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User Reviews for Escitalopram to treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Also known as: Lexapro

The following information is NOT intended to endorse any particular medication. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners.

Escitalopram Rating Summary

User Ratings
36% (211)
26% (153)
13% (75)
6% (32)
3% (20)
4% (22)
2% (12)
2% (13)
2% (11)
5% (30)
8.1/10 Average Rating
579 ratings from 615 user reviews

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Reviews for Escitalopram

TO · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 7, 2020

Lexapro (escitalopram): “Life and work progressively got worse over the last 18 months, withdrawn, moody, insomnia, short with family, lack of concentration, anxiety and suicidal thoughts and plans. Had major panic attack ended up in hospital the symptoms similar to heart attack, even had a angiogram. Started cocktail of meds and ended with 10mg of Lexapro and now on 20mg. It has really settled me however still struggle to complete tasks and off work. Counselling also assisting. I have a review this week but diarrhea, insomnia slight nausea have continued. If can fix the diarrhea be very happy. I take meds in the am”

9 / 10
Suz June 3, 2020

Lexapro (escitalopram): “I will update in a few weeks with my full experience with starting Lexapro. Let me tell you, I was TERRIFIED to start this medication due to bad reviews. I am terrified of feeling ill and ESPECIALLY vomiting. I finally told myself this morning I can no longer live in fear of my own life, constantly anxious, and told myself to just take the medicine. I was prescribed 10 mg, but personally medications do cause significant side effects for me (I am 5’4 and 100 pounds soaking wet) so I broke it down to 2.5 mg to start. I have experienced NO terrible side effects, it’s been roughly eight hours. I have had some “burning” sensation in my stomach, but I also have terrible stomach issues as is. I have been tired as well, but depression does that to a person.. PLEASE TAKE THIS MEDICATION. IT MAY HELP YOU. IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE. You. Can. Do. This.. *I will update in a few weeks with results as of then*”

10 / 10
Breccan · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 14, 2020

“I was on 10mg escitalopram for 6 weeks for anxiety and depression. During that time I started having auditory hallucinations and became extremely hyper and restless. While the hallucinations were manageable, the restlessness and hyperactivity were much hard to manage on my own. As a college student, my grades started slipping due to both lack of motivation and attention span. I did not notice any major changes in my mood while on escitalopram. I believe I would have benefited much better at a higher dose but my psychiatrist has since taken me off the med due to the side effects.”

4 / 10
Max March 9, 2020

Lexapro (escitalopram): “Hi there! Just a disclaimer, I am NOT a doctor, nor do I specialize in anything beyond my own experience. This is my own perspective that I want to share for those who were just like me. I take 2.5 mg of Lexapro. The first aspect I'd like to clarify, is that taking a pill is not magic. I work out 2-3 times a week, I eat healthy and I make a conscious effort to do skills my therapist teaches me like grounding, CBT, and balance. My anxiety is still there. However, the crippling act of having anxiety that would physically make me drop to my knees and ruminate in my brain for days in a row, has subsided. Side effects of weird dreams, icy-hot feeling and anxiousness did happen in the first week. This may not work for everyone, as everyone is different. I have read those same crazy reviews that scare you. I have circled on the act of why and when and how and what if. I still have fears. I still get anxious. However, the place I was at I wish for no one in the world to have to go through.”

9 / 10
Raj · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 2, 2020

“For GAD, I was prescribed 10 mg escitalopram but due to side effect of severe constipation I stopped taking without consulting my psychiatrist. Within one month my anxiety was so severe that I felt almost death. I had memory problems, hearing loss, stomach upset and many more complains. Finally went to doctor again and he again prescribed 10 mg escitalopram. Started with 5 mg against doctor advice and felt some relief. 4th day increased the dose to 10 mg. Wonder began after one week. Constipation reduced and anxiety vanished completely. Now only side effect I feel is reduced sexual interest along with delayed ejaculation.”

9 / 10
Blondiw · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 25, 2020

“I've been on these at escitalopram 10 mg for 7 weeks. I'm edgy, moody, super anxious and depressed, heart is all over the place too. Sodium has dipped very low a few times. They may work for some but not me. Better than sertraline but it is back to the doctor for a look at something else, possibly Prozac.”

