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Birth Control Pills - Periods

Medically reviewed on Mar 21, 2018 by L. Anderson, PharmD.

When should I expect my period when using birth control pills?

If a combination birth control (estrogen and progestin 21- or 28-day birth control pill pack) is started for the first time on the Sunday after your period begins, your period should occur about 25 days later. Ask your healthcare provider which day is the best to start your specific pill pack. If your period begins on a Sunday, you can start the pill pack on that Sunday.

If you take extended-cycle (i.e., Seasonale, Seasonique) you will only have four periods per year. If you take continuous dose birth control pills (i.e., Amethyst) you will eliminate your periods completely. However, breakthrough bleeding or spotting may occur with extended- and continuous-dose birth control pills. This may last for up to 3 to 6 months, and will usually subside over time.

With progestin-only pills, all 28 pills have hormones.

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