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User Reviews for Yaz to treat Birth Control (Page 4)

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Yaz Rating Summary

User Ratings
15% (60)
13% (52)
7% (27)
6% (23)
4% (17)
8% (32)
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5.2/10 Average Rating
393 ratings from 420 user reviews

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Reviews for Yaz

M · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 20, 2019

“I've been on Yaz birth control pills for about 2 months now and since then I have experienced lack of appetite and really bad nausea. Since being on it I have lost close to 20 lbs. BUT on the bright side I'm not pregnant.”

5 / 10
nrn · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 17, 2019

“it s been more than two years with Yaz pill and there was nothing wrong in the first place, no extra pounds, no extra cellulite, no absurd food issues and no extra baby but then my migraine started getting bad climax, I had loss of visions, severe headaches and very, very harsh mood changes. No, not change, more like some permanent anger. So I quit Yaz. i dont use anything else right now because I don't trust pills. It has been just a week but even now I feel better.”

5 / 10
Fifi · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 9, 2019

“DO NOT GO ON THIS BIRTH CONTROL. I lost half a head of hair in a month. I use to have thick thick hair and it all gone in a month. Horrible horrible pill.”

1 / 10
Lo April 21, 2019

“Started Yaz about 6 months ago for Endometriosis pain control. Right away I became emotional, anxious, depressed with super dark thoughts. My Dr. told me that it takes about 3/mo to level out your hormones. 2 weeks ago I started having side effects that I didn't even realize were BECAUSE of the BC until I started reading other reviews. I'm 29 years old, workout 5 days a week, skinny etc. I've become constipated, bloated, gaining weight, hungry all the time, EXTREMELY exhausted, mood swings, angry at everyone & everything, depressed, anxious, obsessive bad thoughts, hot flashes & sweating, breakthrough bleeding etc. I have my period every 3 months on this, but my 1st period after the 3 months is the heaviest period I've ever had in my life. Not to be graphic, but it was flowing out of me like an endless waterfall. Soaked through super tampons in 15-20 mins. I'm MISERABLE & would rather risk my endometriosis pain coming back than dealing with this. NOT taking another day of this pill.”

1 / 10
Ale · Taken for less than 1 month April 18, 2019

“DO NOT GO ON YAZ! My doctor prescribed me Yaz as I was having trouble with my skin and heavy periods. Before Yaz I was on Levlen which I highly recommend. After taking Yaz for 1 month I got side effects such as fainting, always dizzy, lots of discharge, breakthrough bleeding and my skin looks horrible. I read the reviews on this website and thought I’d try it, what’s the worst that can happen. Please don’t try Yaz its horrific it’s made me go off birth control all together.”

1 / 10
Cobaltbabe83 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year April 11, 2019

“My ob gyn tried my on Yaz in my younger days because TriNessa was causing too much bloating and headaches. I was put on birth control to begin with for heavy periods, acne and pregnancy protection. Yaz did help with that for a little while. At one point, I had an early miscarriage on that pill. I was unknowingly pregnant because the antibiotics I had taken for my severe cold were not completely out my system when I thought I was safe. I later learned you have to wait until your next period to be safe. I only waited 2 weeks. I never missed any pills or was late so had to be the antibiotics. Well, after awhile this pill literally had my menstrual cycle completely backwards. I would have my period placebo week, stop bleeding for a week and have light breakthrough bleeding the rest of the month until my period came. It was a good pill for awhile though. My obgyn had to switch me to Loestrin 1.5/30 because this one didn't have enough hormones at that time.”

Helio23 April 10, 2019

“I was on this pill for 4 years before it started causing severe emotional problems. I was always a level-headed, even-keel kind of person. Things didn’t really upset me much. But by my 4th year of taking Yaz, I was having weekly panic attacks, depression, obsessive and paranoid thoughts, and I had zero self-esteem. I ruined a few relationships because I was suspicious of the people in my life. I knew something was seriously wrong with me, but I had no idea it could be my pill. It wasn’t on my radar. Then I came across a forum of women going through the same thing, and they were taking Yaz. I stopped taking my pill for 3 months and I felt great. It was like the clouds parted. I didn’t have a single panic attack in those 3 months! I had my Dr. switch me to a different generic brand, hoping that might help. Well, I could only stand to be on it for 1 week... I had 2 panic attacks in the span of that 1 week. Pills went in the trash and I haven’t looked back.”

1 / 10
User917393929 · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 9, 2019

“I prescribed Yaz at 17years old and was on it for 5 years and thought it was an amazing pill. I had terrible acne before, which the pill completely cleared. But after about a year, I started getting really weird side effects that only now (off it) do I realize were due to Yaz. I was extremely cold, to the point that I could never warm up, and so exhausted I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and could not physically stay awake throughout the day. I never had depression before, but during this time I experienced my first bouts of depression so severe it was debilitating. I also became so hungry at all times I was constantly planning my next meal and food consumed me. Now that I've been off the pill for 4 months, all side effects except the depression have completely lifted all at once. DO NOT RISK IT.”

