10
wiugeei158923 February 16, 2014

For Birth Control: “I used to take Tri-Sprintec but my pharmacy switched me to Tri-Previfem. I have been on it for about a year and at first it was alright but after a few months, I noticed things were starting to change. I started feeling depressed, developing anxiety, and I noticed my libido was declining. I didn't really think much of it but now, it is getting worse and worse. I have been having anxiety attacks, which I never had before taking this. I have been more depressed than ever before. And don't even get me started on my libido. I am only 21 and I never want to have sex any more. I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years and I used to always want to do it. Now, it seems like I have to force myself to do anything and I shouldn't have to do that.”

1 / 10
HolliElaina April 8, 2014

For Birth Control: “I've completed six months with this and have had zero problems with it. 4 day periods, sex drive is normal, minimal cramping, and no other side effects at all. Birth control pills work different for everyone. Your body may react differently than mine, but I've had no problems with Tri-Previfem.”

9 / 10
Steph13 April 12, 2014

For Birth Control: “I've been on Tri-Previfem for 3 months now and it's been quite the whirlwind. Firstly, my periods are so much better, my cramps are non-existent, and my menstrual cycle is punctual. Additionally, my insurance covers all of it so its absolutely free. Although this may sound like a miracle period medicine it certainly has its cons (for me). I've become extremely sensitive and needy. As a nursing student life is stressful and lonely enough to deal with, this medicine has amplified my stress, anxiety, and depression. I never thought I would be one of the unfortunate ones to experience the ugly side effects of a medication. This may be fitting for others but certainly not for me, I need my sanity back.”

7 / 10
Alyssa2012 February 27, 2013

For Acne: “I LOVE this birth control. Not only is it an effective contraceptive, it helped my acne, I wasn't moody, and my sex drive was great. My periods were the normal four to five days so, if you're looking for something to shorten your periods, I'm not sure if this is the best for you. I'm currently on Sprintec because my pharmacist recommended it as the generic, but I don't like it. I can't wait to be back on Tri-Previfem!”

10 / 10
Ari98 · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 10, 2014

For Birth Control: “I was first put in Tri-Sprintec, which worked wonderfully for me, but my pharmacy switched me to Tri-Previfem. I've good news and bad news about this pill. The good news: I've not gotten pregnant. The bad news: after being switched over, I've realized a shocking change in my mood. I'm much more depressed, and I have developed a case of anxiety. I have experienced several anxiety attacks after being switched to this pill. I'm contemplating asking my doctor to change my prescription. If you wish to not get pregnant, then take this pill, but you may undergo dramatic changes in your mood.”

5 / 10
Rhi1997 · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 22, 2014

For Birth Control: “I was on this for about two months and I thought I was going insane. My depression was really bad and my stomach hurt and I have severe panic and anxiety attacks. Don't get this medicine if you have depression. It'll save you the tears and fights in your relationship.”

6 / 10
Dannie20 February 22, 2011

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: “I'm not sure what's causing the abnormal bleeding but been on period for 20 days. Stopped period one day and now bleeding again, this has never happened to me before when using any other birth control.”

2 / 10
Nycgirl9596 · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 24, 2014

For Acne: “I am starting my third month of this birth control and I have to say it's pretty good. My acne has decreased dramatically. I used to have a lot of cystic acne spread throughout my face and now it is decreasing. Also, my period is very light and it lasts about 3 to 4 days. I actually experienced cramps the last time I had my period on the first day but once I took two Advils I was fine. As for weight I have maintained the same way however my breasts do increase right before my period and I do feel bloated on the first day. I would recommend this if you're looking to treat your acne.”

9 / 10
Sharonda · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 2, 2019

For Acne: “This pill is the worst I have constant headaches, depression, major depression, I cry all the time and I don’t know why my period was really light for two days then it just became really heavy all of a sudden I’ve lost weight I don’t have an appetite I would not recommend anyone To take this pill”

1 / 10
Miss Tee · Taken for less than 1 month November 16, 2014

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: “I just started these pills last month I had a period for 5 days and then 2 days later I experienced heavy bleeding. This pill has been causing me to feel nauseated and having severe stomach pains. I do not recommended this prescription to anyone.”

1 / 10
brunettebeauty3 · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 3, 2014

For Birth Control: “I have been taking this medicine for a few years now. And it works great for me. I have a four day period. My periods are light. I get little cramping but it's not that bad. Compared to what I used to have, a 7 day period heavy flow and alot and I mean alot of cramping it's ten times better. My mood has gotten alot better also.”

8 / 10
SandraVamp December 5, 2013

For Birth Control: “I use it as a birth control, but it has helped a lot with my acne. No more oily face. Also how effective is this in regards to birth control? So far.. no problems, no weight gain. It was difficult getting this approved by my insurance BCBS.”

10 / 10
Bri16 July 29, 2013

For Birth Control: “I'm 16, on the 5th day of my second pack. I LOVE this birth control! My acne is slowly going away, but I also use Proactiv. It has lessened my cramps a LOT, made my breasts feel a bit bigger (according to my boyfriend). The only bad side effect I had in the beginning was one day it made my face blotchy, which says that can happen in the information. Other than that, everything's been great. My mom and I are on the same pill and we don't have insurance until September so it is about $34 a pack out of pocket.”

