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User Reviews for Fioricet to treat Headache (Page 6)

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Fioricet Rating Summary

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8.8/10 Average Rating
164 Ratings with 137 User Reviews

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Reviews for Fioricet

Anonymous October 19, 2008

"I've had headaches since early childood and I swear I tried everything; OTC medicines, chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, different diets, physical therapy, ultrasound. Finally after seeing a million doctors, including two neurologists and a pain specialist, I moved to a new state and started seeing a Physician's Assistant, who prescribed me Fioricet. What a diffrence in my life. My headaches go away within an hour or so now, instead of just "waiting it out" for 3 to 6 days. I would tell anyone with TMJ and/or tension headaches to try this. It works best if you take it as soon as you feel a headache coming on. I too tried to use it as a last resort, but I have learned that it's not worth the suffering."

Anonymous October 17, 2008

"Fioricet was a God-send for my chronic headaches. "

littlemomma70 September 14, 2008

"Fioricet was the only thing that would reduce my pain effectively, but can not take on an empty stomach!"

jamae August 21, 2008

"I have been suffering from strong tension headaches since the birth of my second son. Fioricet has been wonderful. Fioricet has taken the pain away quickly and has allowed me to be a more pleasant parent to my children and a nicer co-worker. "

Anonymous July 17, 2008

"I've learned to 'live' with headaches; often lasting up to four days or more. I was prescribed Fioricet about two years ago and I find it to be a relief not to have to 'live' with a headache for days anymore. I'm careful about using it and often as a last resort after trying Advil and the like. Therefore I don't find it habit forming for me. It is an absolute relief drug."

Anonymous June 28, 2008

"I used Fioricet for years to not only treat my headaches, but to help with tense aches and pains in my shoulders. It was the only thing that worked and allowed me to continue with my daily routine. I did notice that after taking it for such a long time I experienced some of the withdrawls. I would reccomend taking it but follow how your doctor says to take your dosages even if you think you are starting to have a "headache" it might just be a rebound reaction."

Anonymous June 17, 2008

"I have been taking Fioricet as needed for about 15 years. I love it. If Fioricet doesn't help, nothing does. I do not find it to be habit forming at all. I do find that if i take it for too many days in a row it is not as effective and then I suffer from rebound headaches."

headache1974 May 29, 2008

"Very effective medication for tension headache or migraine. Minimal side effects, i.e. drowsiness, etc."

JennC915 April 29, 2008

"I have terrible headaches due to sinus problems and I have found that this medicine is a blessing and I take it when needed."

cherifortner April 2, 2008

"I suffer from TMJ syndrome and sinusitis. I have recurring headaches. I have taken this drug on/off for 12 years. I am allergic to a lot of meds, so it's been well-suited for me. I do know it is habit forming, as if I have to take it for several days, I do have some withdrawl symptoms."

Anonymous March 30, 2008

"this medication has been used as an as needed pain reliever. This is the only medication that works for my type of headaches. This has been a wonder drug in my treatment with head pain. Thank you Dr. Z"

pook231 March 28, 2008

"it made the pain go away but i then had to deal with the side effects that either came with the headache or from the meds but at least the pain was gone"