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How long does Adderall withdrawal last?

Medically reviewed by Carmen Pope, BPharm. Last updated on April 9, 2024.

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It is difficult to say exactly how long Adderall withdrawal lasts because it depends on the person and the process is different for everyone. Some people’s withdrawal symptoms may resolve in as little as 5 days, others may still be experiencing symptoms 4 weeks later or even longer. People who have taken Adderall for a long time at a high dose should expect withdrawal symptoms to last longer, maybe up to several months.

The length of time it takes somebody to get recover from Adderall withdrawal can also depend on whether they used regular Adderall or Adderall XR. People who have used regular Adderall will start feeling withdrawal symptoms sooner than those who have used Adderall XR. Recovery centers have also found withdrawal from Adderall XR tends to last longer, than that from regular Adderall because it does take longer for the body to detox.

Adderall Withdrawal Timeline

This timeline gives you a brief idea of what symptoms to expect depending on how long it has been since you stopped taking Adderall.

6 to 36 hours after stopping Adderall
Fatigue, tiredness, a low mood, and feeling a bit down or depressed are the most common initial withdrawal symptoms to appear after your last dose of Adderall. These may come on gradually, starting a few hours after your last dose.

3 to 5 days after stopping Adderall
Symptoms are at their most intense during this time frame. You may feel extremely tired, very depressed, and irritable. Nightmares and headaches may also occur.

5 to 7 days after stopping Adderall
Usually, after about 5 days withdrawal symptoms start to fade and you should start to feel better, although you will probably still feel moody, lack motivation, and find it difficult to do your usual daily activities. You may still feel depressed, although it shouldn’t be as bad as during days 3 to 5.

3 to 4 weeks plus after stopping Adderall
Rarely, in some people, withdrawal symptoms persist for weeks or months after their last dose. This is more common in those with a high tolerance who have been using Adderall for over a year.

Related questions

What are the most common symptoms of Adderall withdrawal?

These are the most common symptoms reported during an Adderall withdrawal, although not everybody will experience ALL these symptoms.

  • Anxiety
  • Appetite changes (feeling hungry or not hungry at all)
  • Cravings for Adderall or other drugs
  • Depression
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Headache
  • Irritability
  • Lacking in motivation
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Mood swings
  • Muscle aches
  • Seizures
  • Sleeplessness
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Tremors.

Can you become addicted to Adderall?

Adderall is addictive, and people who take it at high dosages or for long periods may experience withdrawal symptoms just a few hours after their last dose has worn off, or find they need to take more and more of the drug or take it more frequently to experience the desired effects. Once a tolerance to Adderall has developed, it can be difficult to stop taking it.

As with any addictive substance, if you take it often enough or long enough, your brain becomes accustomed to it. Adderall creates a strong surge of dopamine in the brain – which is one of the brain’s neurotransmitters involved in pleasant feelings. Regular Adderall can interfere you’re your dopamine levels and your brain can start to rely on you taking Adderall, rather than making dopamine itself. This can lead to withdrawal symptoms because your brain now thinks you need Adderall to stay balanced.

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