10 / 10
Jack sun August 7, 2014

For Birth Control: “I have been taking TriPrevifem for about 7 months now and no complaints whatsoever. After the second month of taking Tri-Previfem my period has definitely done a 360* and regulates monthly now. I haven't felt on edge and I have lost weight as well as going down a cup size on my breasts. It's a great pill, but know the tablet can vary in side effects depending what your body can handle. FYI: definitely research on your own as well as talking with your primary doctor!”

9 / 10
Anonymous November 18, 2011

For Acne: “I didn't care for this at all. It didn't control my periods at all, I still had my 7 day long periods when other birth controls I have taken controlled it by the most 5 days, and I feel like my mood swings were severe where was scared of myself, not normal. My acne seemed to be worse than usual. I stuck myself with it for a year to see if any changes would happen and nothing changed so I swapped birth control.”

2 / 10
Anonymous April 13, 2011

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: “My insurance company just switched me from Ortho-tricyclen to Tri-Previfem. This is my second month on it. My period usually lasted for 3 days also. This time it's been 5 days. And in the past 2 days, I've had a lot of bleeding. I've gone through over 10 pads already today. I will stop taking it and try to go back to Ortho Tri-Cyclen. I'd been on Ortho Tri-cyclen for many years and never had any side-effect.”

2 / 10
just_a_girl · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 29, 2013

For Birth Control: “As far as birth control goes-great. It has prevented unwanted pregnancy for me and my boyfriend for a while now; however, ever since I started this birth control I've been very emotional and very forgetful. It's gotten to the point where I have to write down everything.”

8 / 10
Brittany · Taken for 5 to 10 years June 28, 2019

For Birth Control: “I have been on this birth control Tri-Previfem for several years now and have never experienced any bad side effects. My periods are ALWAYS on time, no heavy bleeding, my sex drive has not decreased, no weight gain or acne. This is the only birth control that I will use. HIGHLY recommended!”

10 / 10
Gtummy July 9, 2018

For Birth Control: “If I would have stayed on this medication for a few years I would have developed Crohn's Disease. Being on this birth control killed my sex drive, gave me acne that I never had before, and completely ruined my upper GI while on it. If I were to go drink a beer I would immediately throw it up. I had intense stomach pains everyday while on this and constantly felt nauseated. My quality of life went down so much and my depression and anxiety increased to the point where panic attacks were somewhat frequent. Quitting this birth control was the best thing I did for myself. It ruined me for so long. Hate this stuff so much.”

1 / 10
Kmel April 19, 2018

For Birth Control: “I personally do not like this pill. This is my second month of being on it. The first month was good, like normal. I noticed that my period was a day later than usual and that my period cramps were worse than before (I struggle with severe cramps at least 2 times a year). The moment I started my second month on this pill all hell broke loose. Day 2, Monday, I felt so sick and had a massive headache that no matter what I took would not leave. Day 3, I still felt so sick to my stomach and still had a headache. I had to get Excedrin just to ease the headache. Since I started my second month I have noticed: weight gain/bloating, sore breasts, more sensitive to touch, headaches, no appetite, nausea, depression, no motivation, and lack of sex drive. After this month I'm going back to my original pills, Falmina, I don't care if I have to pay for them. I rather pay $14 than feel like rubbish every day. Take this pill at your own risk.”

1 / 10
Megan00000 February 20, 2015

For Birth Control: “I've been on this birth control for 3 months and have not become pregnant. My boyfriend and I don't use any other birth control methods. My skin has cleared up and I haven't gained any weight (although I work out regularly and eat well). The first month my breasts swelled up to over a cup size bigger but after I finished my first pack they went back to their regular size. I would recommend this pill to anyone looking for a method of birth control. The reason I gave it a 9 and not a 10 is because it has caused me some mood swings. Nothing unbearable. My sex drive is also the same as before.”

9 / 10
Sabrinaxstarr July 10, 2015

For Birth Control: “I have only been in this birth control for almost a month. Immediately after the first few pills my breasts began to get very tender and they have definitely grown a bit. I'm having terrible stomach pains, bloating, nausea, I'm constantly sad. My acne got worse, but I haven't gained any weight. I've been spotting for about 2 days now, but I'm not supposed to starty period until next Friday. Hopefully all is well, and it's just my body getting used to the hormones. However, if these symptoms do not clear up within the next month, I'm going to try to switch or just stay off of the pill. I'm going insane due to the fact that I feel like I'm pregnant, but I'm hoping it's just the birth control side effects.”

4 / 10
Anonymous January 26, 2016

For Birth Control: “Best birth control out there in my opinion. I have been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend for almost 2 years on this pill and it is very effective in keeping you from getting pregnant. Never had any negative side effects, didn't gain any weight. The only thing is my boobs grew from a C to a DD, but that's a good thing for me lol. Highly recommend this birth control!”

10 / 10

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