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User Reviews for Anafranil

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Reviews for Anafranil to treat Panic Disorder

"I had a break up and was suffering extreme anxiety and depression. I was not functioning at work, in life and suffered for several months. I was getting worse and worse, not sleeping and finally broke down and decided to take an anti depressant. After about 4 days something changed a little within a two weeks my anxiety went away and I began sleeping again as well. I weaned off of the ativan I was taking and this drug saved my life. I probably would have been hospitalized if I didn't go on it. Side effects, sweating (a lot), constipation, and of course ejaculatory issues but still could have sex for my partner. This side effects were easy to deal with when compared to my anxiety. Save my life!!!"


Thank Ful (taken for 1 to 6 months) June 10, 2016

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"I was suffering panic attacks, anxiety, depression and irritable bowel syndrome. I started on half a 75 mg for two weeks and then full tablet. The side effects were a bit of a challenge some days but the up side was I had good days very early into taking. I started them four weeks ago and panic attacks are gone, minimal anxiety now and depression lifted considerably, also no more IBS. one thing that no tablet cannot do is change how you think. I am very, very blessed!"


Jillay November 12, 2015

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"Before taking Anafranil I had severe panic attacks and de-realization. Xanax was the only medicine that could help me but only temporarily at high doses. After unsuccessful experiences with other antidepressants which made my anxiety and mood much worse, I was ready to give up pharmaceuticals until I gave Anafranil a shot. I don't preach antidepressants or antianxiety medicines because I don't like them myself, but Anafranil seemed to be the only medicine that virtually eliminated my panic attacks without making me feel 'numb' and 'lifeless'. If you have panic disorder or depression like I do and have had no luck with SSRI's or SNRI's, I urge you to at least try Anafranil."


Royjones (taken for 1 to 2 years) June 3, 2014

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"Have been on Anafranil for 5 weeks now. Prior to starting this medication I tried Lexapro (horrible panic attacks no sleep), Zoloft (made me depressed, worsened anxiety), Cymbalta (dreamlike state, made me totally dysfunctional), dothiepin (slightly alleviated anxiety but not much). I have only taken Anafranil for 5 weeks and it has already cured me of chronic anxiety, panic attacks. Took 4 weeks to really start working but turned out to be a surprisingly effective medicine. I feel great for the first time in years and am starting to get my life back. It has also helped my agoraphobia a great deal, magical stuff."


dandalion January 19, 2013

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"Outstanding medication for obsessive compulsive stress disorder, Panic, Agoraphobia. I have been on this medicine for 15 years and it has eliminated my panic attacks, anxiety and am able to leave the house without fear. Side effects include rapid heart rate, dry mouth and sexual dysfunction and hypotension. I take Anafranil at night. There is absolutely no weight gain, in fact I lost 50lbs. I did switch to Zoloft with no success and am back on Anafranil. There were no withdrawal symptoms when tapered off. This is one of the best meds in the TCA class and works better than the new SSRIs for me."


kmaverikaz February 24, 2012

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"I had a bad weekend and couldn't control my emotions when on Librium alone. But with Geodon, a medication I've been experiencing serious side effects with, I am a lot calmer. So basically, it works but with something extra."


EliteGirl January 19, 2012

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