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Olux-E Dosage

Generic name: CLOBETASOL PROPIONATE 0.5mg in 1g
Dosage form: aerosol, foam

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OLUX-E Foam is not for oral, ophthalmic, or intravaginal use.

Apply a thin layer of OLUX-E Foam to the affected area(s) twice daily, morning and evening for up to 2 consecutive weeks; therapy should be discontinued when control has been achieved. The maximum weekly dose should not exceed 50 g or an amount greater than 21 capfuls per week. For proper dispensing of foam, shake the can, hold it upside down, and depress the actuator. Dispense a small amount of foam (about a capful) and gently massage the medication into the affected areas (excluding the face, groin, and axillae) until the foam is absorbed. Avoid contact with the eyes.