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User Reviews for Benadryl Allergy

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Motion Sickness 9.0
1 reviews 113 medications
Allergic Reactions 8.5
13 reviews 188 medications
Cold Symptoms 7.0
1 reviews 1086 medications
Allergic Rhinitis 6.0
5 reviews 895 medications
Pruritus 5.0
1 reviews 297 medications
Urticaria 4.8
5 reviews 189 medications
Summary of Benadryl Allergy reviews 7.1 26 reviews

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Reviews for Benadryl Allergy

Mark July 26, 2020

For Allergic Rhinitis: “My wife has anxiety disorder and found out that by taking Benadryl that it stopped her racing thoughts. Problem is, it made her mentally confused and babbling about random topics for a few hours. Best case scenario, it will make you pass out, not enter healthy sleep. Other times, depending on dosage as it is very addictive, she would hallucinate and not remember the incident at all! It can also put you in a coma or worse if combined with the wrong drugs. VERY DANGEROUS DRUG! STAY AWAY.”

1 / 10
Skins · Taken for less than 1 month May 27, 2020

For Allergic Reactions: “Benadryl works great to help with the chronic itching this infestation has caused - I got bit by chigger bugs. Only side effect is sleepiness so I spread the dosage of 2 out. It’s too bad the packaging is so difficult to open. My heart goes out to anyone with arthritis of trembling that would have to open this product,”

8 / 10
Pk324 · Taken for 10 years or more February 28, 2020

For Allergic Reactions: “I suffer from severe sinusitis, but I am a person who suffers multiple other ailments. Especially, a really bad heart.(5 heart attacks and a mini stroke) this is the only over the counter med that helps me without effecting my heart in any way. I find it safe and has helped me when I had anaphylaxis along w prednisone.”

10 / 10
Dave March 12, 2019

For Pruritus: “These blister packs are insanely hard to open! I don't get it!! Children safe is one thing, making it hard for an adult is another..Ill never buy these again just to protest..”

5 / 10
Damita · Taken for 10 years or more February 22, 2018

For Allergic Rhinitis: “I have taken benadryl for interstitial cystitis because of mast cells. Recommended by several urologists. It also works for other allergies like rhinitis or seasonal allergies. My current primary doctor does not like it for seniors but it is the only thing that works for me. I do not take it longterm because the effectiveness wears off but when I need it, and use it intermittently, it works!”

10 / 10
Anonymous August 3, 2017

For Allergic Rhinitis: “Take it at night if visiting people who own cats or dogs. Only problem is drowsiness if taken when your not going to sleep.”

Schnozola · Taken for less than 1 month January 7, 2017

For Allergic Reactions: “Takes 4 hours to work and by then you need another dose. Since they took the other ingredient out, Benadryl and Wal-Dryl no longer work for me. Back to experimenting. No side affects, but not effective either.”

1 / 10
Brit007 November 25, 2016

For Allergic Reactions: “I have had allergy all my life, pretty severe and I live in allergy heaven in TX. I have tried Everything and for me, benedryl is still the best. I work and it does not effect me, I often take it several times a day.”

10 / 10
Powered2be February 15, 2016

For Allergic Reactions: “I couldn't stop coughing for one week, I lost my voice and severe lung pain due to the coughing. Went to see a pulmonologyst and did xrays, the results, negative. My lungs were clear and no infection whatsoever . He recommended me to go to Walmart and buy claritin pills, but I was desperate last night to have a good sleep without coughing all night, I haven't been able to sleep with this horrible killing coughing , not mentioning dry nose, itchy ears, and itchy throat. Last night I took two regular benadryl pills and slept like a babe for 10 hrs straight, the only problem is that I make my living driving and can't take the pills during the day. Probably I will take clartin during the day, but I honestly prefer benadryl, way more effective”

Anonymous · Taken for 10 years or more May 5, 2015

For Allergic Reactions: “I have a severe dairy allergy and I have had it for all of my life. My doctor (who has been a doctor for more than 20 years) told me I had the worst case he has ever seen. If I touch it, I break out into hives, if I eat it or just put it in my mouth and then spit it back out, I go into anaphylactic shock. (where my lungs close up and I stop breathing) I always carry around the liquid Benadryl (because it works faster than the pills) in my purse. On many occasions, a double dose of it has saved my life and delayed the reaction from getting worse until I could get to the emergency room. Literally a life saver.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month April 11, 2015

For Allergic Reactions: “Experienced an allergic reaction during dinner at a new restaurant. Throat started itching terribly so we left and drove to the nearest pharmacy. Used Benadryl syrup because I thought it would work faster. Fixed my allergic reaction in a minute.”

