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User Reviews for Lactobacillus acidophilus

Also known as: Acidophilus, Lactinex, RisaQuad, Intestinex, Bacid (LAC), Florajen, Acidophilus Probiotic Blend, Flora-Q, Risa-Bid, Acidophilus Extra Strength, Superdophilus, Lacto-Key-600, Novaflor, Dofus, Flora-Q 2, MFA, RisaQuad 2 …show all brand names

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
7 reviews 136 medications
Vaginal Yeast Infection
22 reviews 57 medications
1 review 249 medications
Urinary Tract Infection
1 review 193 medications
Clostridial Infection
2 reviews 31 medications
1 review 101 medications
Summary of Lactobacillus acidophilus reviews 8.5 34 reviews

Reviews for Lactobacillus acidophilus

March · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 22, 2019

Acidophilus (lactobacillus acidophilus) for Vaginal Yeast Infection: "Acidophilus is the miracle to stop problem yeast infection for me. I have been taking acidophilus since 2016 and it saved my life"

Kenna · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 31, 2019

Florajen (lactobacillus acidophilus) for Irritable Bowel Syndrome: "Florajen is what I use for daily probiotic supplement. At first it was for easing my constipation, and now that I don't experience that issue, I use it for general well-being. I have no yeast infection problems, my digestion is wonderful and my happiness is tip top. I have a better sense of well being and I can appreciate that overall."

Ki May 27, 2019

Acidophilus Extra Strength (lactobacillus acidophilus) for : "I love this stuff. I've been taking for years just to keep regulated as I got older I started having chronic BV, and abdominal pain. I'm not consistent in anything but I know that every time I feel symptoms come on. I take 2 and instantly feel the pain ease away. By the morning all smells are gone. I swear but this stuff. It does make you a little gassy but I'll take gas over a smell any day. If you do experience gas e.t.c just stop taking it for a day or 2!!"

cocomarie · Taken for less than 1 month March 23, 2019

Acidophilus (lactobacillus acidophilus) for Vaginal Yeast Infection: "OK so I have been getting yeast infections every week for the last 2 months the Dr would give me a diflucan and at the end of the 7 days the yeast infection was back like it never left I was in and out of the gynecologist office and my primary Dr. I went to the Dr a week ago and he tells me he cannot give me any more diflucan because my system will become used to it. He was like just try acidophilus that's my final recommendation. I took my last diflucan that I had in my stash the yeast infection started to return yesterday you guessed it was the end of the 7 days so I took the acidophilus pill last night and I feel like a new women I just hope it keeps working"

kittypain · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 14, 2018

Acidophilus (lactobacillus acidophilus) for Vaginal Yeast Infection: "Get the probiotic acidophilus capsules (i buy from dollar tree). Then take a steamy hot shower. After that open a few capsules and mix into a cream (i use a monostat cream) , making a paste. Apply to the poor hurting burning vag and then drink water. Lots of water. Swallow a few more capsules. Do this every day and it will help."

Itchless in Alabama · Taken for less than 1 month September 6, 2018

Acidophilus (lactobacillus acidophilus) for Vaginal Yeast Infection: "OMG! On a scale from 1 to 10 I give this stuff a MILLION! I have been battling a yeast infection for nearly 2 months. After 3 boxes of Monistat, 8 boxes of yogurt and 2 tubes of itch cream, 4 tiny tablets have completely turned things around! I mean, it was so painful and itched SOOOOO BAD! I literally felt like I would never get back to normal. My mom suggested Acidophilus yesterday. I stopped by her house and picked up a bottle that expires in 2 months, but I was so desperate I didn't care. The dosage said to take 2 tablets, but with it nearing its expiration I decided to take 2 and then later another 2 . 24 HOURS LATER I feel like a new woman! Thank you Acidophilus and thank you Mom !!!"

Blue · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 24, 2018

Florajen (lactobacillus acidophilus) for Irritable Bowel Syndrome: "I've suffered with IBS-C for years with constant painful bloating that neither my doctor nor I could get under control. It got so bad sometimes I looked double my size. I started reading articles about probiotics and tried a few that did NOT work and felt some others it made it worse. I kinda gave up with my doctor figuring it out so I spoke with my pharmacist instead...I asked her to recommend what she thought may actually help and she said florajen acidophilus and IT ACTUALLY HELPED. I can finally go to the bathroom everyday, my painful bloating has subsided. I take it every night at 10pm like clockwork, with or without food in my stomach. The next morning I have a cup of coffee and instantly need the bathroom. This amazing refrigerated pill has been a lifesaver!!! I've had no issues with side effects what so ever.... and my stomach actually feels better for the first time in years!!!"

