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User Reviews for Linzess to treat Constipation, Chronic

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Linzess Rating Summary

User Ratings
33% (120)
12% (45)
11% (39)
6% (22)
6% (22)
4% (13)
3% (10)
5% (17)
4% (15)
16% (59)
6.8/10 Average Rating
362 ratings from 405 user reviews

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Reviews for Linzess

Cindy · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 5, 2020

“Have been taking linzess for about 6 months, and it worked great! The my pharmacy quit using Linzess, I was required to get a new prescription for a different drug. Because it worked so well, my doctor give my prescription to a different pharmacy. My insurance now says I don’t “qualify” , and the new prescription is $1600 for 90 days!!! The card from Linzess is not valid because I have insurance! So I guess I will use Ex-Lax because Linzess not available for me!”

1 / 10
Stan · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 2, 2020

“Even with side effects, doctors wanted my husband on Linzess because of an ileus and having suffered complete impaction. We've tried for six months to get assistance from Allergan Patient Assistance Program. Mistakes on the first application left the application sitting until I began investigating in March. In May I called to learn of incomplete and erroneous information (my fault since I was using info from 2018 part D plan) and doctor's office providing incomplete and mistaken information. June 2. I just called Allergan again about a denial letter that requires hours of further research on every penny we spend. My husband suffered a massive stroke with paralysis. I work the entire day on his care. Allergan wants that time spent providing information from cable bill to utilities to food and clothing monthly expenses. I quit. He just won't get the medication, even though Humana Pharmacy doesn't even cover it. That is no assistance for people already suffering.”

6 / 10
PMS · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 31, 2020

“I use to take Linzess and had to stop because of severe diarrhea. Years later after a second double back fusion leaving me with terrible sciatica, I started taking tramadol and gabapentin added to a few other drugs I was already on all which cause constipation. I had the old linzess of 72 and 144 so I tried them plus eating a large salad every night. At first they worked, but then constipation got worse, my dr. Gave me 245 mg and I have severe constipation. When I go, I strain to go and then it turns into diarrhea. Sometimes it's more than 5 days so I take 1 or 2 stool softeners depending on how bad my stomach is swollen and how much it hurts. I had a colonoscopy last year and and everything was fine”

1 / 10
Cfire March 12, 2020

“Linzess really works well if you time it right. It can be predictable if you take it at the same time each morning. You will have a normal movement followed by some muddy diarrhea and then after 3-4 hours it just stops and you feel much better. Sometimes I have to pair it with a couple senna. The only bad side effect is I can’t sleep much because it’s constantly working on your system. It can be a little messy but if you time it’s a dream! Give it a chance! Remember some pills are stronger than others. Make sure you always store it in a room temperature dry environment. I find it ok to skip a day here and there if you have a busy schedule and you can just pick right back up where you left off the following day. Don’t drink too much coffee with it or it’s a nightmare. Just one cup will do in the am afterwards lol! Best of luck to you all!”

8 / 10
OLF · Taken for less than 1 month March 9, 2020

“I was given a sample of low-dose Linzess for constipation; I tend to have no more than one BM per week. Took it for two days and was happy to see it worked so quickly. However, it caused liquid leakage for half an hour afterward which I only realized when I felt the wetness on my clothing. I would have been mortified had this happened at work. It is obviously not a solution for me.”

7 / 10
tbeckys · Taken for less than 1 month March 9, 2020

“I started Linzess 3 weeks ago. At first it was wonderful and then 1 week later it quit! My GI Dr., said to take it with 3 capfuls of Miralax. I didn’t do 3 but did 2 capfuls! I had diarrhea for several hours! Then went back to 290 of Linzess and nothing! I don’t know what to do as I’m constipated again! I also found out during a colonoscopy several years ago that I have several more feet of bowel than the other people have so that it takes much longer for me to go to bathroom! I really don’t know which way to turn!!”

1 / 10
Pros & Cons · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 4, 2020

“Started with linzess dose of 72mcg; after 8 days doubled the dose to 2 capsules daily, wasn’t getting much relief with one capsule daily. Currently, on 145mcg dose. Have bowel movement daily and weight lost (pro). Experiences nausea, a lot of neuropathy and muscle pains (con).”

