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User Reviews for Jencycla

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Birth Control
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Reviews for Jencycla

For Birth Control "This is the only hormonal BC pill that doesn't give me mood swings or headaches, however, I do get frequent, heavy spotting throughout the month :("


abide November 13, 2016

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For Birth Control "I have been on Jencylca for 3 weeks now and I really like it so far. I have used the pull out method since I got married 14 years ago and it always worked... Until it didn't. I have always been scared of birth control pills due to the side effects. I tried several and they all made me very emotional and depressed so I stopped. I was worried this mini pill would do the same and it actually did the opposite. I am a very needy emotional person and within a week of taken them my mood did change but I am now not emotional, I am happy, I am a little but more bitchy but that doesn't bother me. I did feel nauseaus the first week but that subsided. I haven't yet gained weight, since I was expecting a weight gain I started dieting and that helped."

Bella8999 October 28, 2016

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For Birth Control "I decided to post a review to hopefully help anyone out there who's looking for info. Me:I'm 39, no kids, no other medications, alcohol only a few times per year. My results: The first two months I had irregular spotting and two periods a month lasting 4 to 5 days each (the periods were 2 weeks apart so 4 in 2 months). After that, the next 6 months I have been very consistent, one period per month starting on the same day each month and only lasting about 5 days and no spotting in between. Break-outs have been more common in these 6 months just before my period starts, frustrating but controllable with sleep, a multi-vitamin and an acne cream to help. I have not gained weight, but struggle losing it. No harsh or scary side-effects so far."


ABC123XYZ333 January 12, 2016

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For Birth Control "I was on this for 10-11 months. Worked great at preventing pregnancy, but caused acne, severe anxiety, chest pain, tiredness, bloating and just overall blah feeling. The chest pain and anxiety was enough for me. I couldn't take it anymore. My doctor switched me to this pill bc of high blood pressure, but I think this pill made it worse than the combined pill. I am done with birth control and it taking over my body!"


MrsS87 (taken for 6 months to 1 year) November 11, 2015

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