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User Reviews for Carisoprodol to treat Muscle Spasm (Page 5)

Also known as: Soma

Carisoprodol has an average rating of 9.1 out of 10 from a total of 221 ratings for the treatment of Muscle Spasm. 90% of those users who reviewed Carisoprodol reported a positive effect, while 5% reported a negative effect.

Carisoprodol Rating Summary

User Ratings
68% (150)
16% (35)
7% (15)
2% (4)
1% (3)
1% (2)
1% (2)
1% (2)
0% (0)
4% (8)
9.1/10 Average Rating
221 ratings from 239 user reviews

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Reviews for Carisoprodol

dizzy1959 December 20, 2015

Soma (carisoprodol): “Works for about and hour then my excruciating back spasms came back and it says take one every 8 hours!”

1 / 10
1roof · Taken for 10 years or more December 5, 2015

Soma (carisoprodol): “Started taking after spinal fusion constant muscle spasms with any activity. Can bite off a piece when needed never increased dosage in 10 years. People with addictive personality can get hooked on anything its just in there DNA. This drug helped me work much longer than I could have without it.”

8 / 10
Patient Advocate December 4, 2015

Soma (carisoprodol): “I have been in a pain clinic for 21 years now, 20 of those years I have been prescribed Soma. this is a far superior muscle relaxant to the other 5 or 6 available to Drs. Most have no side effects and in combination with other medications (in my case) can live an almost normal life. The DEA/irresponsible people are to blame for the current problems we are dealing with now. TALK with your Dr. And anyone else who will listen.”

10 / 10
Melsky693 September 28, 2015

“Soma is an excellent and efficient medication for muscle spasms. The only issue I've ever seen or know about from other people is it's HIGHLY addictive especially to people who have addiction problems. Unfortunately half of the addicts in the town I live in abuses them which punishes those of us who actually need it for legitimate medical problems.”

10 / 10
JJ222 September 22, 2015

Soma (carisoprodol): “Soma is by far the best muscle relaxer that is under the "muscle relaxer class". Even with extreme stiffness and spasms that have been left untreated for years, Soma is the only muscle relaxer that provides relief. Many doctors won't prescribe it because they say it can be abused, which is a joke. The FDA doesn't seem to like meds that actually work. It's 100X superior to flexeril, tiziadine, etc. Soma works different -- it's the only muscle relaxer that slows down the nerves instead of just causing central nervous system (CNS) depression. All other muscles relaxers only do CNS depression and their theory is by slowing down the body, the muscles will relax. Not always true. Soma does CNS depression AND it works on the nerves. Best there is.”

10 / 10
Ruby92 September 14, 2015

“I have severe TMJ disfunction along with a long list of other painful medical conditions, and I've tried almost every muscle relaxer out there (zanaflex, flexeril, norflex, skelaxin, robaxin, etc), and nothing comes close to the relief I get from soma. I also take a long acting pain killer with the soma 3 times a day and it's really improved my quality of life. The only downside is sometimes it makes me quite drowsy/dizzy, so I never take it before I have to drive somewhere. However I'd much rather be a little loopy on my couch than be in excruciating pain 24/7!”

10 / 10
LaLoca64 July 28, 2015

Soma (carisoprodol): “I have severe lower back sciatica problems especially on right side, and effects inner right leg. I have been on numerous medications with no relief from pain. But some which if I need only take at night and only take as needed. Yes I have been on this medication off and on for yrs because Kaiser will not cover then then do. So when they don't I have to try something else which as of right now has not helped with pain. Yes sometime I have slight lightheaded. But never severe. And with this medication I get to sleep and wake up usually so much better. But once again Kaiser as of July 2015 I was told will not cover and Drs can not prescribe. So once again I need to try other meds.”

Dubsy July 21, 2015

Soma (carisoprodol): “I've had muscle spasms in my back for 10+ yrs tried skelaxin, robaxin, flexeral, and norflex and they all barely helped but the soma helped tremendously!!!”

10 / 10
Mike1228 July 1, 2015

“I have been taking Oxycodone 10mg 4x daily this would help with my neck pain but never take away the pain completely. When I was prescribed Soma pain gone and reduced my pain medicine to almost none. This in my opinion is a great medicine. I never had any side effects like the Oxy which made me really constipated.”

