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User Reviews for Rexulti to treat Depression

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Rexulti Rating Summary

User Ratings
33% (20)
15% (9)
8% (5)
5% (3)
5% (3)
10% (6)
7% (4)
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3% (2)
15% (9)
6.9/10 Average Rating
61 ratings from 72 user reviews

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Reviews for Rexulti

sel · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 24, 2020

“Ive been using rexulti for bipolar treatment since November 2019 and it has changed my life. My bipolar is so much easier to control now. I finally feel like my real self gets to make my decisions instead of my emotional self. I have done lots of counselling as well but the medication has been the most helpful. I can control my urges and sadness better. I don’t get majorly depressed or manic anymore. Rexulti was my life saver. cons: experienced some dizziness at the start but it went away, can’t cry ever, expensive without coverage.”

9 / 10
Lilly · Taken for less than 1 month June 9, 2020

“I struggled with anxiety and depression for 17 years since age 6. I tried every other medicine without success. Finally, with the help of the almighty, I have greatly improved on Rexulti. A real miracle!!”

10 / 10
Melfell · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 1, 2020

“Rexulti has been a MIRACLE for my anxiety/depression. I’ve tried pretty much every antidepressant on the market and had awful side effects with every one. I take lamictal for depression and adding this on top of it, it absolutely changed my life for the better. I have no side effects other than gaining a couple pounds, which I needed”

9 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 27, 2020

“I started on Rexulti at the low dose of 0.5 mg. It was really helping with my break through depression. I have been taking Wellbutrin for about 2 years and I needed a little boost. Well 2 months later and I gained 10 POUNDS. Super disappointed. The medication works, but be ready to be depressed about how much weight you've gained from it. Won't recommend.”

4 / 10
GradStudent048 · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 25, 2020

“I’m back! I posted nearly 2 years ago on July 5, 2018 when I had been on Rexulti for a month. This drug helped me a lot the first few months, and then things just started going downhill. I gained 40 pounds in a matter of about 9 months, and I’m finally at a place now where my psychiatrist and I agree that I don’t need this medication anymore. The weight gain has just been really detrimental for my mental health because body image and eating disorders were part of my triggers. I hope that this medication can help other people and they don’t have to suffer with it fizzling out and causing unprecedented weight gain like it did for me.”

5 / 10
Rivera085 · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 2, 2020

“I have been on rexulti 4mg with wellbutrinxl 300mg, zoloft 200mg and adderall 90mg a day. Rexulti is for my depression. Yes I have gained so weight but I feel better on 4mg of rexulti. I need to figure out how to loose weight with this drug. But I also have other thryoid issues that messes with my weight constantly. I would rather be happy and gain a little weight than be miserable. I have come to the conclusion the medications are what you make it. I feel lots of relief from my depression. For years I felt like, even with 2 antidepressants I need something to stabilize me more. This rexulti is the only medication that doesn't change my personality or change who I am as a person.”

9 / 10
Kells90 · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 1, 2020

“Ok, so I've on on Rexulti for a few years now for depression. This is the best advise I can give someone thinking about taking this Medication. Currently I am on 2mg, I take it for major depression. My Dr started me off on 1mg. It seems like I had side efforts from the drug in the beginning. Dry mouth, weight gain, irritable and fatigue. So I started taking it at night. After about 2 weeks I then switched to morning again. Side efforts went away except for me eating :(. Overall its a good drug if it helps. I would recommend it. DOWNSIDE: do not just stop taking the drug! You most taper down on the medication. You will have effects if you just stop taking it. For example MOODY as heck. Then it takes a few days to build the medicine back up in your body for it to go away.”

8 / 10
Anonymous April 30, 2020

“Took one sample and had a terrible reaction four hours later. Hot/cold flashes, sweating, flashing lights in eyes. Had to run to the bathroom to vomit. Had a similar reaction to abilify”

1 / 10
Brando · Taken for less than 1 month April 16, 2020

“I’ve been taking the 14 day trial pack of REXULTI woman’s on the 9th night, I had the worst most vivid nightmare I’ve had in years. I also was unable to stay asleep for more than 1 hour at a time. I also felt several other side effects that are inconvenient. I do not recommend this if you have severe anxiety as it only works for a short period of time before stopping.”

1 / 10
Ag · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 27, 2020

“This medication saved my life. My anxiety was so bad I couldn't take an effective dose of SSRI. Rexulti calmed my anxiety enough I was able to start upping my SSRI and my depression is getting better and better every day. My anxiety is almost nonexistent! I have gained a few pounds but nothing significant and I would rather gain 10 pounds and be happy than be miserable.”