10 / 10
Tweet_WA · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 6, 2015

For Urticaria: “I have suffered with chronic uticaria for over 10 years and over the last 6 months it has become a daily nightmare. Benadryl worked a bit but it was probably due to the sedating effect allowing me to sleep. However, I can now take 4 tablets and still itch. I've combined this with an H2 blocker such as Zantac and it helps enough to be able to sleep a couple of hours and then I'm awoken to intense itching.”

4 / 10
RipTheSystem October 20, 2011

For Allergic Rhinitis: “I have severe seasonal allergies as well as severe allergies to dust and mold. I had gone through the gamut of second generation antihistamines (Claritin, Zyrtec and Allegra) with minimal success in treating my extreme symptoms. I decided to try the first generation antihistamine: Benadryl. Of course, it's been around for a long time, but it's definitely the most effective. The drawback to this older antihistamine is that it causes sleepiness, and it's not slight. Also, the newer antihistamines can be taken once a day, while Benadryl doses last only 4-6 hours. But to this extreme allergy sufferer, it's a small tradeoff, because it certainly treats the symptoms far better. ”

9 / 10
Anonymous July 14, 2010

For Urticaria: “Benadryl does knock me out but when I have bad hives, it works a lot better than other antihistamines. I get them bad enough sometimes that I have to be on prednisone as well.”

10 / 10
Anonymous June 4, 2010

For Allergic Reactions: “I have taken Benadryl or its generic equivalent for many years. It is very good for itchy throats and ears and all kinds of symptoms, and particularly good for sneezing. If the Benadryl doesn't work, then I know I'm coming down with something more than just seasonal allergies. I try to keep Benadryl with me all the time. There are so many food products that I am supposed to be allergic to that sometimes I take a Benadryl before I eat, especially peanut butter and bananas, two of my favorite foods.”

7 / 10
Anonymous December 6, 2009

For Urticaria: “I've been taking Benedryl Allergy every four hours today to try to get some relief from my hives, but it hasn't helped at all. The most relief I felt was during an oatmeal bath.”

1 / 10
Anonymous November 3, 2009

For Cold Symptoms: “Usually helps get a sound sleep.”

7 / 10
Lizelou September 16, 2009

For Urticaria: “My 2 1/2 year old son took this because of Hives/Welts. It helped with the itching but thats it. It made him very hyper.”

4 / 10
squirrelnutkin July 18, 2009

For Allergic Reactions: “I have severe allergies and life has been miserable. I couldn't afford the time or money anymore for allergy shots. Claritan stopped working. So did a bunch of over the counter allergy medications. I took so many cough and zinc lozenges my tongue became sore. I coughed all the time, to the point of stomach pain and incontinence. My coworker just gave me a Benadryl. I was on the verge of going home sick, but now I'm 100% better. A stress rash that was erupting on the back of my neck just now went away. This is a marvelous product, and I didn't know it had so many uses.”

10 / 10
Anonymous June 6, 2009

For Allergic Rhinitis: “Benadryl seems to help but makes me so sleepy it isn't really worth the symptom relief.”

4 / 10
Anonymous June 5, 2009

For Insomnia: “In some people such as myself, benadryl will cause kicking of the feet all night long. For some it works great but be aware that some of us get nervous feet, which does not help when you are trying to sleep.”

5 / 10
hemaro April 21, 2009

For Insomnia: “Does not really work for chronic Insomnia”

1 / 10
AgnosticPanda February 20, 2009

For Allergic Reactions: “I have been using Benadryl for the past 4 years and I never leave home without it. I have sneezing fits both indoors and outdoors and Benardryl is the only allergy pill that works for me. It works fast and stops my runny nose immediately. Although I do feel sleepy (most of the time), I can't be without it. ”

10 / 10
Anonymous January 27, 2009

For Allergic Reactions: “I'm allergic to pollen. Took a dose, felt a million times better. Slept for 16 hours straight.”

6 / 10
KClean January 1, 2009

For Insomnia: “Not only is Benadryl great for allergic reactions, it is great for insomnia too. I use it for a variety of conditions and always carry some in my purse - just in case.”

10 / 10