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User Reviews for Thyroid desiccated

Also known as: Nature-Throid, Armour Thyroid, NP Thyroid, Westhroid, Thyroid Porcine, WP Thyroid, Bio-Throid

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Underactive Thyroid 5.7
236 reviews 32 medications
Hashimoto's disease 6.0
147 reviews 24 medications
Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal 6.3
59 reviews 26 medications
Thyroid Cancer 5.2
13 reviews 21 medications
TSH Suppression 7.8
4 reviews 26 medications
Summary of Thyroid desiccated reviews 5.9 459 reviews

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Reviews for Thyroid desiccated

MissLeopard83 · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 18, 2020

Nature-Throid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “Today, I suddenly found out that Nature-Throid medication has been recalled and is no longer available. I've been on it for over a year. However, after reading about the recall, it makes me wonder how long the subpotency has actually occurred because my last TSH values in Feb 2020 were higher than they have been in a long time. I have a lot of symptoms of hypo: constipation, hair loss, brittle nails, fatigue, brain fog, dry skin, etc. However, when my doctor tried to up the dose to the next highest, I had horrible heart palpitations. I'm scared and concerned because I have so many allergies and intolerances. This medication contained no excipients that caused me issues. The only one available like it is Tirosint, which only contains T4. My doctor called it in and it's not covered by insurance so I have to go thru a specialty pharmacy. I am so angry.”

1 / 10
No symptoms sally · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 15, 2020

Nature-Throid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “I have no symptoms of hypothyroid yet my blood work comes back low for the last 6 months started taking nature throid feel no different and eye brows started thinning. Stopped for 2 month went to a new NP and she put me back on nature theoid still feel no difference and within a week my hair started falling out rapidly which I've never had happen. So frustrated going to stop taking as clearly doesn't agree with me”

1 / 10
Ter September 12, 2020

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “I tried all the thyroid synthetics when I was first diagnosed with underactive throid in 2012, none of them worked for me. My Dr. finally decided to put me on Armour, it was ok until they reformulated It stopped working. Next was Nature Thyroid, it worked better than the reformulated Armour but, not as well as the old Armour. I asked him for WP, it was the best!!! Then they had a manufacturing problem and I couldn't get it. Next was NP by Acella and I have been feeling better than the reformulated Armour. It works as well as the Nature Thyroid but, not like the WP! RLC Labs has a problem again, none of their NDT is available is available again. I'm glad I stuck with the NP, never got any of the recalled stuff. I've never experienced any of the complaints others have. I'm not happy about all the fillers in NP but, I've seen worse formulations. I wish they'd clean it up. ”

9 / 10
T September 11, 2020

Nature-Throid (thyroid desiccated) for Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “My best med is recalled, pharmacy has none. ): I was on Synthroid after my radiation (due to a thyroid storm months earlier) and original endocrinologist refused NTDs though my labs showed I wasn't getting T3 conversion, and the endo didn't want to "take chances" (of me feeling good). But I finally found a doc this year who PUT ME ON Nature Throid these last 8 months I haven't felt this good, this NORMAL, since that awful radiation (please never do that, ever!). But today BOOM: recalled! NT was so good. I started with 1 grain and immediately (that night!) felt 100% better! Went a month on that, and new labs showed I needed 2 grains. I got the 120mg or whatever 2 grains is, and felt even MORE like myself! I've gotten so much done; I'm healthier (even with COVID going around)... but I couldn't refill NT because of a RECALL! I have a replacement (NP Thyroid —ugh, it sounds awful) so I pray in the Most Holy Name of Jesus we get Nature Thyroid BACK. Soon! PLEASE!”

10 / 10
Senior Fred · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 9, 2020

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “I am using the newly formulated NP and am doing very well on it. Energy is stable, sleep is reasonable, no sciatica issues for months, and that was a two to three times a month issue. Dosage is about 97 mg daily, 1.5 grain plus 1/2 of a 15mg. My temperature is good, no unusual aches or pains. I take iron, and a daily multi later in the day. My last labs, TSH free t3 and t4, were very good.”

9 / 10
JG · Taken for less than 1 month August 21, 2020

WP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “I was on the original WP thyroid in 2014 and loved it! It was a life changer for me with energy etc. I started on the “new” WP and it landed me in the hospital. I’m STILL dealing with the effects. I had edema from head to toe and put on 12 pounds in one week. My gut microbiome was totally wiped out and I literally stopped digesting food properly. That along with severe bloating/fluid retention made me look 9 months pregnant. I’m very healthy and normally thin. This drug has some really dangerous new components. Don’t use!!”

1 / 10
Artimus August 12, 2020

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “I was taking 30mg NP Thyroid and I had to stop it. I hurt all over, lost most of my hair, and the worse part I could not breath. I could only lay around and not walk to do anything. I stopped taking it and I could breath better and pain in my stomach went away. I am not taking anything now. My weight had also gone up. My insurance won't pay for Armour Thyroid and my pharmacy will let me buy it for $13.95. It's very bad for me. God Bless you all.”

