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User Reviews for Mili

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Birth Control 3.9
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Reviews for Mili

Sheshe123 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 17, 2020

For Birth Control: “I switched from Sprintec to Mili birth control pill. Sprintec made me feel like I was going crazy and made me super emotional and was the worst. I feel an improvement in my mental health since switching from Sprintec to Mili for sure though. My periods are lighter, I do get headaches, slight mood swings and I have gained a little bit of weight since starting. My acne has cleared up almost entirely though.”

5 / 10
Ness July 31, 2020

For Birth Control: “Been on Mili for 4 months now, I do get stomach pain often but besides that it works great I still get my periods and they are light”

9 / 10
Estibaliz · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 1, 2020

For Birth Control: “Ive tried 3 different birth control pills.. this Mili one being the third one. I'm on my 3rd month and my periods have finally gone back to normal.I took Low Loesterin Fe and I lost my periods (I need reassurance) then the generic of the same and still no period and mood swings. Finally on this one “back to having my periods” still painful ones and very heavy ”

8 / 10
Elle_tx · Taken for less than 1 month June 9, 2020

For Birth Control: “I’m one of the many women whose life was upended when Mononessa was discontinued in the US. Sprintec, Estarylla and Mili have all failed as substitutes. I’m guessing there are new-generation additives in birth control pills (BCP’s) that are straight-up toxic. But Mili was the worst. Took it for two days and experienced unbearable nausea, stomach pain and bloating. I got off it, malaise persisted an extra day along with ovarian pain. A huge disappointment because there are no other options available in the generic Ortho Cyclen formulation.”

1 / 10
Meh · Taken for less than 1 month May 22, 2020

For Birth Control: “Mili is not the worst birth control. With this birth control my acne has cleared up a lot but on the other hand my cramps have been really bad. I’ve been having migraines and I’m spotting everyday. Nonstop for the past week and it’s only my second week taking it. Definitely a no go for me.”

1 / 10
itsme · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 14, 2020

For Birth Control: “I been on it for about 6 months now. I haven't really experienced side effects... periods are normal and headaches are a little more frequent then usual but tolerable. I would recommend it to anyone”

10 / 10
Sumsum April 29, 2020

For Birth Control: “I started taking Mili two months ago and I have little to no side effects! My periods are regular not, they aren’t anything out of the ordinary, I still get period cramps so it’s pretty normal to my typical period. I do get headaches sometimes though! Haven’t gained any weight, after the first few months side effects start to slow so give it some time y’all!!!”

10 / 10
Nia · Taken for less than 1 month April 3, 2020

For Birth Control: “Took this birth control Mili pill for about 2 weeks & the 2nd week in my skin has gone nuts. I am getting huge painful bumps in the weirdest spots on my face. After working so long to get my skin clear, this is an absolute no for me. I will not be continuing this at all, it has also made my face extremely oily and extended the length of my acne. Most of my breakouts before were small and would clear up within 2 days. My skin is now burning from my favorite tea tree serum and my acne now appears as if I have been picking it which I have not. I am beyond upset and disappointed with this generic version, it genuinely sucks .”

2 / 10
Anonymous March 27, 2020

For Birth Control: “Absolutely horrible. Do not take this!!!!! Severe migraines, extremely nauseous and horrible mood swings. I have tried many different types of birth control (brand name and generic) and I have never experienced side effects like on this Mili birthcontrol pill.”

1 / 10
Not horrible · Taken for less than 1 month March 25, 2020

For Birth Control: “So I’ve been on Mili birth control pill for about four weeks now. I noticed nausea in the 3rd week the most. The rest of the time just some cramping and light spotting. I would spot on and off or every night so far for about a month. It’s not horrible though just somewhat annoying I’m going to continue with it and see if my body gets adjusted to it. Also noticed an increase in painful acne but not too much. The last week with the placebo pills have been painful cramps though.”

7 / 10
Jackiebbeee February 25, 2020

For Birth Control: “Started feeling the side effects the same day I started these!!! I get extreme nauseous when I go to bed and when I wake up at the point where I want to throw up ! And I can’t stop sleeping! This is from someone that never experiences side effects, mononessa and estrayla is so much better. I feel this is changing me !! I can’t stop sleeping and I feel sick!”

2 / 10
H24 · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 27, 2020

For Birth Control: “I only used Mili for just about two months and I gained over 20 pounds, I had just switched from Sprintec that helped me lose over 100 pounds the year prior. The mood swings and aches are terrible, if you are thinking about trying this I suggest anything else. Cheap though.”

1 / 10
Lex · Taken for less than 1 month January 12, 2020

For Birth Control: “DO NOT TAKE .... I was perfectly normal before I started taking this, it was supposed to regulate my period, did the exact opposite and made my period worse. I started having migraines , chest pain and been in and out of the ER for a few months now because of it. I’d rather not take birth control at all ..”

