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User Reviews for Xcopri

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Crstyday · February 1, 2021

For Seizures: “I've been on every medication for seizures, have had my right temporal lobe removed, have a VNS, was doing the medical marijuana and not 1 thing has helped my seizures. As soon as I started taking this drug Xcopri my seizures have stopped. Was having them everyday and haven't had one in almost 3 months now I just can't even believe it!!! The only downfall are the side effects. I first would just want to sleep all day long had no energy at all, I couldn't think straight or remember things, I would talk and move very slowly, run into things like I was drunk! The sleeping has gotten better, I can stay awake all day now, I still have problems with memory and can't make decisions to save my life!!! I'm still very slow at things and can't walk straight. I'm at 100 mg 1x a day. I just finished taking my amitriptyline for sleep, and now I'm only taking onfi in the morning. Still on briviact, lyrica, lexapro, buspar...but so far so good!!!!”

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Lynn · Taken for 1 to 2 years · November 14, 2021

For Seizures: “This has been the best seizure medication for me so far. I take it with Briviact daily and Acetazolamide during my cycle. I have had no issues since starting the medication and seizures have gone down incredibly. I would recommend this medication to anyone who could benefit from it. So far, I haven't developed any medication resistance issues either.”

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