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User Reviews for Yaz to treat Birth Control

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Yaz Rating Summary

User Ratings
16% (60)
13% (51)
7% (28)
6% (23)
4% (16)
8% (31)
4% (17)
6% (24)
9% (34)
26% (102)
5.2/10 Average Rating
386 ratings from 413 user reviews

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Reviews for Yaz

Sam · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 4, 2020

“I’ve been on this birth control for about eight months and I believe my acne is a lot clearer. It does make me quite emotional for no reason sometimes and when I get my period I get painful cramps which I’ve never had before. I’ve also seemed to gain weight and dislike myself. But my boobs did go up a few sizes.”

6 / 10
Veronica · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 8, 2020

“I started taking Yaz for my extremely painful periods. I got on birth control when I was 14 because my periods were so heavy and painful that I was practically paralyzed for the first two days. I tried a countless number of birth controls and also nexplanon which made me gain 20 kilos, got ache for the first time in my life, give me a non stop period for three years and I become very irritable and mean. I got on Yaz to help with my weight gain and emotional issues as well my painful and long periods, and it seemed to clear up my ache and I started losing weight, but after taking it for over six months, I’ve started to get little bumps around my chin and I’m very emotional. My periods are shorter but extremely painful again. And I’m having a lot of nausea and when I’m on my period now and have also been experiencing memory loss.”

5 / 10
Chix · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 5, 2020

“Yaz nearly cost me my life and my leg due to blood clots”

1 / 10
Ryry May 5, 2020

“I actually sought out user reviews to see if anyone else was benefiting as much as I am from this medication. I have bounced between Yaz and Lo lo esterin since I was 14 or 15. I am 22 now. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Yaz besides the spotting. The spotting can be annoying and as a teenager I became anemic because of it. However, at 22 years old and with a much healthier diet, Yaz has been absolutely amazing. Lo lo esterin made me quite angry/have mood swings and would make me lose my breast tissue if I lost weight. On Yaz, my boobs have stayed despite dropping 15 lbs while taking it. I don't have angry mood swings when I take Yaz. My skin gets insanely clear when I take Yaz. My hair grows faster and thicker when I take Yaz (compared to Lo lo esterin). My sex drive is extremely high when I am on Yaz. I actually experience a lower sex drive when taking Loloesterin.”

10 / 10
Pri · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 4, 2020

“I’ve been taking Yaz for about 6 months now and it’s done wonders for my acne. I have struggled with hormonal acne since I was 14, and had really struggled to find a good way to treat it, but ever since I started Yaz I hardly ever break out. It has also made my ovarian cysts go away completely (they were each about 4 in and caused me really bad cramps). The few bad things I would mention about this pill is that it’s caused pretty bad brain fog and memory loss. It has also made me pretty dry down there and my sex drive is almost nonexistent.”

9 / 10
Bee · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 2, 2020

“I had an allergic reaction to a different brand so I was put on Yaz. After 2 packs I was fine but at the end of the second pack I never got my period so I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. So not really thinking anything is fully wrong. I started my third pack as I was suppose to. The second day on the 3rd pack I started my period. I thought to myself that it probably wouldn’t last long. But it never went away. I stopped taking the pills now. But it’s been almost 3 weeks now and I still have my period. Until this year I’ve never really had any problems with birth control ever. So I’m a little disappointed. The only plus was my boobs went up a cup size.”

2 / 10
123456k · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 2, 2020

“This pill was absolutely awful! It was prescribed to stop my bloating, shorten my heavy periods, and make them less painful. The first month I had all of the secondary side effects listen. I was moody, irritable, exhausted no matter how much sleep I got, had debilitating cramps, was super bloated, my skin got worse, I had to pee at least once an hour if not more times, I had breast tenderness, my breasts got larger (even though I have worked out the entire time on the pill) and I had awful headaches (I never used to get headaches and I have one almost every day)! Since the sugar pills are only 4 days, my period didn’t even start until Sunday and lasted just as long as my normal period. It was awful! I am switching pills at the end of next week, and I do not recommend this to anyone!”

1 / 10
Eli March 8, 2020

“I started Yaz about 5 to 6 years ago, when I was 18. It worked really well for me, my breasts grew at least a cup and a half, my skin got a lot clearer BUT my sex drive dropped. I don't think I even realized how much. Then for the last four months or so I started spotting in between periods- A LOT. Until one day I got my period and it just didn't go away. I had it for one whole month. That's when I went to a doctor and he told me this was relatively normal after having taken it for so many years. He told me to stop for one to two months and then start again. Well, I'm now three weeks into Yaz for the second time in my life- my skin is clearing up again, my boobs are growing again, but I'm super depressed and emotional for no reason, my first period was over ten days and I'm spotting every day since then. I'm wondering if this is just the beginning of the pill and that its normal- I will see a doctor this week and decided what to do about it.”

