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User Reviews for Niacin (Page 3)

Also known as: Niaspan, Slo-Niacin, B-3-50, B3-500-Gr, Niacin SR HDL Benefit Niacor

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Hyperlipoproteinemia 9.0
1 reviews 44 medications
Depression 8.7
48 reviews 81 medications
Hyperlipoproteinemia Type IV, Elevated VLDL 8.0
1 reviews 29 medications
High Cholesterol 6.3
46 reviews 51 medications
Niacin Deficiency 1.5
2 reviews 11 medications
Summary of Niacin reviews 7.3 98 reviews

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Reviews for Niacin

Lisamurry24 January 18, 2017

For Depression: “Hi everyone I have to share my story with you all on how I cured my depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I was on lexapro 3 years ago then when I came off it I got mania and psychosis then I was on olanzapine for 2 years 10mg I cut down to 1.25 mg and the went off completely this was over a couple of months. When I went off it I had terrible withdrawals, panic attacks, and severe depression I couldn't handle it so I went on cymbalta 60 mg that helped a little and 4 months down I was still feeling the side effects from olanzapine withdrawal. That is until 2 weeks ago I came across a video on YouTube about niacin (flush) and how it cured depression, anxiety and panic attacks, I read lots of online reviews and decided to give it a go! 4 days after taking niacin 500mg. ( it has to be the flushing kind) all my withdrawals were completely gone! I couldn't believe it!! My depression and anxiety and panic attacks gone!!! I'm feeling 100% myself! I am now off the cymbalta too! I had to share my story as I want as many people to know and try it! The best thing about it is that you can try it while your on your Meds as it's just a vitamin! I hope my story will help others!”

10 / 10
Me-ma October 31, 2016

For High Cholesterol: “I take a small amount, maybe 1/4 cup, of applesauce with my niacin or Niaspan at night and have no flushing. It also works with a half of an apple. It must be the pectin in the apples that stop the flushing but it works 100% of the time for me. But I've been having problems at night --- indigestion, a weird feeling in my chest, itching and sleeplessness, so I am going to start taking it in the morning.”

9 / 10
Noudii78 October 25, 2016

For Depression: “I'm diagnosed with multiple sclerosis Before the diagnosis I had a sudden change in my mood form a very happy person to a very depressed person After the diagnosis and failure of 3 kind of treatment for My MS because it escalated my depression I stopped everything And started the following 1. Dr. TerryWahls protocol 2. Vitam B3 3000mg/day It's been 2 years and i haven't got a single relapse And the Vitamin b3 helps with the depression.”

10 / 10
Akt1 · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 24, 2016

For Depression: “Been taking nicotinic acid/flushing niacin on and off for about two years. First time i took it, i took 50mg. I Then experienced, to quote My diary " presence, calmness, harmony". I believe 50mg daily is enough for me. If i dont take it, in about three days i become "mentally tortured"; i can not relax, negative thoughts, feel really bad. Maybe some mechanism is wrong somewhere along The line in My serotonin system. If i combine niacin with some tryptophan source (like whey protein) The effects are even better. I would honestly say that niacin has Been a life changer for me, no doubt about that. Have had no side effects that i can think of, maybe decreased appetite in high doses. Also Google niacin and pois if needed. Best Wishes”

Steve'O August 11, 2016

For Depression: “i have been on and off antidepressants for 18 years. Only after finding out about niacin 3 years ago has there been any significant improvements in my mental health. I am also a alcoholic, witch makes me super hard to treat. " when I take niacin at a high dose, for me is 3.5 4.5g per day it takes only 3-5 days to forget I was ever depressed to start with, and the want for alchohol subsidies "for me anyway" I have discussed this with my doctor he said it could help with my cholesterol. And advised me to take less, when I do in a matter of days I crash :( For me it is a must In my daily routine. I wish more was shared by GP's On this wonderful thing. Rather than pushing pills. I purchase 2.5kg at a time now”

10 / 10
durkinjt8 June 25, 2016

For Depression: “Helped anxiety sleep 500Mcg 2x day”

9 / 10
Eiramespr · Taken for less than 1 month February 26, 2016

For High Cholesterol: “Started taking Niacin-B3 500mg a month ago at bed time. About 3 weeks into it I would wake up with stomach pains with the feeling of vomiting, I also had loose bowels, legs hurt, dry skin and itchy rash skin. Stopped taking the meds instantly and called my Dr. Still suffering with rash and itch.”

