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User Reviews for Spravato to treat Major Depressive Disorder

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 6, 2020

“The Spravato nasal spray literally saved my life and I did it for a year straight. I did end up overdosing by taking it with tramadol that I was given for pain from my third hip surgery that I had no idea it would interact with. I only got to the 2nd spray before I had to spray the other into the trash to act like I used it cause they refused to believe I had ODED. I stopped going back for that unless for emergencies. It was perfectly fine for a year and I felt as if I could live. I used to do acid when I was younger so tripping never scared me. It is a huge experience for anyone wanting to try it but if you're at wits end, I'd say go for it. It worked for me. Just remember that tramadol is a MAJOR interaction and both kratom and klonopin/xanax will make the Spravato less effective when using it. Hope this helps for anyone wanting to try.”

8 / 10

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