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User Reviews for Tioconazole topical to treat Vaginal Yeast Infection

Also known as: Tioconazole 1 Day, Monistat 1 Vaginal Ointment, Vagistat-1

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Tioconazole topical Rating Summary

User Ratings
15% (219)
6% (90)
7% (98)
4% (60)
3% (40)
6% (83)
4% (56)
4% (57)
6% (86)
47% (686)
4.1/10 Average Rating
1475 ratings from 1592 user reviews

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Reviews for Tioconazole topical

Kim · Taken for less than 1 month May 23, 2020

Tioconazole 1 Day (tioconazole): “I went in the store looking for the Monistat 7 day treatment because I’ve used it before and liked it. Well this product was the only thing they had so I grabbed it. After inserting it, probably about 10 minutes later I started itching and burning worse than before. I move around to ease the pain for about 15 to 20 minutes before getting on the toilet to get some of it out. After about 30 minutes it was “calming” down some. I slept fine and woke up at about 7:30 with some itching and here it is at 1:00 and I feel fine. I would probably purchase again if I can’t get Monistat 7. Lol”

7 / 10
Jo · Taken for less than 1 month May 23, 2020

“No! I wish I had read these insightful reviews before putting what feels like lava inside me! I also wish I could give this product “zero stars.” The pain and burning is extreme!! I can barely walk. The only good thing that came from this experience is the comradeship from other women on here. Stay strong through the pain, ladies!”

1 / 10
Anonymous May 20, 2020

Tioconazole 1 Day (tioconazole): “I used this Tioconazole for the 1st time tonight after the 1st day of a yeast infection and I have no adverse reactions yet. A little warm but feeling a lot less itching and burning than before application. I would use again.”

8 / 10
Yo · Taken for less than 1 month May 18, 2020

Tioconazole 1 Day (tioconazole): “I'm using this Tioconazole now, having inserted it at 1:50 am (about 12 minutes ago). I do have the increased burning and itching, but I do know it means the medication is working. I'm extremely prone to vaginal yeast infections; we are talking one every month or so. I just started a round of antibiotics on Monday May 11th, and as a preventative measure, my doctor gave me diflucan to take on Monday and then on Thursday to keep the infection away. The way my body is, I don't feel anything and then bam! I'm itching so bad I'm making myself bleed. Unfortunately the diflucan didn't help this time. I'm also extremely allergic to miconozole (monistat), but the pharmacist believes it's an additive and not the actual medication as diflucan (the generic brand being fluconozole) is in the same class of antifungals. Took some sleeping meds so hopefully I'll be much better in the morning. Just gotta get past the itching and burnings, which again, shows that it's doing its job.”

8 / 10
Abbie · Taken for less than 1 month May 15, 2020

Tioconazole 1 Day (tioconazole): “Tioconazole worked wonders for me! I took it 2 days after I noticed my YI coming on... (I’ve had them in the past so I knew what it was right away) and I did NOT experience any of the crazy burning or itching like the other reviews say. But I did have a slight itch after I took it but nothing unbearable. It took 4 days for my symptoms to be completely gone. I will use this again if I ever need it!”

10 / 10
Jen · Taken for less than 1 month May 10, 2020

Tioconazole 1 Day (tioconazole): “This has been one of the worse decision I’ve made. I had mild symptoms to start. I thought I’d try it to completely be clear of it since it’s only one day. I regret it so badly. I decided to look at reviews, yes after, because it’s so uncomfortable and itchy (but I don’t scratch which makes it harder) and thought this isn’t normal because I’ve used others and they have worked. This caught me by surprise. I applied it around 11pm last night and it’s 11:am right now and I still feel discomfort but thankfully it isn’t as bad, mostly it’s just throbbing. Don’t buy it ladies, it’s not worth it at all.”