My daughter · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 8, 2018

Bacid (LAC) (lactobacillus acidophilus) for : "This is the only medicine that is keeping my daughter alive and now it is stopped being made - now my daughter has to die because of it. That is not right. Plus I just found out tonight and I am also told that her Medicaid won't pay for it. From a concerned Mother. "

Goody2shoes · Taken for less than 1 month August 7, 2018

Acidophilus (lactobacillus acidophilus) for Vaginal Yeast Infection: "Okay so, I’ve had a very bad yeast infection, the itching and burning was UNBEARABLE, I literally could not even stand up at work for long periods of time. The pain got worse and started affecting my skin on/around my vagina. Everything I tried just wasn’t helping. The discharge was getting worse and so was the burning. My mother brought me a bottle of the Acidophilus and advised me to take the the powder out of the capsule and apply the powder directly to the area, this method did calm my symptoms down a WHOLE LOT, but when it started to wear off from me going to urinate, the itching would return . So finally I inserted a capsule into my vagina before bed and the next day I felt GREAT! I was a little hesitant about doing this because I wasn’t sure how safe it really was but I wish I would’ve done this a long time ago. I’ve experienced no itching or burning ever since I’ve inserted the capsule into my vagina for the FIRST time."

P April 12, 2018

Lactinex (lactobacillus acidophilus) for : "This is the first drug that I've ever used that stops my cold sores from the beginning if you begin taking it right away. The product is sold in the pharmacy and comes with about 50 tablets. I can't believe how great it works I've suffered for years with cold sores and this product works perfectly for me."

Type1diabetic · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 24, 2017

Acidophilus (lactobacillus acidophilus) for Vaginal Yeast Infection: "I have type 1 diabetes and because of high blood sugar levels I used to suffer from yeast infections at least twice a year. A friend told me about acidophilus pills and I am forever grateful. I take them by mouth a couple of times a month to prevent yeast infections and if I ever feel one coming on or just generally feel any kind of irritation I will break a pill in half and wet it a bit so its more comfortable and insert into the affected area. You definitely need to get comfortable with yourself to do that, but it's so worth it. It won't completely break down and might come back out after a couple days, but it works. Taking too many by mouth gave me a little bloating and gas, but I'll take that over the painful infections. I hope this helps"

Goldie1257 November 8, 2017

For Vaginal Yeast Infection: "I just started this medicine two days ago for a yeast infection that I had for a while . The same that I started taking this medicine I seen a huge difference. The yeast infection started to clear up within the second day and iIhad no side effects from the medicine. This medicine is a life saver."

Brennn August 15, 2017

Acidophilus (lactobacillus acidophilus) for Vaginal Yeast Infection: "I am a person who has suffered from constant yeast infections for a long time.If you stared too hard at me I might catch one .Everything irritated me from body wash/jacuzzi water/ or anything with a scent would have me right back in the dr's office. I usually prefer diflucan pills because it works but I wanted to try a different route because even though diflucan gets rid of the problem,it seems to always come back.I bought these pills from a local Walgreens and I took one orally and it did make me feel a little weird and I inserted one vaginally but it did not hurt.Slight stinging every so often but it's nothing major.I hope this works !"

CreedBratton123 · Taken for less than 1 month August 7, 2017

Acidophilus (lactobacillus acidophilus) for Vaginal Yeast Infection: "I'm not necessarily the best person to give a review on this, because I have CONSTANT yeast infections ALL THE TIME. It's torture. Whenever I go to the doctor I get my diflucin pill, Monistat cream, and I usually still have issues. I'm yet to find a solution. However, I did try this pill out and it's pretty great! If you have any swelling down there, this gets rid of it overnight. As for the actual yeast, mine hasn't completely cleared up but it's getting a lot better. I think this could possibly get rid of it if I keep using it consistently. I'm only on day 3 of this and I've seen a significant difference and feel much better. I recommend this to people who want to get rid of any swelling and need an alternative to the actual doctor."

Jenny in MI June 15, 2017

Acidophilus (lactobacillus acidophilus) for Vaginal Yeast Infection: "I suffered from chronic yeast infections for well over four years. I found a specialist who had done extensive research on this condition. However, the waiting list to see him was 11 months. I had been to numerous doctors with no relief. He was able to provide temporary relief with a long-term regime of flagyl and metrogel. I subsequently moved to Texas and the infection returned. A short time later I met a young lady who earned her master's degree in nutrition in London. She suggested I take acidophilus and golden seal root daily. In a very short time the infection disappeared and hasn't returned in over 7 years. Additionally, it has boosted my immune system tremendously."

