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User Reviews for MS Contin

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Chronic Pain
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Summary of MS Contin reviews 8.0 88 reviews

Reviews for MS Contin

Dskay211 · Taken for 10 years or more May 3, 2018

For Chronic Pain "I can’t get through the day without it. While I used to take 200mg/day I’ve been cut back to the 90mg/day & find that while not loving it I can still manage. MSContin (& my breakthrough med which is also morphine based) is the only med that allows me to function & remain clear headed. I do experience some bowel motion problems so I take generic stool softener every day with meals & takes care of that. I’d recommend this to anyone with severe & constant, chronic pain."

Dusty April 8, 2018

For Chronic Pain "Worked better for my pain of Ankylosing spondylitis than vicodin or other pain relievers"

Spoilbratt February 20, 2018

For Chronic Pain "Works well I take it every 8 to 12 hrs and haven’t had as much pain. If I forget to take it it’s like starting all over again easing the pain. I wish I had this long time ago instead of going from meds to meds try to see what works. It’s scary taking it and reading up on it but from 1 to 10 I will give it a 8 so far it’s only been 2 months since I’ve been on this medication."

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 8, 2017

For Chronic Pain "I find this form of medication to be an extremely poor waste of money. I am able to control my severe chronic pain much better with the immediate form. Instead of having to try to adjust my dosage to match my level of pain which changes in a short period of time I am using a form that may take hours to stabilize. This is somewhat like using a blunt object rather than a sharp knife to deal with my pain."

MizzQueen11 · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 15, 2017

For Chronic Pain "Thankfully my pain management doctor has found a combination of medications that has given me some relief from my chronic pain and I can have a better quality of life."

I scream July 22, 2017

For Pain "Doctor tried MS Contin (morphine ER) it lasts six to eight hours not twelve hours. I scream daily as my breakthrough pain meds were taken from me. Does it compliment breakthrough pain meds yes but by itself it is not a good alternative at all!!!"

Coastqueen · Taken for 10 years or more June 22, 2017

For Chronic Pain "I fractured C2 and C3 along with T4 and T5 in 1976, I had chronic pain 7/10 for close to 20 years 24/7, finally my doctor started me on a "pain contract" taking of MS Contin 60mg a day which went up to 100mg twice a day because of my tolerance, I was at that level for about 10 years with 60mg of Oxycodone X 2 a day, at this point in time I have reduced the MS Contin to 45mg once a day and 15mg Oxycodone X 2 a day for BT pain which works quite well for me, my level of pain has gone down from 7/10 & 8/10 to 4&5 /10 and have a decent quality of life again, I will most likely continue on this daily routine for a long time to keep my quality of life at these numbers..."

Tonyrocks · Taken for 10 years or more June 20, 2017

For Chronic Pain "I began taking mscontin 30mg twice daily about 11 years ago due to a chronic pain condition caused by , in a large part , by lack of treatment due to no insurance. About 2 years into being on this medication it was increased to 60 mg twice daily and , 2 years ago , 100 m twice daily. This medication has always kept my level of pain at a point where I could function in a manner where my quality of life increased , although I am unable to work because my left arm is basically useless. It's main drawback for me is that like with all opioids tolerance does occur and dosing increases are sometimes necessary. I also take , for BT pain , tylenol #4 , 1 or 2 tabs every 4-6 hrs when required I would personally recommend this medication to anyone with chronic pain issues."

WV GAL · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 3, 2017

For Chronic Pain "I have osteoarthritis from head to toe. At a visit my Reumatoligist stated I had reached a point where I needed more help than she could provide & wanted me to go to a pain clinic--I had never heard of them. I began going there, they took several vials of blood. They wrote a script for 10mg of oxycodone for up to 4 a day. When I returned in 30 days. After reviewing my labs, they also wanted me to take Ms Contin,, 15mg morn & night. Was told I would not feel the effect for about 2 weeks. I was about to give up, but one morning got up & realized, wow my pain was down. Since I have pain medicine in my system 24 hours a day, plus can take my Oxycodone as needed, my pain is much more controlled. I know I will never be pain free, but its ok."

Aurorablue May 14, 2017

For Pain "I am retired, but still read and do many other activities. I was taking MsContin 30mg 3x and Oxycodone IR 10mg 4x per day. I stopped reading and crocheting. I stopped watching my favorite programs. I never knew when I was going to fall asleep. I became hostile, angry, depressed, paranoid and had substantial memory loss. I stopped talking to people and was tired all the time. I didn't connect it to my pain medication because I have numerous chronic illnesses. Last year my doctor suggested a change to Oxycontin, but I was afraid. A month ago I started taking Oxycodone IR 10mg four times a day and Xtampza 18mg three times per day. I wish I had done it sooner. I have eat a good meal with the Xtampza but,I am awake and my real personality is back. My energy is up."

ZakBB · Taken for less than 1 month March 28, 2017

For Chronic Pain "Just started this medicine for my spine arthritis and knee arthritis It takes away the pain pretty well. I am only on 15MG. Only problem I have is it make me feel light headed and jittery at times. But, as far as getting rid of the pain, it is doing the job so far."