1 / 10
Cholesterol and depression cur · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 24, 2016

For Depression: “I began taking niacin 2 years ago for high cholesterol and after 3 months of taking the vitamin at 500mg/day my cholesterol levels dropped from 260 to 210 with improved ldl and hdl also. I upped the dose to 1000mg a day and have taken for 2 years with current chol level of 189. I not only noticed a reduction in cholesterol but began to feel better and happier. I stopped taking niacin last month and after 1 week started to experience previous anxiety and depression problems that I had been plagued by prior to niacin. I had no idea niacin was so effective in helping with depression until I stopped taking it. I'm back on it and have no worries. ”

10 / 10
Benbenben December 4, 2015

For Depression: “I have been on every ssri and different anti-dep the last 15 years. I started Niacin 8 weeks ago. I am now on 1,5 g. Going up to 3 g. Niacin is wonderful. Has helped me so much. Quite amazing. :) Seriously recommend this. Really strange that this is not more known. Use Niacin only after food. I take the 1.5g after work. 3x500mg. Going to start 1.5g Niacinamide during morning/day-time because it doesnt make you flush. Niacinaminde also work for depression, but not the cholesterol. Probably going over to only Niacinaminde after the Niacin is empty. I live in the winter-darkness of Norway, so I also take vitamin-d.”

10 / 10
Loving niacin · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 23, 2015

For Depression: “I've suffered from severe major depression for over a decade with little to no relief from countless medications at a variety of doses. I've been using niacin for two months now and I feel fantastic, it has been a trial and error kind of deal but so worth the effort in finding the balance. I recommend this to everyone suffering it does take research and some effort to find what dose will work no two of us are alike so I don't see how what works for someone will work the same for another but it is in my option a cure for depression. I believe our creator created our earth with all the ingredients we'd need to take care of ourselves and niacin is just more proof of that for me!”

10 / 10
jemmunro · Taken for less than 1 month June 19, 2015

For Depression: “I have suffered with moderate to severe depression my entire life. Last August, after 9 years on Effexor, I stopped taking it because of the side effects. I tried using supplements as recommended by Julia Ross in her book The Mood Cure, but they were not effective for me. My depression became so severe last Oct. that I had to go back on to an anti-depressant (Bupropion) but this medication made my depression much worse. I was then put onto Trintellix in April. The Trintellix was helpful, but side effects soon began to appear. I happened upon an article about a psychiatrist who had used niacin for treating depression. When I googled niacin and depression, I came upon many other blogs and comments from other people who also found niacin to be effective against their struggles with depression. I was desperate to find an alternative to taking anti-depressants, so 4 weeks ago, I began supplementing with niacin plus vitamin C. (I had already been taking a vitamin B multi, magnesium, fish oil and Vit. D). I started with 100mcg niacin and have been gradually increasing the dose by 25mcg increments each day. I use only the regular niacin, not the timed release nor the non-flushing type. Since I started taking the additional niacin & vitamin C, I find that my depression is/has diminished significantly. I am no longer suffering from that bottomless well of depressive feelings that had been with me since last fall. I stopped taking the Trintellix 3 weeks ago and my depression has continued to lift.”

10 / 10
Nicky08 March 10, 2015

Niaspan (niacin) for Hyperlipoproteinemia: “I must be really rare because my condition is low cholesterol. My body does not produce enough niacin. My bad cholesterol is at a normal range so are my lipids. I have been on Niaspan for 6 years at least. My cholesterol levels have been steady since. I am at the maximum dose of 2000mg a day. The only problem with it is the flushing. I hate it! I take it at night with a bowl of cereal and a 325 mg entrophen to reduce the flushing.”

9 / 10
mia9_28 February 16, 2015

For Depression: “Niacin has greatly improved my life. My depressive thoughts disappeared right from the start (500mg a day now for 2 weeks. Now going up to 1000mg a day). My girlfriend has also been taking it and we've both been in a greater mood (she's also depressive). Suicidal thoughts are rare now. I no longer flush.”

9 / 10
42 January 16, 2015

Niaspan (niacin) for High Cholesterol: “I have been taking 1500 mg at bedtime for about 4 years. It has lowered my cholesterol some but I'm also taking Zetia and Crestor too at this time. (I have Familial High Cholesterol about 380) I have flushing, but it is mild compared to regular Niacin which I could never tolerate. Flushing is worse if I forget and skip a day. Drinking water helps with the flushing.”

