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User Reviews for Aleve to treat Osteoarthritis

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7 ratings from 8 user reviews

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Reviews for Aleve

Peener · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 6, 2019

“Gouty arthritis: fair Arthritic shoulder: good”

8 / 10
Lee October 8, 2018

“2013/14 took 2 Aleve every a.m. for knees. I found myself feeling weak - like going to pass out. Went to primary next day. Checked blood count and did the rectal blood. Told my SO to get me to emergency now. Blood count 7 and needed transfusion. Had endoscopy. Released after 3 days -blood normal. Told to see gastro upon my release. Over the next week had colonoscopy, intestinal exam, and lastly capsule endoscopy - swallow a small capsule camera to film 8 hours going through my body. Dr and I reviewed the results. Three places in intestines indicated bleeding - I could see them. He asked me food or meds I was taking - Aleve had caused the bleeding as it is a NSAID. I can't take any NSAID and nothing with aspirin in it or I may bleed. So now I basically live w/o taking anything for pain. ALEVE - Read the package - very small print - may cause BLEEDING.”

1 / 10
Jazz · Taken for 5 to 10 years June 21, 2018

“For at least 7 years, I have taken one aleve before going to sleep every night for osteoarthritis pain in my lower back. It has worked marvellously. Unfortunately I can no longer take Aleve as I have stage 3 kidney disease which my doctor is attributing to long term usage of Aleve. I now take a low dosage Tylenol but it does not work near as well as the Aleve ...”

7 / 10
Ivoon September 16, 2017

“It seems like other OTC pain relief pills work much better, e.g. ibruprofen, aspirin, tylonol. I just try to get by on one aleve taken around 5 a.m. because I take four other pills each day at 5 p.m. I have just experienced several days with dizzyness. Don't know if it's connected to taking Aleve but will address it with my family doctor.”

cricket0524 April 12, 2016

“Dear Aleve, Your packaging is a total fail. I had to take the pliers to the bottle to get into it (it's very accommodating now) then had to take my contacts out and hunt out some reading glasses to see how many pills to take for a dose. The newly swallowed pills have not yet worked on the pain, so I have no way of deciding - at this point - if your product is worth the bother.”

1 / 10
Pinkmama60 · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 29, 2014

“I have severe Osteoarthritis my fingers twisted, my knees have had 1 replace. The other needs one, my hips, my feet and back. I find a Aleve gel caps work better than my Voltaren. I also use oxycodone to help me with severe pain.”

7 / 10
Anonymous June 12, 2010

“My hip and shoulder have hurt for years and I have always taken Bayer aspirin and I tried Aleve arthritis gelcap. To my surprise the pain in my hip and shoulder went away for 8 hours. The only thing I don't know is how long I could take the stuff, the bottle said do not take for longer than 10 days. The warning label about it could cause stroke or heart attack did raise questions.”

9 / 10
freebiedee December 4, 2009

“I take one Aleve in the morning, one at night and can't believe the relief I've experienced from painful, arthritic knees.”

8 / 10

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