1 / 10
Julia · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 26, 2020

Armour Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Hashimoto's disease: “The problem is finding a doctor in Md who will prescribe Armour Thyroid some PCP will however once referred to endocrinologist they refuse to prescribe at least in the state of MD. I found that Armour Thyroid I felt my best without any side effects.”

10 / 10
Bethw · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 25, 2020

For Underactive Thyroid: “I lasted about 2 months on Armour 60 mg and I stopped taking it. Slow heartbeat, constant abdominal pain, stiff joints and I gained 18 pounds in just that short of time while calorie counting and walking 5 miles 4 times a week. This drug was definitely not for me. I joined a thyroid forum and many people experienced the same problems ☹️”

1 / 10
Bambi · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 2, 2020

Nature-Throid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “I was on Synthroid for approximately 15 years. Along with cytomel for T3. Out of no where after 15 years I started gaining weight. About 20 lbs over 2 years. I had to beg but I got the dr to prescribe np thyroid. Lost 10 lbs immediately. Decided to try nature throid first 85 then 97.5 and lost another 10 lbs I’m 5’10 and went from 155 to 135. Synthroid obviously stopped working. I was eating nothing and exercising and still not losing. Now I’m eating a ton and losing weight. Natural dissicated thyroid NDTs are the way to go! Amazing ! Also nature throid has no fillers or chemicals. There was some adjustment time with diarrhea and getting tsh right.”

10 / 10
DLF · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 24, 2020

WP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “I was on WP before RLC went through their new lab. Started back on WP since reopening lab and wow, this medication does not do a darn thing for me. Nada....all my symptoms have blown up. This is pathetic of this company. Why would they allow this to happen? What a disaster for sure. Going to try something, I'll be damned if RLC receives another dime from me.”

1 / 10
SBee · Taken for 5 to 10 years June 16, 2020

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “NP caused my heart to race and anxiety to happen. Never in my life, did I have anxiety so that was a real surprise. Fatigue never went away. Now that is has been recalled, I dont know what Dr. will put me on.”

7 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 14, 2020

Nature-Throid (thyroid desiccated) for Hashimoto's disease: “Been taking Nature Throid (48.75 mg) for about 2 years now, and feel great as longs I also sleep well, manage my stress, and stay mostly on the Autoimmune paleo diet. Have been playing around with diet and lifestyle, and if I eat certain things, I notice a rise in TSH, as well as symptoms (brain fog, low energy, and weight gain). I checked it by sticking to the AIP diet for 3 months and my TSH went to normal range and I felt normal. It’s not ideal, but worth it to feel good. Also always take meds on empty stomach in the am.”

10 / 10
Annie · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 11, 2020

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “I’m updated everyone from my September 2019 post under the name "Annie 55 yrs old". I took NP Thyroid for 1 month and 5 days before stopping the med. I had 3 months of massive hair loss, and a roller coaster of emotions. I lost 95% of my hair. It is now coming back, thankfully, and I also feel like my emotions are back in check. NP Thyroid, I believe is the cause for my hair loss. I just received a letter from Kroger(where I had my prescription filled) that there’s a recall for certain lot numbers of NP Thyroid because testing found these lots are super potent and may have 115.0% of the labeled amount of Liothyronine(T3)! This is unbelievable and so wrong! Everyone who starts feeling worse on this med needs to stop immediately and get on something else. I made a report with the FDA and haven’t heard back since last September, very disappointed with them as well. This should be rated a 0 instead of 1.”

1 / 10
Long Distance Runner · Taken for 10 years or more June 8, 2020

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Hashimoto's disease: “Am concurring with previous posts. Regarding Acella NP thyroid. Since Aug 2019 started feeling like my dose had changed. Along with Hashimotos I have altered Glucose Metabolism related to inflammation and surprisingly my thyroid medication (Levoxyl 50 am | NP thyroid 30 am & pm.) Just got a notification from my pharmacy that Acella NP Thyroid lots (from as far back as 2018 to the present) are being recalled as some were as much as 115% of the dose strength!! Beyond the quality issue, I have experienced great relief from Natural Thyroid as an adjunct to my treatment.”

8 / 10
Ky June 7, 2020

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “NP Thyroid failed me and made me lose my baby. Or perhaps it was the pharmacy that switched my medication without informing me. I was on Armour for about 5 years, doing fine. Then I suddenly had a regression of all my hypo symptoms in about 2 weeks. The third week, I skipped a day, then took the pill. Within a few hours I was fatigued, headaches, joint pain, incredible water retention, chest tightening... After doing this a second time, I knew for sure it was the medication. I then noticed that my med bottle said “NP Thyroid”. I called the pharmacy and they said they had replaced with Armour with NP 6 weeks before. They did not inform me! NP totally didn’t work at all for at least a month. And while I took this failure of a medication, my pregnancy failed because I had no functional thyroid hormone to sustain it. I found that NP costs cents while Armour does not. It’s a case of insurance companies trying to pay out less $$, even at the expense of real people’s health.”

