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User Reviews for Hydroxyzine to treat Pain

Also known as: Vistaril

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Hydroxyzine Rating Summary

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5.7/10 Average Rating
28 Ratings with 19 User Reviews

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Reviews for Hydroxyzine

Roxigirrl January 28, 2019

"I had four teeth pulled at the same time. Bad idea. The pain was horrendous. I took hydroxyzine/gabapentin together...this has been my only relief in five damn days of horridly, horrid, horrible mouth and jaw pain. Does NOT work on anxiety for me."

Happyhead · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 24, 2019

"25 mg of this drug is literally the only thing that helps my migraines. Takes about half an hour to work and I still am aware of my headache but it makes the pain much more tolerable and eliminates the accompanying nausea. I’ll take the profound sedation from this over migraine pain any day"

vavette April 28, 2017

"Very bad! Do not use! Gave blisters on palette mouth feels like it is on fire, very miserable does nothing for anxiety or sleep, check out before you use this medication.."

meghan1985-222 · Taken for less than 1 month December 20, 2016

"I have a very high tolerance for meds (all meds) always have, even as a child. Woke up in the middle of surgery at 7, after give twice the adult dosage bc I couldn't go to sleep. I noticed on opiates they help but minimally. I noticed for a brief period when I had benzo's for my anxiety, it aided my pain meds. But they took me off for another kind and my opiates for pain and anxiety relief weren't being helped at all. They just switched me and I notice the same aid to my medication the benzo's provided minus the fog. It doesn't help with my severe chronic pain on its own (I wish it were that easy) but I find that my meds works so much better in conjunction. My gabipentin seems to work better too. :) finally I can live a little better"

Noice18 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 24, 2016

"Hydroxyzine seems to help more with my reaction to pain than with the actual pain. If I take hydroxyzine while I have shin splints, I still feel quite a bit of pain; it's just that I feel significantly less distressed and distracted by the pain than I normally would be. It works best for pain if taken with an actual painkiller. I prefer using naproxen, as the hydroxyzine seems to counteract the stomachache I always get from this NSAID."

scbs July 19, 2016

"Finally a migraine preventative that works for me! I was having up to 10-15 migraines a month. None of the standard migraine preventatives worked well for me, or I had side effects that I could not tolerate. I have 2 levels of migraines -- those that Excedrin Migraine takes care of and the ones that need my triptan (Axert) medicine. Within a week of starting the hydroxyzine, my "low-level" migraines all but disappeared and I was down to 3-4 "triptan" headaches a month; the month after that the "triptan" headaches were gone. I haven't had a migraine-free stretch like that for over 15 years! The side effects have been minimal -- I was drowsy during the day for the first week, but that has gone away. On the plus side, I'm sleeping better too!"

Fed Up W Pain · Taken for less than 1 month March 7, 2016

"I've been on this med for 5 days now. MD put me on 50mg along with my Oxycodone 15mg 4x daily for severe pain in my medial scapular region. At 50mg, all I do is sleep. I tried breaking them in half and taking 25mg also. At 25mg, I'm in a fog feeling tired, sad, overall depressed basically. Overall effectiveness of this med for pain... I'd give it a zero!"

TDinVT February 28, 2016

"I was prescribed hydroxyzine for severe itch. No doctors have a clue why I have these severe itching events. But I also have other problems. I have spinal stenosis and using fentanyl 50mcg/hr every 3 days. Still recovering from colon cancer surgery. Was just diagnosed with arthritis of my hip. There are days I can not walk even with the fentanyl. Started taking hydroxyzine only when I itch and it took a few days to put 2 and 2 together and realized my back and hip almost totally stopped hurting and was able to walk without cane or walker. Next time that I took hydroxyzine for itch, same thing, I could walk without pain. I haven't told doctor yet, wonder what he will say and if this drug helps me why didn't he give me hydroxyzine sooner?"

SPIKEYSmommy July 28, 2015

Vistaril (hydroxyzine): "I take Oxycontin 60mg 3x a day, and Roxycodone 15mg 4x a day for chronic back/neck pain. Sometimes I do too much walking, or get severe neck pain that the pain meds don't control. I add one 25mg Vistaril and it enhances my pain meds effectiveness. About 3 to 4 hours later I become EXTREMELY drowsy, and often fall asleep, not good in the middle of afternoon! I think the occasional Ativan is almost as helpful, w/o all the sedation. Good drug, only if I can afford to be asleep."

Sebastian silva January 17, 2015

"Hydroxyzine works great mixed with any opioid for anxiety pretty good with withdrawal from benzodiazepines. Works like a charm, if you have this medicine keep it around when needed it could save your life."

Anonymous August 14, 2012

Vistaril (hydroxyzine): "I have some conditions and I'm on pain 24/7. I use Fentanyl 100mcg every 72 hours and Percocet 2 each 6 hours. I have others medications; but with Vistaril I don't have to use the dosages of Percocet as prescribe it. I'm a veteran."

Anonymous November 16, 2011

Atarax (hydroxyzine): "Good - in combination with gabapentin and hydrocodone for neuropathic pain."

Anonymous September 4, 2011

Vistaril (hydroxyzine): "Great pain medication, much better than oxycodone without the side effects."

Anonymous March 14, 2010

Vistaril (hydroxyzine): "Awesome, works like magic!!"

theoldhenoftn27 January 24, 2010

Atarax (hydroxyzine): "This medicine did not help me."

Anonymous December 2, 2009

Vistaril (hydroxyzine): "I was given vistairl for pain soon after a neck fusion. The surgeon refused to believe that I was in such severe pain after he "fixed" me. Within hours of taking the medication I was in a deep fog. I could not concentrate or think clearly. This medicine also made my legs ache and I could not sleep until this medication was out of my system."

jeri_ts November 11, 2009

Atarax (hydroxyzine): "I have been taking this medication for several months for pain. It has provided minimal relief for Arthritic pain."

hdstork October 12, 2009

Vistaril (hydroxyzine): "This medication made me very nervous and depressed. Almost like the effects I had from oxycodone. I had to stop taking it after 4 days."

leigh bray September 24, 2009

Vistaril (hydroxyzine): "I have seen vistaril prescribed a number of times for pain, especially muscle pain. I found it useless for pain itself, but it was great to potentiate opiates and stop rashes that might develop"