7 / 10
Anonymous March 1, 2020

“Changed to Yaz because I heard it was good for acne. It took about a year or like 9-10 months before my skin got like 90-95% clear. It was amazing. However when I started I definitely got a lot more cystic acne. About a year ago they stopped producing Yaz in my country and I got on yasminelle 28, which hasn't kept my skin as clear. A friend could get me Yaz from her country (technically this wouldn't be a good idea, but it was the same manufacturer etc so I thought it was fine...). However my first pack of yaz has broken me out so bad again. Small pimples all over my chin and cystic acne. I'm going back on yasminelle and hope that this one month on yaz hasn't screwed my skin up completely. So if you go on it, expect at least 6 months before it works for acne. And well if you go off it, expect acne again, and if you then go on it, expect acne.”

7 / 10
... February 27, 2020

“Please be careful with this pill it has ruined my life I was on it for just over a week and it has caused me to have a psychotic break I have never had issues with mental health just a little anxiety but nothing I needed help for it’s just common things like crowds did I say the wrong thing in that conversation a so on but now I am having intrusive thoughts more panic attacks then I can count and I am the lowest I have ever felt In my life I have gone from a happy loving person looking forward to her wedding in 10 weeks to someone who doesn’t even know who I am anymore PLEAE BE CAREFUL!!! ”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 5 to 10 years February 17, 2020

“I've been on Yaz for 7 years starting when I went to college. I had been struggling with acne and excess hair. My periods at this time were a good 8 days of bleeding. When I started taking Yaz... nothing negative happened. My acne slowly got better and my body hair decreased. My periods also decreased to around 5 days and were generally less crampy and I lost less blood. Literally no bad side effects. You can also skip or move your periods if you are going on vacation. The only reason I'm looking into switching to an IUD is because its less work than taking a pill everyday. A lot of these reviews are bad because of selection bias. I'm sure there are tons of stories like mine but because they are so mundane, people don't share them.”

10 / 10
Lilo · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 10, 2020

“been using Yaz for the past 3 years I think. My periods became lighter, shorter and my face cleared. But, every month before my period I get really emotional and depressed. will be looking for a replacement..”

7 / 10
Romancia · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 25, 2020

“They work perfectly, the only side effect is the bad acne.”

8 / 10
G-rose · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 21, 2020

“I’ve been on Yaz for 9 month, first 2 made me very nauseous and moody, I stuck it out and it has positively changed my life, my PMDD is history, thank god! Still have spots though, but being able to live your life again, I’m sure I can put up with my spots :-)”

ND · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 19, 2020

“The first month I took this was really rough. It made me feel like I was a zombie. I started it on the first day of my normal period in hopes of regulating it. This gave me a two week period, but at least it was pretty light. At first my skin broke out really really bad, but has since started to clear up, and I do not get acne around my period like I used to. At the end of the pack, before the placebos, I got a very heavy period that got worse when I started the placebos. It was heavier than I had ever had, and hurt A LOT. But, since starting the next pack, my skin has continued to clear up, no more spotting, not feeling like a zombie. Also, there has been no weight gain on this pill either. The first month of this is terrible, but stick with it, and it will start to get better!”

8 / 10
laila · Taken for less than 1 month January 16, 2020

“I have been suffering with extremely EXTREMELY heavy, long and moody periods since I was 12. I am now 18 and have had the implanon rod inserted which did nothing and then put on the pill along side another medication to lighten the blood flow. This is the third pill I have tried hoping it would help my periods. The first week of taking Yaz I am anxious, moody, having headaches everyday and suffering cramps and body aches. I am now booking in to see a gynecologist and I advice anybody who has been through years crazy periods to skip the doctors and go straight to a specialist”

1 / 10
Macy · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 16, 2020

“I used Yaz for 10 years. I am in my 30's now, no serious health issues. I had no physical side effects besides sometimes my periods were shorter and only old period blood flowing (dark brown which my gyn said was fine). The only serious side effects I had was a significant decrease in my libido/ sex drive. I didn't notice it at first but after years of being on it I realized I didn't think about sex for months. I also was a bit moody or depressed but I ever realized it was the Yaz until I decided to stop taking BC for 3 months and it was like night and day! I had more energy and my sex drive skyrocketed! Worth a try though as everyone reactions will differ.”