1 / 10
AFSD · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 19, 2019

“Yaz was horrible, within 3 months of starting it I began to experience bouts of depression during my period and migraines as well. I was on Yaz for 11 months. By the time I got off it I was experiencing severe panic attacks and serious depression. I had never before in my life experienced these mental and emotional problems. I was 41 years old. I thought I was going nuts and never suspected that it was Yaz causing the problems. These symptoms came on gradually and progressively got worse and more pervasive. After I stopped Yaz and went back to my previous BC pill, it took about 18 months for the symptoms to fully resolve themselves. But there was some immediate improvement at the initial discontinuation. I can’t believe after all the negative things known about this pill and all the big lawsuits that it’s still on the market in the US. Be very careful with use of this pill....”

1 / 10
Brenda · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 19, 2019

“Before taking Yaz I did have the tendency to overthink, however I would never consider myself depressed or anxious. Ever since being on this pill, my mental health has never been this low in my life. I think obsessively about mistakes I've made in the past, in a way where I feel worthless. I began suffering panic attacks and hot flashes. During my period I became so depressed, I would spend my days crying and not wanting to get out of bed. I'd go to work late because I just stopped caring. I highly suggest staying away from this pill. It is NOT okay for your mental health and it is NOT a risk worth taking.”

1 / 10
annie · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 8, 2019

“Got on it to regulate my period (which it did, but also gave it to me 2x/month). Developed severe depression, anxiety, gained 30lbs and was all around one of the worst experiences of my life. After my doctor told me to give it time to let my body to get used to it, I pushed through another couple of months until it was clear the birth control was the issue. Been months off of it and still suffering some secondary side effects but the bulk of it is gone. Would seriously not recommend.”

2 / 10
Zee March 4, 2019

“Yaz is great! I first started taking Yaz at 15 years old. Hardly any side effects compared to other brands of birth control, and my skin flawless. Switched over to the copper IUD at 21 for something more long term. BIG MISTAKE. Had it for 6 months before removing it and switching back to Yaz. It's never let me down, with minimal to zero side effects. (increased appetite but that can be controlled with a bit of self discipline.”

10 / 10
Danisha0921 February 27, 2019

“I have been on Yaz for about 6 months and my body has not shown any physical changes, but I have noticed several changes in other areas. At first, the pill was fine, but when I took my pills to have a period in February on the 6th, the period never went away. I am nearly at the period stage of the next pack, and I am still on my period from the previous pack. I have an irregular heart beat, I will be sitting watching tv or doing work, and I can feel my heart beat, as if I have ran a marathon. The last side effect are headaches, but they come suddenly, and nothing gets rid of them. I never had a headache in my life, and this is the absolute truth; until I started taking Yaz. I went to the doctor and she immediately took me off these pills and prescribed Avaine, which I've read the reviews on here, and they are horrible as well. I am about to stop birth control altogether....”

2 / 10
ihateyaz · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 20, 2019

“Although this pill did clear up my acne (that was caused by a different pill) and prevent me from becoming pregnant, it caused me to be extremely depressed and anxious around the 9th month of usage. It also caused me extreme mood swings. If you're prone or already have anxiety or depression, I would not recommend this pill.”

2 / 10
mack16 · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 19, 2019

“This was the worst birth control I've tried. I didn't become pregnant which was certainly good, but I became incredibly moody with obsessive thoughts, anxiety, and depression that still haunt me. If you are prone to anxiety and depression I might recommend NOT trying this pill.”

3 / 10
GJ January 30, 2019

“I'm 39, a full time working mom of 3 young kids. My husband and I feel that our family is complete but after trying for 10 years with multiple fertility attempts, we just couldn't go through the process of making it "final" so I chose to go on birth control. After trying a few other horrible brands, I was prescribed YAZ. I read the horrible reviews but still decided to try it. At first, it was great! No acne, levelled my moods-kinda but after a year, all hell broke loose. I have horrible anxiety, depression, anger towards everyone-even my children, tired ALL the time, wanting to be alone. My relationship with my husband is hurting due to me not wanting to be by anyone which means absolutely no sex drive. I might have a tinge of a period during my placebo pills but all the other symptoms of bloating & mood swings. Then after a year, I got my period & bled through the month. I am starting a new pill next week. Hopefully, I can get my family and my life back...”

4 / 10
Shay · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 23, 2019

“I've got into a serious relationship this past year and I opted to get birth control. I have had the Xulane birth control patches and the generic Yaz, Gianvi. Xulane gave me every side effect possible- mood swings, nausea, and headache, and Gianvi made me have mood swings. I asked my pharmacist to give me the non generic version and I finally got YAZ. I've had zero side effects, no mood swings, no weight gain, and GLOWING SKIN! If you're hesitant to try because of previous bad reviews, give it a shot! I am the person who has every possible bad side effect of every drug and I highly recommend it!”