5 / 10
BlueWaterGirl1988 February 29, 2020

“I've suffered from constipation since I was a toddler and it hasn't been fun, had a colonoscopy at 4 years old and they seen that I had an enlarged bowel. I used to have to take harsh laxatives as a kid and then I switched to Miralax in my teens. Been taking Miralax for 14 years and for some reason it decided to stop working as good, so I switched to milk of mag until I could get in to see a GI doc. He prescribed me 72mcg of Linzess and scheduled me for a colonoscopy. I've been taking it for 2 weeks and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When it does work though, it's just like water peeing out of my butt, but sometimes it can be slightly formed. I've noticed it makes me really bloated feeling, especially if I drink something. I feel like I'm retaining water and that's not a fun feeling because it hurts my abdomen. Sometimes I feel better after having bowel movement, sometimes I don't.”

6 / 10
Pudge · Taken for less than 1 month February 27, 2020

“I've suffered from constipation for about 6 months, my doctor gave me 145mg of linzess, after only one dose I developed horrible bloating where it was difficult to breathe, the flatulence was like being in a sewer, I had a horrible headache and nausea. My daughter suggested I was having a reaction to linzess, had me take 2 benadryl and symptoms subsided in a half hour, no more for me!”

1 / 10
KhyliJ · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 25, 2020

“I have been diagnosed with CIC. I was 'normal' until after a hysterectomy a year ago. I didn't have a BM for 15 days after surgery and rarely have gone on my own since. I have to use enemas, suppositories, mag citrate etc to force a BM. If I take the 'wait and see' approach, I simply don't go. At all. I tried Amitiza and it did nothing but make me so nauseous and headaches that I couldn't function. Switched me to Linzess. I started on 72mcg dose for 2 weeks and except for a few noticeable tummy gurgles, it did not work. Two weeks later I had to use mag citrate and an enema to get things flushed out. Dr upped the dose to 144mcg daily. It's been a full week and nothing but insane bloating and nausea. I have had every test under the sun and it all comes back normal. But this med has not worked either.”

1 / 10
Joe bob February 5, 2020

“Cost to much you ought to be able to poop over a ten rail fence for what it cost in a day”

1 / 10
Bluechippette · Taken for less than 1 month February 3, 2020

“I’m at the end of week 2 and now I don’t sleep during the day because I have my energy back, I haven’t had any debilitating stomach pains since. My biggest warning is give it two weeks to work. Don’t take it the first day and blow up the toilet and say “This not going to work.” Give it time. Its not a constant in the bathroom, just a more back and forth. I felt really tired the first week too. By the end of that week I noticed my energy coming back. It didn’t make my stomach cramp just made it roil and tumble. The end of the 2nd week it will start to harden back up and be almost normal in the morning and you are good to go. My point is, do not live through the pain of IBD do something before it takes over your life like it was trying to do for mine. Talk to your doctor and take control with linzess. If you can’t afford it google the company and they will give you the steps to get financial assistance.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month January 19, 2020

“Have had chronic constipation for years, have tried quite nearly everything (Miralax, Exlax, Dulcolax, Senna, Milk of Mag, Amatiza, + home remedies and other medications I can't remember) and this still did not work. Started low dose, just horrible (but not Dulcolax level) abdominal cramping and nausea in waves.”

3 / 10
Anonymous January 16, 2020

“The doctor has raised this multiple times to higher doses and still nothing. I take suboxone and have chronic constipation. This does not work for my constipation at all. ”

1 / 10
KK · Taken for less than 1 month January 5, 2020

“Began Linzess last month after years of constipation. started on 145 dose and had no effect at all. Dr increases to 290. Still no effect other than some gas. However, when coupled with Metamucil 2x per day and Miralax 1x day, I have decent BMs at least every other day. No diarrhea or bloating. Took all 3 meds for me...nothing effective on its own.”

8 / 10
Sar December 22, 2019

“I have really horrible IBS/ chronic constipation and severe depression. I take various medications for my depression including wellbutrin, zoloft and adderall. Honestly, my wellbutrin and zoloft do nothing for me, adderall makes me more focused but I don't feel motivated and I am still depressed. I still want to sleep all day. When I discovered my IBS and started on linzess, Life changed. I don't know how, but when I take it I am back to being that vibrant and motivated person I used to be. It changes all aspects of my personality and how I react with people. it's not a placebo because then I would of just said that with wellbutrin or whatever. This honestly does something that makes me lose weight and makes me feel so much happier. My best friend is a Dr and always says the best he's ever seen me. Take it for what you will, maybe it won't work the same for you. I have no idea what the connection is. All I know is that Linzess 100% improves my crippling depression.”

