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User Reviews for Fioricet to treat Headache (Page 3)

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Fioricet Rating Summary

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8.8/10 Average Rating
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Reviews for Fioricet

Ash05 June 27, 2015

"I had a spinal tap recently and unfortunately was in the small percentage of people that have spinal headaches from this procedure. I've had migraines forever but a spinal headache is by far the most debilitating experience. I was prescribed fioricet and was taking 2 every 4 hours it did nothing! I was back hospitalized the next day. So this may work great for migraines but anyone prescribed this for spinal headaches it does not work."

Works Wonders! May 22, 2015

"This Rx works wonderfully. I love that it doesn't make me jittery or nauseous. It works 98% of the time for me. Luckily, I was able to have my tablets coated, having a migraine and the bitter taste of the pill wasn't a very good mix. There are times when I have a migraine that comes in too strong and too fast and this tablet doesn't work.That's when I take my Maxalt. Although, I hate the after affects of Maxalt."

IamAmy May 14, 2015

"I am very anxious to take any RX meds. I have suffered with migraines for years. Finally my doctor told me to please try This and get relief! Why do I wait sooo long! It got rid of my migraine and I don't feel weird or goofy ;)."

diana rudolph March 30, 2015

"I have suffered from migraines for as long as I can remember. Tried everything then my Dr. Gave me Fioricet and I love it gets rid of migraines when I'm out I will use Ibuprofen as I AM a recovering Addict and don't want to rely solely on this medicine to get rid of headaches. No more ER visits for this chick!"

TriangularMann · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 23, 2015

"I switched to this after taking Midrin for some time. This works more quickly, has very little side effect, and all around is better. It works for about 95% of my migraines. Sometimes 1 pill and 1 OTC is enough, sometimes 2 pills are needed, and on rare occasion, 3 are necessary. I've never had a migraine that couldn't be killed given enough Fioricet."

TensionHeadache · Taken for 10 years or more March 2, 2015

"Like many others, have suffered from tension and/or migraine headaches since I was a child (age 7 or so). My mother and father both had histories of tension and/or migraine headaches. I was prescribed initially fiorinal, around age 15, and then changed to fioricet by my neurologist due to upper gi problems (gerd). Until I had this medication prescribed, my life was controlled by my headaches. I can remember as a teenager, feeling that I couldn't be away from home for very long due to fearing a headache would come on. No child or adult should have to feel that way! I wish that all the physicians who are uncomfortable prescribing this medicine would read these comments! Thank you."

KatelynnE January 11, 2015

"MAGIC. I never leave home without at least two pills in my purse. I've suffered from migraines since I was 17 (23 now, not that long but long enough) and have been on almost everything. I've been basically turned away by two neurologists because they have nothing left to try with me. I refuse to take any kind of heavy narcotic unless I am forced to go to the ER and I was finally prescribed Fioricet and it worked like no other. Instead of having to drop everything I was doing when the migraine started to lay in a dark room I was able to take 1-2 pills depending on the severity and go on with my day like nothing had happened. It's absolutely amazing. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND"

ms tension headache January 8, 2015

"It is the best medicine that really works control my tension headache. One tablet is enough to make the discomfort go away in a matter of minutes. It is taken only when necessary. However, not all doctors recommend this med because it could be habit forming and might damage the liver. At times, there are doctors that over reacts even though you tell them that you only take it as needed and that you were careful. On the other hand, there are the smart doctors that prescribes it PRN as treatment for headache. "

Darth Gigi · Taken for 1 to 2 years November 25, 2014

"This works well if I take it when the Migraine is just starting. It will stop the migraine but I may still get a head ache but it wont be debilitating."

Aamandapanda86 October 15, 2014

"I just took this medicine for the first time, I have had severe migraines for years. I can't believe how well this medicine is working already! I have chronic sinusitis, degenerative disc decease and TMJ. I also have braces and just got them tightened so I haven't even wanted to get out of bed lately. I am so excited I found this medicine, I can't believe I was never told about it before!"

Carmenita October 12, 2014

"Didn't even touch my migraine. I've tried just about everything for chronic severe migraines, including daily propranolol, Imitrex, Maxalt, narcotics, etc. Only Midrin has helped. Ran out and tried this. Didn't help. Didn't notice any side effects."