BLACKDRAGON January 19, 2017

For Chronic Pain "I had tried all the short term meds; like hydrocodone, oxycodone, ect. Over half my back and neck, the pads in between the vertebra are crushed or not there at at. My Dr. Put me on 60mg MS CONTIN 4 TIMES, on a 24 hour period. With hydrocodone as a break through, short term med. l need not say I rarely touch the hydrocodone. Sometimes I only take 2 or 3 MS CONTIN A DAY. MS CONTIN 60mg is the best long term for me, thank GOD FOR 60mg MORPHINE,, PAIN FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Drazala December 28, 2016

For Pain "I have degenerative disc disease and had spinal fusion and stenosis surgery in my lower back. For years I have been on Norco 7.5mg/325 (1 pill 4x a day as needed.) and for the most part that took care of my pain. Roughly the past year my dr decided to reduce the Norco by half and added MS Contin. 15mg 1 pill twice a day. It didn't help much. For me it takes the MS Contin three hours for me to notice any difference and it only helps for about six hours leaving three hours before I can take another. He upped it to 30mg in the morning and 15mg at night. Still not seeing anything different. This Friday I am going to ask him if I can just go back on the Norco at my old regiment. It seemed to work better for me then these extended release meds."

Scootet November 27, 2016

For Chronic Pain "I was dizzy really bad first dose and felt weird. Had trouble seeing but I finally got some sleep. Those feelings only lasted 2 doses. I was on 15mg ER. It hasn't helped a but a little bit. I've been on pain meds for7 years. They wanted me on er because I hurt 24/7."

Ekkostar · Taken for 5 to 10 years June 8, 2016

For Chronic Pain "I have been a long term sufferer of chronic pain from Fibromyalgia, DDD, Scoliosis, Sciatica, Arthritis, Migraines and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since 1992.,. After starting out with the over the counter meds, then moving to prescription Motrin, Day trip, Rendering, and numerous anti depressants, my doctor began prescribing Vicodin 5/500. At first they worked, but after 3months, nothing! So I went back to my doctor and told him. He then proceeded to put me on 7.5/750, again they worked for me no longer after 3 months. To make a long story short, I am now and have been on MS Contin, 60mg x two times a day and 100mg at bedtime. For my break-thru pain I am on Oxycodone 30mg x two. I'm here to say that I have a life once again!"

Tannen June 3, 2016

For Chronic Pain "It is unbelieveable. I have hurt so badly and for so long., Finally I got a caring Doctor that actually listened to me. He spent about 45 minutes talking to me. I have had a spinal fusion and both hips replaced. The discs above and below the fusion are going bad I found a doctor that prescribed the MS and I am almost pain free. I am afraid to take a deep breath. It has been so long since I could do the most ordinary things like push the grocery cart and walk up an incline. I think this drug is wonderful. I haven't had the up and down ride you get with hydrocodone,"

Yendo · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 21, 2016

For Chronic Pain "I take it for chronic back & foot pain. I had been taking OxyContin ER, but insurance isn't covering that anymore. I am not a fan of short-acting meds, trying to stay on top of pain with them. MS Contin seems to be working only slightly less effectively as the OxyContin ER. More dry mouth, less sedating tho. Both seem about equal on other side effects. I'm happy with it!"

No help -Failed back surgeries · Taken for 10 years or more February 15, 2016

For Chronic Pain "I find it nearly impossible to see how MS contin 30 is equivalent to 20mg of oxycodone. In comparison, they are night and day different. The MScontin hardly does a thing at all! The oxycodone helped much, much more. Two of my back doctors took me off it because others abuse it. Seems the doctor's care more about junkies that chronic pain patients."

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month February 2, 2016

For Chronic Pain "Did not help with much pain maybe a slight bit and only for an hour at most made me break out and itch till i was bleeding"

Dog head January 25, 2016

For Chronic Pain "It wears off too quick"

Day56 · Taken for less than 1 month December 2, 2015

For Chronic Pain "I took this b4 when I had open heart. Worked very well. Now I have just finished my 5th hip surgery and the Vics 5 a day dont help much. This 15mg makes me really tired. "

Gobbler 1 November 5, 2015

For Pain "I have had 14 operations and where my back and neck was broke kills me. I have 4 bulging disc and my m s contin 60 mgs is not working anymore"

johnny bug · Taken for less than 1 month October 5, 2015

For Chronic Pain "I have been in chronic pain for many years I have c1 c2 3 4 5 6 7 9 of the spine bone spurs sister after on my spine spinal stenosis scoliosis l5 is degenerative degenerative disc disease degenerative joint disease multiple sclerosis my hip is cracked on both sides I have six kinds of cyst on my head there is no gap on my head every bone is cracked debbie is cracked both knees are bad nerve damage in my hands and on my legs have been on methadone 60 milligrams for about 5 years and oxycodone 15 milligrams 4 times a day for breakthrough pain that worked great but they switched me to morphine sulfate er 60 mill today's tI'm not going through withdrawals but it still not help my pain has anybodafter switching from methadone to morphine sulfate"

ivica ME/CFS August 22, 2015

For Chronic Pain "suffering from ME/CFS for over 25 yrs; morphine is ONLY med that decreased pain to tolerable level; take 75mg 3xday with 10mg statex(also morphine) for "breakout"pain; impossible to "forget" a dose; as the pain lets you know within an hour;1maj. side eff.constipation;controlled by250mg/magnesium 4xday"

Mrbackpain69 August 10, 2015

For Chronic Pain "This medication works however the side effect of constant headaches are enough to drive a person crazy!"