9 / 10
Madalena February 28, 2020

“I am a 22 year old female & have been diagnosed with MDD & anxiety. I was prescribed 0.5mgs Rexulti as an add-on to my 20mgs Prozac to alleviate lingering symptoms of depression, lack of motivation/energy,& anxiety. I felt relief from said symptoms the morning after the 3rd dose! Now, I'm excited to wake up in the morning & just live life. I have the perfect balance of happy energy & calmness that makes going to school, doing daily life things, hygiene & self-care tasks, & social activities enjoyable and fulfilling. My social anxiety is gone, I am bubbly & eager to engage with others, I am excited & motivated to do school work, & I quit having negative/self-betraying thoughts & behaviors. The only side affect experienced was an increased appetite for the first week of the medication, but that symptom subsided within a week. I know there are plenty of negative reviews on here, but I HIGHLY recommend giving it a try. I feel like I have my life/personality back.”

10 / 10
Pepper1981 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 20, 2020

“I was given Rexulti for add on for depression. At the time I was constantly in a dark place. Lots of thinking of death. Not suicidal. It helped overnight. However, I had some bad side effects. Tardive dyskinesia of the mouth. Although not in the way this condition is talked about. I was unable to chew. It was as if I lost that automatical chewing. I lost weight as I was unable to really eat anything except fluids. I was then put on yet another medication (can't recall the name.) This helped a little but did not help the way I had hoped. I decided to go off the Rexulti cold turkey. And I felt as though I was my body was failing me. Felt worse than the flu. I gave it 2 weeks before I had to start taking it again. Now I am slowly tapering to lower doses. Please listen when I say DO NOT go off cold turkey. I was on 3 mgs. I am now on 2mg and hope to change dose to 1mg next.”

2 / 10
Melancholia February 19, 2020

“I have been on Rexulti for approximately a month now, starting at the 0.5mg dose and now am titrating up to 1mg, I’m an 8 day cycle of alternating between the .5mg to 1mg respectively. This medication was prescribed to me as an add on to Persistent Depressive Disorder ( Dysthymia) by my psychiatrist. I am also prescribed Wellbutrin XL 300mg and Cipralex 20mg ... this cocktail seems to help me enough to get up for work and continue my duties in the home life as a husband and father without considering killing myself . Before I was given Rexulti I was semi suicidal daily so I guess it is helping . It is supposed to mood stabilize and give me an extra boost to get going however I do feel somewhat sedated while on this drug especially the days I take 1mg, which to me is not a bad think I would rather feel ok and sedated vs sad but energetic.”

8 / 10
FortMac · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 4, 2020

“Was on 0.5 mg Rexulti for 3 months as an add-on to Mirtazapine for depression. It massively increased my anxiety and caused tremendous restlessness - I couldn’t sit still or concentrate. Have tapered off over a 30 day period and am finally feeling calmer. This medication was just released in the past few years, I feel like it hadn’t been evaluated sufficiently prior.”

2 / 10
McLovin · Taken for less than 1 month January 24, 2020

“Absolutely horrible experience. My psychiatrist gave me a free two-week sample of 0.5mg Rexulti pills. Since I began taking them I have been EXTREMELY irritable, stressed, and unable to calm down. I’m throwing the rest of them in the trash, hopefully these symptoms will go away soon.”

1 / 10
Not myName January 10, 2020

“I was on this for Depressive Episode / Delusions. The side effects doctors won’t tell you about that happened to me: high blood sugar, high blood pressure, fast weight gain, lethargy, heart palpitations, constant panic attacks, insomnia, migraines, stomach and digestive issues, and much much more that ruined my entire summer. BTW: it only “works” for two weeks to a month then it stops completely as shown by literally half of the reviews on this. Disgusting. Put in more research before shoving in experimental antipsychotics into peoples mouths whenever they even feel a tad bit sad.”

1 / 10
Shawn · Taken for less than 1 month October 30, 2019

“For those that like this med Rexulti but stop because they gain weight, I'm on the keto (low carb) diet and you will not gain weight. You have to stick to it.”

9 / 10
Emma · Taken for less than 1 month August 24, 2019

“Been on it for a month, and I don’t think I can continue this medication. it must be too strong for me because it makes me feel like I’m dreaming, and makes my body feel so so strange and numb. Kind of like when your legs fall asleep, but all over and for hours and hours! I think it’s helped my anxiety, but I can’t stand feeling numb!! Also makes my head so foggy I felt like I was drugged all day today.”