1 / 10
Aisha April 7, 2020

“I just used Monistat Tioconazole Ointment 20 minutes ago it BURNED like crazy I took a cold cloth wiped down there and lied down the burning cooled down a bit I PRAY it gets better I probably would never use again”

1 / 10
bella · Taken for less than 1 month April 2, 2020

Tioconazole 1 Day (tioconazole): “the burning that everyone is talking about is the medicine working and killing the yeast. I was lucky I had a slight tingling sensation - thats it. The medicine worked wonders”

10 / 10
Sunflower March 28, 2020

Tioconazole 1 Day (tioconazole): “DO NOT USE! Extreme burning. If you do, this is how I got rid of majority of my symptoms. Luckily I caught it early. First sit over the toilet and try to push as much of the Tioconazole out of your vagina as possible using your vaginal canal muscles. Also lightly wipe up as much of the serum you can with toilet paper, just dab it. Then run a warm bath. Sit in the water and try to flush a much of the ointment out as possible. After doing this several times rinse off and the symptoms, in my case were way way lower and eventually were not there after an hour. I hope this helps. They should take this item out of stores.”

1 / 10
Boo boo March 25, 2020

Tioconazole 1 Day (tioconazole): “Ok so just inserted tioconazole about 20 min ago. Then decided to read all these reviews. So should have looked at this first. SMH. I'm itching like crazy my lady parts are throbbing like crazy. Will never use this again. If you're smart and read reviews before you do this you will be better off. This is my 2nd YI in my 35 years - it wasn't even that bad this will make it feel 10x worse trust me. I can actually feel her growing bigger. I plan to try and push it all out NOW. If you're like me I would get it out now and hope for the best.”

1 / 10
Kittycat · Taken for less than 1 month March 23, 2020

Tioconazole 1 Day (tioconazole): “This should be taken off the market!!!! Horrible side effects. Have used the egg type before and had no problems. Have horrible vaginal burning and discomfort. Taking benadryl and ibuprofen this morning to help.”

1 / 10
Smile · Taken for less than 1 month March 22, 2020

Tioconazole 1 Day (tioconazole): “From reading the comments and after using this tioconazole product myself. I think that maybe some yeast infections are worse that others because this working great for me and the first time I got a yeast infection I didn’t use anything and ended up in the ER because my symptoms sounded like a lot of symptoms here. I was swollen to where I couldn’t function properly and burning and itching. But this second time around I caught it within a few days and bought Tioconazole 1day and haven’t had problems yet.”

9 / 10
Bee March 15, 2020

Tioconazole 1 Day (tioconazole): “DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. I tried going the cheaper route. Definitely regretting it now. I used Thursday night. By Friday morning my vag was swollen two times it’s size. More cream cheese like discharge than before. Smells super potent. Made me feel 100x worse. I went to ER. They told me to wait the 7 days & try Monistat next time. YOU WILL REGRET BUYING THIS. SAVE YOUR MONEY”

1 / 10
Kk · Taken for less than 1 month March 13, 2020

Tioconazole 1 Day (tioconazole): “Worst thing I ever used in my life. DO NOT USE. I’ve always done the 3 day. Never this. Didn’t read reviews and SO wish I did. I had some white clumpy discharge and very mild itching. So wanted to just knock it out and got this. Worst mistake of my life. I had some burning nothing to crazy, then some itching really irritating more then even before. Then I woke up and my vagina is swollen and just blah. So horrible. And it had to be Bc of this. Bc it was not swollen itching or burning prior. I’m so mad I did this. Save yourself ladies. Please don’t use.”

1 / 10
Julia · Taken for less than 1 month February 27, 2020

Tioconazole 1 Day (tioconazole): “I do NOT recommend. I wish I would have read reviews before hand. I’m highly upset I wasted time on this product. I didn’t experience any burning or extreme itching when I had put it in but I did wake up to a severely swollen vagina & now it hurts to do anything. I’m so uncomfortable & can hardly sit down. I regret trying this & not just sticking with the monistat 1.”

2 / 10
Anonymous February 25, 2020

“Ohmy goodness I put this in at 11pm and have been up since 2 with terrible discomfort & I can’t seem to make it better. It’s worse than what it was ! I really hope after I get through this long night it’s better tomorrow, but right now I’m wishing I never even used this , because I am feeling worse then before and I just can’t sleep it’s so soo itchy and it’s burning. I wouldn’t recommended even bothering with this. Praying for a better time tomorrow”

1 / 10
LucyBaby February 20, 2020

“I used the Monistat brand because I've disliked the texture of the store brand before. I have had some intense burning, itching, and swelling for the name brand product too. Worse than my symptoms I'm trying to treat. Definitely never using the one day product again, although I don't remember the store brand causing any discomfort. Rate it a 2/10 only because I expect it will work as intended.”

