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User Reviews for Olux

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Dermatological Disorders
1 review 332 medications
8 reviews 310 medications
2 reviews 314 medications
Summary of Olux reviews 9.5 11 reviews

Reviews for Olux

Firm believer April 21, 2018

For Psoriasis "I've had severe psoriasis since an infant. I have back of scalp, nape neck outside each ear and inside 1 ear. I've tried every cream and shampoo nothing worked. At 15 my Dr came across samples. It hurt, it burned but it worked. Dr had 2 push it thru Medicaid. They approved it 4 me & no charge. Doesn't leave scalp greasy. I used it off & on as symptoms flared.It removed it from outside ears & dramatically reduced it on scalp & inside ear. Starts showing results with in 1 week. It took 3 weeks for it to disappear off front ears. I was young & didn't continue use .If I had used it right (always hated the burn) I believe it would have completely removed it from all areas. Once 18 I didn't have Medicaid & wasn't able to afford insurance or the medication (very costly) .I am 29 years old & it never returned on outside of ears. I do still have it inside ear & scalp .I have lived with it since. Please recommend this medication to your Dr if you can afford it. You wont regret it. Best ever used."

doesn't matter · Taken for less than 1 month April 20, 2017

For Dermatological Disorders "Had flaking scalp for so long, noting helped, had to see dermatologist, she prescribed Olux, can't believe it, but problem was gone after 3 applications! I wish I ask for help earlier!"

Wooster777777 · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 4, 2017

For Psoriasis "It's a foam which I like, and it dries fast and clean. It's a pretty strong steroid so it does work, but obviously you can't stay on it forever. Within a week or two of using it, it will clear up your patches, but again as soon as you stop using it they will come back. I've got pretty good insurance, and it still cost me around $100 for a bottle. I recommend it for the really bad tricky spots, but don't use for too long as it will scar your skin."

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 9, 2012

For Psoriasis "Great for itching but not for clearing plaque/ scalp psoriasis"

filmer88 August 16, 2011

For Psoriasis "I had psoriasis for 3 years before I tried Olux. At that time, I had a bald spot on my head and no skin on the back of my ears. (It was all raw and covered in pus). I used Olux for three days and my psoriasis cleared up for over a month. The only reason I stopped using it was my new insurance would not cover it. Olux is the ONLY medication that has helped me. I have tried a dozen other medicines and nothing has worked the same."

Anonymous March 16, 2011

For Psoriasis "Olux has been the only topical medication I've used that has been able to control the psoriasis on my scalp. Over the past few years, my condition has significantly worsened. However, since beginning to use Derma-Smoothe and Olux, I have been able to maintain a very healthy scalp. The Derma-Smoothe is fantastic for removing the initial buildup from psoriasis, while the Olux is a great for preventing its return. I only have to use Olux about once every 2 weeks, or at the first sign of any symptoms. Only downside is the high cost (since we have a high insurance deductible). However, I personally find it to be worth the money."

Anonymous July 13, 2010

For Dermatitis "I've always had dermatitis on my scalp and face, but the rashes on my body started out as allergic dermatitis after it reacted to an antibiotic called Vancomycin. But then even after all my antibiotics, the rashes kept getting worse and worse. I got a biopsy done, and the results were that I had psoriasis form of dermatitis, which is similar to psoriasis. At first the dermatologist prescribed Clobex, but it only worked on my arms. I still use the Clobex shampoo for my scalp. After that, the dermatologist told me to try Olux. I've been using Olux for a couple of weeks now, and my body is clearing up, especially my back and thighs."

olux fan November 12, 2009

For Psoriasis "This IS the only stuff that works. My Uncle was a Dermatologist and I have tried everything that had ever come out on the market. I was without insurance for a time and couldn't get Olux (couldn't afford it) and I had a severe outbreak. After finally getting a prescription, it was gone within 2 weeks."

Anonymous April 3, 2009

For Psoriasis "This has worked inside my ears very well. It's not been effective for me on my scalp or back, but works great for my ears!"

msully29 December 26, 2008

For Psoriasis "The only really effective remedy for my scalp psoriasis. I used Scalpicin but it turned my white hair yellow-ish and I had to keep using it almost every day. Olux for three days and my scalp is clear and not itchy for 2-3 weeks!"

Anonymous March 30, 2008

For Dermatitis "Olux is a mousse that is massaged into the psoriasis on the scalp. After using this 2x per day for approximately 3 wks I no longer am using T-Gel 3x a week. I'm back to using my old shampoo. No itching or flaking of the scalp. It's so easy to use, too."


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