10 / 10
Gideon December 17, 2019

“neurological side effects: I'm taking linzess 290 for more than 2 years. I suffered years from constipation and linzess solved the problem like kind of a miracle. The problem started few months ago. I started to feel "pins and needles" feeling. (the professional name is paresthesia). it started with the limbs, and later all over the body. I went to few doctors: neurologist, orthopedist, I did many checks (blood, EMG etc..) and all the results were normal. At the beginning no one connected it to linzess, because its not one of the known side effects but then one of the doctors suggested me to stop taking linzess for a few days. After 2-3 days all the neurological symptoms disappeared! Now I'm taking linzess 145. It solved the neurological problem but then I suffered a little bit from constipation so my doctor suggested me to add lactulose and now its ok.”

8 / 10
Jwright7784 · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 16, 2019

“I take Suboxone daily and the buprenorphine in it has constipated me like nothing ever has. I went 12 days without a bowel movement. I've tried every laxative on the market including natural ones and only lactulose worked but only at massive doses. Went to see a GI specialist who prescribed linzess. Initially she prescribed 290 mcg dose but my insurance refused to pay for it but agreed to pay for the 145 mcg dose. I'm glad I didn't get the higher dose. This stuff is amazing. It has worked in as little as 45 min. I take it every 3 days otherwise I get insane diarrhea. I am so glad this medication exists otherwise I would be miserable and constantly chugging lactulose. Only side effect I get is diarrhea if I take it everyday and a bit of tummy gurgling.”

10 / 10
AnnaMarie · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 12, 2019

“I dealt with constipation for several years. I would have a BM 1-2 times a week and stayed bloated and miserable. My doctor prescribed 72mcg and it works great. Take 1 and like clockwork have a BM within 2-3 hrs. No more discomfort or gas. I'm very satisfied with Linzess.”

10 / 10
When it works it’s amazing! · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 8, 2019

“About one year ago, I developed an anal fissure due to chronic constipation which is odd because I have ulcerative colitis that affects my entire colon! But because my medicine for UC works so well, my colon appears to react as if I didn’t have this horrible disease. I was prescribed 72mcg of linzess and in the beginning, my stool was more liquid - like diarrhea but without any pain. I would go once or twice within 10 minutes and then I felt amazing!! I have to go every day or I will suffer fissures and hemmys (not fun!). Then for no reason, it will stop working. And so I begin taking a healthy dose of miralax at night and two stool softeners. I get no cramping but some nausea and then it subsided after I’m able to go to the bathroom. I just wish this drug was more consistent bc when it works, it’s a fabulous drug. I still take it and am trying to avoid increasing but may be leading that way if it continues. I recommend people with chronic constipation to give it a try!”

8 / 10
YZ · Taken for less than 1 month December 2, 2019

“Didn't help at all. I've even doubled my dosage to 290 instead of 145 mg. It's been a couple of days and no movement whatsoever. Only gas and bloating.”

2 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 20, 2019

“Dry effective drug for chronic constipation even at lowest dosage. After several successful months dr declined to renew prescription. Wondering if cost was reason. Left message for dr agreeing to self pay as drug is so helpful”

10 / 10
Par · Taken for less than 1 month November 17, 2019

“The home website for Linzess is by FAR the WORSE website I have ever seen. Who designed that . The owners kids. It's is so goofy, complicated, distracting even disturbing. I would suggest making the website far easier and obviously less goof. Complicated and goofy does not equal better. Jeeez.”

4 / 10
T.T8952 November 8, 2019

“My doctor gave me the lowest dose of Linzess to start out with because I have been backed up due to being overly stressed with school and work. I was told to take both linzess and miralax. The low dose started working out great but when it got near my 4 week check up it stopped working completely. So now I'm at the 145mg dose while taking miralax as well. Yes, I do get the abnormal pain (with side effect of gas sometimes) more so around night time. I wake up at 3 am every day to take my medication and I will wake up at 6am to having to use the bathroom twice. I find it weird that since I've started taking this medication doesn't like it when I use any dairy products... In the morning I always have a bowl of cereal with milk.. about 10 minutes later I'm going to the bathroom again. I did mention it to my doctor and he said that I might have a small amount of lactose intolerant.”

9 / 10
Eliza · Taken for less than 1 month November 7, 2019

“I am very sensitive to medicine, so I’ve only been using half of the lowest dose. Even with this low amount it is still very powerful. I don’t use it every day more like twice a week so far. But it does help when nothing else can. Other days I use Dulcolax .”

8 / 10