10 / 10
Ndawg669 · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 4, 2015

Soma (carisoprodol): “This med is flat out dangerous..I'm prescribed Xanax 1mg three times daily. DO NOT MIX THESE TWO..I was on both carisoprodol and Xanax and I had not 1 but 2 overdoses accidentally - not on purpose. I literally was airlifted to two different hospitals within a month and a half. This is a great medication for its intended purpose however it is extremely addicting. It should be labeled schedule 2 in my opinion as to the danger this medication holds when taken with another CNS..I also suffer from panic disorder and anxiety.”

9 / 10
dlparson · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 4, 2015

“they call these muscle relaxers they don't do that for me. all these pills are to me is a sleeping pill that's all they help me with so I only take one at night so i can get some sleep”

1 / 10
lucky123987 May 3, 2015

Soma (carisoprodol): “I have experienced severe pain and muscle spasms in my back for 35 years. Soma along with my narcotic analgesics have been a godsend. Soma helps me relax and sleep and start to work fairly quickly. I take 4 a day.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 20, 2015

Soma (carisoprodol): “I have severe back pain due to an injury and the hundreds of bone marrow aspirates because of my leukemia. After many drugs (more than a dozen combinations). I find Soma to be excellent at relieving the muscle spasms, pain, and it also releaves anxiety similar to benzos and helps me sleep like no other medicine. I also take OxyContin with it and that is what keeps me stable and going throughout the day.”

9 / 10
Namaste11 · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 13, 2015

Soma (carisoprodol): “Good”

10 / 10
MandaBeautyMark March 8, 2015

Soma (carisoprodol): “This medication has worked wonders for my hip/skeleton pain. I need to get back on them.”

10 / 10
duttlinj January 29, 2015

Soma (carisoprodol): “This medication helps with my muscle cramping and helps me relax at night so I can sleep.”

10 / 10
que no · Taken for 1 to 2 years November 8, 2014

Soma (carisoprodol): “From my experience, I have never had anything that works so well for my lower back pain. It is almost impossible to sleep at night without them. My doctor was hesitant to prescribe them, but after he did I was able to cut my pain killer daily dosage in half. I think the doc's should stick to what is proven to work.”

10 / 10
Peanutsmom4 October 19, 2014

Soma (carisoprodol): “Works good for muscle spasms and helps you to relax enough to sleep when in bad pain.”

8 / 10
pimp c · Taken for less than 1 month October 5, 2014

“Makes me feel like I have a hangover the next morning.. helps make me sleep very well.”

9 / 10
Spokane17 · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 22, 2014

“Tension headache: My headaches are much better my muscles in neck were always tight. Helped great! I still get them but not as bad. However they do cause me constipation.”

8 / 10
flowerchild1976 September 18, 2014

Soma (carisoprodol): “Due to having AML (leukemia) and having hundreds of bone marrows aspirates done, I now have to take Soma due to lower back pain.”

10 / 10
JazzyW1 September 4, 2014

Soma (carisoprodol): “The only muscle relaxer to work for me. No one wants to prescribe it anymore, however.”

10 / 10
cathie143 August 6, 2014

Soma (carisoprodol): “I have suffered from many ailments in the past few years one of which was sliding on black ice while working hitting my neck and back on a metal step to my bucket truck. The muscle spasms I get are just awful...muscles twisting and foot looks deformed when it happens. Soma is the only medication that gives any kind of relief...I take it sparingly as not to become dependent upon it. It does make you drowsy...but I would rather be somewhat drowsy than be in that horrible pain.”

10 / 10
myaeger · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 18, 2014

Soma (carisoprodol): “I've tried every kind of muscle relaxer from A-Z out there and Soma is the only one that has worked for me. I take it twice a day with my pain meds and have had no side effects from it at all. I have spinal stenosis and suffer from pain all day every day and its so nice to have a little relief. ”

10 / 10
oldstinkyfisherman · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 13, 2014

Soma (carisoprodol): “Love it, it helps ease my severe neck pain, haven't had any side effects yet.”

10 / 10

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