8 / 10
Trainhard · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 18, 2014

Niaspan (niacin) for High Cholesterol: “Off it completely for 2 days now. Acid reflux much better and more importantly no Pronounced heart beats or racing. Feeling normal again thank God. I truly believe after my experience with both Niaspan and Crestor is that they actually starve your heart of the Oxygen it needs if your an athlete. Heart rate problems or potential Arrhythmia's may not be revealed in people who have more sedentary lifestyles. The fact that the new recommendation is to stack COQ10 with the statins should prove that they can rob your heart of energy when you work it hard during intense exercise. ”

4 / 10
Trainhard · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 16, 2014

Niaspan (niacin) for High Cholesterol: “Posted about a year ago here after I first started a 500 mg nightly regimen of Niaspan. For awhile it appeared as though I would not have the usual side effect of burning skin. However, the Acid reflux I began experiencing began to worsen over time along with gastric problems at night. Then as an active person who is involved in teaching Cardio Boxing classes I began to experience weird feelings in my chest along with a more pronounced heart beat during and after exercise. Felt like I swallowed a Basketball at times. Also could not have any alcohol Beer or Wine while taking this. I decided to stop taking it in fear of creating an Arrythmyia or Stroke during my exercise which also is my Job. This is day one off of it and feel better.”

4 / 10
A Wayne April 15, 2014

Niacin SR (niacin) for High Cholesterol: “Been taking for >20 years at 500mg twice/day. Once you get over flushing side effect in first few months, it has been very effective at lowering and keeping cholesterol at healthy level.”

9 / 10
GLAD TO BE ALIVE · Taken for less than 1 month March 18, 2014

Niaspan (niacin) for High Cholesterol: “Niaspan was prescribed by my doctor for Lipid Protein little a. My cholestrol was about 400+. I took one dose (500mg) at night and within 30 minutes I was in emergency room with anaphylactic shock. I don't remember much of anything till I woke up the next morning and was told how bad it almost was for me. I take 8 statins to maintain a cholesterol of 200.”

1 / 10
DaleXT September 28, 2013

For High Cholesterol: “I've just started Niacin. 250 mg daily for a week, now 500mg. I'm concerned because it shoots my blood pressure up from 125/79 to 166/99 for the hour that the flush lasts. I take it with food at supper time. I get strong flushes about every other day.”

6 / 10
Trainhard July 29, 2013

Niaspan (niacin) for High Cholesterol: “Age 51. Went to get my regular bloodwork with my Doctor. My cholestral has always been >200 and have a family history of Heart Attack and stroke. I tried everything over the years including Crestor which was an absolute disaster for me after only 4 doses. Since then tried the natural methods Red Yeast Rice (may as well be on a statin the side effects are basically the same) and lots of fish and Krill oil. I was disappointed that my bad cholesterol was high after all that still and my number was 219 total. Based on my unwillingness to try another Statin my Dr. suggested a 500mg pill of Niaspan to be taken nightly. I have experienced no flushing as yet after a month on it and really no bad side effects. New blood results 192! Will check back in 3 mos.”

8 / 10
braziej · Taken for 5 to 10 years July 25, 2013

B3-500-Gr (niacin) for High Cholesterol: “My cholesterol has dropped 21 points since I started taking Niacin. The only side effects I experience is flushing of the body (like prickly heat) and itching sensations.”

10 / 10
Micaiah July 15, 2013

For Niacin Deficiency: “I discontinued use due to nervousness/anxiety that I felt was caused by the Niacin.”

2 / 10
goyapiel June 12, 2013

Niaspan (niacin) for High Cholesterol: “Gave me rash/hives.”

7 / 10
printer bob · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 23, 2013

Niaspan (niacin) for High Cholesterol: “I take 1000mg two times a day. Taking 325 mg aspirin before I take the Niaspan helps with the flushing. I have been on Niaspan for about 3 years now, my numbers are down 10%. The little bit of flushing I do get is a lot better than the severe joint pain I had with the statin medications. I recommend taking Niaspan. It is working for me.”

9 / 10
StrongOne · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 28, 2013

Slo-Niacin (niacin) for High Cholesterol: “My doctor wanted me to take statins with 225 cholesterol. I didn't want to (63 yrs old). She then suggested 500 mg of Slo-Niacin twice a day with a baby aspirin. I started it but in a few days I was terribly constipated. I backed off to once a day which helped. Then I started taking potassium iodine (kelp) and the constipation problem is completely solved - better than ever as I've always been constipated - probably slow thyroid. Anyway, when I was taking the two Slo-Niacins a day, I felt 20 years younger. Going up a flight of stairs felt like walking on a flat surface. Now one a day so I only feel 10 years younger. I went on a hike yesterday where I walked on a steep path for 45 min and it was like flat again. ”

9 / 10