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User Reviews for Fioricet to treat Headache (Page 5)

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Fioricet Rating Summary

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Reviews for Fioricet

QueenMab November 7, 2010

"I've had migraines since I was 12, they went away from the time I was 16 until recently at the age of 20. I've been hospitalized because they have been so severe this time around. Fioricet is the only thing that has any effect on my migraines, but it takes about two hours to even start to help. Even then, it'll only knock it from a ten down to a nine, or an eight if I'm really lucky. I have linked my headaches back to food allergies, which I'm discovering more and more of every week. I have to read every ingredient and prepare all meals myself, which is extremely difficult as a college student commuting. If you cannot find the source of your migraines, try eliminating malted wheat barely, MSG, sodium nitrate and chocolate."

Anonymous October 24, 2010

"I've been dealing with migraines nd atension headaches for 21 yrs and now sinus problems. OTC medicines will work for a short time but I'd have to take them throughout the day. Fioricet is the only thing that will help with all types of headaches for me. I've tried Imitrex, Zomig, Indomethicin, Toradol, etc. and Fioricet comes out ahead of them all. Now I'm on Topamax, Elavil, and Fioricet to control my headaches."

R6Chick June 30, 2010

"I have gone through more medicines than I can count, looking for something that helps with my debilitating migraines. Recently my doctor prescribed Fioricet. What a relief to finally find something that works! The trick is to take the medication as soon as possible. If you wait until the migraine has gotten too far it does not help much."

Anonymous May 13, 2010

"I tried this medicine today with no headache relief. I did get drowsy and all of the muscles in my body were completely relaxed, however I still had the migraine. Per my Neurologist recommendation, I waited 2 hours before taking Indocin. Still no luck. The only medicine that I have found to stop a migraine is Treximet, however that has to be taken at the FIRST sign of the migraine. Anything later and it is too late. I am glad Fioricet works well for some people, but all it does for me is causes drowsiness and muscle relaxation. I wish I could get migraine relief from it."

Anonymous May 1, 2010

"I was originally given Fioricet after a spinal tap caused spinal headaches. I have a history of tension type headaches with pain starting at the base of the skull and then radiates upward. This medicine is the ONLY thing that works for me. Trouble is finding a doctor that will listen and give it to me. Doctors pass out Percocet and Vicodin, but seem to hate prescribing this medicine. Frustrating."

ABQMichaelT April 26, 2010

"Fioricet works within 15-20 minutes and you feel better than you would normally …. happy, awake, no headache, nothing can really irritate you and literally puts a smile on your face. Don’t eat them daily because they will start causing headaches and you will become tolerant and then they won’t work when you need them to."

Anonymous April 18, 2010

"I had Doctor give me Fioricet and told me to come back in 3 weeks to see if it worked for me, and it was the one thing that actually worked. So I went back in 3 weeks and he told me it was not part of a healthy diet and would not give me anymore. So really what was the point of the false hope. I continue to suffer at least 2 days a week from massive headaches. My stomach is gonna fall apart from all the over the counter medicines I take way too much of, for very little relief."

Anonymous January 23, 2010

"This is the only medicine I've ever found to actually work on my tension headaches. I have used it about 2 - 3 times a year for a few to several days in a row to knock out my headaches. This is my 'last resort' medication and for great reason - it works. As someone else posted, if this doesn't work, nothing is going to work. I'm so thankful for this medication."

Anonymous November 20, 2009

"I have been having headaches for about five months and the doctor prescribed me Fioricet and it does nothing for my headaches."

harvo November 4, 2009

"I use Fioricet on regular basis and most of the time it seems to help."

Anonymous October 13, 2009

"Fioricet does wonders! It helps my tension headaches, especially when I am stressed!"

10 September 15, 2009

"I was getting cluster headaches for about 3 weeks. Went to ER and they gave me a shot of Stadol, but that didn't even take my headache away. Got Fioricet prescription filled next day (today). Haven't had a headache all day."

tsasearchbag September 3, 2009

"I have had almost daily headaches since I was 15. I am now 43. I would not have believed such a simple medication would have worked so well."

brain tumor July 7, 2009

"I have brain tumors and Fioricet works wonders. It makes the pain go away in about an hour. I couldn't live without this wonder drug."

Anonymous June 15, 2009

"Works great but it does make me sleepy at first. I have found that I only have to take it once and my headache is gone for the rest of the day!"

Boxer Mum May 5, 2009

"I have been a suffering from migraine headaches for 20 years. I've tried EVERYTHING. My experience has shown if you take 2 tablets of Fioricet at the onset of one, you will do yourself a huge favor. It works. It may not eliminate your migraine but it will make it tolerable and less severe. Like others above, you have to be careful about how much you do take. I've found if I had a bad headache and have taken several pills, I have to then ween myself off of it by taking one pill every 4 hours over the next day or so to prevent a rebound headache. If you take many of these to relieve a headache, I recommend taking a few when your headache is gone to prevent a rebound. I make sure I carry my Fioricet with me at all times."

Kymberlie April 15, 2009

"Have been using this drug for about 16 years now. No other migraine medicine compares to it. Have recommended it to several other migraine sufferers. In turn they have called their doctors and now they are on it. They have had the same luck I have."

MIBIWAEI April 6, 2009

"I was not one prone to headaches until recently. They started at the base of my neck and continued upward until I didn't want to move a muscle. Oddly enough, these were prescribed by my dentist due to an upcoming root canal I was getting ready for. I took one the next time I had a headache and within 30 minutes it was completely gone. I was amazed."

Anonymous February 25, 2009

"Beware - this drug may give rebound headaches."

Anonymous February 7, 2009

"For the first six months it worked great but now it doesn't relieve my headaches at all. In fact the only thing it does is gives me insomnia."

Anonymous January 12, 2009

"I have tried just about every option available and this medication has been the only one to truly relieve my headache AND allow me to feel "normal" so that I am able to function. "

Anonymous December 17, 2008

"It is the only medicine that I have found to work on my headaches and believe me I have tried so many different ones over the years."

snoopy_4 November 18, 2008

"This is a wonderful drug. It takes the pain away within a few minutes and even if the migraine doesn't go away altogether, the pain isn't as bad as it would be or could be, without some form of medication. Believe me I've tried them all. I am now on Topamax 50mg twice a day, Fioricet and Midrin. "


"I get probably 4 or 5 migraines a month. I couldn't bear to be without my fioricet. It's the only medicine that seems to work for me. If I feel a headache starting, I take 2 tabs and within 20-30 mins, the headache is gone. In addition to being a mother of 4 girls, I have run my family day care for 17 years and I just wouldn't be able to function without my fioricet. I have tried several other mediciness before fioricet, and nothing seemed to help so I am very thankful for fioricet. It works great for me. I've tried to avoid things that set off my headaches, like not eating before 2 pm, or my pillows not being right when sleeping, brightness, sounds, smells and stress. But some can't be avoided. Thank you."

Anonymous October 21, 2008

"Best medicine for tension headaches."