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The Drugs.com Antibiotics Guide can supply answers to the most common health-related questions about antibiotics including:

Antibiotics are drugs used to treat infections by bacteria and are one of the most frequently used drug classes in medicine. Bacterial Infections, such as strep throat, urinary tract infections, and ear infections (otitis media) may be treated with an antibiotic.

Antimicrobials are a group of drugs that includes antibiotics, but also includes the antifungals and antiprotozoal agents. When antibiotics are used correctly, they are usually very safe with few side effects. However, as with most drugs, antibiotics can lead to adverse reactions. In infants and the elderly, in patients with kidney or liver disease, in pregnant or breastfeeding women, and in many other patient groups antibiotic doses may need to be adjusted based upon the specific characteristics of the patient. Health care providers are able to assess each patient individually to determine the correct antibiotic and dose.

Patients frequently have questions about antibiotics and drinking alcohol, diarrhea from antibiotics, antibiotic resistance, and common side effects of antibiotics. The Drugs.com Antibiotics Guide will help answer these questions. It is important to take antibiotics exactly as directed by the health care provider and for the full length of treatment. This will help to clear the infection and prevent antibiotic resistance, as well.

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Last updated: 2013-06-16 by Leigh Anderson, PharmD.