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User Reviews for Fioricet to treat Headache (Page 2)

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Fioricet Rating Summary

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Reviews for Fioricet

Anonymous April 26, 2017

"I like this medicine for tension headaches. It works fast. The bad side is, it makes me jittery and on edge. It must be the low dose of caffeine. I really don't know. But I take it as a last resort. I don't get sleepy or tired. Just a little "out of it" I know the caffeine is there to help, just wish it was lower. I also take ativan. Not at the same time, a few hours later. It gets rid of the fioricet jitters. Hate to have to take them both in the same day. I have to much to do, to put my brain in a fog, and my nerves on high alert. With my job I need to be focused. Can't take on a work day. Maybe it's time to try something else. But..this does work for tension. So if you can be at home, good headache med to take."

MigraineMisery · Taken for less than 1 month April 25, 2017

"I was prescribed fioricet for migraines. Not only didn't it help the migraine, fioricet caused my heart rate to skyrocket (due to the amount of caffeine it contains) and gave me an absolutely WICKED rebound headache the next day. In fact, the rebound headache was worse than the original migraine. Needless to say, I threw the rest of the pills down the toilet. Fioricet is also EXTREMELY addicting if taken more than 3 times per month. Astonishingly, I was prescribed 1 to 2 tablets EVERY 8 hours for migraines with NO WARNING whatsoever from my doctor about how addicting this medication is. Thank God it didn't work for me or else I'd be a fioricet addict facing withdrawal whenever the drug isn't taken. It should be taken off the market"

Kelly S April 10, 2017

"I've been getting terrible migraines for almost 20 years now. I currently take Topsmax to prevent them. When I was younger, I was prescribed Fioricet for the pain and never thought it worked very well. I switched to imitrex, which worked miracles and now take Maxalt Melt, the orally disintegrating tablets, which are also a -triptan medication. It is the only type of med to get rid of my migraines. Just tried fioricet again in a pinch and didn't do anything! Tramadol does not work either."

Nuitdelamort · Taken for 1 to 2 years March 21, 2017

"Yes...great medicine for migraines. However the barbiturate in this drug can be bad. Before I knew I was bipolar I took this medicine. It made me go mentally insane for about a week out of the month. Something in my brain did not like it."

Vmcintosh73 January 31, 2017

"They are great for headaches which is why I am prescribed them, and I also take mine for menstrual cramps and they work wonders"

Emc2nc · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 31, 2016

"I have a constant headache with migraines as well. I use this when my headache gets really bad, and this brings it back to tolerable level and helps me sleep. I only use this as needed. Average less than 3 a week."

WHAT A RELIEF IT IS... December 22, 2016

"I was having severe migranes and eyes would be sensitive to light, could not tolerate noise. I found myself laying down most of the time in a ball with a headache. I finally was sent to a Dr. that prescribed this medicine for me and what a relief. My heachaches are under control but every now and then I get a flare up, but this is one of my preventive med's that I've been receiving for years. It works for me."

Chai'na · Taken for 10 years or more November 15, 2016

"I started off on has aspirin instead of Tylenol. I took that for about 20 yrs till the aspirin tore up my stomach. I WAS switched to Fioricet. ...almost as good as the Fiorinal. Together it's been OVER 40 yrs on this drug....absolutely fantastic. Helps me function and helps with the migraines and the almost daily tension headaches I get. Some of the headaches get so bad it feels my heads exploding...Fioricet gets me thru this without any side effects. For me this is a great new drs have decided to slowly take me off it...and lately I've gone back to suffering. Gotta find new drs somewhere to give me my regular # of pills. I've been lucky to have taken pills that've helped me so very much.l"

1217kitten · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 21, 2016

"I have been taking this medicine for about a year and a half and it works wonders but I have concerns my body is getting addicted to it. Is this possible??"

Rigz · Taken for less than 1 month September 2, 2016

"I have never had any major headaches to speak of. Recently I had a major migraine for 4 days. This got so bad I literally thought my head was going to explode. I got 2 shots 2 days in a row thst barely numbed the pain. My doctor then ordered a ct scan which came back ok. After pleading to the doctor nothing was working he prescribed this. Wow is all I can say. Headache stopped and hasn't returned. I would recommend trying this as the first option instead of suffering through different things"

MJuneBug · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 9, 2016

"I was first prescribed fioricet for hormonal headaches during my pregnancy. It was so effective and helped ease the pain. It did make me drowsy. I still use it for chronic headaches as-needed. The only thing I wish for is that it would work a little more quickly. It takes 45min-1hr for my headaches to ease off. Great help all-around, though!"

