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User Reviews for Chlorpheniramine

Also known as: Allergy Relief, Chlor-Trimeton, Wal-finate, Aller-Chlor, C.P.M., Pharbechlor, Ricobid H, P-Tann, TanaHist-PD, Ed ChlorPed, Ed-Chlortan, Topco Allergy, Teldrin HBP Allergy, Chlor-Mal, Chlo-Amine, Chlorphen, Chlor-Trimeton Allergy SR, PediaTan, Chlorpheniramine (Allergy), ChlorTan, Ed Chlor-Tan, Allergy Time, Ed Chlor Ped Jr., Chlor-Phenit …show all brand names

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Allergic Reactions
11 reviews 188 medications
Allergic Rhinitis
12 reviews 894 medications
Cold Symptoms
1 review 1074 medications
3 reviews 189 medications
Summary of Chlorpheniramine reviews 8.8 27 reviews

Reviews for Chlorpheniramine

Wib September 25, 2017

For Allergic Reactions: "I used this for my seasonal allergies. Works great but the 12 hour extended release is nearly impossible to find in stock in my area."

MartyEric August 17, 2017

For Urticaria: "I have been taking this drug off and on for 41 years. As the new 24 hour drugs came out I would switch and try them, but they were never as effective. I wish the 12 hr extended release was more available and came in larger amounts than 12 or 24 to a box. I have no side effects, in fact it has never caused me any drowsiness."

ehsan372 · Taken for less than 1 month March 11, 2017

For Allergic Rhinitis: "Hi .Chlorpheniramine is very effective drug. I tried all the antihistamine and medicines like cetrizine , loratdine , fexofenafine etc. I spent a lot of money but just chlorpheniramine work for me and chlorpheniramine is very cheap!!A few minutes after taking this , I get complete relief and my allergies have gone especially eye allergy. chlorpheniramine has 2 side effects for me: 1-make me very sleepy 2-need take this each 4 least 4 times in day."

limeacre · Taken for less than 1 month October 9, 2016

For Urticaria: "I took these pills for an attack of hives and anxiety. I am female and aged 78. After three days I began to feel nauseous. I was OK before I went on a long car journey. After half an hour with my husband driving I began to feel extremely ill. He managed to stop the car as I was near to fainting and I vomited at the roadside. I felt as if I was losing consciousness for about 15 mins and felt extremely sick, but could not vomit. I felt my BP was extremely low. Finally I felt able to return to our home. The doctor who gave me the pills was one I was not known to. I was a visitor to the town. I have a history of tachycardia and arrhythmia and was diagnosed with M.E. 8 years ago. I told the doctor of my medical history."

Anonymous NYC · Taken for 10 years or more March 27, 2016

Chlor-Trimeton (chlorpheniramine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "Have returned repeatedly to Chlortrimeton after taking Zyrtec or Claritin off and on. I get relief for hayfever symptoms without drowsiness and cost is lower. I feel sleepy on the other two meds and the 24 hour dose is not consistent over that period of time. My hayfever is not a severe case with running nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing from Mid-March to May seemingly getting less with age. I'm 69. Have tried the 12 hour dose and find it works consistently for me but prefer the 4 hour tablet."

Anonymous July 12, 2015

For Allergic Reactions: "I had chronic sinus infections growing up, culminating in corrective sinus surgery by age 18, turned out my sinuses were 95% and 60% closed off. Surgery was greatly successful. I was flawless for years, I moved to Oregon and almost right away the cooler more humid climate had a negative effect on my sinuses. Non-stop nasal drip. that feeling of fluid moving around in my sinuses. Runny nose all year round, burning sinus etc. Woke up every morning and had to expel the accumulation from the night. I tried every over the counter sinus med available. I settled on antihistamines as the most helpful. The sinus sprays were quite helpful but $30 for 60 doses is too costly. This form is about $3 for 100 doses or $10 for a 1000. VERY EFFECTIVE!"

Helpu February 16, 2015

Chlor-Trimeton (chlorpheniramine) for Allergic Reactions: "I have been taking this for allergic sneezing, itchy eyes, itchy tongue and back if mouth, allergic post-nasal drip. Very effective. My grandmother told me about it forty five or fifty years ago. Don't take it if you have high blood pressure. This is an oldie but a goodie. I prefer the short acting yellow pills rather then the twelve hour pills."

Joãozinho December 7, 2014

Chlor-Trimeton (chlorpheniramine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "Have used Chlor-Trimeton for many years, 4 mg twice a day, to control allergic reactions to pollen. After trying all other OTC antihistamines, Chlor-Trimeton does the job best, and it's a single-ingredient medicine (not a combination of unnecessary ingredients)."

csts1 · Taken for 10 years or more August 2, 2012

For Allergic Reactions: "Chlorpheniramine right before bedtime does 2 great things for me: (1) reduces allergic build up during sleep (if my hay fever is bad one day or my asthma increasing, often I think back and realize I forgot to take it the night before) and (2) helps me feel drowsy (a normally unwanted side effect that becomes an advantage at night). I take the 12 mg extended release table and really suffer if I run out. GREAT!"

