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User Reviews for Mydayis (Page 5)

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ADHD 5.5
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Reviews for Mydayis

ADD Mommy · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 13, 2017

For ADHD: “I wanted this medication to work because I often forget to take my second generic adderral dose on time. However, Mydayis is not the wonder drug I wanted it to be. It takes up to 2 hours to kick in (something they hide in the facts) and even though I "worked" this drawback by waking up earlier to take it there wasn't enough positives to keep me taking it past week four. It lasted about 6 hours before it quickly declined and leaving me with even worse ADD symptoms. It was so bad I couldn't have a conversation or focus enough to make dinner without skipping into laundry, cleaning, or some other distractions. Without the use of any medication I have never had symptoms this bad. If this wasn't bad enough I had horrible nausea and indigestion.”

1 / 10
SummerMermaid · Taken for less than 1 month September 13, 2017

For ADHD: “Meh. I was on Vyvanse, 70 mg/day & switched to Mydayis 25 mg/day. NOT what I was hoping for. Not by a Long Shot. While it "lasts longer" than VYVANSE (was on Vyvanse for years) which only gave me about 5/6 hours in the end, it gives me MUCH LESS motivation. Makes me depressed. I'm Very Sorry I did not only get Only a 2 week supply rather than 1 month. I have no insurance & it was about $100 more than Vyvanse. Needless to say, I will request Vyvanse again at my next appt. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.”

1 / 10
Sk41453 · Taken for less than 1 month September 13, 2017

For ADHD: “I had been taking adderall xr 30 mg for 10 years and it started wearing off too early and not being as effective. I started on Mydayis 37.5 mg and it is work amazing! It lasts much longer than Adderall XR and there is no crash like I used to have terribly on Adderall XR.”

Dani e September 12, 2017

For ADHD: “I was prescribed 50 mg. 1st day I could literally feel the release of the medication. During the lag of the release I would get headaches, become tired, irritable and frustrated with every situation and conversation. By evening time I couldn't carry a conversation without forgetting prior known facts. Saturday ,I was completely not myself. On top of how I felt Friday I was emotional, had down thoughts, I couldn't follow a time line: I was late for everything. Sunday seemed to be better but not by much. Monday..horrible it was like I added Friday and Saturday symptoms together then add in horrible chest pain, shortness of breath, constant feeling of about to faint, fever, flu symptoms, hot/cold, exhausted but not able to sleep, & more symptoms. I refuse to take another dose”

1 / 10
Amesk123 September 8, 2017

For ADHD: “I was prescribed 30 mg XR of adderall plus 20 mg tabs per day, my doctor switched my to one 25 mg Mydayis and it was horrible...well it was horrible because technically it was a very dramatic decrease in dose. After a week of being down, tired, foggy and emotional I called my doctor to increase. I honestly think 50 mg of Mydayis is comparable to 30 mg xr adderall, but lasts longer.”

ABCDR September 7, 2017

For ADHD: “Not helpful for hyperactivity. Lasts a long time but doesn't help much. On 50mg but maybe the dose recommendation is too low.”

2 / 10
Samual Adams September 3, 2017

For ADHD: “Never had so many thoughts really down thoughts as I did well on this medication. Also, daily dosage only lasted 4-6 hours before effect decreased rapidly. Generic Adderall lasts longer with no downers. This one was not the godsend I had hoped it would be.”

1 / 10
Orangeade · Taken for less than 1 month August 8, 2017

For ADHD: “Works great! Lasts longer than Adderall XR and gets me through my 12 hours shift as a nurse. No crash at the end of the day.”

9 / 10