1 / 10
Tkp · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 4, 2020

Armour Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “I was taking levothyroxine 100mcg. Had maintained weight of 142lb. Changed to armour thyroid 60mg. After 6 months have found I have gained 20 lbs. I work out often like I've always done. Heading back to Dr this month hoping to find answers. Feeling depressed too not sure if it's knowing my weight gain or this is making me feel crazy too.”

6 / 10
Bob · Taken for less than 1 month June 2, 2020

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “All who were taking NP Thyroid should know it been recalled. I just got a new batch and it works fantastic. Best I have felt in a year. Glad I dumped the Nature Throid as I was taking almost 3 1/2 grains a day just to get a little bump everyday. Now on 60mg of NP twice a day and it's like a whole new world. Get rid of your old NP meds and replace them with the newer script. The recalled NP ad 115% more T3 than was needed, that's why it was recalled by Accela.”

9 / 10
RCK213 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 1, 2020

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “Was on Armour for 10 yrs with good results, good consistent labs. Last year Pharmacy refilled with NP thyroid on and off claiming availability issues, then insurance denial so Nov 2019 decided just keep the script NP. Labs last year not as good, January 2020 had horrible episode of nausea, dizziness, increased BP, irregular pulse and flu like symptoms. Took a few days to realize intensity increased a couple hours after dose. Stopped a few days, then took partial dose for a month, noted puffy face so went back to full dose. This past week symptoms recurred along with very bloated gassy stomach, constant belching, scary high BP and palpitations, dizziness. Ended up in Dr office. EKG showed PACs. My weight also up 10 lbs past year. Just picked up Armour, paid out of pocket, hoping all these symptoms disappear. See many here had similar experiences.”

1 / 10
Melissa · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 31, 2020

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Hypothyroidism, After Thyroid Removal: “I just switched back to Armour after being on NP Thyroid for years. I only switched to NP because my insurance will not cover Armour. Starting around summer 2019 I began experiencing lots of acid reflux, nausea, pain in my stomach that would last for days. I began seeing a GI thinking I had an ulcer or something. I had an upper scope done in Feb 2020 only to be told that everything was fine. I finally put it together that I felt fine until about 20-30 mins after I took my pill. I asked my doctor to switch me back to Armour and my stomach hasn’t hurt since. There is definitely something off with NP.”

7 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 29, 2020

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “This stuff is a travesty! compared to the earlier formulation! T3 is the only way to go they reformulated all of the desiccated thyroid and I don’t trust any of this rubbish.”

1 / 10
CalmClould123 · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 25, 2020

WP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “This worked absolutely AMAZING until the supposed “shortage”. I was losing weight, my mood was good, skin clearing up, great energy levels and then out of nowhere the drug is gone. I called RLC labs (when they were still responding to patients) and was assured they were on backorder and were working hard to fill the orders. When it started coming back on the market I was thrilled, but after the first dose I knew something was seriously wrong.This drug is a reformulation, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The best way to describe it is that I felt like I was being poisoned ( Not surprising given that the FDA took over RLC labs and the manufacturing is occurring in China). It’s a real shame when money and profits come before patient care and peoples lives, I will never use a product from RLC labs again, and they should be absolutely ashamed of themselves (probably why you can’t speak with a representative when you try to call and question the company regarding the product.)”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 20, 2020

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Hashimoto's disease: “Was on armour thyroid for years. I needed to increase my dose last year and was given NP thyroid as supplement. I became regulated by December 2019. By March 2020 I was hypo again I went in and my dr couldn't believe I had fallen so fast. He is struggling to let me use NDT because he believes in levothyroxine. I increased the dose, 4 weeks later I was almost comatose so I called to raise again. Only mildly better, but still hypo. I talked to the admin of thyroid Facebook page who said stick to armour only! NP was reformulated in Sept 2019 and the company wont admit to it but many have fallen hypo since!”

3 / 10
mfl · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 8, 2020

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “I have been taking this NP thyroid for many years. I have not noticed any difference with the new formulation. The only thing that occurs to me is perhaps because I also take Levothyroxine with it, which keeps me stable.”

8 / 10
Brandon · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 3, 2020

NP Thyroid (thyroid desiccated) for Underactive Thyroid: “I had been on Armour thyroid for 60 years. First it was made by Armour and then manufactured by Forest Labs and it worked fine until they reformulated it. I then took Nature-Throid with no problems up until they had a manufacturing problem. I got tired of paying big bucks for a compounding pharmacy to make it and for awhile NP Thyroid worked. Then about August 2019 something changed and my hair was falling out and I had symptoms like others described. Fortunately Nature-Throid was once again in production and I am having no problems with it. Unfortunately Sam's Club would not reimburse me for the latest bottle because the FDA did not recall it. I would love to take genuine Armour thyroid again, but I don't know what company is making it.”

1 / 10