BTM1 February 13, 2012

Chlor-Trimeton (chlorpheniramine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "I occasionally get severe sneezing attacks, cause unknown. They start as a feeling like something tickling my nose followed by a deep intake of breath and a powerful (mostly dry) sneeze. This then repeats about every 20 seconds for several minutes, when it stops, leaving me exhausted and with teary eyes and a runny nose. I found that swallowing a short-acting chlorpheniramine maleate tablet at the first sign, or in between sneezes, is effective at immediately stopping the attack, with no noticeable side effects. I have other chronic health conditions for which I take prescription medications; long term use of antihistamines for me is not recommended."

Anonymous October 2, 2011

For Allergic Rhinitis: "Thank you chlorpheniramine! After 4 years of daily suffering with the mysterious 'chronic phlegmitis' that no doctor or internet forum could answer, I found this by accident and to date has been the only thing to positively affect and practically halt the terrible constant post nasal drip. No other antihistamines or steroid sprays or mucolytics or decongestants touched it. And it has the added bonus of potentiating my pain medicine for chronic pain. So I thought I was in heaven one day to find less pain and the post nasal drip decreased."

Anonymous July 26, 2011

Wal-finate (chlorpheniramine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "I give this to my German Shepherds for food and environmental allergies. It works better than most, and doesn't make them sleepy like Benadryl. Highly recommended! I've used myself for hay fever."

Anonymous May 24, 2011

For Allergic Rhinitis: "I love this allergy medicine! It works like a charm, and it rarely makes me sleepy, unlike Benadryl. Once in a while it's not effective, but this doesn't happen often. I agree with previous reviewers- it's sometimes hard to find on the shelf."

"Roger" May 14, 2010

Chlorpheniramine (Allergy) (chlorpheniramine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "Although an off-label use, I find this drug to be an excellent sleep aid. It is relatively short acting and may be appropriate for middle of the night awakenings. It is very important, however, to get your doctor's clearance before such use. There are some drugs that interact with chlorpheniramine. It is especially important not to combine chlorpheniramine or any similar drug, including drugs for motion sickness, such as Dramamine or Meclizine. Patients with eye pressure issues (glaucoma) should also either avoid and/or discuss with a doctor before using it."

Danomorr January 27, 2010

For Allergic Rhinitis: "I have used this medicine since grade school for allergy and hay fever (dust, mold, pollen, etc) and find it is really big on effect and its side effect, drowsiness, doesn't seem to bother me. This said, others that I have recommended it to say its like a tranquilizer. For taming allergic conditions, this is great - second only to diphenhydramine in effectiveness for an OTC. Diphenhydramine, however, has a much stronger drowsiness side effect for me. The best news is that this is cheap! Around $4 for 100 4mg tab doses."

Anonymous January 11, 2010

Chlor-Trimeton (chlorpheniramine) for Allergic Reactions: "The 4mg dosage works very well for seasonal allergic reactions."

Anonymous December 8, 2009

Chlor-Trimeton (chlorpheniramine) for Allergic Reactions: "The most effective allergy medicine I've found to treat dog/cat/mold/dust allergies. It's too bad you can't find it any more! "

Anonymous August 20, 2009

Chlor-Trimeton (chlorpheniramine) for Allergic Reactions: "I can't use Zyrtec or Claritin because they make my ADHD symptoms worse and counteract my Ritalin medication. This is the only antihistamine that works for me and does not make me drowsy (4 hour version). However, the 12 hour one has made me drowsy. "

jonryan April 11, 2009

Chlor-Trimeton (chlorpheniramine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "This is one of 2 antihistamines that works for me. This is the one that does not make me sleepy."

Hannah B. April 8, 2009

For Allergic Reactions: "This little pill works in a BIG way. Everyone I've introduced it to has said the same. I have had allergies for some time now and it's hard to find medicine that works well."

Anonymous February 27, 2009

Chlor-Trimeton (chlorpheniramine) for Allergic Reactions: "I have severe allergies and believe that Chlor-Trimeton has saved my life several times. I have had 10-12 life-threatening anaphylactic attacks over the last 20 years. My attacks usually build slowly, starting with hives, then vomiting and diarrhea, then swelling of my tongue, throat and inner ears. I have found through trial and error that if I can take a 12-hour Chlor-Trimeton in the first 2-4 minutes after the reaction starts, I can stop the reaction all together, or at least get to the hospital without having to use my Epi-pen. I LOVE this medicine for hayfever symptoms as well. Unfortunately, it is getting harder and harder to find the 12 hour tablets."

Wikka December 24, 2008

For Allergic Reactions: "It's good."

naddyt November 20, 2008

For Cold Symptoms: "It was really effective. It took only about 5 minutes before my blocked nose started to clear up."

Anonymous September 8, 2008

Chlor-Trimeton (chlorpheniramine) for Allergic Rhinitis: "I have had severe hayfever since childhood and this is one of the few antihistamines that work for all of my symptoms without making me overly drowsy. I'm just sad that they only sell 4 hour pills otc now. I'll have to switch to something else."

Mina79 September 7, 2008

For Allergic Reactions: "I got this in Greece cause of my terrible reaction of the mosquitos. It helped me right away."


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