2 / 10
Sundeepindia February 23, 2020

“Today is day 9 of me taking escitaloprám the genetic of lexapro....have been dizzy since 9 days....panic attacks are 10 times worse..but the reviews out here are encouraging and I am mostly reading the positive reviews...because people who have written bad about the medication haven't waited for it to take complete effect and that's not fair at all...but I will stick it out till it gets better and I know it will ”

10 / 10
Mads · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 20, 2020

Lexapro (escitalopram): “First antidepressant I ever took. Ruined my libido, caused suicidal thoughts. I had to go to the hospital because I wanted to commit suicide. I had nightmares every night about a trauma I experienced when I was 16. Horrible, and I always tell people to stop taking after they notice bad symptoms- I wish I did.”

1 / 10
ZenBen · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 13, 2020

Lexapro (escitalopram): “After suffering for several years due to Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder and some OCD I decided to try an SSRI. First, I tried another older drug (Amitriptyline), which helped a lot, but the side-effects were too intense, so my doctor switched me to Lexapro. I did not have severe side-effects when I switched, but there were several that were annoying: Eyes don't adjust to light as well (reading in a dark room is harder and looking at fluorescent light is a bit painful), lower libido, weight-gain, drowsy for a few hours after taking the pill. After using this drug for about 5 months, light sensitivity has improved (but not gone away) and I don't get drowsy anymore. But, I still have somewhat lower libido and I put on about 10kg (23 lb) in that time. My dose is 10mg every morning.”

7 / 10
Aggie · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 12, 2020

“I have been on this drug escitalopram for 6 weeks and felt I should share my input for anyone who is considering taking this medication. I have always been against taking any pharma meds but this drug really helped my life. I have this feeling of optimism that I felt for the first time since I was a child. The first 10 days sucked, I had the feeling of nausea and a headache, but it wasn't debilitating & they went away. I started noticing my reactions and thoughts change for the better when I was faced with stressful issues. My PMS symptoms lessens drastically, I wasn’t full of rage anymore. I still socially drink on the medication and the only difference I feel is that I get intoxicated quicker. From my experience theses are my tidbits - Take at night if it makes u sleepy & give it time to work, it’s worth it. F/30/IL”

9 / 10
Thankful February 11, 2020

Lexapro (escitalopram): “2019 Took toll on my life in every aspect. I am 45 years old & my career crashed, my husband left me & I am battling legal issues. My husband locked me out of utility accounts til’ shut off notices arrived. I could not think straight at all. My stress & worries took over me. I began deep depression and the worries would overwhelm me to a point I wanted to sleep, but I had insomnia. My mind would race, I closed myself off to the world and prayed heavily. I could no longer have normal conversations. I pushed everyone away. I finally called my Dr, realizing it was more than I could handle. I’ve only been on it one week & can truly say “LEXAPRO SAVED MY LIFE”. I do not feel different at all. I feel “Normal”. I can think. I can decipher between tasks of importance and have been more productive than I have in a year. I sleep better. I go to bed with a clearer picture & less worry. The stress & reality is all still there, but each day I am managing and making progress now!”

10 / 10
Anxietyry20 · Taken for less than 1 month February 5, 2020

“Started this medication 3 weeks ago today! Feeling like it’s slowly starting to kick in, as suffer from health anxiety. I'm still waiting for the feel good boost but a lot of people say it takes 6-8 weeks to work. Side effects I had a few brain zaps to start with and dry mouth. Currently having dizziness and headaches and brain fog but hoping they go away! Will leave a second review once I’m back to my normal self!”

9 / 10
Mike · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 1, 2020

“I started taking this 2 months ago and the results are life changing. The first two weeks were hard. I was tired all the time, woke up at weird times and had bad night sweats. Now I finally feel like I’m myself again. I don’t worry constantly and I can rationally think about issues. I am happy and enjoy work and have so much more energy. Would definitely recommend this medication to anyone suffering from GAD.”