2 / 10
redhead · Taken for less than 1 month February 16, 2020

“First 20 minutes it burned so much felt like my vagina was on fire! I did cry a little bit but I was fine after a while . It gave me a feeling I had to pee really bad and I thought I peed all the medicine out but it didn’t cause it feels totally better the next day no burning and no itching I really recommend it even though these reviews say it burns, but for me it only burns for a little bit .”

10 / 10
Ki · Taken for less than 1 month February 15, 2020

Tioconazole 1 Day (tioconazole): “Well as the others I tried the 1 dayTioconazole and my goodness!!!! Why did I do that!!!! My vagina is swollen, itchy and pain pain and more pain!!! I was not prepared for this. Right now I am currently laying in bed with my legs up in the air”

1 / 10
GiGi · Taken for less than 1 month February 10, 2020

“After buying this poison I didn't read the reviews, matter of fact I asked the pharmacist what's the difference between the monistat and this brand , she said it's the same . Why did I even listen to her? I bought the 1 day and gave it a try , about 2 hours later I thought my thong was too tight ??? No that was my vagina on fire , swollen like a watermelon...what?? I woke up this morning and the swollen went down a bit I still have some discharg, isn't this treatment for one Day? Who made this poison? they must hate women.”

1 / 10
Loulou · Taken for less than 1 month February 4, 2020

Tioconazole 1 Day (tioconazole): “Like most here on this web site, laying down, itching and burning, trying not to think, so I can ignore jt as much as possible. Not as painful as other medications I've tried before. I tried Monistat a couple of months ago but it didn't do anything so I'm trying this because It's a stronger treatment. Not unbearable, but most definitely it burns”

6 / 10
R · Taken for less than 1 month February 3, 2020

“First time using it . I bought this product yesterday . Took a shower last night inserted it and laid down . I felt very minimal burn and irritation. I woke up the next day didn’t really feel the symptoms anymore but my vagina is white from where the cream was inserted to where you can tell the cream has spill out on my labia and etc and I have red skin patches that looks like my skin is cracking literally and my vagina is swollen . It hurts to walk I am in pain I could cry . Literally looks and feel like chemical burn . I typically don’t do OTC creams but my doctors office was closed . I just want my vagina to look how it looked before today”

1 / 10
Anonymous January 29, 2020

Tioconazole 1 Day (tioconazole): “As a husband. I beg of you. Do not use this wife is literally sitting in her bathtub hunched over in pain and a few tears.... you will absolutely regret using this product. This product burns itches and its all around unbearable to watch let alone endure...”

1 / 10
mildmannered January 29, 2020

Tioconazole 1 Day (tioconazole): “In past, I did home care (no sugar/low carb, probiotics, eating garlic, etc bc it’s free) but I thought I’d catch this early. 24 hrs in I have mild burning but less itching. Brief sinus headache, went away quickly. After a few hours I was surprised at how sensitive my labia felt. I went to the bathroom and saw my inner labia more swollen than ever! If I’d started having worse-looking discharge/swelling I’d go to urgency. Today is still swollen but no agony, milder yeast symptoms, no discharge. Hope I’m in the clear, will update if it takes a turn. My “new friend” picked this up, I forgot to specify dose. Nothing stronger than 3 in future. I might just try more home care. Even if this works, bc of swelling I won’t be having sex any faster than if I’d starved the yeast out on my own. Sorry to everyone this drug harmed! Idk how long the swelling will take, good luck folks.”

3 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month January 24, 2020

Tioconazole 1 Day (tioconazole): “NEVER. EVER. AGAIN. I inserted at about 6:45pm and went on about my nightly routine. Around 8:30 I had some leak out and noticed really bad itching burning stinging sensation immediately. Brought me to tears and thought about going to the ER... it's that bad. I took warm oatmeal bath which soothed it a little. I'm now lying in bed with ice pack on my lady parts still stings I'm 2 hours in this firey experience.”

1 / 10

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