Tsss · Taken for 10 years or more September 30, 2014

"Fioricet is the only medication that will quickly and effectively get rid of my migraine/tension headaches. I've tried multiple other medications, treatments without relief. Without them I'm totally incapacitated, in bed, no lights, nausea and frequent emergency room visits. So far without signs of dependence, withdrawals or addiction. However I despise the looks or comments at certain pharmacies like you're an addict! Obviously these people have never experienced severe headaches."

meteoguy · Taken for 10 years or more September 6, 2014

"I have had a lifetime of debilitating headaches, through which pricey neurologists have determined that I have 2 types of headache going on - though perhaps not at the same time. I have severe tension headaches, as well as heachaches with a significant migraine component (I see the aura - I can tell when those are on the way). Fioricet is a fundamental front-line treatment for the tension headaches, and with Fioricet, they usually do not develop into the severe (keep me in a quiet, dark room) type, which were MUCH more frequent without Fioricet. I fully endorse it in my case."

Migraine543 August 23, 2014

"This medicine helps! I would say it knocks the pain down of a migraine from a 10 to a 3 very quickly. Not sure what I would do without it."

kitcat321 · Taken for 5 to 10 years August 3, 2014

"Works wonders for my headaches. Started having stomach pain about 6 months ago that I haven't checked out (can't afford testing I expect to follow). But I also think I have an ulcer from stress - who knows. Point is, it took me 20 years to get a doctor to help me find a medicine that works. This does."

Galbusca1990 · Taken for 10 years or more June 27, 2014

"Nothing else works. I only use it on the really bad, hormonal-induced headaches. Normally, my proactive regimen of meditation, acupuncture, exercise, hydration & supplements works. Acetominophen or ibuprofen along with stretching, ice and heat usually work once I get a migraine. But for the biggies, it's Fioricet."

lhilgenfeldt · Taken for 5 to 10 years December 3, 2013

"The best medicine for my migraines and headaches. I never leave home without it. I can take a pill and keep going."

nesegal · Taken for 5 to 10 years October 6, 2013

"Always gets rid of the migraine."

Anonymous September 30, 2013

"Have had migraines since I was in my 20's. Like many have said I was given Toradol, Cafergot, Darvocet, birth control pills, Elavil, Inderal and nothing worked. Have had to go to ER at least 2-3x yearly over the years. Twenty years ago I had a severe neck injury and closed head injury after a car accident and my migraines went from a monthly occurrence to daily. I was also given the nerve block shots at the base of the skull. My ER visits increased to several times a year. Finally, a co-worker who also suffered from migraines asked if I had ever tried Excedrin or been prescribed Fioricet. I hadn't, so I asked my doctor and he wrote a script for it. That was 20 years ago and I haven't had an ER visit since. I am 60 now."

happy user August 21, 2013

"Have been using Fioricet when required for 4 years. I always go too long before taking it for tension headaches. Usually one pill does wonders and I can get on with my day. Will continue to use it as needed."

Ash45956 · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 4, 2013

"It works! My doctor said to be careful of it though and NOT to ever take more than prescribed. Follow doctors instructions and works great for bad headaches."

tracy J · Taken for less than 1 month June 18, 2013

"I have been suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome for 10 months. I was a prisoner in my own house and lived like I was 80 and I am only 43. I had to stop working, driving and going anywhere that I had to stand or walk. Last week, I went to a new Neurosurgeon and he prescribed Fioricet. I take 2 tablets every 4 hours, but as soon as it gets close to that 4 hr mark the pain comes right back. Luckily, it only takes about 15-20 mins before it kicks in. I called my Dr today and said I love this medicine. I finally feel like I am claiming my life back again. My only worry is that I am going to have to stay on this medicine for the rest of my life. "

preocupada · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 13, 2013

"Excellent for migraines. No side effects. My 15 years old also suffers from migraines and it works great for him too. Usually only one pill a day helps. Other times just two a day helps to completely get rid of severe migraine. "

sweetpea 38 May 14, 2013

"I have had migraines forever. I have had to go to the hospital and they would give me shots of Toradol, Phenergran and Dilaudid. It worked but it made me sick and my headache came back as soon as I finally woke-up. I had one that helped the most which was amitriptyline but I gained so much weight from it, I quit it and gave up until recently I went to the after hours clinic and they prescribed me Fioricet tablets 4 times a day for headaches. It's the best prescription ever and better it only cost 13 dollars and works 100% better."

5 months pregnant · Taken for less than 1 month April 24, 2013

"I suffered severely from tension headaches. Finally I talked to my DR, he prescribed this. Took it for the first time today, no headache but I am sleepy."