10 / 10
TheCurseOfAllendale January 30, 2020

“Within 8 hours of taking my first 1/2 a pill (I knew I wasn't going to start on a whole one after what happened last time), I started to feel vertigo and my stomach was rumbling a lot. It was almost like it was bouncing up and down, felt more funny than serious to be honest. I'm in my third day of restarting and feel just as dizzy/vertigo as I did on day one . I have read several comments that said it's not uncommon for this to last 1-2 weeks and if it continues to be pretty bad after the first week to contact your doctor . I'm still functioning pretty well. True, the vertigo is giving me some minor headaches but I'm treating them with mild over the counter meds (Not NSAIDS!) I had to look into this myself because my doctors never informed me taking anything that thins your blood interacts with Lexapro or its generic version. It's amazing that 1/2 a pill can have that much of an effect on your body but I guess it's not just me, others say it has the same effect on them.”

7 / 10
anonymous January 28, 2020

Lexapro (escitalopram): “I just wanted to share my experience with people who are just starting out on Lexapro. This is my 20th day on Lexapro and I must say that the first two weeks are pretty rough. The first week it made my anxiety to the point I've never felt before with nausea, fatigue, headache with a fog. Had insomnia was well. The second week the anxiety started to subside and nausea was gone but started to get hunger pains so drank a lot of water instead of grabbing food every time I got the hunger pain. I also got some days with dizziness in week two and fog and headache with fatigue during the mornings (I take it first thing in morning) and would subside by afternoon. Insomnia started to get better. By the start of week number three all the side effects started to diminish little each and every day. At this point pretty much all side effects are gone and no anxiety. It took about 3 weeks for me and now its great. 10mg day.”

10 / 10
Taylor · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 23, 2020

Lexapro (escitalopram): “I was on paxil for 5 years before switching to lexapro due to unwanted to side-effects (loss of sex drive, anhedonia, night sweats and hand tremors). Lexapro has proven to be just as effective as the paxil in controlling my anxiety/panic-disorder, with nearly none of the side-effects that paxil caused!”

10 / 10
Lyndel · Taken for less than 1 month January 23, 2020

“I have suffered with anxiety since I had a shocking car accident. It’s probably PTSD. I’ve been on Remeron and all it does is make me feel like I’ve got a hangover. The anxiety was wrecking my life. Staying home all the time. Sleeping a lot to fill in time and get away from my anxiety. I was given Lexapro this week and I was shocked because after 1 dose I felt better. Calmness came over me. It’s not in my mind (well it is) but I’ve had numerous AD’s - no use. I feel different. As I say it’s not psychological. Whatever is in this drug is excellent. By the way, I’m not depressed. I think it’s more for anxiety anyway. Great answer to prayer. In fact, I’d tried this 2 years ago and had the exact result. I only stopped due to the headaches. I can always remedy that with paracetamol. Maybe time will settle that. Better than Valium which is short lived.”

10 / 10
LJLove99 · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 21, 2020

“I was put on this medication a few months ago, having tried a few others I've found it's been good at controlling my anxiety, I used to barely be able to work and hang with friends and now I can. However the side effects have been hard to deal with, feel always tired , dizziness , get delirious easily, get weird weak leg feelings I can't explain. The side effects are easier to cope with however than Prozac. I'm going to stick with it to see how it goes, because it is doing it's job as far as my anxiety goes.”

8 / 10
Florashleigh · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 11, 2020

“I almost gave up with this drug a good few times! But I stuck with it and finally on week 7 I’m so glad that I did. I was on 5mg for six weeks and I’m now a week into 10mg and the difference in my mood is huge, the black cloud has lifted and I feel so much more myself. Upping my dose was definitely the game changer, but it does take a while for this tablet to work. The side effects in the first few weeks were not very nice but they do go away with time. I do have a little insomnia but the pros massively out weigh the cons for me.. Everyone is different but try to stick with it if the side effects are bearable, it’s also helping with my anxiety disorder :)!”

9 / 10
pablo2000 · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 9, 2020

Lexapro (escitalopram): “After suffering with OCD since childhood (I'm now 36) and have been through various long lasting periods of depression and bouts of extreme OCD. I gave up on the few times I'd tried other therapies. I finally just asked my Dr if I could try anti depressants. She offered 5mg of Lexapro for 2 weeks and in view to up dosage afterwards if I felt ok. 5mg seemed to not have any side effects, but the difference in my anxiety was not greatly improved. So I upped to 10mg in the morning. A month in and I can honestly say I have been better than I have been in ages. Really amazed at the results. Don't expect euphoria, as its not a happy pill unless you have an imbalance. But I feel like I must have, as I really feel a whole lot better, and still feel like the same person. Just without all the stupid worries. Highly recommend for anxiety and OCD. I wish I took it 20 years ago.”