8 / 10
Casiii January 12, 2020

“I've only been on this for a few days so I don't have much to say about it but all I can say I suffer from depression and anxiety and was on another brand of birth control and felt so so depressed it made it so much worse, my gyno switched me to this one and in the matter of only 3 days of taking it. I can say I feel happier than I normally did without any type of bc. My bloating also stopped after switching to this one, other one I was taking I just felt heavy, depressed, tired. Only thing that's I've noticed about this one so far is my breast are a little bigger, but I cant complain about that because I love that! ”

10 / 10
Britt · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 4, 2020

“I've been taking Yaz for 10 months because of my irregular menstrual cycle. I have to say that my experience has been fine. It of course regulated my cycle, and cleared up my cystic acne. The only thing I don't like is the headache I get on day one and two of starting a new pack. Other than that, everything functions like normal. No vaginal dryness, no spotting, no low sex drive, etc. Although my experience has been good, I will keep a lookout for these symptoms that other women have experienced as a precaution.”

9 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month January 1, 2020

“I have been on Yaz for 2 weeks and it completely changed my mood. I went on it to clear up my cystic acne due to my period. My skin has cleared up but my mental health has severely deteriorated. I am extremely emotional and angry and have random outbursts which I have never experienced before. I do not even recognize myself and I am stopping this pill immediately.”

1 / 10
Jordan December 30, 2019

“This medication did help me with hormonal acne and the severity of my period. However after seeing so many people suffering with the anxiety and depression from it.. I think I might be the same. I’ve had to go on antidepressants because none of my doctors think it’s related to the birth control.”

5 / 10
Aly · Taken for 6 months to 1 year December 30, 2019

“I am at month 7 of taking Yaz and I've never been more anxious and depressed of my entire life (I'm 21). I've never got so many panic attacks and mood swings in a year. I had so many health problem this year and I've been to the hospital so many times. Those things never happened to me before. The reason why I started this pill was to avoid pregnancy. Well, it worked, but my anxiety made me feel paranoid always about being pregnant because I was bloated all the time and my periods were always changing. My anxiety made me lose too much weight and caused acid reflux which left me with persistent nausea for months and I got a lot of migraines which recently began to be aura migraines. My mom said that I was not the same person anymore. My boyfriend is sad to see me like this and I don't really see my friends anymore because of my social anxiety. I'm getting off this pill tonight. Don't ever use it, it's ruining lives.”

1 / 10
N · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 13, 2019

“I've been using Yaz for the last 4 or 5 years, its has helped a lot in terms of unwanted pregnancy, acne and regular periods, however I have experienced occasional spotting which does last for some time (1-2 weeks) it also reduce my sex drive dramatically and vaginal dryness, otherwise I don't think it is good to use for an extensive period of time, but I would recommend it”

Anonymous December 10, 2019

“Went on Yaz twice for short term to skip period for travel. However, both times had side effects of headaches and difficulty breathing everyday, severe anxiety (social anxiety + became paranoid of blood clots), extreme exhaustion (to the point where I had to sit down every few steps) and low motivation. Consulted doctor while overseas and he mentioned my pulse was very slow. We shook it off as me being inactive on holidays but after some research I found that Yaz increases blood potassium, decreasing heart rate which increases chances of clots forming. Also had frequent urination and extended bleeding after period. Did not get nauseous per se but did feel that type of indigestion burning feeling in chest few hours after taking pill. The first time before I took Yaz, I was selectively reading the positive reviews but after this second round, I can't deny the side effects of Yaz and the possible dangers. I will be stopping Yaz tomorrow.”

2 / 10
she · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 7, 2019

“I started this birth control right when I started becoming sexually active at 16. Now, I'm almost 20 and just got off of it a couple months ago. I didn't know how much this negatively affected my body until now. I had intense migraines 3-4 days out of the month that the pill caused. I developed depression and anxiety, and had got prescribed 2 different meds but they didn't work because they gave me anxiety attacks. I had dry vaginal issues. All of this changed when I stopped this pill. It had super high estrogen, way too much for me. Some positives are how amazing it made my skin look, and it cutting my hunger in half (didn't gain weight on this one). I didn't have much cramping, but I did have back pain. It took me almost 4 years to realize but I’d rather just use condoms than alter my body like this again”

3 / 10