1 / 10
Maddy · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 11, 2020

For Birth Control: “Mixed feelings, it greatly improved my skin and didn't make me gain weight which was great. However it did not help my bleeding, by the 4th month I had my period for 16 days. In addition, it made me feel anxious and not myself (as someone who doesn’t suffer from anxiety or depression this was incredibly unusual). I noticed within the 2nd week of getting off of it my sex drive increased.”

2 / 10
Hey January 5, 2020

For Birth Control: “This was HORRIBLE. I was skeptical to start taking it because all the bad reviews but remained hopeful. I took it for 3 weeks. Week one and two weren’t terrible. Some slight nausea. But by the third week I was so nauseous I was throwing up every morning. I stopped taking it because it’s not worth that !”

1 / 10
Eri · Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 27, 2019

For Birth Control: “Mili is the Best Birth control ever .... It doesn’t make me Gain weight, it’s like a HAPPY pill - keeps me in a super duper amazing mood. I couldn’t say this with other birth control. I Love it - not to mentioned cleared my acne...”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 26, 2019

For Birth Control: “I started Milli so I could just skip my periods, everything was fine with the first pack but once I started my second pack it started a spotting, heavier and heavier into a full blown period that hadn't stopped and it has been about to be 2 weeks. I have felt depressed and have gotten painful breakouts on my face and I don't have acne. I also feel nauseous and bloated most of the time. I'm going to give it till the end of the month and then I think I will stop because I'd rather have a period then go through this”

3 / 10
girl · Taken for less than 1 month November 21, 2019

For Birth Control: “I have been on this birth control Mili for less than 1 month. Week 1 was the hardest. I have been extremely depressed and depleted. I feel life is meaningless and am starting to question my beliefs and relationships. I have slept so much. I get home from work at 4pm and don’t get out of bed until the next day. I have gained about 6lbs. Not sure if it is from water weight or lack of energy to work out. Positives: not pregnant. my acne is starting to clear up. I feel the depression symptoms lightening so will give it another month to see how my body adjusts and review again.”

5 / 10
Sheepo · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 13, 2019

For Birth Control: “I’m almost finished my second pill pack of Mili contraceptive pill. So far my period was heavier than normal and longer but since it was the first one I’m gonna give it time to regulate. My mood swings are terrible and I’m overly emotional about everything. I’m not gaining weight and I’ve noticed less breakouts.”

7 / 10
MM · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 9, 2019

For Birth Control: “Mili was the first birth control I had ever tried at age 27. I tried it for 3 months but felt like my anxiety which I can control without medication was only getting worse. I was extremely emotional and couldn’t concentrate on daily task. I’m in grad school and work as a nurse full time. I felt like this medication was not helping my mental well-being. I felt depressed, anxious, and irritable all the time. I was considering anti anxiety medications just to help with the side effects. Needless to say I called my doctor to change my prescription.”

2 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month November 7, 2019

For Birth Control: “I started taking the Mili contraceptive pill on a Sunday, and the next day I had the WORSE migraine ever. I have had a migraine for the last 4 days and it will not go away. This medicine gave me TERRIBLE MOOD SWINGS and severe aches in my neck and shoulder area. I had to be prescribed migraine medication. I am currently waiting to be transferred to a different birth control. DO NOT TAKE!”

2 / 10
Sydney · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 6, 2019

For Birth Control: “This was my first experience with birth control and it was so awful!! I took it for a month and a few days and there were two nights I woke up in the middle of the night throwing up because it made me so nauseous. I have healthy periods with barely any bad symptoms naturally, but with taking this pill my breasts had excruciating pain and I had strong cramps. The constant nausea was the absolute worst. Every woman’s body is different, but this did not work for me by any means!! I’m so happy my doctor told me to stop immediately!”

1 / 10
Owo · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 25, 2019

For Birth Control: “I’ve been taking Mili for four months now, yes, the first three months were awful because of awful mood swings, but side effects faded and it really isn’t as bad as everyone says, I’m actually losing weight, and my acne clears quickly, it’s not that bad”

9 / 10
ing · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 9, 2019

For Birth Control: “SO BAD. I used to be on Estraylla or whatever, and was switched to Mili. I had very bad mood swings, cried excessively, was angry a lot, got acne, etc. I know my usual birth control would also make me a bit moody but this was over the top.”

iwnjwd39 · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 15, 2019

For Birth Control: “I was put on Mili after Mononessa was discontinued as it is suppose to be the same hormones and same strength but I had the worst experience! My hair fell out, I had cystic acne the whole time I was on this medication and had really bad migraines. I was constantly bloated and depressed. This medication is AWFUL!”

1 / 10