K Cousins · Taken for less than 1 month November 28, 2016

Acidophilus (lactobacillus acidophilus) for Vaginal Yeast Infection: "Well I got this product at Walmart and wanted to try it for yeast infection. I have tried so many products and even called the doctor to prescribe me something for this problem, that did not even work as much. So I dont like yogurt really and that is what the GYN doctor says to do but I tried and its not for me. So I been taking partial half in the morning half at night because my body is odd with medications. So far is it clearing little bit at a time and I see the difference. My teeth are bad and my gums were red but now they are pink. I am a diabetic so I worry about taking stuff over the counter. I have a few side effects but they subside but come back as I get used to the medicine, but it amazing I see it improving."

Tia J · Taken for less than 1 month November 1, 2016

Acidophilus (lactobacillus acidophilus) for Vaginal Yeast Infection: "I was having stomach pain and I had a bad vaginal yeast infection took too acidophilus probotics, and had immediate reaction. I feel sooooo much better. I bought the Advanced acidiphilus by Solgar and it really worked. Prior to taking the probotic i was feeling weak and very irritated. but now I feel fine. Thank God I found something that really works."

diva poet June 30, 2016

Acidophilus (lactobacillus acidophilus) for Vaginal Yeast Infection: "The acidophilus with pectin radiace and digestive ......I read reviews on other sites and decided to try this product it great with digestion and yeast I give it a 100% rating NO MORE YEAST WITH THIS .a,hundred capsule u take it weeks before to help fight off yeast inflection.and week after.Im glad of the reviews that are true so I give a raring thats a sure go .ive used this product and still is a good one.."

Hayem April 26, 2016

Acidophilus (lactobacillus acidophilus) for Vaginal Yeast Infection: "I suffered a 3year battle with BV. I tried several prescription medications (numerous antibiotics oral & vaginal suppositories) Whatever doctors said I did with no success. After lots of research I came upon acidophilus and it's amazing curing benefits.The chronic BV went away and stayed away. I just purchased over the counter store brand acidophilus tablets. Nothing fancy or prescribed. I inserted 2 acidophilus tablet pills vaginally for 3 days then 1 tablet for 4 more days and had immediate relief and results. After the 1st week was completed vaginally I then started taking one pill daily orally to maintain a healthy PH. I would highly recommend this to any woman suffering with BV."

Nurse Liz March 30, 2016

Acidophilus (lactobacillus acidophilus) for Vaginal Yeast Infection: "Worked quite well no side effects took half a caplet 2X daily to equal the recommended dose of 1 caplet per day to try and avoid any stomach discomfort."

earthmom1960 · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 9, 2015

For Constipation: "Acidophilus is now the only supplement / medication I take to manage constipation which is a side-effect of opiod medications which I've been taking for a number of years. Prior to my adding acidophilus (capsule form) to my regime, constipation was a chronic problem causing me constant concern and trying various remedies, none of which worked until I came upon acidophilus. This has truly worked wonders."

everything already in use August 6, 2015

For Vaginal Yeast Infection: "Miserable, bloated, abdominal cramps."

Gerg123 July 26, 2015

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome: "YES! L-Acidophilus is excellent for IBS, particularly for the weird, somewhat abstract and oblique stomach uncomfortableness. However, I find that taking two capsules 3 to 4 times a day (preferably on an empty stomach) is the best way. I use L-Acidophilus as an adjunct to my once-a-day regular, more comprehensive probiotic. Always store refrigerated."

HUSH' · Taken for less than 1 month June 6, 2015

Acidophilus Probiotic Blend (lactobacillus acidophilus) for Diarrhea: "Terrible quick negative response with loud stomach growling and 3rd. Day / Evening , blast of Diarrhea keeping me in bathroom with gas bloating . Very uncomfortable physically. No choice but to stop. Disappointed , hoping so much for help regulating system and regular daily normal functions."

bowel syndrome April 16, 2015

Acidophilus Probiotic Blend (lactobacillus acidophilus) for Irritable Bowel Syndrome: "I first saw this on TV adds for yogurt. I bought the pills and after just a few days I feel great. I used to get pain in my lower back, not any more. I haven't even told my doctor yet. This stuff is great!"


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