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User Reviews for Losartan to treat High Blood Pressure

Also known as: Cozaar

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Losartan Rating Summary

User Ratings
12% (45)
8% (32)
7% (26)
8% (31)
5% (18)
9% (33)
7% (27)
5% (20)
13% (49)
27% (105)
4.7/10 Average Rating
386 ratings from 430 user reviews

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Reviews for Losartan

Thb · Taken for less than 1 month August 6, 2020

“I have High BP and left ventricular hypertrophy and losartan is effective in treating ventricular hypertrophy. But this is the worst medication I have taken for side effects - lower back pains stuffy and dry nose, breathing difficulty with all anxiety throughout the whole day.”

2 / 10
Rich · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 26, 2020

“I started taking Losartan HCZT 50/12.5 around two years ago. Never had anxiety issues before but after a year or so on the medication I started felling very nervous. So bad I had to take Zoloft for around 3 months. I did a little research and found that Losartan can make you hypoglycemic. The symptoms of low blood sugar are nervousness and shaky. I started drinking a sugar drink like soda when I felt that way and 20-30 minutes I would feel better. This all started because I started to diet to naturally lower my BP and probably made myself hypoglycemic. Please try it and let me know if it helps. It is scary when you get that nervousness feeling. The Doctors and pharmacist have no clue about the side affects. They blame it on you.....”

8 / 10
ellzeena · Taken for less than 1 month June 16, 2020

“WTH is wrong with the FDA???? This stuff is awful!! Why are doctors prescribing this stuff??? It lowered my BP while making me blind, lame, and in pain from joints!! SERIOUSLY??? Was on 1/2 a 25mg for 2 weeks, didn't do much to my BP, then went to the full 25mg pill and in TWO DAYS I can't see straight (blurry vision!), my hands hurt, my knee hurts, my shoulders hurt! WHAT?? So now I have to taper off this JUNK to avoid rebound!!! WHAT? DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG.”

1 / 10
Markus · Taken for less than 1 month June 5, 2020

“I have been on 50 mg of Losartan for one week today and I feel as if I have gained 50 pounds. I have not actually gained any weight, but I feel as if I am carrying around 50 lbs of sandbags. I'm normally very active and upbeat, but now everything seems like such an effort. I feel all day as if I'd really rather just go back to bed. Others feel this way? A profound heaviness, sluggishness. BP is down about 10%.”

2 / 10
Vibe · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 2, 2020

“I have been taking Losartan for 2 years now. I thought high blood pressure was a strong issue for me but now I realize blood pressure isn’t the problem. It was my eating habits and lack of exercise. Since I’ve been on losartan I've gained about 50 pounds, have had countless anxiety attacks and it has finally reached my breaking point. I am switching to a better medication that I can ween myself off of because losartan appears to be a dangerous medicine that doesn’t help my blood pressure, it only does things that make it worse in the long run”

4 / 10
Bab · Taken for less than 1 month April 30, 2020

“My blood pressure is anxiety driven and I fight taking B P meds. I went to Dr. 2 weeks ago for a sinus infection and I could feel my bp go up sky high 3/4 of a mile away from office . My regular Dr. gave me a prescription for Losartin on 1/27/20. I started with 1/2 a pill from 25mg, I felt tired and I stopped it ,then after going to Dr. for sinus infection I started it back up again and my anxiety level is over the top in this 2 week period and I have headaches . I looked it up and found that is has to be this medicine . Going off of it . How does it get to market and the fact my Dr. knew I have anxiety and prescribed this for me is unreal .”

1 / 10
Susie March 18, 2020

Cozaar (losartan): “I was started on Losartan about a month ago. My hair started falling out by the brush full. I also have the constant buzzing in my ears and blurred vision. I'm going off of it.”

6 / 10
Emerald_86 · Taken for less than 1 month February 29, 2020

“My NP put me on Losartan when she first diagnosed me with high BP. It was around 150/98, and she measured in different arms manually and with the automatic cuff. I was on Losartan for about 9 days and it made me feel terrible. I had drowsiness, no energy, a headache every day (which prompted me to take a bunch of Imitrex too), and I was irritable. It lowered my BP though.”