9 / 10
SJK January 5, 2020

“thank you for sharing your experience with using this medication. Thats the reason why I am also sharing my experience because it helped me through the first weeks. I am a hard working hospitality manager that never listened to the signals of being overworked. Through the years I developed an anxiety disorder in combination with burn-out. my doc prescribed me the escitalopram for 10 mg. At first it gave me more anxiety and even depression ( I was never depressed). I took 10 mg for 4 weeks and then upped to 15mg for another 4 weeks. I was already 2 months on it and no difference at all. Then my doc upped me for the last time to 20mg and the first day I took the 20mg life starting to change. I didn't have panic attacks or negative thoughts about the fear of having cancer or getting cancer. My mind is at ease and I can deal with negative things in life much easier. I have to admit that my libido went to 0.0 but since my wife is pregnant and now at 40 weeks this doesn't really bother us”

9 / 10
London lady · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 5, 2020

Lexapro (escitalopram): “Been on 10 mg Lexaprofor 8 months and overall it’s been an excellent medication. The first two weeks were tough - I don’t think one is warned sufficiently by the medics that you’re likely going to feel worse than before you started - but gradually I started to see the benefits kick in. No longer sweating the small stuff or waking up with a feeling of dread. The only thing that stops me giving this full marks is the reduction in libido and the feeling of slightly ‘can’t be bothered’ but the upside of no longer having nightmares or being filled with dread every morning is hugely appreciated.”

9 / 10
Coppernob · Taken for less than 1 month December 31, 2019

Lexapro (escitalopram): “So after 9 months of bullying/harassment at work from 3 different bosses, I was at breaking point. I was even having massive anxiety attacks at people taking too long in the self checkout at the supermarket. So went to the GP who prescribed Zoloft 50mg, tried for a week horrendous, threw them in the bin. Went to another GP who prescribed Lexapro 10mg, along with Zopiclone 7.5mg for sleep. As he said Lexapro will take a week or 2 to acclimatise. Started Sunday morning-felt weird after a few hours-dizzy-peripheral hallucinations-slept like a log. Monday morning-same deal, almost whited out at the supermarket-slept good. Tuesday morning-feel good, little dizzy, energetic in the arvo. But the dizziness has gone. Had kind of a dry mouth all 3 days, but just kept the liquids up. Lexapro seems heaps more tolerable than Zoloft, not even a hint of anxiety the last 2 days. Hope this keeps up, good luck to everyone on the same journey X”

10 / 10
Madi · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 27, 2019

Lexapro (escitalopram): “This medicine has been life altering. I have been taking it for over 3 years and cannot imagine where I would be without it. I experience no negative side effects with this medication and am able to conduct a normal life. I used to stay up for hours before bed with my mind racing and vomit from social apprehension. I have only had 2-3 anxiety attacks since I began the medication and while I still experience anxiety and nerves it is a healthy amount. I am so happy to have found a drug that allows me to conduct a normal life and still feel like myself!”

10 / 10
Herta December 27, 2019

“First I was prescribed opipramol tryciclic anti-depressant while I was in Germany, I took this medicine for 4 weeks, did help a bit, but I had to stop it because it wasn't available in my country. After that I was prescribed amitriptiline for another two weeks , I have suffered very bad side effects and needed to stop it. My new psychiatrist told me to stop gradually amytriptiline and start escitalopram, 10 mg in the morning, quetiapine 25 mg in the evening and low dozes of clonazepam. I was so scared to change the medicines . The first and 2nd weeks were the most difficult ones in my life. I was experiencing side effects like ; nausea , chills, yawning, increased anxiety , insomnia , low mood etc. But on a third week things started to change , side effects were fading away and I started to feel a lot better , less panic, improved sleep , less physical symptoms. After week 5 and 6 my mood has improved a lot and I started to enjoy life again. Please don't be scared to try this medicine.”

9 / 10

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