6 / 10
Margo · Taken for less than 1 month August 20, 2019

“I was diagnosed with panic disorder about 5 years ago. Under that umbrella includes agoraphobia, anxiety and depression, GAD and PTSD. I am a forensic pathologist and realize these come with the job. I started out on Zoloft and the absolutely awful Xanax (2.0 mg qd). After 3.5 yrs of self-prescribing with my family doctor I began seeing a psychiatrist. Over a year later I have been on Pristiq (100 mg) and Xanax (0.5 mg). I wasn’t feeling any better during this time and was given Buspar, Wellbutrin and Seroquel, none of which I took for more than a couple of days. I was zonked out from this mix. I began Rexulti one week ago and have seen incredible improvement in mood and energy. I’m only on the first baby step and am hoping this will help me wean off Xanax. I have not had any bad side effects so far and have actually lost weight. I’m already on a low sugar diet and gym at least three days a week. Keeping fingers crossed ”

7 / 10
lrivera1902 August 9, 2019

“This is my 3rd time trying Rexulti. Honestly, the first 2 times I took this medication my other psychiatrist only gave me 2mg. It did not work for me. But, I switched psychiatrist and they gave me 4mg for my depression. What a major difference. I am on weight watchers freestyle and I actually lost 3lbs on this medication while doing this program. Yes, it can cause weight gain. But, as soon as I started taking this medication I immediately went on weight watchers freestyle. The only thing is my sugar was high when I got blood work. You really need to watch your sugar when on this medication and eat a healthy diet. People say this medication causes weight gain so you have to be really careful and watch what you eat.”

10 / 10
closet smile · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 4, 2019

“The commercials are making me worse. I'm sick of seeing the happy face being shoved down my throat.”

Deco · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 17, 2019

“Glad it helps some people but not for me. Gained almost ten pounds in three weeks- made eating feel like a compulsion that was never satisfied. Tried one more week to see if any positive results with it would show up, but never noticed any.”

1 / 10
Genesis11 · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 17, 2019

“I was prescribed Rexulti as an add on medication to several other antidepressants that I had been taking for several years. The other medications worked wonderfully for about 4 years but then I began to experience some relapse of depression and anxiety symptoms. and that is when my doc recommended I start on Rexulti. She started me on a low dose of .25mg/day and slowly worked up to the target dose of 2mg/day. It worked quickly (within 7 days) and I started to feel much better. It wiped out the depression and anxiety and I felt so normal and able to handle life. No side effects for me. I can still experience a normal range of emotions too.”

10 / 10
kris May 17, 2019

“Hello! I am and 18 year old girl and I have a hell of a story. I was put on zoloft for a long time - maybe 3 years, so I started when I was 15 years old which was when I was diagnosed with depression. 3 years went by and I started getting worse and worse. They misdiagnosed me - I really had bipolar disorder so they then took me off the Zoloft cold turkey. Then they put me on Latuda and Lamictal. Latuda made me throw up 30 minutes after taking it, plus it didn't work. The lamictal did help my mood though, so they took me off Latuda. I felt so hopeless. That was until about a month and a half ago, when I was put on Rexulti and within a day of taking it, I felt so much better. No joke, this Rexulti is a miracle drug, everything has been so much better. It helps me feel balanced and I don't have severe episodes. It really calmed me down and made me happier. My only complaint is that I had a big appetite within the first two days of taking it. To those searching for a prescription that works- PLEASE at least TRY rexulti.”

9 / 10
Beloved · Taken for less than 1 month May 10, 2019

“This medicine is hard to rate. While taking it, I had never felt better. Seriously, my depression was gone, I felt like getting out again. I felt like I had my life back, BUT I began having cravings like I had never had before. I was eating uncontrollably. I was getting up in the middle of the night to eat. I have never had this behavior before and I'm in my 40's. In the past, if I began gaining weight, I immediately talked to the doctor and had my medication switched. However, this time, I was conflicted. The way I felt taking Rexulti felt like a miracle and I hated the idea of quitting, until.....I gained 70lbs!! I even gained 20 lbs in 3 days. I finally felt I had no choice but to stop Rexulti. I've been miserable for almost two years now. I've recently lost 23 lbs, but it has been so difficult. If I could go back, I would have switched after the first 10 lbs!! Sometimes, it feels like a no win situation. I'm committed to losing weight. I've got to do this!”

5 / 10