5 / 10
Bk mum · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 26, 2020

“First few weeks BP was pretty low and then leveled out. But I’ve been unusually tired. It’s been over 6 months of use. But still pretty tired daily.”

8 / 10
PApal · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 25, 2020

“I am a Physician Assistant with years long hypertension. I have been on various combinations of medications to manage my blood pressure. My current combination includes Losartan 50 mg twice/day. It’s effectiveness has been good but my blood pressure is affected by my work, sleep, my weight (normal) and exercise. But after six months on Losartan, I have not had anxiety that I connect to Losartan. But if you believe that anxiety began after starting Losartan, then ABSOLUTELY discuss it with your physician. To anyone who is started on Losartan AFTER a heart attack and has symptoms of anxiety, please keep in mind that anxiety or depression are not uncommon after a heart attack. These feelings are real and should also be discussed with your physician. Our minds are processing lots of information 24 hours/day. Sorting out the source of anxiety can be challenging and your medical team can help you.. There is no such thing as “one size ( or dose) fits all”.”

9 / 10
Mem February 24, 2020

“Losartan is a horrible drug, I've been on it for 9 months, feeling of anxiety, depression, bp fluctuate constantly, get mouth sores, throat problems, irregular heart beat, no energy most of the day , ask my doc to change meds no I'm feeling like normal again”

1 / 10
Nancy · Taken for less than 1 month February 20, 2020

“It's a nightmare. I'm only taking 50 mg, and the dizziness and diarrhea won't stop. My doctor said to just cut the pill in half. No way. I will have to figure out natural remedies for BP because this is absolutely unacceptable. Wow. how do things like this get on the market?”

1 / 10
Charlotte February 17, 2020

“Very bad back pain after 5 weeks on losartan medication - just made the connection . Thought it was my arthritis . Stopped taking it to see if back pain will go away .”

1 / 10
Rotel · Taken for less than 1 month February 15, 2020

“I have been taking Losartan 12.5 MG tabs for a week and a half now because my BP jumped up to 217/102. My BP now is around 116/78. So far no side effects.”

10 / 10
MikeW · Taken for 5 to 10 years February 13, 2020

“In my mid 50s, BP was 150/89. Dr prescribed Losartan 50 mg. BP dropped to 128/78. Now at the age of 65, BP had increased to 140/82. Started with a 100mg losartan dose. BP now 125/80. I read many comments about anxiety from this drug. I have never had anxiety, I have never had any side effects from this drug.”

10 / 10
Gaz February 7, 2020

“I've been on losartan for 3 months after a cardiac event and the drug has caused side effects of profound anxiety on me. Initially I started taking the drug early in the morning as prescribed and I would get anxiety attacks about 3-4 hours later. These were really doom and gloom. "oh I'm going to die kind of feelings". I realised what the issue was and moved the medication schedule to late at night so that I would have feelings whilst I was sleeping. However I have found that I have anxiety and insomnia due to this medication. I am talking to my doctor today to stop this medication. I believe it works for my blood pressure lowering, however it's hard to tell as I'm on another medication as well and I need to titrate myself to find out if this medication is effective. If you have symptoms of strong anxiety 3-4 hours after taking this medication this may be the cause. It is very unnerving and puts you into a very strange state of paranoia. Also have left chest muscle pain.”

4 / 10
Ema393 February 6, 2020

“In late December 2020, I got a my losartan 100mg refilled. Within days of taken, I started to nagging headaches, and my blood pressure increased dramatically. I couldn't help but wonder if I got the wrong medicine. I found that I was given the generic brand from Camber (egged shaped white pill) and I reviewed the brand history that I have gotten in the past, and this is the 1st time I have received it. I discussed with my doctor, and she provided a prescription for the the brand Aurobindo (egg shaped light green pill) that I had received in the past, but it was denied by insurance. I paid out of pocket to get it, and blood pressure went back to normal, and headaches stopped. I spoke with my pharmacist about my issues with the Camber brand, and he said that he has gotten several recent complaints about it. My takeaway, not all generics are created equal, and this a problem.”