10 / 10
Meg January 15, 2019

“I started Yaz about 7 months ago because I had found out that I had developed ovarian cysts. I had been on Yaz for two years as a teenager and had side effects but I didn’t notice them as much as this time. Over the time I had taken Yaz I had developed low mood, temperament, and a bad attitude towards everything. The change was so slow that it wasn’t obvious that it wasn’t me and not the pill. On my last month I took this pill I had just started a new job and had to quit after one day because of extreme nausea and anxiety I was experiencing. Other side effects I experienced on Yaz were depression, suicidal thoughts, withdrawn, violent (kicking in a wall), angry, argumentative, irritable, extreme nausea, dizziness, hypoglycemia (if I don’t eat every 3 hours I would get nauseous) and no motivation to do anything, random pain in the legs, jealous of others, tired all the time, foggy head, crying all the time and distrust of people. Please be aware.”

1 / 10
Lalabai · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 13, 2019

“Yaz is the first birth control method I've used so I can't compare with others but it's been great overall for me. I am more emotional and have moments of irritability that I didn't before but it's not unmanageable or extreme. I have clear discharge which is more of a welcome thing for me as, prior to taking this pill, I had a hard time becoming naturally lubricated. It does its job nicely at preventing pregnancy. My libido has only gone down a notch, which is also fine. Breasts larger, weight unaffected, skin clearer, even my hair feels healthier - though I'm not sure if that is typical. My periods are predictable and light. My urine has a different smell since I began taking Yaz. It's not unpleasant but it is noticeable. I'm more than satisfied with this birth control”

8 / 10
Tessa · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 6, 2019

“My experience with this drug has been terrible. I was prescribed it to treat my endometriosis, and although it began to help that, it had other crazy side effects. I began to get severely depressed (not wanting to do ANYTHING, not even shower or brush my teeth), my anxiety has been through the roof, began having heart palpitations which then made my anxiety worse, headaches, difficulty sleeping, and tingling in my arms/legs. My doctor took me off of it over a week ago and I’m still struggling with these side effects. If given the option, DO NOT take this pill.”

2 / 10
Georgi · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 1, 2019

“I have been on and off Yaz and Yasmine for nearly 10 years now and I had never particularly noticed any negative side effects. It made my boobs a lot bigger and my skin clearer which I was very happy about. I recently went off the pill for 3 months and have just started back on it to get my skin better and my boobs bigger. About 2-3 weeks in I started to suffer from anxiety attacks, which I have never ever had before. I have felt anxious every single day since and have finally realised it is the pill and have stopped taking it. I am hoping that the anxiety will subside In a few days once the hormones have been flushed out. Do not take this pill.”

1 / 10
ceej · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 18, 2018

“I was sooo scared of going on birth control bc I didn't want to gain weight, and also wanted to prevent pregnancy. My skin has gotten spotless clear, and my weight is the same (unless I wait for my withdrawal bleeding then I wait 3 days after my period to go back on it) but it ranges from 98-101 and it really hasn't affected it! I love this pill. Yaz has regulated my cycles and reduced my PMDD symptoms such as bloating, acne, etc. no mood swings. the only reason why its an 8/10 is because my skin broke out the first 2 weeks but after that its clear as day”

8 / 10
zeze December 15, 2018

“So I was on Junel for about three months and it all seemed fine until I wasn’t fitting into my swimsuits (competitive swimmer) and my cup size doubled. So I switched to Yaz and the first week was miserable with the migraines and loss of appetite but after the first pack I was back fitting in my bras and normal weight. Yaz is pretty great.”

8 / 10
oof · Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 6, 2018

“Yaz did what birth control is supposed to do in the sense that it regulated my periods and lessened my severe cramps while preventing pregnancy, but the downsides were enough to get me to go off of it. My breasts grew very quickly, almost 2 cup sizes, and were very painful. Previously they were so small they didn’t even fit in a 32A. After Yaz I was looking at a B or even a C cup and it was very uncomfortable because I have a very very petite frame. Unfortunately, that was not the worst of it. My libido decreased, my anxiety and depression worsened to the point of missing college and work for days or even weeks at a time, and was extremely depressed and irritable.”

2 / 10
Rachel · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 5, 2018

“My daughter was prescribed Yaz to help regulate her cycles. She is prone to having anxiety attacks. The pills exacerbated these attacks. She has crying fits for no reason. I'll ask her why she is upset and she'll reply that she doesn't know why she is crying. She said she feels crazy. All these symptoms started within 2 weeks of taking Yaz. I was told she had to give it time for her body to adjust. She is into her 2nd month with no improvement. I placed a call to her Doctor to switch her to something else. Parents who have teen girls taking these pills, please be wary of the side effects.”

1 / 10