Julie, 34 · Taken for less than 1 month June 10, 2016

"I was prescribed fioricet last week for chronic headaches. I have suffered from daily headaches for over 6 years and until recently, have been able to dull them down though they never fully go away, with high doses of otc ibuprofen. I've been to the neurologist and was prescribed imitrex and antidepressants. None worked. I have been taking the fioricet for a week, and every time I take it, it turns my headache into a borderline migraine. Makes it so much worse and My feet and ankles have swollen. Now I have vericos veins and broken capillaries In my ankles. I think I may be the 1% that cannot take this drug. Its a shame because I see so many success stories in these comments, I wish I could share in the relief."

Greek forever May 13, 2016

"I've had headaches for as long as I ca remember....I've taken excedrin, imitrex, tramadol.....nothing worked til my Ob gave me fioricet and it was a god send.....I've been on it for 40 yrs with no side the doctors are so worried about the barbiturate...heavens it's Not an opiod... Utah unfortunately is very strict with this drug....for reasons I will not's a miracle drug for me...."

Tex12 · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 15, 2016

"I love fioricet - works really well. but my dr wants to change my prescription to tramadol. Anyone else have similar experience?"

eric_marquez · Taken for 10 years or more April 4, 2016

"I'm taking Generic Fioricet for more than 10 years now. It started when I was in college"

Pi C · Taken for less than 1 month March 16, 2016

"I was prescribed Fioricet for a head injury after Norco made me nauseous. No nausea with Fioricet. It does make me dizzy and disoriented but helps with the pain."

Renee B · Taken for 10 years or more February 18, 2016

"I have received great relief from this medication. It says discontinued because the acetaminophen dose has been lowered to 300 MG per tablet. It IS still available. Great medicine for headaches. Take with food though."

MEmemememememememe January 21, 2016


Katchi · Taken for 10 years or more January 13, 2016

"I suffered from headaches my whole life (I'm 53). Nothing would help until it was prescribed during my 1st pregancy when I was 38 & suffered even worse hormonal headaches. It was like a miracle drug. I am a huge proponent of being conservative with medications in general & try to live a "natural" healthy lifstyle. A whole bottle will last me over a year. Most of my headaches are tension so when I tried this I almost cried from finding something to relieve my debilitating headaches. If I feel a bad one coming on, I'll take a half one then wait a bit to see how I feel. I'll follow with the other half if it's really bad. Can't say enough good about this medication."

DanceWWinds January 9, 2016

"This is an old medication that I hope will never be removed. My grandfather used to take it when it wasn't a prescription. My father took it and I take it. It kills the headache with just one dose within 20 minutes. Sometimes I may get sleepy when it takes effect, but I also believe this happens due to the possibility that I hadn't slept well and is why that particular headache came on. When I first started taking fioricet, I did feel some light nausea, and dizziness, but I do not get those side effects any more. I also am sure I eat a couple of saltines when I take it. I have been on many other medications for my headaches and have not had the possitive results that I get from the fiorocet."

Jolene mom of four · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 27, 2015

"I get migraines 5 out of 7 days. This is the only medicine I have found that works so well. I get sick my head pounds horribly like someone if hitting me hard with a bat"

jonnietable November 10, 2015

"Have been prescribed this for 20 plus years for migraines. I only have them a few times a year and as long as I take fioricet as soon as I start getting the visuals before the migraine pain kicks in then the migraine is not bad at all. The headache is very light if at all as well as the nausea."

Matd · Taken for 10 years or more November 9, 2015

"I've taken this medicine for nearly 15 years for debilitating migraines. I am not addicted to Fioricet. I do not get rebound headaches. When the pain is gone, it's gone. I have bad arthritis in the neck causing a combination of migraine and cluster migraines. I've taken every possible anticonvulsant combo and tried all kinds of migraine relief drugs and OTC's. Nothing takes the pain away like Fioricet. I take zonsiimide as a prophylactic now along (along with Fioricet as needed). The frequency of headaches have decreased with age but nonetheless still occur. Fioricet will now not be covered by insurance company. This is appalling. Really? Because of what? Addicts? Why are we penalizing those who need it by making them pay full price?"

Ms. Andrist · Taken for less than 1 month August 10, 2015

"My doctor prescribed Fioricet as a first-line treatment for my headaches. (I'm still not sure whether they're migraines, tension headaches or something else but they always happen during my period). Fioricet definitely works, albeit with some side effects. I react poorly to sedative drugs like butalbital in that I get awful rebound anxiety/depression after only a couple doses. All the more reason to use this medication sparingly. There's a definite euphoric effect that lends itself to abuse. The combo of caffeine + a sedative is a strange one, but it works when all OTC stuff has failed. I much prefer it over something like Topamax."

crystal s · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 8, 2015

"I have been taking fioricet for about a year now for migraines. And it works great"