Honey · Taken for less than 1 month January 31, 2020

“I was put on Losartan 50mg dose for five days for high blood pressure my Doctor was trying it to see if it would work in getting my pressure down so I took losartan at the same time every morning at 9am about the third or fourth day I starting experiencing side effects, I was having chest pains, leg pain, feeling mood change, stomach pain and my throat felt like it was closing up, so I had to get off them as didn't work for me but maybe someone else”

1 / 10
Meangel · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 29, 2020

“I took Losartin 50 mg for months and it helped with my BP and kept it really low, like 105/70, except it caused severe back pain. But then they had a recall, and I am on a different brand and since then I have developed many side effects, including chronic left shoulder pain, anxiety and tachycardia. It is causing my blood pressure to shoot up high at times. The doctor increased the dose to 100 mg and the back pain returned. I told my doctor about the anxiety and pain but she said these are not side effect symptoms. She added Lopressor for the BP and tachycardia, because I requested it, and I am weaning myself off the Losartin, myself now due to terrible side effects. You can not take Motrin or similar meds. While on Losartin so can not even treat the back and shoulder pain. I did insist on a EKG due to the new tachycardia and I am scheduled to see a cardiologist who I hope will be much better educated on these medications.”

4 / 10
Sandysam · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 18, 2020

“This drug has been recalled 5 TIMES need I say more!! ”

1 / 10
Tinux · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 16, 2020

“I was diagnosed with high BP and gout in 2016, took diet and exercise route instead of med until Aug 2019, when out of the blue I ended up with chest pain, breathlessness. My BP was 187/107 then was forced to go on Amlodipine and then my list of strange side effect that turned me to Zombie. My GP changed it to Losartan 25mg my BP went below 140 and was hoping for it to go to 120/80 so we raised the dosages to 50 mg , now my BP shoot up to 165/97 and one time my heart rate went as low as 34 with bp of 156/145 yes 145 dia. But no side effect except some lack of occasional lack of sleep. Looks like I need to review the med again.”

9 / 10
huskertaz · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 16, 2020

“I have been on losartan since mid 2016. My Cardiologist lets me tailor the dosage to my needs. I usually take between 25-50 mg daily in the morning. Around the end of 2019 refilled RX. Noticed that the pills are white now instead of the blue or green. I now have to take 50-100 mg to get any BP reduction. And now can't sleep at night. Was a side effect before when on higher doses. So Asked the Pharmacist whats the story . They haven't heard of anything. Told the new GP and she didn't know anything about it. Any ideas?”

3 / 10
Every Day Can Be a Great Day · Taken for less than 1 month January 14, 2020

“Early on, but really bad anxiety. To the truly lovely 71-year old lady who’s bp was 145/82, I know 2 very very well thought of cardiologists who are friends - very close honest friends. They both say it’s highly questionable to make a 71-year old at 145/82 take ANY bp med. Their advice would be : You can live your life to the fullest if you don’t take ANY bp meds. If you trust your cardiologist, then you should do what he/she says. But if you kinda 50 - 50 on him/her then I’d re-think taking any drugs at all,”

2 / 10
WOP · Taken for less than 1 month January 12, 2020

“I was on lisinopril for 3 weeks to control my blood pressure. During that time, my BP dropped but I got an annoying dry cough and I lost 10 pounds. I have been on losartan for 1 week. My BP is great but I still have a bad cough and now both shoulders are very sore.”

7 / 10
Borny · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 9, 2020

“I had been on losartan 50 mg/day in AM (mfg. unknown) for over 7 years. with bp of around 125-135\68-72. A few months back my pharmacy started dispensing the Camber brand of Losartan and my bp went up to roughly 145/75, so my doctor eight days ago increased the dose to 100 mg daily in AM. My BP has risen since changing the dose and is now averaging in the mid-150s/mid-70s. I realize that it takes 2-4 weeks to reach a stabilization point but I had expected the bp to start receding rather than increasing. My concerns are: did the change of manufacturer precipitate the increase in bp and also weight gain, lethargy and mild panic attacks? I’m going to check with my pharmacy to see if other losartan patients using the Camber brand share the same concerns after the change in manufacturer and also check with my primary doctor to see what alternative meds are available. I am an 86 year old Caucasian male.”

1 / 10